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  1. Often times when parasitic drain is ruled out it turns out that it's a ground wire issue. Spotty connection at the contact point to the car or sometimes the wire itself at the connector. Being spotty, it shows up unexpectedly. Many expect a check engine light to light up but if it doesn't affect emissions the light does not light up. When my brother kept complaining about his battery being dead at random times he eventually figured out he wasn't running the engine long enough to recharge the battery so after a few weeks his battery would not have enough juice to start the engine. He began driving on the interstate for 30 minutes at 3000+ rpm's once a week and the issue ceased. All of the computer stuff in the modern automobile takes a lot of power to run them. Combine that with alternators not much more powerful than it takes to keep all of that stuff going and you end up having dead batteries at odd times because instead of recharging the battery in 15 minutes like before it now takes 30-45 to put back the juice it took to crank the engine. It takes a lot of electricity all at once to run the starter motor to crank the engine. Most "technicians" at dealerships anymore paint by numbers when it comes to fixing problems. If the book doesn't spell it out they are stumped. If the book left out a detail they have no clue. Oh, they'll charge you a fee and say they fixed it but many times they have not. It's sad that cars have gotten so complicated it takes a book with step by step instructions in order to make common repairs. A Lexus is a fancy Toyota, so you find a local repair shop that fixes numerous brands and you'll most likely get a correct diagnosis.
  2. I don't like hurricanes when the roof is coming off the house but the sky sure is pretty after it's gone.
  3. There was a chart at my dad's dog's vet that showed age of a dog per year. Little dogs like those lap dogs were 5 years for each of ours. So a 14 year old chiuhuah for example would be like 70 years to our years. Big dogs were 9 years and up per year. So our 12 year old lab was like being 108 of our years. My dad's dobey lived 11 and the vet said that was 2 years longer than usual. We have a 13 year old half lab half dane so he's 2 or 3 past his expiration date, but don't tell him that. He thinks he's still 7. 😁
  4. Fuel line most likely. The tank is under the back seat area.
  5. When the pilot of my gas hot water tank goes out for no reason and refuses to relight. Ugh! I don't like that. It usually means it's dirty with soot. A long pipe cleaner does the trick but it's not on my list of fun things to do at 7am. When the Mrs says "no hot water", it pretty much means put down the coffee mug and pickup the plumbing tool kit.
  6. That's nearly $239/hr if they didn't charge for the part. Last time I checked labor was about $185/hr in my area. That would mean the seal was nearly $1000 if labor was $185. I doubt the part(s) would be anywhere close to that. Point being, an independent shop will probably charge a lot less for the parts and labor. It is however a labor intensive procedure. If you go that route have them change your timing belt too.
  7. It's an unfortunate reality that some Toyota engines have a leaker as they age. Catastrophic? No. Annoying? Yes. I keep a drip pan under my car and keep check on the oil to make sure the leak has not gotten worse over time.
  8. Scented dryer sheets and or moth balls will help thwart rodent from living under your hood.
  9. My son bought a salvaged car that overall has been good. The main issue was the repairs used non oem parts that rusted. We replaced those with oem and it's good to go now.
  10. If you haven't already be sure to tell the mechanic which ones light up. Check for patterns like after making a left turn or x minutes after starting the car. In other words see if there are any patterns. That will greatly help discover where the electrical gremlins lurk or if perhaps the ECU is going bad.
  11. Is there any such thing as a boring bike? a Torker bike-truck gets some maintenance
  12. i I like the sticker on my tool cart.
  13. I'm with you LOC on the liking Burger King better thing. But McFries right out the oil are mighty tastey. I treat myself to fast food a couple of times a month. Usually Burger King, but the other day it was McDonalds during a peak hour for a million calorie salty greasy fried double burger fresh off the griddle with cheese, some scalding hot french fries, and a diet sprite.
  14. Car comercials used to say "your results may vary", which pretty much means your results will vary.
  15. Only issue I see with a sedan vs suv is visibility in parking lots due to all the suvs in parking spaces blocking vision when backing out of spaces but with all of the alarms on vehicles these days you'll probably hear an alarm before you back out and end up in trouble. i doubt the baby in the back seat will be bothered by lack of head room any time soon.
  16. I have a brother who is struggling with weight control issues and his doc keeps telling him to avoid carbs and such even though his triglicerides are that of a marathon runner. He works a labor job and has large muscles yet since he stopped using nicotine products he blew up like a balloon. We discuss diets and such. He obsesses about grams and daily values etc and cannot understand why he stays so bloated anymore. When I see him in the grocery store and check out what's in his cart I just smile knowing he'll always look like a whiskey barrel if he keeps buying that stuff. I like that stuff on ocasion and yeah, I could eat healthier but I enjoy food, which at times means treats are part of the process. Corn on the cob is one of my treats.
  17. I like corn. Corn chips, tacos, corn flakes, corn on the cob, corn bread, corn meal, popcorn, and corn oil. It's yummy.
  18. I like corn on the cob grabbers called cob knobs steamed corn on the cob is mighty hot so using a cob knob is a must
  19. I don't like mosquitos. I suppose they serve a purpose besides being annoying but they are annoying and can help spread disease.
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