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  1. Sounds like the previous was solved. Going to bring an old thread back for a minute. My son told me the volume won't change on the factory stereo of the 04 GX 300 I bought from him. I noticed if you push on the volume knob toward the right of the car while twisting the volume knob it goes up or down. I'm pretty sure it can be fixed but for now at least it can be adjusted.
  2. Bykfixer


    Squeaking as in every time you apply the brakes? Some pads do squeak so yeah it would be normal but that doesn't mean it's ok. It means the pads should be replaced with pads that don't squeak. Realizing that sounds snarky, what I mean is some pads are "hard" for longevity and so they won't get dust all over the wheels. Some are made to withstand heat better also. Often under normal use the high performance pads can have squeak issues. It could be the pads have warn enough that the "thin pad" indicator makes it's "thin pad" warning sound. Or it could be the rotor is warped so ideal
  3. I had always admired the Lexus way. You start out with a super reliable brand of automobile and add top of the line features that folks who don't need to ask "how much does it cost" go for and add sexy looks and you've got yourself a winner. Now for a guy like me who does have to ask "how much" the resale value held so well that they stayed beyond my price range for a long time. Long enough to forget about it actually. But my son bought a GS300 to turn into a left hand drive Aristo. First time I saw it I commented how that is one fine old car. Old I say because it was almost old enough t
  4. The Mrs and I have allergies so we take a sip of Nyquil each evening at bedtime. The supplied cup is great if you are sick and need that reccomended amount. But as a sleep aid or help with allergies a little swig from the bottle is plenty. I know plenty of people who use it year round as a sleep aid. We often plot about finding the factory and tapping into drums of the stuff in order to keep a few gallons in stock. Anyway there's all these cups leftover. Now some people say "Jello shooters". But what else can they be used for? Recently my refrigerator/freezer quit making ice and di
  5. I get to drive my Lexus past my neighbors house while fixes his beamer (again).
  6. Fast forward 6.25 years and $20 got me 6.05 gallons if 93 octane. Gyah! 5 bucks aint gas money no more. Used to be mid grade was 10 cents more than regular, premium 10 cents a gallon higher them mid grade, but Saturday in my town regular was $2.79 and premium $3.29. Yet at one point premium was a dollar more than regular. The Rush song Red Barchetta was bouncing around my head on the ride home as I pondered a day when driving a petrol burning car will be a novelty.
  7. A new Lexus one is over $3000 retail. $2200 at lexus parts now and $350+ for used at eBay etc. Check out this video to see why $400 to swap the part. A lot of work to do it correctly.
  8. 😎 Best of luck. A lot of dealers have really good mechanics. Sales people and the parts guy? Not so much, but often times the younger mechanics are excited about working on cars and the older/wiser mechanics are there to keep them in check when need be. At least that's been my experience at various dealerships.
  9. Thanks for the write up. I'll have to train myself to use straight line only when washing as I've been doing circles for decades. I have a well used but fairly nice black car with lots of highway miles, so lots of small chips on the hood. Last time I did up a black car with high miles the hood had a million billion tiny white dots when I was done. Ugh. Looked great from 100 feet and the paint was like a mirror but……those tiny white dots used to laugh at me every time I got near the car. I definitely don't want to repeat that trick.
  10. Can't explain the "thunk" but it sounds like your car thinks that a wheel is spinning faster than other wheels as if you have a traction issue. The system in the car then throws it into what some call limp mode. It reduces accelaration ability in order to compensate for the so called spinning wheel. Do you have an ABS light lit? A CEL? Or is it just the VSC light? The traction control system uses info from the anti lock break sensors to give feed back to the transmission and the engine monitoring computers. They decide how/if to adjust things to control wheel spin. When I first rea
  11. here's a leather dye how to: And how to dye plastics:
  12. Here's a broken wire or connector repair manual. Hope nobody ever needs it.
  13. Ok so I hope it's ok to post this here. And I hope it's not already covered. If not could a moderator please add this manual to the repair manual thread (if it's not already in them). It's a great repair manual for fixing broken wires at terminal clips or replacing the terminal clip itself. Toyota shows the tool to use, the way to use it, the terminal clip ID number with photo and which terminal pin works to make the repair. If it's somewhere else already, my appologies. I started searching in various places and note
  14. Original Equipment Manufactor as in the way they did it in the factory when producing the car. It can be done close to that where like "1990" said above, you remove a bunch of stuff instead of taping edges and covering areas they don't want painted. But $8800? Phew, that sounds pretty pricey. Are you just wanting to correct the flaws or are you looking to change the color from say blue to white? If you are changing the color then yeah 8k would not be so unreasonable since they'd have to disassemble all kinds of things to do it correctly. Some would call that a "frame up" paint job where
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