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  3. Paint Pealing On 2004 Gx 470

    I have a 2008 Lexus GX470 Blizzard Pearl and has been garage kept since my purchase in April 2008. I recently started having to park outside the garage for the past 2 years and now my paint is peeling everywhere. Is there nothing that can be done about this. My car is in excellent shape and has never been wrecked. It looks awful with the paint peeling off all over.
  4. Does anyone have the login to toyota tis system for repair pictures. I am trying to remove the trunk switch from a 2015+ es 350 and it is difficult to do without pictures showing disassembly process
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  6. Navigation Upgrade from GEN 1 to GEN3

    Dear Donna, I am located in Portugal, so the maps source are definitely not the same as its in USA where i supposed you are, however at Lexus website you can get them, unfortunately very expensive.I bought mine in UK through ebay
  7. Navigation Upgrade from GEN 1 to GEN3

    I have a 2004, and still love it! Where did you go to get your CD ROM swapped out?
  8. I am still interested in swaping out my 2004 radio with a 2006, 2007 or 2008 radio; however, I am having trouble finding a part number for that radio which will allow for the Vais Tech SAT radio option. Does anyone have a p/n? When I look it up, there are a few 86120 part numbers with different ID no's and Types.... and then it will say "this radio will work with your 2004 - 2010 SC430" I can't seem to find anything that says it was installed in 2007 models. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  14. AMCI Global tested the Lexus LC 500 against the Aston Martin DB11 V12 Coupe with pro driver Justin Bell at the wheel for closed-course lap times, slalom and wet cornering. And what’d they uncover?
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  16. Random misfire codes for cyl. 2, 4, & 6

    Hi Marty: I appreciate the response and yes it does sound like coil packs but.....since one of them I had to replace about 2 months ago is new, the misfire codes are all in the front bank (cyls. 2, 4, & 6) what's the reason for your conclusion? Coil packs are about $70 each, normal preventive maintenance for electronics is that if you have alike components in a group that perform the same functions you can expect additional failures to occur after the first incident. Yup, 19 years and one finally fails and I know the possibility of others to follow exists. but at the same time I'm trying to avoid "breaking the bank" while not being a cheapskate due to recent finances that we won't discuss here. I'm still looking for a more scientific explanation using the laws of cause and effect! what started with a vehicle that needed a good tune up and ran ok and all 6 cyl without any issues that suggested serious problems. Yes the plugs were quite worn and the air filter was dirty. The only codes I had was the one that gives owners a fit and cost large $ to eliminate is the "catalyst is below spec limits" Meaning your converter doesn't quite get as hot as it is supposed to and because of ECU parameters that can't be bypassed or changed you get a anti lock and trac off signal that has absolutely nothing to do with the emissions end of anything! But it will get (especially moms!) your attention when you feel unsafe in winter driving conditions. Your anti lock brakes of course still function but your traction control does not. But the Lexus dealer service dept will fix it even if they have to replace the entire anti lock brake control system and every other sensor related to emissions except the cat converter. Having bought this car in 2004 as a pre-certified car with a 3 yr bumper to bumper (20.000 miles at delivery) I saw every failure incident get parts thrown at it till you wondered how can they afford to operate that way? Ha, 14 yrs later, I know. So If you or any other members can come up with any other possibilities I'd be all ears an eternally grateful! Thanks, Dave
  17. Just purchased a used 2008 Lexus IS 250, RWD, with 59K miles. I don't have all the maintenance history but only had one owner and seems to be in really good shape. The oil maintence change required came up today and I assume it comes on automatically comes on when it detects oil is at a certain percentage. Since it's so close to the 60k service mark, I was going to take it to a Toyota dealer for service. Does anyone know a ballpark price for the 60k service? Would it be okay to take it to a Goodyear or other non Toyota or Lexus dealer for a tune-up or is it better to go to the dealer?
  18. Regular Member 0 18 posts First Name:Jim Lexus Model: ES300 Year: 1998 Location: Flori Lexus Owners Club 080218 malfunctioning seat forward-back adjustment Dear fellow Lexus owners, my 2001 ES300 drivers seat forward-back adjustment stopped working. Now I can't move the seat forward so my short wife can drive the car. I can tell it is not the motor, as the seat tilt, and up-down works, and there is a click when I try to move the seat forward or back. There is no obstruction I could see under the seat to prevent movement. Has anyone had this problem? How do I fix it? JC
  19. Hi yes, in the uk. used to reset it 1 or 2 times a month. Lexus wanted to replace complete unit as only the japanese are clever eniugh to mend it!! resolved it completely by trading in on a newer rx400h. i know thats not much help andrew
  20. Hi Ramascooby, Are you in the UK? Me too? I have just got the same problem with my 2006 RX400H. Did you resolve yours?
  21. I should add, I have less than 10K miles on the tires. Also re-checked alignment after the tire wear was noticed
  22. Anyone aware of a tire for the AWD Is250 that is good for the negative camber they have? Put new tires on in September 17' with an alignment, and fronts are worn on inside and choppy in the center. Was told i need to find a tire good for cars with negative camber... Any insight would be great
  23. Random misfire codes for cyl. 2, 4, & 6

    Sounds like coil packs.
  24. My IS

  25. After a tune up, R&R spark plugs, air filter, cleaned MAP sensor, coolant hose fix, PCV valve cleaned...everything went extremely well. While getting a very smooth running engine up to operating temp to check for any leaks (ran AC on full, then heater to make sure coolant levels were full and engine at normal temp) the engine went from smooth idle to surging slightly RPM up and down and running a bit rough. Check engine Light flashed so checked codes and found random misfire and a code for cylinders 2, 4 & 6. (front bank) Checked all vacuum connections, electrical & anything else I might Have disturbed during the tune up. I'm guessing there is something now going on that is affecting only the front cylinder bank but I'm not sure where to look as the back bank (1,3,& 5) seem to be fine (no codes anyway!) Any incite on what to run down first as I feel there has been a change in fuel mix due to a vacuum leak maybe to the front bank? Appreciate any response or suggestions on where to proceed next! Thx, Dave
  26. To celebrate Lexus' partnership with NYFW and as part of its #HowFashionTravels initiative, Lexus teamed up with TOME and supermodel Herieth Paul for a photoshoot featuring a Black Panther...
  27. Been on for over a year now. Even wear across the tread. When it was aligned at fitment I opted for '0' toe. Michelin's and toe seems to of done the trick
  28. Sure, I'll mail it to "Somebody in Southern Illinois, just off I-57". You should get it by .... NEVER!
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