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    Trevor, Thanks for the info. You were correct, I had not connected the temp sender wire. It is a bugger of a thing to locate and even more difficult to fit the connector when the entire loom is in situ. The sender unit is tucked in behind the plastic spark plug channel. Done now, so everything is fine. Thanks again, Alan.
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    I discovered this article today, thanks to a member at ClubLexus. I went and made a scan of my copy, thanks to his discovery. I don't suppose it would hurt to post it here:
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    Thanks for the posting! We always like new information. Paul
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    Hi Nathan. I apologize for not connecting with you sooner. I am always amazed at the depth of friendship and caring that can be built with someone you have never met nor never knew what they looked like. The LOC is a place where those who enjoy their hobby can find others who like swapping stories with like minded friends. Landar was a great part of the LOC and was a great source of Lexus info and technical help. Thank you for letting us share your journey. Paul
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    Incredible shots Steve!!. Looks like a wonderful trip.
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    Hey guys i made a small video on how to replace the plastic coolant tees that get brittle with age and can crack / leak / break / leave you stranded. Its a fairly straight forward process, everything is covered in the video from tools to parts. If you have any questions let me know. Parts needed for this job: (1) Gallon of coolant - PN# 00272-1LLAC-01 (2) Coolant Tees - PN# 87248-60460 Optional, highly recommended parts for this job: (1) Coolant hose - PN# 87245-6A220 (1) Coolant hose - PN# 87245-6A210 (1) Coolant hose - PN# 87245-6A190 (1) Coolant hose - PN# 87245-6A180 (1) Coolant hose - PN# 87245-6A800 (1) Coolant hose - PN# 99556-20155
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    I have NO connection with this automobile.... just showing others JDM RHD TOYOTA CELSIOR VIP SEDAN V8 LS400 JAPAN IMPORT TEXAS TITLE look: https://easttexas.craigslist.org/cto/6180839156.html
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    We recently purchased a new 2017, Lexus RX350 and love it. Selling our original, one owner, 1994, LS400, with 88,000 miles. This superior designed and built, Generation 1 Lexus has been faithful to us as we have been faithful to it. We loved it and still love it. Its new owner will be blessed with full maintenance documentation and records from DAY ONE and any responses to any questions regarding its history will leave our hands with full disclosure of only "the truth". We would not hesitate to keep it and insure it with Hagerty Insurance as a "modern classic", BUT we do not have the room. If it should not sell to the right appreciative and discriminating buyer of this superior condition Lexus, we may have to make room! It is in truly excellent condition and will serve its new owner well. An ad is posted with www.ClassicCars.com. Go to the ad directly from Classic Car's front page by entering "979779" in the "cc-" prompt where indicated. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any further questions at woodman486@kc.rr.com.
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    A Lexus Field Tech Specialist made me aware of an aftermarket harness for LC500. Car Tunes in Largo, FL located the harness via a simple internet search and attached a standard front or rear camera. They did the installation for $600 total. The harness allows the camera to integrate with the stock display. When parking just push button on dash and front camera is on for 20 seconds. If you need more time, just push button again. Attached are pictures of camera in grill-(no cutting needed), picture of button and front camera view. Works like a charm-no longer stress parking. Also note carbon fiber wrap to door sills-looks great.
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    Was the valet key stolen when the car was parked where you frequently park it? If not, the thief might not find your car again. You might be able to have the all the keys "deleted" from the vehicle ECU memory and then have the keys you still have programmed back in. The thief would still be able to unlock and gain access to your car but the stolen valet key could not be used to start the engine. If that is not good enough, yes, you can have the service center replace and program new keys but there will be significant expense to change the door and trunk locks and the ignition switch. Insurance may cover much or all of the cost if you have it.
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    Hey guys, Im new here, my name is Blake and am looking for some advise for the following. My dad owns this 1998 GS400: He has been the owner since new, passed it along to my brother, who dropped it and put the wheels on it. And now its back in my fathers hands and he has been looking to do something with the interior. Mainly replace the front seats for lower milage units or something, but I was at the junk yard looking for some Audi gear, and stumbled across a 430 with near perfect black interior. I've always hated the GS steering wheel, because there is no wood grain on it, and the emblem is just plain. but the 430s steering wheel is beautiful on top of being black. I can acquire the entire interior for $375USD, pretty much anything that is black. I'm no stranger to interior swaps, steering wheels coding, motor pulls, etc, but mainly with Audis. I am aware that it will take a lot of time and patience and to spend this amount of effort like this on an old Lexus is not everyones cup of tea. But its always a good time bonding with the father. My questions are primarily the air bags. I read about the single stage vs dual stage. I am a little unfamiliar with the Lexus electronics. In the Audi world, guys simply wire up the high speed impact to the single stage signal. Not at all what I do, nor want to do here. Its been proven to work in Audis, but still not a risk I take with my Audis, nor my fathers car. I figure for the steering column, I will only be swapping the shrouds, and will still be left with the dilemma of single to dual. I would prefer to keep the from having to purchase a complete RX wheel and air bag which is almost the cost of the swap. Can the air bag covers be modified/swapped? What about the rest of the air bags, like the one in the dash, the seats, does anyone know if they are all compatible? Or is the whole 430 a completely different animal? Thanks guys!
