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  2. Sorry I have no idea, but you can try Crutchfied. They specialize in car audio systems.
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  4. Off and on my car stalls in the middle of a right turn for a second. Is it possible it is something that doesn't need a repair shop, that I could check for?
  5. Thanks Jim. I tried it and I'm sure that's what happened. Appreciate the reply. Thought maybe I had a poltergeist running around the garage.😁
  6. No fuse blown. #59 ok. Have amp out. Is there some wait I can test it? Thanks. Herb
  7. You might try Tire Rack or similar web sites. They usually have stock, +1, +2, etc. wheel sizes listed. This will give you an idea of what fits and what doesn't on a stock suspension car.
  8. No I did not replace any tires recently, and if one sensor went bad, why would that cause the tired the pressure display on the instrument panel to be blank for all four tires?
  9. You may have the dreaded disease known as TPS - Tight Pants Syndrome. Something in your pants pocket may have pushed against the unlock button to cause the windows to roll down and then against the lock button to lock the doors. I've occasionally had this problem although I've become careful to remove keys and fobs from my pocket when I'm home. You're fortunate that it happened in your garage. It's happened to some when their vehicles were parked outside in the rain. At some point, Lexus vehicles began to come from the factory with this feature set to OFF by default - maybe due to the prevalence of TPS. Unfortunately, only a Lexus dealer can change the setting on the ES350 of generation you have. This and other customizable settings are documented in the Customization section of your owners manual.
  10. Maybe one of the sensors went bad. Did you just install new tires on your car?
  11. This mechanic investigated something similar: 2000 Lexus Rx300 codes p0301 p0302 p0303 - Bing video It's about 16 minutes long but is somewhat informative.
  12. Looks great. I will have to give it a try on my vehicle. They are pretty frosted over with a yellow color. I thought about purchasing new housings since my car is older they aren't too expensive if I remember correctly they were about $65 each. I might just save my elbow and get the new ones.
  13. Those offsets are not really the determining factor so they won't necessarily make the wheels poke out. You have to determine if the the wheels are low, medium or high disk which will then determine if they will even clear the front brake calipers.
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  15. This is happening with my 2014 IS 350, however, I've paid over $3,500 on two separate occasions and the issue with the radio is still not fixed. The volume fades in and out at different levels. I'm taking it back to the dealer again, after just picking it up yesterday. This is the second AMP and fourth speaker in eight months. With 15 speakers in the car, at this rate, I only have 11 more replacements at $200/per. I'm so frustrated...I'd participate in a Class Action. In this environment, with the price of cars up 25%, can't even turn it in and buy a new car.
  16. Did you ever find out which one was shift solenoid E?
  17. OK I changed the o2 sensor because I was getting P1130 and p1150. Then codes p0300, p0301, p0303, and p0305 came up. It has been 110 degrees outside so I haven't been able to get much wrenching done. But would anyone know why when I disconnect the battery and the computer resets it runs fine for a while like a couple of days and then starts misfiring and throwing codes?
  18. I am going this week to get new tires, and I am going to have him put the two rims from the front to the back also in case it is a vibration in the rim. It is just a weird vibration, but I agree it could be tires. I did think of that, but the Axle was the first thing I wanted to change due to the difference in the parts. Thanks again you guys will update...
  19. Move your front wheels to the back and back to front, and check if the issue will move also.
  20. Thanks RX400h I tried it but, my cousin's car doesn't have all those options.
  21. 2008 *Lexus* *GX 470* Pearl White Overland Rack All Services Updated CLEAN SUV - $15,900 232K miles KBB price says 10.5K - 13K Is KBB price reflecting current increase in used cars?
  22. It seems it is showing the driveline is operating in front wheel drive...which would change if selecting 4WD
  23. Yes I am using one of those cheap code readers. I am going to take it into my friends work and use a professional code reader. I found out that the codes with the P at the end are pending. So sounds like a guess like you said. The car ran great until the computer reset. Except for a oil leak on the valve cover everything looked good cv boots etc. After doing some homework I think my best starting point would be to switch the coils on cylinders 1,3 and 5 to 2,4 and 6 to see if the misfire moves. I would like to pull the plugs to see what is going on in the cylinder if fuel is even getting ignited. It is my understanding though that the spark plugs on the fire wall side are a pain to remove. I will give it a shot. I was aware of the smog law in California but never sure how it actually worked. The title he gave me was the one he got when he purchased it a month before I bought it. So I don't have his name or anything. I tried contacting the app offer up to at least leave him a nasty review but they threatened to delete my account because I was a little colorful with my messages to the seller. I will definitely look into the link you provided to see what I can do if anything. I would love to cost that crooked thief any money I can. I am a believer in karma and think he will get what's coming to him but it can't hurt to help it along a little bit. It's the least I could do.
  24. If you need performance pads, I recommend EBC.
  25. Just picked up my new F Sport yesterday with 5 miles on the odometer and it appears to be a great car. Ultra white with Red interior. Drives very smoothly and Sport Plus is really fun, handles very nicely. I would highly recommend the handling package. And the red interior is awesome. Still trying to figure out all the electronics. I'll post some pictures soon. Be safe. Interesing, even the dealer did not know what the "sound generator" did on the F sport with handling package. From what I've experience so far, it doesn't do very much.
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