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    • Has anyone tried to upgrade the actual GPS monitor to a more up to date clearer and brighter display? If so, what did you do to make the modification? I'm not looking to replace the factory radio/CD/Cass. I only want to find a better and brighter screen for my navigation. Thanks! 
    • Wow, I am sad to see no reply to your inquiry since April? I am shopping for a new car, considering the Lexus IS350. I don't think this will be the place I need to be to learn anything about the IS series.  But I would like to know what tires you bought and how you like them. I would guess that your car came with summer performance tires which will wear out quickly when cold weather attacks the summer compound rubber and being performance tires mean they are soft and sticky in warm weather and would not last long anyway. Think of Nascar tires.
    • Did somebody jam a screwdriver or some such thing or try to drill it? Yikes.  Hopefully you were able to get back into your car! Have you checked with a dealer to see if lock cylinders can still be ordered/keyed to your existing keys (by VIN)?   ToyoDIY.com shows the part numbers for LF and RF door lock cylinders as 69051-50090 and 69052-50090, respectively. Good luck! Paul
    • babyduke, First off, you're in the wrong Forum. Click on the upper left title "Forums" and then scroll down the page to the SC Forum section. You may get more responses there to any of your further questions. Your car came from the factory with iridium spark plugs, usually NGK's. As for their costs, check around your local area.. Any good independent mechanic can change them for you if they're familiar with working on Camry's. And yes, its a pain to have to pull the throttle body and intake manifold in order to get at the back three plugs at the firewall. As for price, that's controlled by local pricing in your area (I'm in Canada), so check around. Hint: Most mechanics take a very dim view of customers who expect them to install parts the customer has supplied. Most mechanics can buy the parts at wholesale, which  a private person cannot. He then sells them to you at retail, which is exactly what you would have to pay for them if you bought them from the store. So you basically are preventing the mechanic from receiving the 15% or so he would make on the parts if he supplies them, even though there is no savings to you either way. So, let him buy the parts, rather than pi** him off, but be sure to tell him which plugs you prefer. That changes of course when you buy specialty parts that you had to source from say a speed shop in California, something the mechanic couldn't source locally at wholesale. It pays to keep a good mechanic happy for the next time you need his help, particularly in an emergency. I have even tipped my mechanic with a case of his favourite beer. It sure helps  me to get an earlier place in the lineup for the next time I'll need his services. Good Luck!
    • I sure hope nobody followed this advice for adding lube to the studs. What can require 55 ft-lb torque dry, only needs 30 ft-lb lubed. This is at least 80% over torqued condition. You can seriously over stress the threads and the studs and/or nuts will fail! The torqued values given are from the manufacturer are for dry conditions. Do not modify this for your own safety. Two degrees in Mechanical Engineering and a career in machine designing gives me the qualifications for these statements.