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    Did they clean the area where is was originally leaking? Also did they clean the under panels? Maybe just more residual.
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    I guess my issue is nothing with the brakes. Its a communication issue with the instrument cluster. Anyone know if I can get a junked cluster or need to deal with a dealership? either way everything is working fine which is good. so it is just a visible check engine light that bothers me.
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    Yup, just give them time. They'll break through the main market scene soon enough.
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    The rx400h has rear struts, the 450h has the spring and shocks
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    I think you're stuck with 235/65r17's as your biggest, I had the next gen 235/55r19's and they would sometimes rub going around corners. I can only fit 265/70r17 cause I put 2012 highlander rear struts in it. That leaves you just over 29".
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    There is an initialization procedure for those trunks, I can try to find it for you if you'd like, it may be in your owners manual.
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    Things are looking up for me (us)! We are putting our current home on the market June 1st. For those that don't know, my current home was donated to me by Military Warrior's Support Foundation. They buy, renovate, and donate homes to combat wounded veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. I have lived here since 3/2014. I went through a divorce here, got married again here, and had many memories here. This home has been vital to my transition from active military to retirement. At 30 years old, I never thought I would be retired, but the VA says no. I am so blessed to have had this gift to give me a leg up. Now that we are graduates of the MWSF Homes4WoundedHeroes program, we can sell the home and use the proceeds to buy something more suited to our needs and style, and indeed the Foundation encourages us to do just that if we find we have outgrown the home we were given. So, after many months of deliberation, we have finally chosen a new place. Best part is, it is only 5 minutes from our current one. Without further ado, I present Casa de ArmyofOne 2.0: ^We chose elevation B. Don't mind my expert artistic drawing. :P ^Cabinet finish we chose ^exterior brick we chose ^hardwood-look ceramic tile we chose (with dark grout) ^Master bath ^master bedroom Upgrades we added: a third garage stone faced wood-burning fireplace with stained cedar mantle. extended privacy fence to rear of 3rd garage upgraded front landscaping frosted master bath glass around tub. dark walnut hardwood-look ceramic tile throughout the common areas of the home (kitchen, dining area, hall, and foyer) 12" travertine tile in both bathrooms, and laundry. mowhawk carpet with 3/4" pad in all bedrooms and front study seamless gutters all around. 220 in the garage and raised garage ceiling in center garage bay to allow for auto lift. custom closet organization in master closet extra 110 power outlets in garage wired and braced for ceiling fan on back porch ceiling fan in master power outlets in the eves of the roof in the front power outlets in the eves of the roof in the rear of the back porch Upgraded exterior lighting Walkthrough video: Altogether, after closing, we will be at $285k. We will put $182k cash down and finance the rest on a VA loan. :)
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    Probably better off finding one in a pick and pull and cutting it.
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    Hi Trevor, It feels like this market will remain fluid for sometime yet. In the US I think that one of the factors for this market are the need to meet ongoing mandates for pollution emission, fuel economy and safety regulations. I'm pleased that the major makes are taking the lead for these technical challenges. Here in Des Moines a few of the downtown parking ramps have installed just a few electrical charging stations. I wonder who will pick up the tab to install many more connections. Some time ago I read an article that said Hawaii had begun testing hydrogen fuel cell cars and the experience of recharging our changing empty cells at a retrofitted gas station. Paul
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    Nathan, I knew the prognosis was not good but I was hoping your father would somehow make it through this. We PM'ed about it on the last day he was active on this forum. I would have liked to have met Randy in person but didn't know how to contact him after he dropped off the forum. Randy was incredibly helpful to others on this forum and it was always great fun to "talk" with him by PM. I assume you are talking about the red SC430: Perhaps a local Lexus dealer could provide suggestions on selling it or even sell it for you. Or maybe there is a business where you live that specializes in selling older pristine special interest cars on consignment. I'll bet this SC would sell in an instant if it was on a showroom floor.
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    That's exactly the way I felt so I was happy to pay it forward. Thanks for the feedback. Glad to see it worked for you too.
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    Thanks Trevor, I really like them as well. Bums me out so many people don't upgrade wheels these days anymore, but I still have to have big wheels on the rides....:) Thanks again!
