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  1. You may have the dreaded disease known as TPS - Tight Pants Syndrome. Something in your pants pocket may have pushed against the unlock button to cause the windows to roll down and then against the lock button to lock the doors. I've occasionally had this problem although I've become careful to remove keys and fobs from my pocket when I'm home. You're fortunate that it happened in your garage. It's happened to some when their vehicles were parked outside in the rain. At some point, Lexus vehicles began to come from the factory with this feature set to OFF by default - maybe due to the prevalence of TPS. Unfortunately, only a Lexus dealer can change the setting on the ES350 of generation you have. This and other customizable settings are documented in the Customization section of your owners manual.
  2. If the adaptive distance sensing feature of your cruise control no longer works, the dealer must have deactivated it with Techstream or via an in-dash setting that you can control yourself. Laser based adaptive cruise control was available in all years of the LS430 in the Custom Luxury and Ultra Luxury packages.? Its laser sensor was in the lower grill on the passenger side. The LS430 got radar based adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking for the 2004 model year as an option on top of the Custom Luxury and Ultra Luxury packages. It's radar sensor was behind the "L" emblem in the front grill like it is on your LS500. Radar based adaptive cruise control is one of my favorite features. All our current vehicles have it. I won't even rent a vehicle without it. Even a fully autonomous driving vehicle requires oversight from the driver. One can't just "zone out" while the vehicle is driving itself. Some who have done that have made the news by crashing. I'm rather looking forward to full self driving vehicles. A 700 mile medical related trip last week sure would have been less tiring with that. I would have bought a Tesla with the full autonomous driving option by now if there were enough convenient charging opportunities where we drive or if they had substantially longer range on a charge..
  3. I would expect the actual speed to be slightly less than the speed shown on the speedometer. The difference is usually between one and three mph. After setting the cruise control speed you can adjust the cruise control speed with the steering wheel controls to get it to exactly where you want it. Do you not like the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control? All vehicles manufactured by Toyota since around 2018 have it. It takes some getting used to and even some skill to use efficiently. I've often driven 200 miles or more while using radar cruise control without ever touching the gas or brake pedals.
  4. Sat nav was an extra cost option on the RX300 and RX400h in the U.S. market. Some people bought it. Other people didn't.
  5. Sorry, I didn't understand exactly what you wanted. It is common for forum software to be configured to turn on "follow" by default whenever you post. If you don't want to follow a thread after you post, then immediately turn off following after posting. I assume that this is a forum software configuration setting that could be changed by a forum administrator but many people prefer to automatically follow a thread after posting.
  6. Click on "Follow" in the upper right corner of the window and then click on "Unfollow".
  7. Well I guess you're going to be buying older vehicles for as long as those are available. In the three years since I wrote that, these features have become standard equipment on vehicles made by Toyota including their Lexus vehicles. Other car makers have gone in the same direction and have or are implementing these features and much more.
  8. The warranty on the 2018 ES300h hybrid system is 96 months (8 years) or 100,000 miles - whichever comes first. You can view the warranty information at Toyota hybrid batteries typically last far longer than the warranty period. If they ever do fail, refurbished hybrid batteries are available on the aftermarket. Buy the version you like most. The regular V6 will probably feel faster but the hybrid is no slouch. My view is that the main difference in the way these two versions "feel" is related to the V6 version having a traditional 8-speed transmission and the hybrid version having a CVT - continuously variable transmission. The difference is especially noticeable at highway speeds on steep hills.
  9. Not possible. There are aftermarket products that can run Apple CarPlay and Android Auto that supposedly can be installed in your car. You can see some available products by plugging in your vehicle information at
  10. I suspect that the reason that the reason that Bluetooth phone systems standard in newer vehicles do not turn down HVAC fan speeds is that noise cancelling microphone technology makes it unnecessary. Automatic radio volume increase based on road noise has been around a long time. The volume of radios available in the 1957 Ford Thunderbird increased with speed and the radios also a search feature that would find the next available radio station on the dial. The 1956 Mercedes 190SL 2-seat convertible I drove as a kid even had a turn signal like lever on the steering column that would cause its Becker Mexico radio to find the next station. Mercedes sedans of that era and into the 1960's had optional foot operated switches that would cause the radio to search for the next radio station - pretty sure I have one of those foot operated controls in a box in my garage. These crude radio remote controls could even be attached in series so that each passenger had their own.
