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  2. It might be that your new phone is just not supported. I would try to delete > register the phone a few times. Try to only transfer contacts. (I would expect it to transfer a part of your contacts from the phone to the truck).
  3. I have a 05 LS430 my auto lights will not turn off after the head light bulbs were changed. Any remedies? Help Appreciated!
  4. Yash


    Hi, I own 2011 Lexus ES 350, has 101450 miles on it, from recent service done on it i observed change in my steering play its kind of stiff and tight, i have driven my cousin's Lexus (Same model year) his was smooth and not stiff, i am thinking to flush the power steering fluid and fill it with new one and see how it is doing. what do you guys think about it, need suggestion. Thanks Yash
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  6. you have to delete the code after putting i the new sensor also.
  7. go to rockauto and get the sensor there, and find a mechanic to do it, or do it yourself.
  8. Hello, About two weeks ago, my 2005 ES 330's check engine light, VSC, and TRAC OFF lights lit up on the dash. The last time this happened was about five years ago when the gas cap needed replacement- but after replacing this gas cap, the lights did not turn off right away. After driving a while, they did turn off, then turned back on, then turned off again, but then turned on and have been on ever since. We took the car to the auto parts store for a scan, which revealed a C1201 Engine Control System Malfunction error and a P0031 Heated Oxygen Sensor Heater Control Circuit Low Bank Sensor 1 error. Finally, we took the car in for a full engine diagnostic which apparently determined the Air/Fuel Ratio Oxygen Sensor (Part No. 234-9042) was defective. The cost to fix that sensor with parts and labor was simply too high to warrant consideration given the age and mileage of the car. Therefore, we have not fixed the issue, and while the lights remain on, the car appears to be running fine, except for diminished fuel economy. Notwithstanding, we located replacement sensor parts with the same model number online at the local auto parts stores for a much lower price quoted by the original repair shop. Unfortunately, that repair shop (and other local shops we've called) will only install parts which they order in house due to strict procedures. Therefore, because we don't have the skills to replace the sensor myself, buying the part separately may not be a good option at this time. My questions are (1) whether anyone here has experienced similar issues and can offer any advice, and (2) whether purchasing the part separately (and attempting to privately hire a mechanic to install it) could be a viable option. Thank you very much in advance for any assistance!
  9. There is a convetion in the US to put a sticker on the engine compartment if the timing belt has been replaced. If there is no sticker, assume it has not been replaced. I just was quoted $950 for a belt and water pump at a Toyota dealer for a 430. A private shop down the street wants $1,400 but guarantees the work for 90k miles.
  10. Lexus cars last a long time. One of the hard things to replace is a cracked dash. Put a rug on it, especially if your car is outside a lot. In Nevada at 5,000 UV light is really strong and eats up a lot of things.
  11. The pie plates are kind of cool and retro. My 430 came with the chunky bronze wheels which are pretty ugly looking. I have owned around 30 vehicles in my life and have never bought a set of wheels. I plan to put some new 5 spoke wheels on it. Anyone have experience with Petrol, Voxx, or Motegi Racing?
  12. You bet Paul. Stagg, KYB, and Godspeed are other possibilities.
  13. Hello to all. Just purchased a 96 LS in great shape with 80K on the clock, one owner. But the car has considerable road noise. I plan on taking it to a nearby lexus dealer. Tires on it are BF goodrich touring T/A. They have plenty of tread. Car has only been driven 15k miles in the last 7 years. Any thoughts. Thanks.
  14. Can anyone tell me where is this located?
  15. What makes the steering of an RX 330 becomes stiff. The steering oil is at the right level.
  16. Problem is that if I change from Cold to 65 and up temp, it only blows Hot, not adjusting temp to desired temp and if I turn back to Cold, it blows cold. Servos work ok, temp servo moves from hot to cold straight. Any idea to fix this??
