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  1. What do you mean by "roof rack"? Cross bars? You are certainly not going to find new cross bars that will fit your ES for anywhere near $50. $200 to $500 maybe but more around the $500 mark. And that doesn't give you the components to carry anything like ski's, bikes or a cargo box. Add $100's of dollars for those. What do you want to carry? Is there anyway to squeeze inside? I hate roof racks due to the noise and the hassle. I've got 35 year old Yakima cross bars with aero roof and gutter roof mounting hardware with snow ski attachments and all the locks in storage. I don't remember what I paid for the contraption back in the mid-1980's but it's a $750 set up if I was buying it today. This crap is expensive. I bought the Yakima to fit a Honda CRX - my winter "ski car" - but they fit my Lexus LS sedans just fine. Used cross bars and accessory attachments are sometimes available on Craigslist but it's trial and error to see if they fit and even then they might not be cheap.
  2. If I had a problem with any of ours, I'd send it to https://hitechserv.com You might find other repair companies if you do an internet search. It's usually fairly easy to pull a nav head unit but I've pulled head units countless times.. If you ship it for repair, wrap it EXTREMELY well with bubble wrap. I must have used $10 of bubble wrap when I shipped a head unit a couple weeks ago but it arrived at its destination with no damage.
  3. Those are all signs that the traction battery is functioning. Funny, I've looked at the energy monitor screen on my wife's Prius only a couple of times in 7 years although I don't drive the car much - mainly to the gas station and car wash. I'm sure that my wife has never looked at it. We didn't buy the Prius because it was a hybrid or due to its fuel economy - only because it was a fairly small wagon-like vehicle that my wife was comfortable driving and it had must-have safety features like automatic emergency braking (Pre-Collision System). We'll likely buy the 2021 Toyota RAV4 plug-in hybrid that was announced last week to replace her Prius when it becomes available. It's suppose to have a 20 to 25 mile range in EV mode. Since she averages only 7.6 miles of driving per day to get to and from Yoga class, I might be refueling a RAV4 plug-in hybrid only once a year. On average, I refuel the Prius about every 6 weeks.
  4. Not really unless you are driving under about 10 mph very gently. Even then, range in EV mode is very low. Does the internal combustion engine shut down at least some of the time when you are stopped at a traffic light? If it does then the traction battery is functioning to some extent. If you are doing a lot of highway driving, you might be noticing that the hybrid version of the RX doesn't get much better gas mileage than the regular RX. From the 2008 RX and RX hybrid sales brochures: RX:Fuel Consumption 18/23 mpg (FWD)19 (estimated city/highway) 17/22 mpg (AWD)19 RX Hybrid: Fuel Consumption 27/24 mpg (FWD) (EPA estimated city/highway) 26/24 mpg (AWD) EPA fuel consumption estimates are widely seen as fantasy. We've rarely achieve EPA estimates on our vehicles. For example, my wife's 2012 Prius v hybrid - owned since new - has been averaging only 32 mpg in mostly city (35 mph to 45 mph) driving. It's EPA city/highway estimates are 44/40 mpg. Of course, the battery in her Prius is over 7 years old and might be getting weak although the car has only 43,000 miles on it. Her low city fuel economy could be related to her rarely driving more than 15 miles/day and there aren't many traffic lights or downhill slopes that would trigger regenerative braking on the routes she takes. Traction battery charging is totally dependent on regenerative braking. I have to assume that a Lexus dealership could test your traction battery and the regenerative system for health. If your traction battery is weak and you want to replace it, there are several companies that sell re-manufactured ones ... like: https://greenbeanbattery.com/lexus-rx400h-hybrid-battery-replacement/ A traction battery supplier like Green Bean Battery should be able to tell you if traction batteries for new model years can be used in your RX.
  5. Fuse functions are shown in section 6-4 of the 2003 RX300 owners manual. There appear to be multiple fuses for the door locks. Here is a link to the owners manual in the Owners section of the Lexus website: https://drivers.lexus.com/t3Portal/document/om-s/OM48442U/pdf/OM48442U.pdf It looks from the parts diagram that the receiver for the wireless door lock system is in the left rear fender - image of diagram attached. Sorry, I had to reduce the resolution substantially when snagging the image to get it to fit on my screen but you should be able to zoom in on it.
  6. Key and ROM card sets appear to still be available as replacement parts. The ROM card that matches the key is inserted in a slot in the wireless receiver in the left rear fender. Here is an image showing the various key/ROM sets, their part numbers and the location of the wireless receiver.
