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    Here are a couple of tips I have picked up regarding maximizing fuel efficiency 1. Replace the spark plugs if you have not already, I prefer NGK Iridium plugs 2. Look for Cooper CS5 Grand Touring/Ultimate Touring tires, they are excellent for these cars 3. Use OVERDRIVE on the highway or at speeds in excess of 60 MPH (most say 40-50 MPH, but in my car I have observed minimal difference at those speeds). Note that you can use Overdrive at all speeds and it will keep the RPM's down but from what I have learned at slower speeds this translates to negligible fuel economy gains. 4. Set your ECT mode to NORMAL and not PWR 5. Keep the RPM's as low as possible aka don't floor it 6. Make sure your wheels are balanced and aligned properly and that your tires are also correctly inflated. 7. Mythbusters proved this, KEEP YOUR CAR CLEAN, it does SLIGHTLY affect gas mileage for the positive. 8. Turn off your A/C system if you want, it does affect gas mileage slightly, but its also a comfort, not really necessary unless you want to maximize fuel economy. 9. In reference to replacing the spark plugs, you may also want to consider replacing the ignition coil, distributor cap & rotor, and plug wires if they have not been replaced in quite some time as they can lose spark and cause poor performance, this would be within a general tune-up. 10. Replace the fuel filter, this is commonly missed on every car, and they get NASTY, unclean fuel = bad performance. Also consider getting a professional fuel service done on your car, this can help too, especially if it has not been done in some time.
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    Trevor, Thanks for the info. You were correct, I had not connected the temp sender wire. It is a bugger of a thing to locate and even more difficult to fit the connector when the entire loom is in situ. The sender unit is tucked in behind the plastic spark plug channel. Done now, so everything is fine. Thanks again, Alan.
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    I discovered this article today, thanks to a member at ClubLexus. I went and made a scan of my copy, thanks to his discovery. I don't suppose it would hurt to post it here:
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    Thanks for the posting! We always like new information. Paul
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    Hi Nathan. I apologize for not connecting with you sooner. I am always amazed at the depth of friendship and caring that can be built with someone you have never met nor never knew what they looked like. The LOC is a place where those who enjoy their hobby can find others who like swapping stories with like minded friends. Landar was a great part of the LOC and was a great source of Lexus info and technical help. Thank you for letting us share your journey. Paul
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    Incredible shots Steve!!. Looks like a wonderful trip.
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    Hey guys i made a small video on how to replace the plastic coolant tees that get brittle with age and can crack / leak / break / leave you stranded. Its a fairly straight forward process, everything is covered in the video from tools to parts. If you have any questions let me know. Parts needed for this job: (1) Gallon of coolant - PN# 00272-1LLAC-01 (2) Coolant Tees - PN# 87248-60460 Optional, highly recommended parts for this job: (1) Coolant hose - PN# 87245-6A220 (1) Coolant hose - PN# 87245-6A210 (1) Coolant hose - PN# 87245-6A190 (1) Coolant hose - PN# 87245-6A180 (1) Coolant hose - PN# 87245-6A800 (1) Coolant hose - PN# 99556-20155
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    I have NO connection with this automobile.... just showing others JDM RHD TOYOTA CELSIOR VIP SEDAN V8 LS400 JAPAN IMPORT TEXAS TITLE look: https://easttexas.craigslist.org/cto/6180839156.html
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    We recently purchased a new 2017, Lexus RX350 and love it. Selling our original, one owner, 1994, LS400, with 88,000 miles. This superior designed and built, Generation 1 Lexus has been faithful to us as we have been faithful to it. We loved it and still love it. Its new owner will be blessed with full maintenance documentation and records from DAY ONE and any responses to any questions regarding its history will leave our hands with full disclosure of only "the truth". We would not hesitate to keep it and insure it with Hagerty Insurance as a "modern classic", BUT we do not have the room. If it should not sell to the right appreciative and discriminating buyer of this superior condition Lexus, we may have to make room! It is in truly excellent condition and will serve its new owner well. An ad is posted with www.ClassicCars.com. Go to the ad directly from Classic Car's front page by entering "979779" in the "cc-" prompt where indicated. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any further questions at woodman486@kc.rr.com.
