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  1. Our Lexus has 270k miles and have never experienced what you have. Fuel in the United States is usually fairly clean and I dont understand why your filter would be clogged unless somebody tampered with the fuel. You are the first one I have ever heard of having a fuel filter issue on the RX SUV. Usually the filter in the tank is nothing more than a screen. You should be able to take rear seat out and get to access cover. The bolts for seat are infront and the rears can be accessed through trunk area. Good luck
  2. I would look at a junk yard, Does not have to be a Lexus, maybe a Toyota Highlander and obtain the line.
  3. Great job, I have done this twice on my RX400h and once on a RX300. Raising the engine a little is the key. On thing i do is remove the torque strut mount on top of engine to allow free movement.
  4. I can add that the front control arms are a real pain to replace. The labor seems a little high. For a do it yourself, the control arms are less than $100 apiece from places like RockAuto. The Strut mounts are around $85 apiece. The best struts for Replacement are KYB. Our RX400h has had all of this replaced once, however the Control arms bushings crack because of design and I have replaced them twice at 267K miles. I find this kind of work not fun anymore as I get older. But saving money drives me to things I have always done.
  5. You need to get any codes read. That is your first step.
  6. Maybe put a floor jack under strut and raise it up and down see if it changes.
  7. Appears your upper strut mount is not right. Are the struts on right side of car.? I seem to remember that AWD and FWD have different strut numbers.
  8. Just Feedback, the cooling fans are working great since replacement, no issues
  9. We have 263k miles, Everything working fine. Had to replace front Control Arms for broken bushings. Other than that everything routine maintenance. I do now have a oil leak from rear valve cover (sucks) I have to remove intake manifold to get to it.. Best auto I have ever owned in over 50 years. On original hybrid batteries. I have provided all maintenance since purchase.
  10. I have replaced the bearings on the front hubs, I just ordered from Rockauto for the rear hubs with bearings.
  11. Could a rx300 Lexus motor fit inside a rx330 Lexus body

  12. I am not sure about that starter, but the Denso starter in other Lexus models have a rotating contact in the relay mounted on starter. They get burned. when it starts sometime, and not other times the contact is moving to a better spot. This relay (which is mounted on the starter) can be repaired with a Denso starter relay contact kit. The only issue on your car is that it is buried under the intake on back of engine. The kit cost less than $20.
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