  7. Sorry, I think I misunderstood the parts lists and diagrams for the SC430 and my memory of how it's equipped is failing. If you have the retractable radio antenna instead of the one on the windshield, then I guess you would replace or fix it if it broke. I don't know why you would be messing with the antenna if you are going to install an aftermarket audio system. I would think you would just unplug the antenna from the original head unit and plug it into the new aftermarket one - at least that's what the installer did when he installed a double DIN screen Kenwood in my 2000 LS400. A modern aftermarket audio or audio/navigation system would make your SC430 seem much more modern ... one with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto would be very nice.
  8. I've installed several aftermarket radios myself and had one professionally installed in a 2000 LS400 and the factory radio antenna has always worked fine with all of them. Do you have the fixed (non-retractable) antenna with the removable mast on the right rear fender? If you do, your owners manual says it is (was) for Lexus Link which was a rebranded OnStar emergency service. In the parts list for the 2004 SC430, the removal mast is labeled as "ROD, TELEPHONE ANTENNA". The analog Lexus Link was available on the 2003-2004 SC430 but for some reason the SC430 didn't get the analog/digital Lexus Link that was launched in 2005 - at least according to Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lexus_Link Here's a link to the 2004 SC430 owners manual so you can search it for "antenna" and be just as confused as I am about it: https://drivers.lexus.com/t3Portal/document/om-s/OM24458U/pdf/OM244558U.pdf Toyota played some odd "antenna games" in the 2000's when vehicles had the optional Lexus Link. For example, the roof mounted antenna on the LS430 was for a dealer installed Lexus branded phone system only on vehicles without Lexus Link. On vehicles with Lexus Link, the roof antenna was used for it and the phone antenna was imprinted on the rear window. Lexus Link was superseded by Safety Connect which is now standard on many Toyota and Lexus models. Edit: I should have mentioned that the early SC430 had the removable mast antenna regardless of whether they had the optional Lexus Link.
  9. Unless I'm hallucinating, my memory is that the LS400 I purchased in 1990 had triple door seals as did my 2000 LS400. A Camry we bought in the 90's also had triple door seals. Does your RX have a power door latch that wrenches the door shut the final inch or so? If it does, it might have an electric "pinch protection" sensor inside the door gasket that you will have to deal with. Are hard copy manuals still available? The last set I purchased was in 2003 for a 2000 LS400. Nowadays, most people view the manuals online at https://techinfo.toyota.com . A standard 2-day subscription is now $20. The manual sections are in PDF format and can be downloaded. With a good broad band connection, you could probably download all the manual sections for your RX in a few hours.
  10. LOL, maybe that's why the previous owner sold the RX. These slight "pulls" can be difficult to diagnose and eliminate. Is the steering wheel perfectly aligned when driving straight ahead? If it isn't, there is still probably an alignment problem. The cause could be a slightly damaged (bent) suspension parts. I know the tires are new and shouldn't have a wear pattern that could cause a pull but swapping the wheels side-to-side could in theory help as long as the tires are not "directional". Directional tires should not be swapped side to side - only front to back. If the tires are directional, I suppose you could have the wheels swapped front to back to see if that makes any difference. I've had improper alignments several times due to mechanics not being competent or having defective equipment. Just a few months ago, a Toyota dealership tech said my Sienna needed an alignment even though the tires were wearing evenly, the steering wheel was aligned and the vehicle was driving perfectly. When I got the van back, the steering wheel was cockeyed and there was a severe pull to the right. The dealer tech clearly didn't know what he was doing. When I took the van back for a "re-do", the tech essentially put the alignment back to where it was which was already perfect ... but they (Hendrick Toyota of Merriam Kansas) certainly didn't refund what I paid to have it screwed up and then restored back to where it was.
  11. Don't hold me to the $50 estimate. Prices could vary wildly depending on whether name brand or off brand sensors are used. The pressure sensors I bought at Costco five years ago for use on winter wheels were about $45 each but they were name brand - either Pacific or Dill. The ID codes should be printed on each new sensor. Some tire shops "ping" each sensor after installing them to retrieve the ID codes instead of manually inputting the printed codes but that might be more efficient if they use the same tool to upload the ID's through the vehicle diagnostic port. I upload the ID codes to vehicle ECU's myself with a cheap (about $125) electronic tool since we have multiple vehicles and winter wheels/tires for them. Doubting that you use winter tires in Mississippi!