  11. The Lexus brand cell phone that was a dealer installed option lowered the HVAC fan speed and muted the audio system while a call was in progress. I even connected an aftermarket Nokia CARK-91 phone system I installed in my second (2000) LS400 to mute the audio system but I didn't bother to connect it to lower the HVAC fan speed. Even when a Lexus phone system was never installed, corrosion of the factory installed cell phone harness in the trunk can cause HVAC and audio system issues.
  12. It sounds like the only keys you have are valet keys. You need a master key to open the trunk with a key. I think you can get a master key if you have a valet key although it might be a little pricey. IIRC, the two LS400's I bought each came with two master keys, one valet key and one wallet key. I'd be hard pressed to find instructions or an old forum thread that tells how to jump the circuit to open the trunk but I think it involves bridging two wires behind the dash mounted trunk switch. A locksmith might even know how to do it. I don't think a physical cable runs from the dash mounted trunk switch back to the trunk lock. I think it is all electric. My memory is fading about it since I sold my last LS400 seven years ago. The keys and fuses are described in your owners manual. If you don't have one or want to view it online I can be viewed without registering at
  13. A fairly common cause of the problems described in this thread is a starter drawing excess amps. Have your starter checked for current draw. The starter in the 2000 LS400 I drove for 11 years developed this problem at something like 150,000 miles. It was a lot of years ago but I seem to remember that having it replaced cost around $800 at an indie repair shop specializing in Lexus.
  14. What kind of paint job are you looking for? Something basic to make your car look a little better or an OEM quality paint job? Prices can range dramatically from a few hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars. Preparation is everything. I've largely stripped cars before I had their bodies painted removing all pieces that weren't going to receive paint, e.g. badges, moldings, headlights, taillights, fog lights, grills. I even removed the windshield on one convertible. Since you're in California, here is a link to an LA Times article about having an entire car painted:
  15. You can check for a filter but don't be surprised if you don't find one. The 1990 LS400 I drove from new to 14 years didn't have one. The first model year that a filter is shown in the parts list is 1992 but I thought that 1993 was the first model year that the North American market gone one. The Lexus organization made quite a big deal when the HEPA filtration system became standard on the LS400 in the North American market. It was an expensive option on the Japanese market Celsior (LS400) in the early years. Ducts in the HVAC system could be clogged with who-knows-what or electric servo motors that open and close flaps in ducts might have failed or the flaps could be stuck. It sounds like the HVAC system is in sad shape if a previous owner capped the heater core and the fan is stuck on high. Debugging the fan speed is further complicated by it being also controlled by the phone system. Even if no phone was installed, corrosion of the factory phone system prewiring can cause all sorts of weird problems including putting the audio system in permanent mute.
  16. Thoughts? Maybe you should have bought a 2010-up RX with the optional the Luxury Package which includes power seat cushion extenders.
  17. I've always wondered why muting the audio system during a navigation instruction on Toyota/Lexus navigation systems isn't an option ... but it's never been. I've gotten used to pressing the MAP buttons in our vehicles to have the last navigation instruction repeated. Sometimes I first manually mute or lower the audio system volume.
  18. Why not replace your 2013 RX350 with an SUV that can tow your boat safely with no drama and also carry at least as many passengers as your RX? It would probably be less expensive than owning an extra vehicle. If you don't want to buy new, I'm sure you can find something nice on the used market that would work for you. For example, the Carmax down the road from me here in Kansas has Chevy Suburbans from 2013 to 2019 priced between $25K and $37K. The purchase price of a boat is only the beginning. I was stunned at all associated costs. I swore I'd never own another boat unless I could walk out my back door and access it from my own property. Friends bought a house at the T-intersection of a canal in southwest Florida in around 2005. It included a dock/slip for a boat. It was one of the first houses in a new development - fairly modest 3 bedroom, open plan but still very nice. I was stunned at the price - around $400K back then which I thought was very low for what they got. Their house was perfectly centered at the "top" of the T-intersection which meant that looking out from their back patio was stunning - water straight out to the gulf. That sounds awful good when stuck here in Kansas!