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    as a NEW member, the FIRST thing you need to do is SEARCH other people's steering problems, this has been covered for years. there are even videos showing you how to fix it.. THEN if you dont understand, ask for help. a 5 cent garden hose washer will fix it (usually). see videos.. 2 screws to remove the covers, then 3 screws to remove the plate and you are looking at it.
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    That is crazy, the gasket is a crush aluminum washer. Oh well, we will see.
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    So got a reply, said any Toyota dealer can do lease work on a Lexus if no Lex dealer available. Now we know and knowledge is power! 🙂
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    Nice! Thought maybe I should share some more recent pics of my RX, the bumper and skid plates are still a work in progress.
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    I sure hope nobody followed this advice for adding lube to the studs. What can require 55 ft-lb torque dry, only needs 30 ft-lb lubed. This is at least 80% over torqued condition. You can seriously over stress the threads and the studs and/or nuts will fail! The torqued values given are from the manufacturer are for dry conditions. Do not modify this for your own safety. Two degrees in Mechanical Engineering and a career in machine designing gives me the qualifications for these statements.
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    Hi Craig Yes i saw your post sometime back, but do you think that if i reach out to Lexus at this point of time they will entertain? considering that the car was imported to UAE, i will try to reach them and will report back, From your post what i can understand you did managed to change it in the year 2014, so i am guessing i still have a chance Looking at the PDF of the SSC, my VIN number falls within that range which is specified as compared below campaign-ssc-wl2-1998-gs400-ls400-sc400-ecm-replacement.pdf
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    Selling a mint condition 2004 SC430 red convertible. Has a low 14,500 miles with an excellent service history. Bone stock, no modifications to the vehicle whatsoever. Great sounding v8 has a low throaty rumble than the quiet LS430’s. Car comes with some extras for storage in the winter months. Very clean car inside and out. Engine bay and undercarriage has absolutely no rust or corrosion. Both owners of this car took great care of it, not driving it in rain or salty roads. Everything on the car works as the first day it was sold. Maintenance has been well cared for as all oil changes were done well under 3000 miles with Mobil1 full synthetic. The timing belt is the exception as the car was not driven hard and stored in climate controlled garages. Has a clean CARFAX record. Exterior: Original paint with little to no swirls. Has not been polished, only washed and waxed by hand. No parking dings/dents have occurred. Headlights and tail lights are not fogged and do not have condensation. Windshield and side mirrors has no pits from road debris. Interior: Very supple leather, no scratches or frayed stitching, very soft. Steering wheel does not show any sign of wear or dents in the wood. Comes with aftermarket rubber floor mats for easy cleaning. Service History... 1st Owner: Recommended service history performed by Lexus of Mishawaka, logs are on lexus website. 2nd Owner: Recommended service history performed by owner every 3000 miles using Mobil1 Full Synthetic. Brake fluid was also changed. New battery was put in early August 2017. Purchased lightly used Bridgestone Continentals (dated 1212). A little bit about the owners... 1st Owner: A doctor from Warsaw, IN bought this car from Lexus of Mishawaka in 2004. Kept the car in climate controlled storage with a car jacket and taken out only during the summers. Never drove it in the rain or snow. Never took it out until May or June when the roads were clear of salt. 2nd Owner: An engineer from Granger, IN took possession on June 2015. A well known lexus enthusiast on the lexusownersclub forum unfortunately passed away. He babied it and continued to keep it well kept in a garage, sealed in a full car jacket with desiccant packs. It has been taken out only in summer months around May to October. Never taken out in rain or snow. Some extras to go along with… Bridgestone Potenza Run Flats - 4 set with factory Lexus SC430 rims, tread is worn, some light curb damage to rims Front Rubber Floor Mats Wheel Lock Key Kobalt Electric Air Pump- Does not come with a spare tire Fully enclosed Car Jacket- S3-1819 with desiccant packs KBB values it at $20,500 but does not take into account of its storage history and extras. Asking $23,000. Prefer buyer in person with cashier’s check or bank transfer. Able to negotiate on price. Buyer needs to arrange pick up before October otherwise it will stay in winter storage until May of 2018.
