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    Well, it's a hoot that you went back and edited your original post adding "NOTE: I ordered the “F Sport” version." trying to cover up your bozo mistake. Congrats.
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    So as the title says I have a 2007 Lexus ES 350, the serpentine belt shredded and I replaced the belt but there is a massive oil leak, I’m thinking the belt hit a sensor or something, anyone have any ideas For what I am looking for, I have a lot of experience, but first time lexus owner.
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    I used to be a regular lurker here and on many occasion, used the vast cumulative knowledge base of these forums to work my 1997 LS 400 (owned since new). Last year I gave it to charity. Today I came across the Toyota LEXUS Wiring Diagram book I purchased for the sole purpose of discerning the wiring harness for my failed Nakamichi system. If you want it, message me. All I ask is that you pay $8.40 flat rate postage. Publication number: EWD283U

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