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  1. billydpowell

    Does a low mileage late year LS400 in good condition exist

    hope you know enough to replace the timing belt.....21 years old
  2. billydpowell


    buy a ebay key, have it cut, put your innerds in it with a good battery and you are good to go
  3. billydpowell

    I just bought an incredible 98' LS 400 with 54k miles

    super nice find, it dont matter what you paid, it is VERY nice.. looks new.. I like black, white and the red also
  4. Thanks Jim, I just didnt want to get anything started....
  5. I know you are right, old satan just slips up on me sometimes too....
  6. yes, I know you are right, satan just sneaks up on me sometimes.....

  7. this post is 10 years old....
  8. billydpowell

    Sun Visor Won't Stay Up

    that sounds like a good idea, thanks
  9. billydpowell

    2000 lexus LS 400 starter replacement

    That is as good a write up as I have ever seen.. nothing left out..
  10. billydpowell

    1998 Lexus LS 400- Extremely poor gas mileage

    if you are going to follow Craigs advice, be sure and clean that intake up... (I did not follow all your links) and new gaskets also..that's a mess.. my knock sensors were under 15$ each.. Denso..
  11. billydpowell

    need a headlight leveling motor-2000 LS400

    sounds like a good idea to me....
  12. billydpowell

    1992 Starter Replacement

    Craig, sorry it didnt work for you, mine is still going strong..
  13. billydpowell

    Heat/AC not blowing -- ONLY ON LONG TRIPS

    well, back when I had a 95,96,or 97 one of them did that to me/us after traveling about 200 miles, just completely quit (AC) when I got home I changed mine and it never done it again, so, I thought that was it.. I have had 12 LS400 (usually 2 at a time for wife & me) and it has never happened again..
  14. billydpowell

    Heat/AC not blowing -- ONLY ON LONG TRIPS

    find out where your cabin filter is and CHANGE it.... behind the glove compartment.