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  2. I’ve read that on SC400 the power steering can leak into the intake causing the smoke. And the reason this is happening is the idle air control value is faulty. Is this correct?
  3. Incredible!... Any photos? I can only say one thing:
  4. scNick

    Power steering and smoking

    I own a 1995 SC400 and I have this exact same issue would this fix work for me too?I just don’t know if the power steering unit is the same as the LS400.
  5. Alshinwari

    Help with power back door

    Yes. All doors are unlocked when I try that. It still does not open or beep.
  6. Yesterday
  7. 615Sherry


    My 1992 sc 400 alternator is out. Anybody got any suggestions for where to get a replacement one? Thank you.
  8. I am replacing a front parking sensor that is damaged because of a stone chip. Its number is Toyota 89341-44150 G1 with a large 6VO. What does the 6VO mean and is it important in selecting the replacement unit. $600 per unit from the local dealer is too much so I'll go ebay but want to get it right.
  9. pj8708


    Well that ones a a new one. I honestly never heard of that problem before. It sounds like a short or lose connection somehow. To get started make sure your right hand isn't accidentally rubbing against the navigation controls on the shift console. A pressing or moving of the joystick around can change your screen position. Probably, your best bet is just going to your dealer and have them run some diagnostics on the complete system. Paul
  10. Last week
  11. I forgot to mention the pressures, sorry. I checked before and after. Before I did any work, the pressure was 40 at cold start and idles down to 15psi. After the cleaning of pan, pick-up , and adding new oil, I got 70 at cold start, idled down to 45 after 5 mins. I checked it several times and made videos. ???
  12. The first order of business is to determine exactly what the actual oil pressure is. If, in fact, the oil pressure is low enough to cause the oil pressure light to come on then you are at great risk of trashing the motor if you continue to drive it at all. Out of curiosity, why did you replace the oil pressure sending unit in the first place? If the oil pressure light was exhibiting the same symptoms before you replaced the sending unit then a failing oil pump would be in the lineup of usual suspects. A pressure gauge attached where the oil pressure sending goes will tell you whether or not you have a serious pressure problem. Good luck.
  13. I just replaced the sending unit on my 2003 RX300 with 185k miles on it, dropped the pan and cleaned it and the pick-up tube extensively. Then I put 5 fresh quarts in it and expected the light to remain off...NOT!!! I took it for a spin of about 2 miles and the light remains on on flat surfaces and it goes away on braking and curves?? What else can I do short of replacing the pump?? 15249 COURTHOUSE HWY SMITHFIELD, VA
  14. Pat Johnson

    2002 SC 430 Air bag recall

    I have a 02 SC430 and had the recall for the airbag completed 4 years ago. Well, the airbag light is on and the dealer is telling me that it is the exact part replaced for the recall that is bad again but they won't fix it without charging me over 3k! Has anyone had a similar issue? Thanks
  15. Pat Johnson

    2002 SC 430 Airbag recall

    I have a 02 SC430 and had the airbag recall completed 4 years ago. Well my airbag light is on and the dealer is telling me it's the exact same part from the recall bad again but, they wont fix it without charging me over 3k. Has anyone had a recall part fall again like this?
  16. Pat Johnson

    cd player issues

    I have a o2 SC430 with the same issue, have you gotten it fixed yet?
  17. gabep


    Thanks for the input.
  18. I recently got a certified 2014 450h with 55K miles. It has bumper to bumper warranty upto Aug 2020. Being a first time Lexus and a hybrid owner, i opted for the extended warranty upto 2022 for an additional $3K. Can some 450h owners give their views on the extended warranty. I do not drive much, average of about 8000 miles in a year. Will it be worth the additional 2 years as the car will be about 7 years old after 2021. Please provide your inputs.
  19. gbhrps


    gabep, Lexus/Toyota are one of the most reliable vehicles on the road. An expensive extended warranty isn't necessary. Save the money and put it into an account for future repairs on the car. If you haven't used the money when you next go to trade, then spend it to pay for the new ride. It makes more sense than an extended warranty you may never use, and will never give you back the money you spent to buy it. So if six months from now, after you buy the extended warranty, the car gets totaled in an accident, will Lexus transfer your extended warranty to your next car? I bet you can guess the answer to that question. But, its your money to spend as you wish, and if an extended warranty gives you some peace of mind ... go for it.
  20. gabep


