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    • After 2 years of having no Lexus in my life, I could not take it anymore. Previously, I owned a 1998 LS400 for roughly a decade, and I always loved it, even with its quirks. About two years ago I was forced to buy something more economical for commuting. I bought a 2016 Hyundai Accent brand new and while it was good on gas and cheap to maintain, it was not a Lexus. So last month, I decided it was time. Time to buy a 2015 IS 350 F Sport in Ultra White! I was having a hard time debating between the Rioja Red interior or the Black, but in the end I figured the black would stay cleaner longer. I found a great example of one locally with 40k on the clock and it had the Mark Levinson to boot! So, I bought it! Also, I wasn't aware of any black badging option from Lexus, so I am not sure how they ended up black, but who ever did it, did a great job.  I didn't realize just how much I missed the Lexus, the smooth ride, the refinement, and not to mention the power! This new Lexus though was something I had never experienced in a Lexus before, it had a split personality. I just remember my LS400, quiet, refined, strong, but not one for carving up back roads. The first time I put the new Lexus into Sport+ mode, and took the scenic route, I fell in love all over again. I figured I would share here seeing as how I had always found this forum to be a great resource!
    • DCfish- please email me the details to switch to a navi system on my 08 RX please email me  Thanks 
    • I have a 2015 RX350 F Sport (This is our second RX we bought from the same dealer, no issues with the first RX) we bought with 19K miles on it. Great car with no issues except for this vibration issue that showed up around 30K. Noticed a slight vibration in the rear like a tire out of balance so when we went for 30K service I had them check tire balance. What they found after trying to balance one of the tire was a small amount of water inside the tire. (Note: I had fixed a leak in that tire and had added air from my compressor so we assumed it came from my compressor) No problems until about 34K noticed a vibration on the front end like a tire out of balance. I had not done anything to any of the tires (no air added). So we went for our 35K service. They checked my vibration issue and after numerous attempts to balance they broke down all four tires and found small amount of water in each tire. With one tire having more than the others causing my issue. Couple of their mechanics said they have seen this happen a few times before on the RX but I have searched around on google and not finding any posts about an issue like this. Back when I was young in the 70's I worked on cars for a living, never in my life saw a tire make water internally on its on no matter the condition. Water in tires has happened but usually we were able to determine which service center had water in their air. Service guy told me this is not covered under warranty, not sure I agree since we have only put air in the one tire since we have owned it, they have done all the work on the car. I think they must have a moisture issue in their air system. I asked if they had nitrogen but they do not. So, I think I will have them filled with nitrogen and hopefully eliminate future problems. I wanted to ask you guys on the forum if anyone ever had this problem or heard about this type of problem. Any past experience or comments you may have would be appreciated Thanks in advance  
    • So, I change the fluid (drain and fill 2 qts) and it seems to help a bit. The noise occurs in the morning when I start up the engine and gone in maybe 5-10 minutes. There is nothing wrong with shifting or accelerating. Is the transmission pump failing and is there an instruction to replace one?
    • Struts are discussed all the time, but my choice is KYB struts and OE mounts....Have put them on RX300 and RX400h and a GMC Yukon....Love these struts. the knock noise is probably broken mount, but could also be a damaged stabilizer bar mount....
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