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  2. FYI - The Lexus battery was replaced at no charge by Lexus of Tulsa as part of the original car warranty. 73's to Les for the reply. Thanks!
  3. Personally if you like the car, go to that independent and have them check the system and rebuild whatever cell is bad. Lot cheaper than a new car.
  4. Hi. I have a 2000 RX300 with 230k mi which I bought six months ago as a second car. Other than replacing rotors/brake pads and calipers it runs like a top and I like it a lot. I drove a 2010 350 today and was so bored I almost fell asleep. I like the 300 much more. I am looking at buying a lightweight pop up (prob mid 2000 lbs) and am wondering what others would think of towing with this. I live in a pancake flat part of Florida. My other car is a lease and I do not want to install a hitch. I don’t think I have the tow package. I have read the forums. I am rated to 3500 lbs but would need to get the hitch etc installed. As of now this vehicle has no issues. Am I crazy to consider using it for medium distance (1-2 hour) tow trips? When my lease is up we may buy a new vehicle with a full blown tow package but we don’t want to wait to get a camper. Thanks for your time.
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  6. Last week the bluetooth for my phone in my 2005 quit. NOT ONLY THAT- the icon (telephone) disappeared from the Display. I was having my 125k mile service done at the time- the dealer did not work on the navigation or was anywhere inside the dash. In this model year Lexus integrated the phone bluetooth with the navigation system. The strange thing is that the icon disappeared... Has anyone heard/experienced this? Thanks! Chuck
  7. Last week
  8. Hello, Could you recommend a mechanic for pre-purchase car inspection in Commack, NY area? I live in PA and am considering the purchase of a used 2010 Lexus ES 350 from a private seller in Commack, NY. Thanks!
  9. Few days ago dash said check hybrid system and it stopped using the electric motor. It seemed to still charge the battery as the blue lines will increase but it never uses it, and the blue lines also go down. Took it to a dealer and they said it has a bad cell - $6500 for a new one. There is a hybrid refurb place around here and they quoted $2500 Anyone have any thoughts? Guessing not a huge market for a 450 with no hybrid battery... Also wondering if it's bad to drive it right now, the dealer said it would run like that "for a while" but its designed to use that hybrid battery so its not good for it? Thanks for any ideas/advice.
  10. David, Thanks for sharing. Your experience is not encouraging to say the least. So far, no recurrence of the issue in my car <knock on wood> but it's now right at that 18 month later mark that you describe since my original issue. Hoping this does not turn into a full blown 'campaign notice' for the 200t, but if it keeps happening at around 12-15K mile intervals it just might. And if Lexus' fix is to simply replace the part, this doesn't appear to be the long term solution. They may need a redesign of the defective part. I'll post here if my car starts exhibiting the same issue again.
  11. Had the exact same issue with my car @ 15000 miles. It took 6weeks for the part to come in. Its now 18 months later and guess what wife got ready for work today car doing the same thing again
  12. Gazeebo

    Bad cluster, ECU or something else?

    Update: Nothing changed, bought a used ECU and cluster to changed both things. if same issue occurs I bet it must be bad wiring somewhere.
  13. I cannot change my temperature on the driver's side from 65 degrees with the ac or heat on. I have tried with and without dual control on just to make sure, and it will not budge. Do I need to buy the entire climate control panel or could it be something else. The passenger side works fine.
  14. sha4000

    '92 LS400, Maybe it's haunted ?