    Wife is getting ready to buy a certified 2018 IS. Who is offering the best extended warranty?
  21. hogheaven

    Removal of oil pressure sending unit

    Well, I replaced old sending unit with a new one, took pressure readings before and after I dropped the pan and cleaned the pick-up, and took videos of both readings. Before it was 40 at cold start and dwindled to 15psi after 5 min. After cleaning pan and pick-up, and adding 5 quarts of 20/50, the pressure readings were 70 cold start dwindling down to 45 after 5 mins. So I took it for a spin last night and oil light still comes on. I give up. Maybe its the pump or maybe I just need to scrap the whole car??😭
  22. Saw an 01 GS 300 w/ 106K that ran really well despite CEL. Seller is asking $3495. Dealer recommends charcoal canister, exhaust, and valve cover gasket. I know its alot of work and my main concern is passing emissions. I believe the owner has cleared the CEL for inspection but it keeps returning. Can I expect the same ? Is it worth it for me to do most of it?
  23. jjbrahma

    rx300 rough idle

    Hello! In regards to the VSC lights: last week I was driving on a fairly smooth Dallas, tarred road and went over about a 1.5 inch gap (road construction) and my VSC lights came on then about 5 minutes later my check engine light came on. Of course, being poor, I panicked. I have the Car Shield Insurance but they won't cover the sensors on older cars...mine's a 2002 RX300 with around 120K miles. I went to Pepboys and came up with a code of P0400 which has something to do with "evaporative emission system." The guy said it could be anything from the engine to the rear of the car. I immediately started Googling the code and its causes. I ended up on a Mercedes AMG site, by mistake, and saw that people there were having the same issues and that a computer reset was needed. I then got on the Lexus sites and checked them out. The Lexus people were having the same Issues with the same code and other codes. One man said it was only his gas cap; that got me thinking since I had put a locking cap on last year when gas went sky rocketing again and the long lines were reminiscent of the 1970s. Others were saying that they reset their computers a couple of times a month. Evidently our cars adapt to our driving styles; that also got me thinking about why my cars dash always showed avg. mpg at about 4.7 mpg & never changed. So, I did what they all suggested and disconnected the pos battery terminal for 24 hours (doesn't have to be that long of time but, it was suggested), put my original gas cap back on and, on Sunday (less traffic) I tore down the highway at about 75 to 80 mph (for 100 miles instead of the normal 50) and watched in awe as my avg mpg climbed up to 55 mpg...not kidding at all. I was alone so I couldn't get a pic but, it was literally reading 55 mpg. Now I'm not naive to believe that I was actually getting that kind of milage but, the gas gauge barely moved a cm. and when I got back into city driving it started reading 35 to 38 mpg, depending upon my speed; and it still is! The guy at Pepboys said another RX300 had gone in the day before me with the same VSC & check engine lights on & confirmed what the man on the Lexus site said also, check the vacuum hose on the air filter fixed the previous RX300 but not mine. So I went the other route, described above, and now the lights are off, the car is running so much smoother, since I noticed it also had a rough idle and sounded rough from the tailpipe. So far, the lights are still off, the avg mpg reading is either a miracle or I need a new computer (hopefully not) and it is running like a brand new car. Anyway, what I did is worth a shot. Try it before going to a mechanic for the $70.00 diagnostic reading. Good luck!
  24. billydpowell

    Does a low mileage late year LS400 in good condition exist

    hope you know enough to replace the timing belt.....21 years old
  25. billydpowell


    buy a ebay key, have it cut, put your innerds in it with a good battery and you are good to go
  26. billydpowell

    I just bought an incredible 98' LS 400 with 54k miles

    super nice find, it dont matter what you paid, it is VERY nice.. looks new.. I like black, white and the red also
  27. You are correct in that the Audi is not very reliable after its warranty has expired. Do you really want the safety features available in the newer Lexus vehicles? There are quite a few that are very useful - laser cruise, backup proximity sensor warning, and blind spot warning are my favorites. If these are not must-haves, you could get quite a few miles out of your current vehicle. A sales guy at our dealership told me he has seen many RX400s with well over 200,000 miles on them.
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