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  1. Hello all. I recently found out that my oil pan gasket was leaking and needed replaced on my 2004 RX330. The quoted price to repair was $350. However, I am pretty handy (change my own oil, rotors/brakes and wrote a tutorial on replacing the hub assembly) and was wondering if anyone can comment on how difficult a job this is? Outside of removing the sheilding underneath that is covering the oil pan, is there anything that would make this a difficult job that would warrant having a mechanic repair it? Any comments are appreciated. I also supposedly have an axle seal leak. From what I rea
  2. I put together this to help anyone trying to do this on their own. I just got done replacing my left rear bearing assembly on my 2004 RX330. I make the assumption if you are doing this you can at least take off your tire, caliper and rotor. I am not a mechanic by trade, but can do many of my own repairs. Some of the names of the parts I refer to may not be exact, but I will describe them as best as I can. I had some tips on this from my buddy, who is a former Lexus master mechanic. So props to Ron for the help! Some tools I would recommend having before you start: 1. 32mm 12 point deep
  3. Sorry for my long delay. I never got a response to my original post and did not realize anyone ever posted to my thread again. I never did get a reply directly stating how to replace it. I would still love to know how to do it.
  4. I recently cracked the cover on the drivers side rear side marker light on my 2004 RX330. I bought a replacement, but cant figure out how on earth to remove and replace it. I see a bolt holding it in place on the side closest to the center of the rear bumper. However, I cannot get any kind of tool in there to remove it. Can anyone please offer any assistance in helping me to do this? Thanks in advance.
  5. Actually the link listed above was for the auxiliary input adapter only, which I was not aware they sold alone. I was referring to the package that comes with the XM satellite interface, which is pretty cool, other than it's XM. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I saw that adapter as well and the main thing I was not too happy about was the price. However, the ability for the device to work through the NAV system screen and to have the steering wheel controls work with it is awesome. Another thing is the fact that I did not see a Sirius adapter for it. Unless, I am mistaken it looks as though it is designed for XM, which I do not want. I am definitely considering it at this point though as I have not found too much else.
  7. I have a 2004 RX330 with NAV and premium stereo, but no DVD system. I want to have a direct input jack installed into it. I am looking to be able to use the headphone jack on an mp3 player, satellite player, etc as the source of the output to the stereo. It really does not matter to me if the cord is hanging from the back of the stereo or there is a headphone type jack on the center console panel. What does matter to me is that it is a direct input with best possible sound quality. I currently have a cassette tape interface and an FM transmitter. Both work, but not as well as I'd like th
  8. I had the same issue in my 330. I told them what I read here and they fixed it. Here is what my invoice reads: A CUSTOMER STATES THERE IS A HESITATION WHEN ACCEL CAUSE: 29/99 HESITATION WHEN ACCEL TSIB TC005-03 BULLETIN APPLIED TC3001 RECALIBRATION ECM ENGINE & TRANSMISSION Much better. Thanks everyone.
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