    I suggest that you put some dye in there to find the leak. AC issues can get very expensive don't keep guessing on this one.
  15. TheGrey

    2019 RX 350 changes

    I hope they will change nothing
  16. disengage the line parting assistance (it is at the stirring wheel on right hand side)
  17. After first 5000 mi on the odometer, by Lexus schedule, bolts and nuts of the drive-Shaft and chassis has to be re-Torqued. I want to do it myself. Anyone here has some pic, drawing or sketch of which bolts and nuts (location of them) exactly are to be re-Torqued? Thanks
  18. Dark Horse

    Plunge Taken

    Follow Up: I have maybe another 5,000 miles on the tire before they get to the wear bars. In full agreement on the Michelins. I've resolved all my issues except the RF parking sensor (minor scrape on corner), and the rear shade driver actuating arm is disconnected (I turned this off).
  19. 94LexusES30054

    Dtc P0402

    yes my 94 Lexus has been doing the same thjg but my. code is p1600 ecm batt I can't figure out what the issue is to fix it so the check engine will go off so I Can register it its been three moths and no sucses any one got any suggestions what ecm batt could. be or how to fix sed issue
  20. gbhrps

    Front Speaker Problem

    bacosta007, Two possible problems come to mind. The head unit amplifier for those speaker channels has quit working, or ... the connector on the back of the head unit has come loose and is not making contact. If you are a DIYer with car tear down and audio experience, pull the head unit and disconnect the wiring harnesses to it (disconnect the battery first, after copying down the frequencies of all your radio presets). It might be just that simple to correct. If that doesn't correct the issue, check with a Lexus dealership to see if they have an exchange program for the head unit. Years ago (1986 I believe) I had a radio issue with my wife's Toyota Cressida. Toyota had and exchange program where you gave them the old radio to refurbish and they gave you a refurbished unit to replace it with for like $350 or so (long time ago and the details are fuzzy). Maybe Lexus has something similar? Worth checking. Good Luck!
  21. Does anyone know which fuses are for the sound in the 2014 IS350 sport?
  22. bacosta007

    Front Speaker Problem

    Hello all! My 2007 ES350 equipped with the standard, non- ML System, has had a fault where there has been no sound coming from both the front, driver and passenger door speaker. There is also no sound coming from the driver and passenger side of the dashboard as well, sound only comes from the center speaker on the dashboard. Due to this, I also lose navigation voice guidance and bluetooth function( no sound from calling) as I believe these functions are embedded in the driver door speaker. Can still hear music regularly as rear speakers, center dash speaker and sub is working beautifully. This problem has me dumbfounded, could it possibly be the speaker themselves...possibly a fuse or wiring? Any advice? Many thanks in advance!
  23. I park my car RX 330 of 2004 model with A.C. working in a good condition over the weekend . When start my car on Monday. My A.C. start blowing hot . The TEMP is at final lower level. Yet it still blow hot. Please advice .
  24. Is it safe to add a hitch bike rack to a 2015 Lexus IS 250 F Sport? Thanks in advance!
  25. The most likely culprit is the Air Mix Servo. The above link provides some discussion but there is lots of discussion available on this subject. It's a common failure point for this generation of RX300 vehicles.
  26. The dimple in the nut - just pry at it with a screwdriver or an awl. Then put wheel back on with a couple of lug nuts and lower it so tire is on the ground and loosen the nut. I used a piece of wood between the shaft and hammer. You want to push the shaft inward, Puller won't work. Jack it up and take tire off, disc off, and remove the bolts holding the hub on. Tap the flange and it should come off.
  27. Hey guys, there's some scorching heat right now and this annoying problem recently popped up. It just won't blow any air from the 2 front AC vents. I have no clue what the problem is, and upon finding out, I'd love to know if it's self repairable. My guesses thus far are: actuator problems, filter is dirty. I'd appreciate any help I can get with this asap, the car gets insanely hot due to only the side vents and the front vent ( defroster? one by the windshield ) working.
  28. threepwood

    '92 LS400, Maybe it's haunted ?

    Ok, sorry it took so long to get back to you but a lot of things have happened. First, I bought a second set of capacitors and soldered them on my junk yard ECU board. Now that I knew what I was doing this job came out much better. Sure enough, my stranger things are gone. Unfortunately, my AC compressor clutch decided to lock up. Smoked the fan belt. Replaced it and now i'm losing freon some place. 2 cans overnight. Maybe the clutch destroyed the seal in the front of the compressor ? I hope not. Know of any good AC stop leak? I really don't want to be replacing the compressor again. This would be the 4th one.
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