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    • So I shopped for tires (P235/55R19) over the weekend and received conflicting information from various tire shops.  I prefer to stick with Michelins but am not opposed to other recommendations.  However, the information I received over the weekend was specifically related to Michelins.  I used to have a 2001 RX300 Silversport and had about 4 sets of Michelin Defender LTX M/S tires over the life of the vehicle while in my possession.  Those tires were great for treadwear.  So, should I stick with the Defender LTX MS for the 2015 RX350 or should I go with a different Michelin or a different tire all together?  The other Michelin choices are the Premier LTX, Latitude Tour HP, and Primacy MXM4.  Thank you for your help & recommendations. 
    • My 2015 ES200h would not accept my is250c trailer hitch (I have a bicycle rack attachment) and so I have a spare hitch.  I am looking for a new home for my 250c hitch. It has a weight restriction of 2,000 lbs. and tongue weight is 200 lbs.  You can look it up on-line from Curt Hitches, it is a model 11047 and has a 1 1/4 inch hitch opening.
    • The Lexus dealer (collision center) said I need to replace the skin of the door (left front and back door) at a cost of $3800CAD.  Just repair of rust is $2800CAD.  The black book value is about $10k - 13kCAD.   I don't mind trading it in, but this is bad timing.  If I do nothing, it will rust more after this coming winter (it is bearely visble now on the front door, the back door is just starting to rust inside bottom of the door).  By the way, a second body shop say casually about $3000CAD.   After much thought, I think I should not spend the money for just one or two years.  What do you think?
    • How much is the repair? It is said that if the repair amount is 50% or more of the vehicle value, it's time to get rid of the vehicle. However, this may not apply, given the brand and mileage of your Lexus. So if you plan to keep it for many years, the repair cost on a per year basis may be relatively little.
    • Well I am at 228k miles on my 2008 RX400h.  I have developed an intermittent vibration which appears to be related to the ice coming on or off....any thoughts.?