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    Search Mirrortap (works very well) on ebay and then do a search on this site and other Lexus forums that have covered this in several threads. You can tap into a connector in the overhead console. The threads will explain how to remove the overhead console. You will have to find out, or test for, which hot wire is switched and which wire to use as a ground.
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    My 2000 LX470 with about 160,000 miles lost it's suspension fluid, via leaks through the shocks, accumulator, and rusty lines. LEXUS wanted about $8700 to fully repair....and that did not include a new pump or other leveling switches which were working. I did some research and I just converted to a Toyota 100 land Cruiser type suspension system for about $1,700 installed. The ride is great, but I lost the rise and lower feature of course. There are a few kits on the market, but I choose Strut Master mainly because my mechanic had good luck with them in the past. My kit was $500, and labor to install was $1200, which included a new alignment. The top of the rear shocks are a !Removed! to get off, so my mechanic cut a small hole in the floor above, and patched it after the install, which is hidden under the mats anyway. The kit has 4 shocks and two stronger rear coil springs to simulate the Landcruiser. I highly recommend this conversion as once the hydraulic suspension begins to go, you could spend thousands to repair. The original system has so many parts that can fail so I highly recommend the conversion. My 17 year old LX470 is probally only worth $8,000 now, so I am not concerned about any loss in value from the conversion. And I never have to worry about expensive repairs on the suspension ever again.
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    When I had begun to explain how those QAS capacitors used in the ECU were risky several years ago, almost no one has paid any attention nor understood me. May be because my English was limited. But LScowboyLS was the first guy who understood me well and also he had succeeded to fix his LS400's ECU. Then he decided to started the thread," All my crazy Lexus issues SOLVED!! (ECU-leaking capacitor)". As a Japanese engineer myself and a guy who knows some behind scenes of the car, I recommend you to replace those capacitors for a preventive measure. If you are not good at the soldering work, ask him for a help. He does have good knowledges, skills and the experience. My intention is to keep our precious LS400/Celsior on the road longer. One of the most serious problems is the ECU capacitors issue and I suggest you to replace those before the board is damaged by the leaked liquid which is very strong alkali.
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    Regarding the leaked grease from the CV boot, I discovered the same issue about 7+ years ago. There was no clamp there so I got a CV boot clamp and a tool to install one. SInce then I haven't noticed any problem. In addition to this boot issue, my RX suffered the same years ago and that eventually lead to failure(making sound when turning the wheel) so I got it replaced. So I wouldn't be surprise if that could be the culprit. Another thing, if your tires are worn pretty low, you may feel the shake more so than a newer tire. Its been my experience that after I replaced my tires(about 4 sets since I owned my GX), the shake goes away or not as apparent.
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    Congrats on the purchase! My sole project MBZ experience (W202, what did I expect?) was educational at best. By the time this is done, your temporary car may become one you want to keep around for a long time. Dig around the archives here for answers to many of your car's issues, as well as some of the other Lexus forums. There's close to a couple decades' worth of wisdom and knowledge here. Thankfully used parts in junkyards are still pretty inexpensive, and depending on where you live, still fairly plentiful. Many of the other answers will be found in the repair manuals (that's a massive score, by the way!). 1) Radio: If you have the standard radio (Pioneer, not Nakamichi), wiring harness adapters for aftermarket radios are cheap and install's pretty straightforward. Pioneer speakers are pretty indestructo, but the Nakamichi speakers sound great, even now. If the speaker foam has disintegrated on the Nak speakers, consider re-foaming--they're worth saving. Naks have the amp separate from the radio head, so basically are a line-out set. I'm not aware of a wiring adapter for that. 2) Washer pump might be the pump, itself. 2A) Start with the switch when it comes to the mirrors. 3) Brakes sound like they need re-bleeding. Follow the procedure in the shop manual to the letter (an assistant is helpful, but otherwise use a stick or long piece of wood to hold the brake pedal all the way down when closing the bleeder screws on the calipers). 3a) '93 and '94 cars have bigger brakes and different calipers, and should be a straightforward swap. 4) 16" wheels are plug and play. If you DO go with later brakes, the stock 15" wheels won't fit, so you'll need those 16" rims. 5) Driver's seat sounds more like an adjustment issue, as they generally don't wear out. 5A) If you do go junkyard shopping for seats, you are limited to '90-92 seats; '93 and '94 seat wiring is completely different and won't work, even if the seats bolt right in. 6) The timing belt/water pump job is a big project, although if the belt that's in there has less than 100k miles on it (and OE belts will go *much* longer than 100k), it'll be fine for now. It's a non-interference engine, anyway... 6A) A coolant change would be a good idea, though. 6B) As for timing belt vendors, Aisin's good, Continental (nee Goodyear) timing belts or Gates belts are just fine, too. 6C) There are also coolant drain petcocks on both sides of the engine block, if doing that change. I'd go with the proper pink coolant here, not green or other colors. 7) The steering column may be a matter of the gears needing attention (adding a shim, re-greasing). 8) Parts-wise, shop around. Many Lexus dealers also sell OEM bits on that auction site. 9) While a stock LS is a bit wallowy around curves, it will stick longer and better than you'd expect, as the suspension design is actually quite good. If you're going *there*, stiffer shocks, poly bushings on the sway bars and a larger rear sway bar (Addco makes a solid 7/8-1" rear sway bar for the LS) will tighten things up and flatten things out. After all that, you'll still slide around in the driver's seat! ;-) I'll repeat the mantra: Search the forums. ;-) Have fun! Paul
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    I believe there is a big rubber o-ring on the master cylinder where it mates/seals to the brake booster. It might of rollled off when someone tried installing a new MC or that o-ring is worn. Trying removing the 2 nuts holding the master cylinder and inspect. If and when you do replace that o-ring, make sure you lube it with silicone grease.
