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    • Purchased a 2009 430 about 2 yrs ago with 80, and just l000 miles on it and just love to cruise in it with the top down and a full moon.  Thinking about upgrading the wheels though to dress up the flash. 
    • Just so there is no confusion, this is just simply a limited slip (LS) differential, it is not a Torsen, it is not a Posi-trac and there is no such thing as a torsen posi. You can generically call it a posi but Pos-Trac is/was GM's name for their limited slip units, its like calling a bandage a Band-aid regardless of the brand. The problem with almost every limited slip is the clutches only have a certain amount of service life. I would not expect a 200k mile limited slip to really be any good without replacing the clutches but maybe you get a good one.  Torsen is a completely different type of unit that uses extra helical side gears to balance power and it is a much better option. You find the torsen as center differentials in the higher end Toyota/Lexus 4WD vehicles, and not typically as front or rear differentials unless you are talking higher end performance cars. To me, the center diff (called a transfer case on the RX) is the biggest limiting factor for off-roading the early AWD without VSC. It is a 75/25 front to rear wheel power split and without a way to lock it or stop a wheel from spinning you are still completely limited by the traction of the other wheels. If you loose traction in the front like getting stuck in a muddy ditch, your limited slip in the rear really doesn't matter much because you are not going to get power worth a flip to the rear wheels. I had a LS rear tracked down for mine for $300 and decided it was not worth doing especially considering I would still probably have to replace the clutches. The best solution without changing vehicles or doing a full power/drivetrain swap was to pull the VSC out of an 02-03 to put in my 00'. It would be much easier to get an AWD with VSC though and build that. I still love the idea of a 2.7L Tacoma 4x4 power/drivetrain swapped in with a turbo.... I was running 2" wheel spacers and those give you much more clearance at the spring perches. The major problem is the AWD already couldn't turn fro crap and the spacers made it even worse. But they do let you fit bigger tires, especially like the BFG K02 that have those big side lugz. Keep up the good work though I really love seeing what people are still doing to have fun with these! If you get your rear limited slip in I am curious to know how it does so keep us posted.    
    • That works fine if you have a Lexus VIN.  In general, Toyota VIN's are a bit harder to decode.  And not all Wreckers will supply the VIN until after you buy the part ...  Since Lexus stopped offering Torsen Posi's after 2001 or so in the USA, you'd be searching on old vehicles, usually with a lot of miles. But, Toyota offere3d the same rear diff in Highlanders and Rav 4's.  So getting a later model rear diff with less miles out of one of these is more likely.  But, in doing so you end up where I was with bogus and misleading parts sales and the hassel of sorting it all out. Of course, if you are really fixated on this and have the cash, you can still buy a Torsen center section from Toyota for your existing re4ar diff at about $2,400 and then the cost of installation.  That's why I went the used route ...
    • Just fyi, you could go to https://drivers.lexus.com/lexusdrivers/resources/vehicle-specs and put in a VIN number. Then click the "Download full specs" button under the vehicle image. On page 2 of the downloaded document it should say `LD Rear Limited Slip Diferential (LSD) Factory` if it has it. That's where I verified that I have one, although I haven't been able to test out if it's functional after 200k miles on mine.
    • Well, just a  short update:  After ordering and cancelling or returning, or just dumping in the recycle bin (after getting refund) on three eBay "Torsen Posi's" sold as used, I finally got a real one.  Came out of a Highlander with 119K miles in Oregon.  So they are out there 🙂 Had back and forth's with the vendors.  Most won't even take the time to pop the rear cover and actually check ...  They insist they are factory Torsens.  But when they get here, they are not.  Sent letter to Toyota asking about using VIN or Build Plate to ID candidate cars, no dice - they would not supply any info (not good customer support).  I really don't get the secrecy around this stuff ?? Car's at Vasser Toyota in Napa getting other service work (door locks, blend door failure, etc) and they are putting new seals into my Torsen and installing.  Will report on drive-ability issues if any come up ...