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  1. Because LFA's are one hell of a car 🙂 And we love Lexus 😉
  2. Welcome to the Finest Lexus forum on the web 🙂 Enjoy your stay, Kick back and relax !!!
  3. Well, It only fits in one place up there, Have a look with the roof in all positions and you'll find the spot 🙂
  4. Isn't there a filter screen that clogs up ? I remember something like this on the first gen LS400.
  5. What do you mean by "Purchased as a new car" ? Either the car was new or it wasn't...If the dealer sold this as new I would be at there door step with my lawyer. Let us know the updates please.
  6. Nice, Thanks for the vid. I drove a 98 GS300 for 21 years...I miss that car, But Love the LS460 🙂
  7. I am not familiar with this seal, Does it need to be pressed in ? Is it in backwards meaning should it be flipped over ? Are you sure the surfaces are clean prior to install. Are the seals OEM Toyota ? I wish I was of more help.
  8. Trust me on this one, You do not want to try and replace the needles by themselves, I suggest seeking a replacement speedo complete.
  9. Toyota OEM equipment is the only parts I use 🙂
  10. Is this confirmed by a Lexus dealer ? Find the truth first. Thanks
  11. Have the wheels/hubs/brakes inspected...It is not normal.
  12. Agreed ^^^ No place in our country for this negativity...Damn Shame !!!
  13. Happy Independence Day All, Make It a Great One, Be safe and Enjoy This Beautiful Country.
  14. Why would you want to cover the calipers ? Looks ? If so remove them, Blast them and coat with your favorite color with a "LEXUS" painted on 😉 . Covers are so Honda LOL !!!
  15. Plug in a OBDll reader and find the codes. Maybe the brake booster...Hope not
  16. Excellent, If one maintains there Lexus it will last nearly forever 🙂
  17. Drop and fill 2 litres, Drive it, Drop and fill 2 litres...Easy to do and may save you some $ T4 is inexpensive 😉
  18. I would drive with full confidence, Do it again after a few thousand miles and then compare both to new fluid, You'll be glad you did. I had a GS300 I dropped the 2 litres of tranny T4 every oil change, Yep, No issue ever after 225000 miles, I also installed a tranny inline cooler and filter with magnets. The fluid was always new. I loved that car.
  19. Are the sensors the type that slide into the pad held in position with the slide pin spring ?
  20. Yes, Rubber cement or the likes works on torn speakers 🙂 Always has and likely always will 🙂
  21. It may be the aux plug you are using for the device.
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