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  1. Carplay was introduced in March 2014. So perhaps what you seek is akin to converting a dvd player to blu ray. In other words it would be likely you need to buy an 014 or later infotainment system.
  2. The Toyota is a well built automobile. The Lexus are a fine example.
  3. The cooling system builds up pressure as temperatures climb, much like a crock pot on low. At times the pressure is relieved and when it "burps" sometimes a little coolant escapes. In extreme heat the cooling fans may not be enough to keep the coolant from overheating while the A/C is on at idle speed. While moving the air crossing the cooling fins helps the system work better.
  4. Nice!! Thank you. Oh and that clip is often called a Jesus clip. Short for "Jesus where'd that clip go?"
  5. Hopefully this guys video can lead you and your son to a solution.
  6. Moved to 06-012 GS section in case GS owners of that era have issues specific to that genre and can share their know how.
  7. Years ago I developed a habit of using my t-shirt to wipe off lenses. If they got dirty, spit was my lens cleaner fluid. Ah, but back then eyeglasses had……glass lenses. So no issues with scratching. I work construction so dust is the norm. Well one year I bought these new fangled hard coat plastic lenses. Tranistion, polarized, the works. $500. The lady gave me a nice micro fiber cloth and said to always use that. On day 1 a machine went by me blowing dust everywhere and using the old t-shirt method taught me a hard lesson. On the drive home after dark those lenses had a million-billion
  8. Could be as easy as a clogged filter. Or it could be the famous Toyota 1st to 2nd shift solenoid has begun to fail. If the tranny fluid is brown or darker I'd opt for a fluid change and see if that solves the problem. But first make sure the fluid level is correct by starting the car, set the parking brake, put the tranny in neutral and check the dipstick for proper level of fluid.
  9. I personally would start out with the second hand leather but have an upholstry shop install it. If you end up not liking the results, many people swear by 'leatherseatsdotcom' for new covering(s).
  10. Discovered a new yellow jacket nest the hard way.
  11. Vinyl look-alike stickers instead of plastic chrome.
  12. Custom made vinyl decals. Dark gray with glitter.
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