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  1. That is crazy, the gasket is a crush aluminum washer. Oh well, we will see.
  2. Did they clean the area where is was originally leaking? Also did they clean the under panels? Maybe just more residual.
  3. lenore

    Backup Camera for 2003 LS430

    My Toyota Solara Convertible 2006 had navigation, and somebody on Toyota Forums discovered a input to it. I made my own plug and wired a backup camera and It worked like a champ.
  4. lenore

    Backup Camera for 2003 LS430

    I haven't but have installed two in a Ford F150 and Toyota Solara. If you are handy it can be done easily, or take to Best Buys and have it installed. I cant remember whether the LS430 has a navigation screen, if it does I am sure someone has done it.
  5. lenore

    Replacing 2003 ES300 struts - suggestions

    Struts are discussed all the time, but my choice is KYB struts and OE mounts....Have put them on RX300 and RX400h and a GMC Yukon....Love these struts. the knock noise is probably broken mount, but could also be a damaged stabilizer bar mount....
  6. lenore

    Long time no post !!!

    Probably not soon, I am trying to stretch my dollars and make the RX400h go over 300k miles....time will tell.
  7. lenore

    Long time no post !!!

    Well, haven't said it yet this year, Merry Christmas to all, both new and Old. Be safe, and feel the love.
  8. lenore

    Diminished Forum Activity ?

    I kind of miss some of the Old RX members postings. I particularily enjoyed cduluk, as he was the master of modifications on the RX.
  9. Is your car throwing any codes? Also does is sound like the Gas engine is stuttering and then dies? Could be a dirty throttle body or bad throttle body sensor....I know it is a hybrid by the way, I have an RX400h.
  10. lenore

    Where is 2003 ES300 PCV valve located?

    This is located on passenger side of vehicle on rear valve cover. Usually has large foam covering over the hose.
  11. lenore

    Where is 2003 ES300 PCV valve located?

  12. lenore

    Long time no post !!!

    OH yea, been dealing with that for 37 years. I have completely gutted this house since Oct 2017. (We downsized and went one story) so remodeling this older home is a must. At same time still maintaining the Lexus RX400h, Ford F150, and new to stable a Toyota Solara convertible.
  13. Avoid Bosch plugs by all means...They are garbage. NGK or Denso iridium are great and last an easy 120k miles. My wife has 230k miles on hers....
  14. lenore

    Long time no post !!!

    Yup still here, but crazy busy remodeling my house.....