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    Hi, Beth-- Welcome to the group! Looked at your CL ad; your car IS a nice looking example. Not having navigation I see as a bonus on an LS, but lack of heated seats may limit its appeal outside of the south/Sunbelt states. Executive summary: What does Macy's do when they want to get shoes sold? Yes, put 'em on sale/mark it down! This also applies to your car. Why hasn't it sold? Harsh truth: It sounds like the market isn't interested in the car at your asking price, and it sounds like you're getting frustrated. I'm not a dealer (I enjoy cars waaaaaayyyy too much to do the car business for a living), but have some market observations and marketing insights I'll share: Even in the midwest, I haven't seen '98-00 cars selling private party for that kind of money often lately. I've seen two nice ones at dealers in my region in your price range with lower mileage.... and they've been sitting for months. From what I've seen ('01--02 LS430s with comparable miles are currently running anywhere from $2500-5500), you're possibly asking too much if you're wanting to move the car in a reasonable time frame. I've spent too much time lately semi-seriously looking for a '430 or '98-00 LS400 to potentially replace my LS400, so that's why I know far too much about this topic. I'm not sure what you're using as a market pricing guide for your read on the car's value to the market, but cars with money put into getting caught up on maintenance immediately prior to sale rarely get back what you put into them for major maintenance, unless you're turning the wrenches yourself. A good analogy: You've probably heard that when you do a major kitchen or bath remodel in your home, it will only net you a percentage back of what you put into it when it comes time to sell. Depending on region, 50-70% for those things is not an uncommon return on investment... As a long-time Realtor, I tell my clients to do those projects to enjoy the use and utility first and foremost, and for the resale value a distant second... but I digress. Back to your car and private party valuation: When I have sold cars myself, I typically have taken an average of Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds private-party pricing to come up with my asking prices, primarily because it's not easy to lay hands on the dealer's/your banker's NADA Blue Book or whatever industry valuation guide is commonly used there. I've found averaging KBB and Edmunds figures come out surprisingly close to market reality. In my region, KBB calls private party value with your mileage, options, condition, etc., at roughly $4500. Edmunds is usually much harder on used values, calling your car at $3100. Still, that's amazing resale value for a *19* year-old car. Averaging will likely get you closer to a sale at or near your asking price in a reasonably quick length of time. Other marketing ideas? Take *more* and better pictures for your ads, showing all angles of the car, inside and out. Try to use a real camera and not your phone, light things up/use a flash, even in daylight, so shoppers can see the condition of the interior clearly. One other crazy idea? Get the car detailed *very* well and take it to your next area car cruise night, be it for domestic or import metal. Show it off. Seriously. In a major metro area, there's plenty of people who know what your car is, and would recognize the quality and value (well, duh.. it's an LS--they clean up very well... I've taken my '94 to cruise-ins before--it was fun!). That might be a venue to consider if you want to expose it to a potentially more knowledgeable market. Can't hurt, might help. Hope this helps. Good luck! Best, Paul
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    The reservoir seems to be part of the fan shroud.
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    The 03 has the 5 speed, the 04 got the 6 speed. The steering wheel and armrest are in bad shape but if the rest of the car checks out you can always find those in a junk yard or ebay. The price is good IMO. Is that an aftermarket rear view camera?
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    Hi David, I'm guessing that your trouble is setting your seat, steering wheel height, and steering wheel column angle. There are 10 settings for the seat alone, In your manual you'll see the forward and backward setting, lumbar support, seat back position, seat cushion up and down. The adjustment for the steering wheel height is the most in need of upward movement. There are a crazy number of adjustments you can set to 'on' or 'off'. Take out your owners manual and sit in the car and have some fun. We love our RX. Paul
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    Been on for over a year now. Even wear across the tread. When it was aligned at fitment I opted for '0' toe. Michelin's and toe seems to of done the trick
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    Hi Trevor, It feels like this market will remain fluid for sometime yet. In the US I think that one of the factors for this market are the need to meet ongoing mandates for pollution emission, fuel economy and safety regulations. I'm pleased that the major makes are taking the lead for these technical challenges. Here in Des Moines a few of the downtown parking ramps have installed just a few electrical charging stations. I wonder who will pick up the tab to install many more connections. Some time ago I read an article that said Hawaii had begun testing hydrogen fuel cell cars and the experience of recharging our changing empty cells at a retrofited Paul
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    Hey guys. I know I've hardly been around this forum even though I'm the LX moderator. Anyways I'm excited to pick up a new to me, CPO LX this coming weekend. I'll have to familiarize myself with the topics discussed here about this vehicle.
