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  1. Replaced the Y pipe. Almost one month and no more problems.
  2. $500 to process some paperwork, never heard that from any dealer. The Ann Arbor dealership has experienced a large amount of turnover, they should be placed on a watch list. I had a bad experience with the service department, and I'll never go back to the Ann Arbor dealership.
  3. Seeking cure for repeated P0420's and P0430's on my 2002 LS430. My independent garage has replaced the left catalytic converter three times and the right converter twice in the last nine months. After paying for the first pair of converters, all costs have been covered by warranty, but the codes are still being generated. This weekend they plugged a recorder into the computer port to gather data for analysis. * Not sure if my shop will be able to cure my car. Thinking I should just let the dealer take over this problem. My independent shop has tried its best, but I think it's beyond thei
  4. Welcome to the Lexus forums CJ Hall :)

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