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    Heres an LC500 in person. It's awesome. I can't wait to get into this thing and test drive. It was dropped off at one of our Lexus training centers.
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    I answered your "shaking" question, read it..
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    I did the math over the course of two months. Using 93 octane from Shell or BP in the GX improves overall mileage enough to actually save 1.3 cents per mile in fuel cost. But even if it cost a little more per mile, my butt dyno says the engine runs noticeably better with hi-test.
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    In this car the circuit opening relay is mounted next the ecu behind the glove box. Opened it up and realised it was not engaging. I engaged it manually and finally got power to the FP relay. Now to solve the hunting idle.
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    Hey guys,I put together a video on how to perform a fluid flush on the AHC system from start to finish using only 2.5L of fluid. Its a really straight forward process. If you've ever thought about doing it and weren't sure you could tackle it, hopefully the video will give you a good perspective on what is involved. If you have any questions let me know. https://youtu.be/2Q_8j7Pj0vU
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    Thanks for your response. My husband and I have also seen many on the street. I will begin taking pictures as well.
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    I also own a white 2008 Lexus GX 470 that has paint chipping on two sides of the car. Has anyone had luck with Lexus addressing the issue? It seems so many people have had chipping on the white GX 470.
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    Nice car driving history! To be honest it's my first lexus now as well. I drove BMW, Toyota and Mercedes earlier but it's my new lexus from DSRLeasing that got me fired up the most.
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    Man I know how you feel. That is about the same way I felt too. That is exactly why I purchased the Porsche. I told my wife I wasn't getting rid of one toy without getting another one.
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    Hi Dan....welcome to the Club The best bet is to have mooch through the posts on here as I'm sure someone will have had the same problems and there will be many solutions to them. Look forward to seeing a piccy of the IS Cheers, Trevor
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    Hi Ric and welcome to the LOC. There are a lot of smart people on here and as you go on with your DIY post your question and some one should have an answer. Paul
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    I assume the sub would be 4 ohms as well. For a huge amount of Lexus Technical information, go to "TLS.com. This is the official Toyota website for Toyota-Lex-Scion.com and all technical information. You must join and a two day use is $15. If you can't find it here you don't need it. LOL Paul
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    2016 GS F Nebula Gray Pearl
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    yeah, changed them. like night and day. only at a cost of $100 had an indicator fail before roadworthy testing. must be an earthing issue. as others have found. the only issues with these cars is maintenance.
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    very well maintained car, great job
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    The GXs usually have a bad vibration issue due to high road force in the wheels. Especially after you've gotten a wheel rotation and then start noticing the virbration. But Yes, by simply balancing the wheels and correcting the road force, it will take the vibration away. Start with the cheaper fix before you get into repairing the cv boots or performing any type of suspension work.
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    Josh; I had the same issue with vibration at 65 mph with my 2005 with 130K miles. I thought I needed new front shock absorbers - the tire guy at the dealership recommended road force balancing for all wheels. I had them road force balanced, and all vibration issues went away. No amount of conventional balancing cured it; $160 and well worth it.
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    The only reason I know this is that my friend who is a cop was warning me about certain HID and LED upgrades that are either too dim or bright. He stated that the light from a bulb at minimum should reflect back at 45 feet and the sign should be visible, this is on low beam, and 100 feet on high beams to meet DOT and NHTSA specifications, otherwise expect a ticket for improper lighting equipment. When it comes to HID's make sure they are angled DOWN more than up, their lumen output at low beam is 2.5x that of Halogens on high beams.

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