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    Actually my cell phone has the option to call then pause for an extension and it works fine....I am going to try to just transfer the the number/extension from my cell phone using a blutooth app on my phone to transfer to the nav system in the rx400, maybe that will work. I know directly inputting the number into the nav didn't work
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    Sorry forgot to attach the photo of the timing belt record sticker, its difficult to read Overrunning of the alternator pulley is highly unlikely since i installed a brand new alternator which came with the pulley
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    You might be able to connect into the back of your mirror without having to go into your overhead console. I have a RX350 so I went into the overhead console. You will have to determine what works best for your model or find out what others did.
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    Thanks for the pic but I need step by step. Guess I'll pay to get it done. 😒
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    My 2000 LX470 with about 160,000 miles lost it's suspension fluid, via leaks through the shocks, accumulator, and rusty lines. LEXUS wanted about $8700 to fully repair....and that did not include a new pump or other leveling switches which were working. I did some research and I just converted to a Toyota 100 land Cruiser type suspension system for about $1,700 installed. The ride is great, but I lost the rise and lower feature of course. There are a few kits on the market, but I choose Strut Master mainly because my mechanic had good luck with them in the past. My kit was $500, and labor to install was $1200, which included a new alignment. The top of the rear shocks are a !Removed! to get off, so my mechanic cut a small hole in the floor above, and patched it after the install, which is hidden under the mats anyway. The kit has 4 shocks and two stronger rear coil springs to simulate the Landcruiser. I highly recommend this conversion as once the hydraulic suspension begins to go, you could spend thousands to repair. The original system has so many parts that can fail so I highly recommend the conversion. My 17 year old LX470 is probally only worth $8,000 now, so I am not concerned about any loss in value from the conversion. And I never have to worry about expensive repairs on the suspension ever again.
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    The belt can go easily to 125k miles, but 90k is the mark. Totally agree have the water pump and idlers replaced. The normal place to find replacement is a sticker on the front cam cover facing the top so you can see it. If no sticker, than it may not have been done. YOu can also set up a account with Vin # on MYLEXUS. Sometimes there are maintenance entries if they had service done at LEXUS dealership.
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    Anyone know best way to repair 2002 Lexus ES300 Rear Mark Levinson speaker - Heard Simply Speakers has a repair foam kit. Just wondering how easy is it to remove original speaker and install this kit?
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    Lexus has received new J D Power awards, but is now struggling to get back its former top ratings. Industry followers say it's not that Lexus quality has slipped, its that the other car makers are getting a whole lot better. Read the article below. Paul https://lexusenthusiast.com/2017/06/22/lexus-gs-among-the-best-in-2017-j-d-power-initial-quality-study-while-overall-bran
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    Hi John and welcome! We have a 2016 RX and have about 6500 miles on it. We love the crossover size and the interior is way cool. Even the mpg is not bad. On interstate driving we've gotten close to 30 mpg. I've had 3. ES350's and you defiantly do not get the smooth and quiiiet ride of the ES. I have found that over time, I have adjusted to the bumps and stiffer suspension. By the way, the RX350 is the best selling car that Lexus product.
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    Hey Trevor, The GS was my wife's car and I wanted a all/4 wheel drive vehicle so we decided on the RX. So far loving it. The GS seemed a little more refined but the features on the RX are great. We bought it about a month ago so we are still discovering things :~) Thanks for the welcome message! John
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    I assume the sub would be 4 ohms as well. For a huge amount of Lexus Technical information, go to "TLS.com. This is the official Toyota website for Toyota-Lex-Scion.com and all technical information. You must join and a two day use is $15. If you can't find it here you don't need it. LOL Paul
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    Go to a Lexus dealership and get a battery there. Shouldn't be more than $120, and it's 5year warranty. I mean if you go anywhere else your gonna end up spending $100-$150 for a battery. I believe your battery should be rated at 575 cold cranking amps. Try eBay for your door handle or the junkyard.
