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  1. First welcome aboard, who did the timing belt.? Maybe it was not done properly.
  2. Could be defective tire. Have you rotated tires to see if there is a change?
  3. You may have a bad wheel bearing, can you hear a rumble or whining noise when driving.?
  4. Funny all of the folks here are going to Idaho, and you are heading south. I have lots of old co workers that moved to Arizona, it has worked for them....
  5. Man just plain bad luck. I would have jumped on a RX330 or even a highlander. But quite frankly for a college student any Camry or even a Prius would have been my choice. The Four cylinder Camry is one of the best designs I have ever seen. Everything, is easy to work on and parts are cheap.
  6. At 30k miles I don't feel this is necessary. Look at your maintenance book and see what is required. I am sure those are probably not required.
  7. So far no issues, but at this mileage the vehicle is pretty much not work much even though it is in excellent condition. I figure drive it till it dies, if the battery goes I would consider replacing with aftermarket repairer with warranty. No car payment is king. Thank you for your service, I am a 8 year Navy Veteran.
  8. Yes 237k miles is crazy, and I am not happy about it. Iridium plugs are the best I have ever seen in my life. I started this journey on cars back in 1965 and remember plugs only lasting 10k miles. With unleaded gas and alloys like iridium there is no end.
  9. The plugs were due at 120k miles, But if you want to know, I have 237k miles on my original plugs, I have planned to replace them for about a year, but family things have stopped me. I have the plugs and the procedure sucks as you have to remove the intake manifold to get the rear plugs. I would like the newer features of collision avoidance, etc. As for smart key, I could take it or leave it. funny I had to make a 300 mile emergency trip yesterday, and man I still love this car, I find it the best car I have ever owned and I have had British cars, german cars, Hondas, Fords, Chevrolets, Toyotas, and an RX300. The Rx400h is a beautiful, powerful, and long distance favorite. Good luck in your quest. Also in my state, keeping the old one going is cheaper registration, wise and not having a car payment is king.
  10. First welcome aboard, do you have any codes or check engine light? If so the knock sensors will cause the engine to run in limp mode. They have to be repaired. Tech cleaner will not fix your problem.
  11. Oh man, you are going to miss that car, everyone that had one likes it better than the newer ones....
  12. Usually the mileage difference is about 1 mpg. AWD will give the car much more stability in wet roads. Welcome aboard, so are you thinking of getting rid of your RX400h?
  13. I am on four different sites, two Lexus, one Toyota, and one Ford. Your question about causing leaks is asked in every forum, Yup could be, but after wrenching on Cars for over 50 years I more than suspect that the leaks were there before, and the switch to synthetic just accented it. But I will give you this one, but friend I am not here to fight, just to provide info just as you did. But welcome to our forums, and may I suggest the Club Lexus forums also. You will find a wealth of knowledge between these two sites on the Lexus. We come on these forums to help people as well as get help from a data of owners that have experienced these problems and have come up with solutions. Hope you have a great weekend.
  14. Agree totally, except on synthetic, The question of leaks has shown to not be a problem. You can also stretch changes to 7k with no issues, and purchase at Walmart cheap. I Fully support use of synthetic for better lubrication and its ability to reduce sludge. Thank you for the great advice, I hope to see you share more, we all benefit from our knowledge base.