  19. A unit body vehicle like the RX cannot be "beefed up" to handle that kind of load. I suppose you could ask around but I strongly doubt that anybody in their right mind would assume the liability of doing that type of job. You've just plain got the wrong vehicle for towing that kind of boat. Some versions of the F-150 wouldn't tow that boat either. The marina service I used to recover our sailboat used a much larger 4WD pickup truck - something on the order of an F-350 - but they were sometimes launching and recovering boats that weighed well over 10,000 pounds. You need something on the order of a Ford Expedition, Toyota Land Cruiser, or Chevy Suburban to tow a boat of the size you are talking about. If you haven't bought that boat and don't want to rent a slip or get a different vehicle, then maybe don't buy that boat. Maybe you could look for a much smaller boat but I realize that boats of the size you are talking about are pretty typical in Florida. I've owned a 2014 Toyota Sienna Limited since new. It is also unit body, has the same drive train and brakes as your 2013 RX350 and is also rated to tow 3,500 pounds. It's essentially a larger, heavier version of the RX350. It has a 2" inch receiver hitch rated to tow 5,000 pounds as long as an additional weight distribution device is used. I wouldn't dream of towing more than the rated 3,500 pounds with my Sienna. 6,000 or 7,000 pounds would be absolutely scary.
  20. The Ford F-150 is a "body on frame" design and engineered from the start for heavy towing. The RX350 is a unit-body vehicle without a separate frame and is designed for light duty towing at best. Trailers over around 1,500 pounds should have their own brakes - electric or surge. Trailers over 3,000 pounds REALLY need their own brakes. Trailers for boats of the size you are talking about usually have surge brakes since electric brakes aren't happy being submerged. Boat ramps can be scary slippery with moss in the Midwest but maybe that's less of a problem in Florida. I once had a scary experience pulling a 3,500 pound sailboat/trailer out of the water with a mid-size RWD sedan - rear wheels spilling and not getting traction on the slick steep ramp. From then on I had the boat pulled out of the water by a marina service that used a large 4WD pickup truck. I gave up on launching/recovering the boat every time I wanted to use it and rented a slip for it and later moored it on a buoy and rowed out to it in a dingy. At most, you might be able to pull 5,000 pounds using a weight distribution hitch with your RX - something like a travel trailer but not a boat if you are going to launch and recover it yourself. You would need a receiver hitch rated for 5,000 pounds and a weight distribution setup on top of that.
  21. I doubt that you would get ticketed anywhere in the U.S. for not having rear side marker lights and certainly not in the Florida keys "Conch Republic". Is anything illegal down there? 🙄 Does your replacement lamp unit have a manufacturer name and/or part number on it or does the box it came in have it? It would be interesting to see what it really is. Here's an image I grabbed from Amazon that shows the back of the type of lamp module you needed. It has a socket for a 5W side marker bulb. If the lamp unit you bought instead has only a socket for a larger 21W rear fog lamp bulb then you've got the wrong product. Key West is sounding pretty good today. It's 1 degree Fahrenheit here in Kansas which is the forecasted high for the day and I see that it is 81 degrees in Key West. I'd rather be sitting at an outside table on Duval street drinking a beer right now.
  22. OK, another possibility that I hesitated to bring up is that a rear fog lamp unit may be involved. In most areas outside North America, the lamp units in the rear bumper are fog lamps instead of side marker lamps. These rear fog lamp units use 21W bulbs instead of the 5W bulbs used in the side marker units. The attached diagram and parts list shows the rear fog lamps for the European market RX. There are a number of possible scenarios including ... 1) A previous owner removed the rear side marker units, installed the rear fog light units, and did the necessary rewiring to support them. That's exactly what I would have done since I've often installed OEM or aftermarket rear fog lamps on our vehicles. I consider rear fog lamps infinitely more important than rear side marker lamps. 2) The OP lives in Florida but he inadvertently purchased a European, Australian, Japan, etc. market rear fog lamp as a replacement part. These rear fog lamps have been available from a variety of sources including on eBay. 3) The OP doesn't really live in Florida or North America regardless of what his profile says, owns an RX version that originally came with rear fog lamps, and inadvertently bought a rear side marker lamp as a replacement. So ... maybe the OP will come back to this thread and provide more information.
  23. My understanding is that security codes were not used on Toyota/Lexus vehicles sold in North America after the early/mid 1990's. For example, my 1990 LS400 radio had an option for entering a security code but my 2000 LS400 did not. The security code feature was documented in the owners manual for the 1990.
  24. I wonder if you got the wrong version of the light unit. Determine where your RX was assembled - Japan or North America - and verify that the part number you were sold matches the one in the appropriate attached image.
  25. Here a parts list for both rear tail lights. Google the part numbers for sources.
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