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    This past weekend, I changed some suspension components. My car is a 1999 LS400. I changed out the shocks (utilizing 'quick struts'), upper control arms, strut bars, sway bar end links, and sway bar bushings. I also bought outer tie rod ends and lower ball joints; however, I did not install those because (frankly) I was really tired by the time I had installed everything else. I'll get to them later. The current lower ball joints and outer tie rod ends were replaced about 45k miles ago, so they shouldn't be terribly bad. The boots on both are in tact. Oh yes... Almost forgot, I got new pads, rotors, and gave it fresh brake fluid (which it desperately needed). Braking is significantly improved, and with the new shocks up front, it doesn't dive nearly as much as it used to. For the strut rods, I used Toyota OEM. I intended on getting just the bushings; however, South Atlanta Lexus stated the bushings were discontinued, so I had to spend a little more for the full bars. For the sway bar end links, sway bar bushings, and upper control arm, I bought Moog components. Fingers are crossed as to how long they last, but the price differential between OEM and Moog was too much for me to pass up, especially the upper control arms. All the components fit perfectly, as the OEM did. Just a note on the shocks. They work well, much better than the OEM units that were on there (with 195k miles). I went with Unity Shocks, where I purchased the whole assembly, getting new shock mounts, rubber bushings, spring, and the shock itself. It comes assembled, ready to install. You will want to make sure the center nut is on tight. One of mine was a little loose. I'm also waiting to see what the company does regarding the rear struts. They sent me struts that don't fit inside the wheel well without taking the control arm out. The difference between the ride at the front and the ride at the rear is noticeable now, and I'm looking forward to changing out the rear struts as soon as possible. Purists will deride the fact that I did not use KYB shocks; however, I didn't have spring compressors, and I wanted new shock mounts. If the shocks last 40,000 miles, I will be happy. I did run into a snag that I wanted to make sure people were aware of. When you install new strut bars at the front, make DOUBLY sure that the camber bolt plates are snug between the tabs. I failed to make sure, and then put 120 some odd pound feet of torque on the nut, which then slowly spun the bolt, mashing the tabs flat. Thus, I can't get an alignment on my front passenger side now. I have an appointment to get this fixed, but I mention this just as a caution to others. I was tired, and ready to be done with the project, especially spending loads of time trying to get the incorrect rear shocks installed (insert face palm slap...). Interestingly, the alignment shop said the alignment isn't that far off in spite of my mistake, so that's good. Now - I need to fix what I think is an exhaust leak. My LS is sounding a bit "sporty".
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    Thank you Trevor Catt, I didn't know about the Australian one, although thinking about it I might be on one but I will look at the one you have shared the link for, thanks again for your reply.
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    Thank you Celsi0r, Ill have a look at the air bag fix,
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    Hello fellow Lexus owners, I recently purchased a 1992 Lexus LS400, it has the nakamichi sound system but 3/4 of the speakers are shot, the head unit is dead, the Subwoofer still works great and the 5 disk CD changer is still functional. I purchased this car for $1000 (USD), it has 86K miles on it, was garage kept, 1 owner verified, a rare find. I am calling this "Project Revolution" as its going through a technological revolution. Here is what I am doing... Body: 1. NO BODY KITS 2. NO RIMS (unless the 16 inch stock Lexus chrome rims will fit from a 1993 Lexus LS400) 3. NO Repaint, just minor repair work on some scuffed areas 4. Professional detailing (completed, looks great BTW) Exterior Lighting: 1. Brake, Stop, Reverse, Turn, & Corner light will all be incandescent bulbs, Crystal Vision Ultra's, this is to keep that pesky light out error from lighting up on my display 2. Parking, & License Plate lights replaced with Sylvania ZEVO LED's (completed) 3. Fog lights - permanent mod (smashing the yellow glass) and replacing with Hella Extreme White XB bulbs (completed) 4. Headlights - currently using PIAA Extreme White 9004 bulbs (yes I paid $80, and they are brighter & whiter than stock), considering an LED headlight upgrade, possibly GTR Gen 3 Interior Lighting: 1. Footwell lights replaced with LED's (on backorder) 2. Glovebox replaced with LED (on backorder) 3. Dome light replaced with ZEVO LED (completed) 4. Personal/Map lights replaced with LED's (on backorder) 5. Door lights replaced with ZEVO LED (Completed) 6. Trunk Light replaced with ZEVO LED (Completed) Interior Modifications: 1. Send out instrument cluster to Tanin Auto Electronix for diagnostic and LED upgrade (also replace Odometer as it just recently stopped working, and yes I have been tracking the miles) 2. Send out A/C controls to Tanin Auto Electronix for repair and LED upgrade (completed, LED upgrade: LCD - Cool White, Button Backlighting - Bright White, Indicator LED - OEM Green) 3. Replace stock entertainment system (stereo)..... Head Unit/Reciever - Kenwood eXcelon DDX594 Front Speakers - Pioneer TS-D1330C (5 1/4") component speakers /w crossover Rear Speakers - Pioneer TS-D1302R (5 1/4") coaxial speakers Subwoofer - Stock Pioneer 8" subwoofer (If I were to replace it, I would go with a Pioneer TS-SW2002D2 8" Low Profile Subwoofer, they are around $70) Amplifier - undecided, not sure if I need one Wiring - High Quality 12 gauge wiring 4. Recondition or reupholster the leather as required (currently looks like it just needs reconditioning) Performance Mods: 1. Detail the engine bay (completed, took me 5 hours by hand) 2. Replace Air Filter with K&N & clean IAC & Throttle Body 3. Full Synthetic Valvoline 5W-30 oil with a Bosch Premium filter (completed) 4. Flush & replace Power Steering, Brake, and Transmission fluids with Full Synthetic fluids (completed) 5. Replace brake pads & inspect rotors & calipers (replace/re tune if needed) 6. POSSIBLY replace rotors & calipers with StopTech slotted and drilled kit (not sure if its really needed) 7. Replace cap, rotor, ignition coil & plug wires with OEM+ quality cap, rotor, coil & wires 8. Replace Spark Plugs with NGK Iridium IX 9. Install strut tower braces for less body roll 10. Replace current Michelin A/S Primacy MXV4 tires with Cooper CS5 Ultra Touring tires 11. Flush & replace engine coolant (completed) 12. Professional intake and fuel cleaning service Here are my questions: 1. Do I need an amplifier for my sound setup, and what do you think about the Pioneer D line of speakers. Keep in mind I am going for SQ and will be using the 13 band EQ and DTA in the receiver to ensure sound quality. I am NOT going for bass overdrive or loudness, just quality lows from the sub, and quality mids & highs from the speakers. 2. Is it possible to use the 1993-1995 LS400 16 inch rims on my 1992 LS400 or is it a different pattern? 3. I have heard some complain about the brakes on the 1st generation LS400's, is this something I should be concerned about or is it just nitpicking? 4. LED Headlights, whats your take on it, and I am not talking about the $90 Ebay/Amazon Chinese knockoff ones. If I am replacing these it will be with a $150+ set using Philips LumiLEDS. Thanks for taking the time to read this, I look forward to hearing back from you regarding this project.
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    I recall all too well when we bought our RX400h in April of 2005, all our friends and acquaintances who thought hybrids would never "pay back" their extra cost and that they were so complicated that repairs would send the owners to the poor house. As a moderator in this forum for many years, I can say without a doubt that Toyota/Lexus hybrids proved the naysayers wrong, over and over again. A hybrid may not be for everyone but for those who live in densely populated areas, hybrids can make perfect sense. Congrats, jabowsi for helping to show the world just how dependable these vehicles are.
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    Many of you may not remember me. It's been a LONG time. I first joined here back in 2004? I think? I had a 1990 ES250. That was some years ago. I had a blast with that car. Restoring it, going to meets, it was so smooth to drive. I loved it. Then, one day in 2005, I totalled it in a collision in Fort Worth TX. Shortly after that I joined the army. I still stuck around the forums, but couldn't get back in a Lexus for awhile due to monetary constraints, deployments to combat, and getting married. Fast forward to January 2014. I am Medically retiring from the US Army after 8.5 years of honorable service. I got hurt on my 3rd combat tour (IED Strike, broke L1-L5, T11, and T12, shattered my right hip, broke 3 ribs on my right side and broke my right shoulder) and after many months of rehabilitation I was retired. I returned home to Texas, and I was given a home by a wonderful organization called Military Warrior's Support Foundation. They buy, renovate and donate homes to Combat-Wounded Veterans and Gold-Star Families. Shortly after that, my wife left me. There were many reasons for that I wont get into here, but both of us were at fault, and now both of us are better off. I have since remarried and I am happier than I have ever been. And now, I am in school, completely retired, but my degree has always been a dream of mine so I am going to pursue it, even though I can't ever work again due to my issues. My Bachelor's of Applied Arts and Science in Organizational Leadership and Management is just around the corner! In my stable, I currently have a 2015 Ram 1500 Laramie 4x4: My new wife