  17. In case anyone out there is still looking for answers on this ... when there is a shimmy or shake in the steering wheel when braking at higher speeds, it *could* be a warped rotor if the rotor has many thousands of miles on it, but if the rotor is new, the likely cause is improper brake-in of the brake pads and rotor. The break-in procedure ensures that a thin layer of the brake pad friction material is evenly distributed on the rotor. If the material is unevenly distributed, there will be spots where the brake pads grab more, and spots where the brake pads grab less on the rotor, which results in grab-slide-grab-slide-grab-slide which is felt as a strong shake at highway speeds, but less pronounced at city speeds. Never use old pads with a new rotor, and when installing new pads, always replace the rotor or have it turned, and follow the brake pad manufacturer's brake-in instructions exactly as written. Higher-end ceramic pads like Akebono do not require a break-in procedure, but braking needs to be gentle for the first 300-500 miles to prevent hot spots on the rotor. It is very rare for a rotor to be warped unless you are a street racer constantly going from 100 to 20 miles per hour and your rotors stay HOT for prolonged periods, but if you were a street racer, you would be using performance rotors that could handle it! If the vehicle has a shake at highway speeds without the brakes being applied, things to check would be a bent rim (even slightly out-of-round will cause a big problem) or a bad tire. Bad tires are not easy to identify just by looking. The tread may look great and there may be no obvious indicators, but putting it on a dynamic balancer will help reveal the issue. And speaking of dynamic balancer, if you lost a tire weight, that would do it as well (and be the easiest to fix!). A ball-joint with any play can also contribute (or any other loose suspension part), but is usually only a consideration on a high mileage car. Of all the above, the most likely reason for a wobble or shake during high-speed braking is an uneven braking surface on the rotor due to low quality brake pads and/or improper break-in. If you feel a 'chatter' in your brake pedal only when braking at low speeds (<10 MPH), it may be a bad ABS wheel sensor. If it happens only when turning at low speeds, it is likely one on the front; otherwise, it could be any of them. For Lexus, they are not too difficult to remove, and you can Google operating specs and take them off and test them one at a time. They are held in place by a single 10MM bolt, so if you have an older model car subject to winter road-salt, it could break, so have a drill, tap, and new bolt handy just in case! These are just some high points, some of them already mentioned above, that I hope someone finds useful.
  18. I just bought a 1990 ls400, but I wanted to install some coilovers, but I'm worried about the camber. I don't want to stance my car, I just want it a little lower, but I can't find any camber kits. Any suggestions?
  19. Last week
  20. Yeah it's always something. Now I am driving again, and the front suspension on the right side has a rattle, and I just changed parts and renewed the inspection 3 months ago. Does anyone can explain where creaking while turning the wheels could maybe come from ? Its really nasty and seems to get worse. And the rattle is as well. Could this be the strut rod bushing ? Thanks. W.
  21. Glad you got it sorted out. I've been busy with a heater core change the last couple of weeks.
  22. I recently purchased a '05 LX470, and have been unable to transfer my phone info to the unit. When the screen comes up "start transfer", when I press it, the Bluetooth connection is broken. How can I move this date from my phone?
  23. 2007 Lexus GX 470 Silver / tan 162K miles Runs well, 4k Royal Purple oil / filter change synthetic, change all fluids often coolant, transmission, front & rear differential, power steering fluid, flush brake fluid every 30K miles Alternator was replaced 145K. I keep it in the garage looks new. Best vehicle I have ever owned. 12 years old
  24. The pressure showed on side wall is the max for the specific tire. You should follow the pressure showed on the doors stickers of the car
  25. 206K no problems but regular maintenance. Well my paint is peeling yuck
  26. My paint is peeling on all 4 doors and the roof. The clear coat is coming off on the bumper. Lexus/Toyota replaced my Dash 2 years ago and I was happy. Now I am looking at a repaint. Anyone have this done? Cost?
  27. I do my own oil changes on my 2011 Lexus RX350 AWD in my garage. The job is very easy as oil changes go.
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