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  3. The fuel tank vent tube is clogged. It allows displaced air to escape as the tank is filled. Google something like "gas tank vent tube clogged". Here is a link to one video about the problem but I don't know what type of vehicle it is or what the vent tube on an RX looks like:
  4. Hi, I have a 2008 RX350 that takes forever to fill the gas tank, no matter what gas station or pump we fill it with. We can barely squeeze the filling nozzle to fill it. If we do more than that, the pump handle continually clicks and stops the flow. This has been going on for a pretty long time since we bought the vehicle used. Any idea what could be causing this strange issue?
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  6. Now I am getting about 23 mpg, which goes up a little with all highway driving. It is quite acceptable for a performance car.
  7. These cars need alignment fairly often, front and rear. It will help your tires a lot.
  8. We have the same issue in our UX 200. Seems like a very rough shift when first taking off. I've noticed it goes away when driving in Sport mode. Our dealer also said they couldn't find any issues.
  9. most likely the ecu capacitors are bad. If you open it up you will see the capacitors are leaking. it is a common problem in the LS400 and SC ecus. Mine had this issue and I just had it repaired.
  10. Considering an 07 Gx470 with 237,000 miles for $7,500. One owner , dealer maintained , recent timing belt , radiator and rear rotors and pads. The internet reassures me I should not have fear about this purchase. Looking for experienced advice. The records are all per carfax , and I spent some time looking them over , looks to have been well cared for. Looks clean in photos , shows well , have yet to see in person , and drive. Thanks in advance for any advice received.
  11. The center visor is flimsy and does not stay up anymore, so I bought one online and don't know how to pull the old one off. Anyone knows how to remove the old one? I am hoping someone here may have replaced his and can give me some guidance before I try prying the old one off myself and breaking something.
  12. Try pressing the power button on the radio. Mine said the same last week after my daughter was "helping" me. I kinda forgot the simple things. ... just realized how old the thread is..
  13. I have the same issue on a 2002 Lexus RX300. I have disconnected the ABS at the connector between the ABS control module and the coolant fluid reservoir and tried recalibrating the yaw sensor (although it did not do anything). I have not located the yaw sensor. Do you need to remove the rear seat to access that sensor?
  14. Thanks visine. Where on earth do I start to troubleshoot this issue to clear the code for good? I can clear codes but it comes back after few hours of running. Thanks again!
  15. One real good thing is the upgrade on the seats, it is made MUCH better has many breathing holes in them and seem to last a LOT longer than non coach editions. sorry folks, I didnt realize this was 2008 listing..
  16. I agree with #Sha4000 , buy the control arms and be patient and find another independent shop with a positive reputation combined with a willingness to be honest about doing the job. It’s not easy to find honest mechanics because they mostly don’t list prices. I’d buy them on eBay or some site. You can buy a whole set of 8 control arms for between $290-$800 depending on which you decide to buy. Labor may be 3 hours and could pay between $600-$1,100 for The entire job. I paid for my own control arms. Most owners have said its overblown and it is and isn’t to me. The reliability of these control arms have been questionable but, the fix is overblown. You can just buy them yourself and don’t use the dealership. I’d get the alignment done at Lexus dealership to assure it’s done up to Lexus standards the same day you get your car back. The next day at latest even if you have to wait on the car. To avoid driving on new control arms without the alignment being done. Also my Lexus dealer confirmed all the control arms were installed so that helped. The way to look at it Is if you pay $600-$1,200 for the entire 8 control arms to be purchased and installed and have to do it again in say 5–10 years it’s still less than $4,400 at a Dealership or even the lowest I’ve heard dealers do this job at $3,500. Youll be fine. Lexus overall makes a quality car. The control arms and brake actuators are the main issues I’ve heard about and once done maybe a couple more issues but some have and some haven’t had issues. Cheaper fixing what we have to drive a engine/transmission with the ability to go 400,000 miles if we do oil and fluid changes and filters and belts, etc.!!
  17. 2 screws behind SW, one under, squeeze bottom and lift oft top, or reverse that, I forgot (i am 86)
  18. The buber to buber warenty is worthless. They will not fix anything unless it is recalled. Leaks cars, with a lit of damage that the blame on spiders. Going on since 2007. The are shady. The demo they don't title do the can sell as new. Lexus will define all clames i have bumper to bumper and platinum. With tires and rims. Nothing got approved. Blow out first 200 miles said it was on the side of tire. Leak from spiders. Not covered. Dont waist your money. Crappy services and crappy cars
  19. should be 3 screws, two behind the SW, and one on the bottom AND then 2 HOOKS, either squeeze, the bottom half and lift the top off OR squeeze the top and life the bottom off
  20. I have 4 2009 SC430 wheels for sale. They are in very good condition. Can send pictures if anyone interested.
  21. I think something that need adding to this is that you need to undo the electrical connector on the back of the bulb BEFORE undoing the spring clip otherwise it’s near impossible to hold both and get the bulb out of its holder.
  22. Generally when engine RPM drops on below common range of 800 RPM for the mostly cars, It’s more than which you’re dealing with an IAC valve issue. In these cases the valve will be clogged & failed that’s why your vehicle will stall instead for slowing to an idle after the release of the throttle. I want to do explanation more but currently I have stress of my academic task & I can’t understand How Can I Write My assignment Do you have any suggestion? Because study plus job is more complicated but I’m trying to make my assignment professionally if you know someone who can help me in my assignment kindly share their details.
  23. i am wondering if any one knows where is the location for Air conditioner clutch Relay for Lexus Rx350 2007 please an thankyou
  24. Your car is so nice. I need to re-paint my car but don't know where to send it to.
  25. I think this problem is more like electrical connections.
  26. There is no relay for the wiper. You have to inspect it at the wiper motor connector. If both high and low speeds are working at the motor, then you have to troubleshoot the switch. It maybe as simple as dirty connector.
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