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  1. rx300 problems

    Note the dealer will be way more expensive.
  2. rx300 problems

    Call a locksmith that can cut the master from your Vin#. They can also program the electronics. I know here locally I had to do that on my Toyota Solara, cost me about $150
  3. I have MIcheliin Defenders on my RX400h and my Ford F150 truck, best tire I have ever used.
  4. Looking for answer and help

    One of your driven devices is freezing up. ie the alternator, power steering pump, air conditioning compressor, or one of the idlers. Before putting belt on spin each to make sure they are free. I would suspect the air conditioning compressor when energized is the culprit.
  5. Unfortunately all gas in California has winter blend.
  6. I would try an ISC reset, do a search for the procedure on this site. Remember our winter gas is not ideal in CA and also the engine comes on more during the colder season.
  7. We have 210 k miles and running strong.
  8. Who is still here? Fun threads like the old days?

    Still here and added a Toyota Solara convertible to my collection. Love this SC look alike. Yup Still have RX400h with 209k miles...what a ride. Still a hot rod.
  9. Failed Transmission

    I am curious, did your mechanic use Type WS Toyota transmission fluid.? I would make another call, and give them supporting documentation of your service record for the transmission.
  10. Yea pretty much you do not have to pull engine. just motor mounts and a little engine lifting with a floor jack. Pretty much a rip off at $2600
  11. Time to get it diagnosed. If you don't have that ability than you need to find a reputable shop. If you do start with an ammeter between the negative cable and battery negative and measure the amount of currant that is drawing while everything is off. than one by one remove fuses and see which one effects the currant draw. This will help you diagnose which system in the car is causing the currant drain. Be aware that there is always a very small current drain for the security system. But if you see a large drain (1 amp or larger ) than there might be a issue. quick things to check are dome light, and cargo area light, they can draw a lot of juice if left on by mistake.
  12. New Member From Texas, Flashjett

    Sweet ride, welcome aboard. I just bought a Toyota Solara convertible, I see so much resemblance.
  13. New to Lexus, got a 1 owner 1990 LS400

    Welcome aboard, Hey it is a 27 year old car, but a great one. Do a search on these forums and you will be rewarded with lots of help. There are some very knowledgeable people on the LS400 on this site. Hopefully they will chip in.
  14. 2007 ES 350 coolant questions

    I would change it. the Inhibiters in the coolant do break down. USE only Toyota coolant, though expensive think of it as a long term insurance. The coolant in Pink comes pre-mixed with water and is a matter of just filling. Make sure the system is bled for air after filling. I personally don't feel flushes are necessary on a vehicle that has only used the manufacturer coolant. You will probably need two gallons minimum of the premixed.
  15. Master Cylinder

    Wow one expensive brake master, I would look at a recycle yard