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  1. If you go to the second post in this thread that I started you can see the mess I had. Same as what you experienced. I had high hopes that someone from Lexus would have joined this discussion and given us some direction. Apparently after all this time Lexus could not care less and now it is you and Lex giving Lexus the real solution. There can be no doubt in my mind this has been an ongoing issue at Lexus dealership service shops from others with the same issue while still under warranty.
  2. These Lexus vehicles are listed as Luxury vehicles but they never said they were not Luxurious for mice and other critters. Apparently, they left a few doors open! Thanks to both Jack and Lex for finally solving this mystery for me and many others with the same problems. To be honest, my wife has hated her 2015 RX350 ever since a dead mouse fell onto her feet from behind the glovebox. The car gives her the HeBeGibees every time she gets in it and she will absolutely never buy another Lexus because of this. She calls it the "Mouse Mobile" and we have never before had this issue with any ot
  3. Great diagram if only they would show the actual duct work and all inlet and outlet points with directional arrows of the air flow.
  4. We love the options and features but ours did not come with the remote start option. I installed an aftermarket remote start and could not be happier. It will be about 20 in the morning so push the button from inside and go out to a warm car in 10-15 minutes. One complaint other than it being a Mouse hangout is they did not offer a heated steering wheel back in 2015 and not sure if they do now. Our wheel stays freezing cold for the entire commute to and from work, about 18 miles. My 2016 4Runner Limited never had a mouse issue but I do like the RX350 better for just cruising and running t
  5. I have some things I think I know but apparently don't know as well Les. When the baby mouse fell from behind the glove box on to my wife's foot I pulled the cabin air filter out. Sure enough there were 3 dead baby mice on the top side of the filter and a nest. How one of the baby mice got from the top of the filter where his/her sibling died out and dropped on to my wife's foot is the real mystery I have never solved. My filter was completely intact and not chewed through at all and the fit in there does seem to be tight. If a baby mouse can get from the top side of the filter and drop into t
  6. I don't think mice can get to the top "Dirty side intake" of the cabin air filter from the under the seat air flow outputs. I also don't believe they can shimmy through the air intake vents on the fire wall. What I do know for sure is they can and do get onto the top "Dirty side" of the cabin air filter. Just a rather uneducated guess here but our heat/AC systems do have a setting for recirculating inside cabin air and then blowing it out through the vents. This is likely some sort of flap between the outside air and the interior air that opens and closes. I have no idea where the intake sucti
  7. Watching my wife back out of the garage in her 2015 RX350 and I saw this plug blow out from under her car. It fits a 1 1/2" diameter hole but I can't locate where it came from. I suppose it is possible it came off some other vehicle but with the winds we had here it sure appeared to be off of her car. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Gary
  8. Our RX350 is 2015 and has the USB port that our old Apple Ipods works fine with. I also have a nice MP3 player with a lot of my music stored on it. The MP3 player works great in my 2016 4Runner limited but it can't connect to the 2015 Lexus. Am I doing something wrong or could this be the type of format I used when loading the MP3 player? The player uses file terms like MP3, WAP and a couple others but I can't find what works in the RX350.
  9. Thank you Les. The very first indication of mouse intrusion was a dead new born mouse dropped from under the glove box onto the floor mat. I did a thorough search of the cabin to find a nest but none was present. A few days later my wife, it is her daily driver, reported the stink which was putrid. I dropped the glove box, found the cabin air filter and the dead mice and nest on the top of the filter. So now I know the mice can make their way through the ducts and up to the intake side. My thought if it is at all possible is to fasten 1/4 inch square chicken wire fencing over any holes wh
  10. Thanks Les, I am sure you are correct however when I open the hood on my 2015 RX350 the very first thing I see is plastic covers over the entire engine compartment. All of this will need to be popped off and removed before I can even see the vents you speak of. There appears to be an air intake tube that goes forward behind and under the plastic wheel well cowling as well. All of that would have to be popped and removed too. Knowing which of these air intake vents gets the mice directly to the top side of the cabin air filter is the key to tearing into this repair and so far I don't have the b
  11. Cats! Yup, tried that until we realized we then need to kill all the coyotes that kill the cats. Trapping and killing the mice is the better plan and I have blocked their entrance into the garage all except for every time we open the new door. I posted this issue here in the hope of hearing from a Toyota/Lexus technician who knows the vent system and could describe exactly where the mice are able to enter up to the top side of the cabin air filter. If I knew where to look I would make a cover with chicken wire to block their entrance and glue it in if necessary. It just seems ridiculous t
  12. I bought my 2015 RX350 as a lease return with 20K on the clock. At 22K I did the same with all OEM parts, pads and rotors because the pedal was pulsing. Now the RX has 36 K and it is just starting again to pulse. I figured it had to be the rears so I replaced them. Turns out the rears were fine but I finished the job with all new OEM parts since I was there. I will be ordering the full front set again in the near future. IMO this has something to do with the anti lock system that I know very little about. I've replaced a lot of pads and rotors over many years but these are the first for me wit
  13. You have about the same assessment as we do regarding the Rav4 and the RX350. Living here in the NY Catskill mountains, Snow Country, it was essential that my wife had a vehicle capable of severe winter driving because her work required her to be there no matter what. Snow country is also road salt country and the salt turns any vehicle into a bucket of rust in short order. With this in mind we leased 3 Rav 4s for her and turned them in at the lease end for a new one. Her last Rav was the LXE model and a bit nicer overall. The Rav 4s are just a basic vehicle but with good reputations and we ne
  14. I want to investigate to see if the system in our 2015 RX 350 is possibly different from in your 2018. I don't know if you have the leather seat option like ours but the leather has hundreds of tiny perforations for the venting to come through. Not sure how they could do that on cloth seats. I find these forums to be very informative for the most part. Sure there are the few who don't know what they think they know but need to sound smart. How the critters get in is my focus and once I get that figured out I will report my real findings here. Comparing my 4 runner to the RX is apples to
  15. Thanks Les, great info. I have to do some testing this weekend when the wife's car is here during the heat of the day. I do know this for sure in my 4 Runner limited with leather seats. When I have the seat cooling in max mode it works great and throughout the entire seat bottom and back. If while sitting in my seat I lean forward away from the seat back I can both feel and hear the air blowing through the back upright. After a day on the golf course and in shorts and a light shirt my seat gets noticeably cold on the ride home but I don't get to drive the Lex much as it is the wife's daily dri
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