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    • Aaahh ...

      Missing an E fan.....

      Could be that the missing fan completes a circuit.

      I have the shop manual for the 1990, official $300 manual, and the diagnostic for the Idle valve is VERY interesting.  On this 1990, you apply positive voltage to the center two terminals of the valve itself (after disconnecting the plug), then apply positive voltage to the remaining plugs (S4, S3, S2, S1) in that 4 to 1 sequence.

      Imagine the number of jumpers you need.  Positive voltage to S4, keeping it positive, adding a positive jumper to S3, etc.  At the end of this sequence, the valve will open.

      Then, pull the S1 to S4 jumpers.  Then add positive voltage to S1, add to S2, add to S3, add to S4.  Reversing basically.  Then the valve will shut.

      4 idle positions.  Once S1 is okay it would open a calibrated amount, then continue to S2, etc for an additional amount, etc, up to S4.

      Quite clever indeed.  Some complex little circuitry.

      Either the idle air valve is bad, or the missing fan is a culprit.

      Just a guess, but imagine the 98 follows the basic logic of the 90.

      Hope this helps somewhat.
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