has a 2014 Honda Civic EX: I recently acquired a 1964 Chevrolet Biscayne for $300 I am going to restore. It has 20,452 original miles and is all #'s matching. I found it in a barn in Gainesville TX: But, the real reason I am here...is because I finally, after nearly 15 years...have come back to my roots. We are now the proud owners of a Crystal White Tri-Coat 2002 Lexus ES300. One owner, clean carfax, all services performed on-time at Sewell Lexus-Fort Worth. Price paid was $4800+TTL ($5500 OTD): ^the night we brought her home, before I cleaned the headlights. ^That gorgeous white pearl paint was nearly flawless! ^as was the interior! ^151,260 miles when we bought it. We had to drive 3 hours to get it! ^It had new Michelins on it! ^Full service history with a timing belt/water pump/tensioner done at 89,557 miles! ^has all the keys and books, even the window sticker! ^After I polished the headlamps ^got a 5% strip on the windshield and 5% tint on the moonroof. Ever since my Traumatic Brain Injury in the IED strike my eyes are really photosensitive. ^LED Reverse Lamps and Plate Lamps ^LED Puddles ^LED Dome Light ^Replacement HID bulbs. The originals were beginning to show their age, they were almost a pinkish color? So I replaced them with some OEM type bulbs from XenonDepot.com. I also upgraded the Fogs to 55w 3000k HID, and put 5500k Philips LED's in the upper right corner of the headlamps. ^they really dont glare that bad, my phone just took a bad pic
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    Based on your description it's impossible to make any kind of diagnosis with any certainty. However, it appears that at this point you are just throwing parts and money at the problem. I think it's time to find a good independent Toyota/Lexus shop that will have the proper diagnostic equipment to give you an informed determination of what the problem is. It'll cost a lot less than coil packs and valve timing solenoids. Good luck.
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    Yeah so I went out for a drive at lunch for 15 minutes, brakes worked perfectly fine, so I guess maybe its either an intermittent blocked hose, or a sticky caliper, I'm now leaning towards sticky caliper I guess. Don't have $150 to spend on a diagnostic, and then still have to pay to fix it. I'd rather shotgun it at this point since hoses are $12 bucks and caliper rebuild kits are $6. I assume if it was the brake hose it would be doing it all the time, and I've never read online about a brake hose collapsing and doing the complete opposite of a caliper piston that's always active. I know these cars have master cylinder issues but I fail to see how it could only effect one brake but who knows.
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    It's been around a week since the detail, but I have been using detail spray to keep it looking good. I personally cleaned the engine bay by hand.
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    If the vibration is when the vehicle is driving along then it could be a damaged/worn Constant Velocity Joint or bent driveshaft. Other areas it could be are Wheel Bearing or even a lump in one of the tyres (jack up each corner so the wheel is off just off the ground and spin the wheel slowly while looking between the ground and the tread area to see if there is any deviation within the clearance indicating a deformed tyre or bulge in the tread area. Also check the sidewalls for damage) If the vibration occurs when braking then the rotors are probably warped....easily checked with a Dial Test Indicator. Let us know what you find Cheers Trevor
  47. 1 point
    The odometer is definitely something that you want to keep synced with the car. Might as well have Tanin fix any and all problems with the cluster, since you're sending it to them. I don't believe modifying the cluster lights will affect anything; however, some lights cannot be changed. Tanin will definitely know what can and cannot be done. LexLS details this on his website. I have seen LED light mods for the interior and parking lights as well and have not heard of any negative side-effects, so it should be ok. The signals and brake lights are where problems usually occur.
  48. 1 point
    Lots of things can cause strange problems in these cars. There is the ECU problem, IAC motor, broken cracked vacuum lines, Engine coolant temp sensor, and other sensors. Not easy to track down lots of these problems on an OBD1 system. Trying to read codes is a good place to start, and a code can be set with the check engine light not being on.
  49. 1 point
    I just purchased a 1996 LS400 with 166,000 miles for $2900 dollars. It appears to be close to mint condition. I am looking for help on what kind of maintenance I will need in the coming months and years for it. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  50. 1 point
    dont they have any parts houses in Washington that will check your Alt for free ??? also remember to check for a GOOD GROUND

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