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  1. I'm with you LOC on the liking Burger King better thing. But McFries right out the oil are mighty tastey. I treat myself to fast food a couple of times a month. Usually Burger King, but the other day it was McDonalds during a peak hour for a million calorie salty greasy fried double burger fresh off the griddle with cheese, some scalding hot french fries, and a diet sprite.
  2. Car comercials used to say "your results may vary", which pretty much means your results will vary.
  3. Only issue I see with a sedan vs suv is visibility in parking lots due to all the suvs in parking spaces blocking vision when backing out of spaces but with all of the alarms on vehicles these days you'll probably hear an alarm before you back out and end up in trouble. i doubt the baby in the back seat will be bothered by lack of head room any time soon.
  4. I have a brother who is struggling with weight control issues and his doc keeps telling him to avoid carbs and such even though his triglicerides are that of a marathon runner. He works a labor job and has large muscles yet since he stopped using nicotine products he blew up like a balloon. We discuss diets and such. He obsesses about grams and daily values etc and cannot understand why he stays so bloated anymore. When I see him in the grocery store and check out what's in his cart I just smile knowing he'll always look like a whiskey barrel if he keeps buying that stuff. I like that stuff on ocasion and yeah, I could eat healthier but I enjoy food, which at times means treats are part of the process. Corn on the cob is one of my treats.
  5. I like corn. Corn chips, tacos, corn flakes, corn on the cob, corn bread, corn meal, popcorn, and corn oil. It's yummy.
  6. I like corn on the cob grabbers called cob knobs steamed corn on the cob is mighty hot so using a cob knob is a must
  7. I don't like mosquitos. I suppose they serve a purpose besides being annoying but they are annoying and can help spread disease.
  8. Beauty is skin deep. Ugly goes to the bone. I've never been a fan of most aftermarket modifications including wheels but if it floats somebody else's boat so be it.
  9. In the long run it would be easier to pop off the door panel and unplug it than cut it and perform proper splices.
  10. Are you smelling gasoline inside the car? Outside? Both? I ask because it could be a line and not the tank itself. I had a truck where a mouse chewed a portion of the fuel line at a junction point not once or twice but three times before it either stopped or moved elsewhere. I had to replace a junction Ford no longer made so the part came from a junkyard the first two times but Mac Tools produces a DOT approved coupling now.
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