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  2. Question! So my '94 gear shift is the "pull straight back" type. Is it at all possible to replace the whole shifting unit with the "zig-zag" type of shifting unit?
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  4. So in the spring I’m thinking on getting m/t or a/t tires, haven’t completely decided yet. I have a 2005 Lexus rx330. My stock tire size is a 235/55/18 I’m trying to go up in size. I wanna go to a 255/55/18. The problem is I don’t know if there will be rubbing. I’m looking at getting the 255/55/18 Falken Wildpeak AT3’s or Falken Wildpeak A/T’s they are both aggressive tires but the AT3’s are more aggressive then the A/T’s. Does anyone have aggressive mud tires on their Lexus at this size and can confirm no rubbing?
  5. Immediately after buying the GU on Android, I noticed that the sound quality is much worse in comparison with the original radio tape recorder. I checked and ran the melody using different channels, and found that one of them simply did not work. Help
  6. A number of component problems can cause limp mode. The only time it happened on my similar 2000 LS400 was when either the pedal position sensor (PPS) or throttle position sensor (TPS) started to fail. There are instructions in the repair manuals on how to test these sensors. The sensors are rather expensive so you don't want to replace them blindly without confirming that they are defective. It my case, one of the sensors was intermittently failing (I forgot which sensor) and the other shown signs of weakness when tested. I went ahead and had both sensors replaced by an independent repai
  7. Better to go for repairs, as you will aggravate the situation! Good luck, and be sure to tell us how you solved this problem.
  8. It could be a lot of things but you haven't given enough info to get us started. I would start with the easy stuff first though. Check the air filter, spark plugs and rotors to begin with then make sure your fuel pressure is ok.
  9. Anyone had replaced the Screen from 2021 LexusGX460 ? That screen is outdated. Please give me any recommendation.
  10. There is a Mobil 1 oil that is for engines having more than 75,000 miles on them. Mobil 1 High Mileage Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-30, 5 Quart - - Our 2006 Lexus RX400h has over 130,000 miles on it and since it doesn't use any (noticeable) oil between synthetic oil changes, I don't feel that this particular Mobil 1 formula is absolutely necessary. This year, since the pandemic has reduced our driving, I have changed the interval to once per year, which was about 5000 miles over the past year. Walmart always has great prices on jugs (as shown in the link) but Cos
  11. Hello, I have a 2002 SC430 which is in excellent condition and stock other than the rims. Since I live in South Dakota, I only drive it in the summer months and store it in my heated garage during the winter months. Everything has worked great until this summer. On my Navigation, I am getting the "no disc detected" message. I tried cleaning the dvd drive and that did not work. Additionally, my display unit quit tilting. The door opens and closes but it will not tilt. I would love to keep the oem look but would like to update to the gen 4 system if possible. Any idea who would have the
  12. How many miles do you have in this car? Sorry I don't believe there is any quick fix. What particular code were you getting for VVT-I? I would definitely go back and check the knock sensor wiring if the code has come back. Maybe that mouse is back chewing more stuff up.
  13. States that this applies to 2007 LS460 produced in Tahara with a VIN produced before JTHBL46#75032329 with unlimited mileage and it is in effect until March 31, 2021. Driving to Lexus dealership tomorrow to see if this is legit.
  14. Hi I’m not having stereo problems but I have a sub and mono amp installed with a loc connected to my stock sub but it won’t put any signal through it will have a super short punch every once in a while but that’s it. Does anybody know what might be going wrong?
  15. Hello everyone. brand new here and I was hoping for some feedback on my project. Would like to know if SC430 wheels would be a direct fit for a 1992 SC400? I believe these are from a 06-09 SC430...
  16. Car was in minor accident. Subframe was damaged. Replaced subframe and now the slip indicator light is solid. Doesn’t blink at all. Any help would be awesome, wheel speed sensors were not touched. Any help would be awesome, it’s a 2010 ES 350
  17. Need help finding out why my car keeps having check engine light on. Everytime I reset the computer it's comes back on in about a day. It keeps saying I need bank 1 and 2 O2 sensors and bank one is running lean. I had replaced the O2 sensors 3 times. So now my car when I drive is sluggish when I press the gas until the RPMS reach around 4 rpms then the car takes off. I had the throttle body cleaned and the MAFS replaced and the car still acts this way. Even had the coil packs changed. Is anyone having this problem? Could it be the computer is bad? Need help.
  18. All, I'm in the market for a well maintained Lexus LS 600H L with under 100K miles, no accidents or just very minor accident. I would prefer Silver exterior with Saddle Tan interior and the Executive Package would be nice a option but is not a must have. I'm ready to buy now, the money is actually burning my hand and I've got to get rid of it before the wife determines we need something new for the house. PLEASE Sale me your LS 600H L If you have a LS 600H L in good condition and your looking to move into a Tesla, please give me a chance. Your car will be
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  20. Word of advice. Never put Royal Purple oil in a high mileage engine (i.e. 300,000+ miles). I ignorantly found out the hard way what the consequences are. A strong Chevolet 6.0 gas engine that sounds a mini snare drum! How do we spell Chevolet again?? Can Hear Every Valve Or Lifter Every Time Just to be clear, I'm not dogging Royal Purple what so ever. It is exceptional motor oil. Works so well that it will free up any gummy carbon deposits in your motor and all that gunk gotta go somewhere!
  21. We've had our 2006 RX400h since 4/2005 and it has been the most reliable vehicle we have ever had. Its brakes lasted 14 years of daily use. The only money we put into it has been for maintenance. It has averaged 25-26 MPG vs non-hybrid's average of about 18-20 MPG. I know that we have saved quite a bit on fuel costs, as we live in a large city with plenty of traffic and stop & go driving. The icing on the cake is that it is faster than the non-hybrid version. I certainly appreciated that.
  22. I think any good working master cylinder replacement part should have fixed the pedal falling upon braking issue. You would not have the same problem for months even if the fluid is not flushed correctly with a new master cylinder. It takes a few months for the master cylinder to fail again and would not happen again in just a week or two. I never trusted any rebuild stuff from the auto parts store. It's too much of a coin toss and only added more cost and misery in my experience. You probably can order a new master cylinder from online Toyota or Lexus dealer and have it installed by your mech
  23. Thanks for offering this info. I actually had the master cylinder replaced twice since I thought the first one was faulty since the pedal was still falling a week later. The second one was purchased from Rockauto. The brand was Beck/Arnley. I read a bunch of reviews and some even said theirs came in a Toyota box/wrapping so it sounded reliable. Unfortunately, it did not fix the issue. The brake fluid is a possibility as I’m sure the mechanic did not use a specific variety. Wonder if I can bring it to Toyota and ask that they just flush and fill? Honestly not sure what to do at this point
  24. I wouldn't want to pay Lexus $175 to tell me that needs a master cylinder replacement again but this can be done at Toyota too. I don't know if you used the Original Lexus Toyota DOT3 fluid after the previous replacement. The failing of the original master cylinder seems like it has to do with the low or no polymer content in the aftermarket brake fluid after the brake pads replacement or serviced or flush at the 3rd party services. If you don't completely flushed out the offending brake fluid off your brake lines, chances are that the new replacement cylinder may start to wear out again prett
  25. 1992 Lexus LS400 - engine misfire under load and not throwing a code - what could it be
  26. I'm just wandering which RX did you buy? How do you like it?
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