  12. Batteries in the sensors are not replaceable. The Lexus dealer installed a new sensor. I've seen threads about people buying pressure sensors on eBay for as little as $10 each but the tire has to be dismounted to install them and they have to be torqued correctly when installed on the wheel with a miniature torque wrench. And the new sensor ID's have to be uploaded to the vehicle ECU. I assume you don't have the equipment to remove a tire from a wheel in order to install a new sensor. I would expect that an independent tire shop could install new pressure sensors in the other tires and upload the sensor ID's to the vehicle ECU for no more than $50 each. 11 years on a pressure sensor is pretty good. They can fail sooner than that.
  13. If you want to avoid Lexus dealers, you can likely find indie shops that repair them by searching with google or by asking other Lexus owners. I've used mainly indie shops where I live to do maintenance and repairs on my Lexus cars. The indie shops I used were owned and staffed by former Lexus dealership employees.
  14. You are likely going to need a professional to figure this out. I suggest taking it to a Lexus dealer or an independent repair shop specializing in Lexus. I definitely wouldn't take it to one of those chain transmission repair businesses.
  15. It can take a year or more for aftermarket hitch makers to market receiver hitches for new models ... if they ever do. I've bought several receiver hitches, including for Lexus LS, from etrailer but they don't yet have one for the UX. I suppose you could contact them and ask if there is anything in the works: https://www.etrailer.com/vehicle/2019/Lexus/UX+200 You could buy the roof rack cross rails for your UX if you don't already have them and use your choice of bike carrier attachments on them. I've carried bikes only on hitch racks for the past 30 years but I used roof bike racks for many years before that. As much as I dislike carrying bikes on the roof, sometimes that's the best way. I dislike trunk/hatch mounted bike carriers even more due to the damage they can cause. Another possibility is to have a receiver hitch custom fabricated. That can cost substantially more than an off-the-shelf hitch but there are numerous companies that do it. Torklift near Seattle is one of the most well known nationally that custom fabricates hitches: https://torkliftcentral.com/ It's not unusual that there was a tow hitch sold by Lexus dealers in the UK and Europe from the first day the UX was sold. It's not shown on the Lexus UK website for the UX but there is also a bike carrier that fits the hitch. Unfortunately, the UK/Europe tow hitch is not compatible with accessories for U.S. standard receiver hitches. For your amusement, the following Lexus UK web page shows the tow hitch and roof bike racks sold for the UX by Lexus dealers in the UK and Europe: https://www.lexus.co.uk/car-models/ux/accessories/#choose-accessories
  16. The only time I've had that problem was 45 years ago when a driveshaft U-joint broke.
  17. I've been following this issue for nearly 20 years and I have as yet to see anyone identify preventative maintenance. It is sometimes possible to band-aid repair the early LS400 tilt/telescope system with washers and zip ties but I don't think that can be done on the later ones which may be sealed units. There were at least three variations of the tilt/telescope system used in the 1998-2000. The final variation was implemented at the factory in Spring 2000. The attached TSIB describes how to retrofit the final component version if problems arose. I was fortunate that the 2000 LS400 I drove for 11 years was assembled in June 2000 and got the final version at the factory. 1999-2000 LS400 Tilt- Telescopic Steering Column TSIB.pdf
  18. The 2007 LS navigation system is generation 5 and can be updated only by a Lexus dealer ... assuming navigation updates are still available for a nearly 13 model year old vehicle. Toyota/Lexus has discontinued navigation updates in as little as four years after the last vehicle was made that used a particular nav generation. Contact a Lexus dealership for availability and cost. I get a kick out of seeing people who live in high population areas tell others to use their phones for navigation. Bullsh#t. I had to do an unplanned 200 mile drive in total darkness on rural Midwest 2-lane "black top" country roads late last Friday night where there was virtually no cell phone service. Much of the drive was in torrential rain at low speeds ... sometimes as low as 20 mph due to poor visibility. I was in totally unfamiliar territory with no hard copy maps. The in-dash navigation was totally valuable.
  19. Each of the four tire pressure sensors have a unique identification code (it is not called a VIN #) that must be uploaded to the vehicle ECU through the diagnostic port in the driver side (left) footwell. If the TLMS system has been working properly for 28 months, then the cause of the current problem is not from the selling dealer switching wheels. It is more likely that one of the four TLMS sensors has failed or that the TLMS system needs to be reset due to altering tire pressures.. If a sensor has failed, a competent tire shop should be able to determine which sensor(s) has failed by holding an appropriate electronic tool next to it and "pinging" it to determine it's ID code and battery health. TLMS batteries usually last up to 10 years from my experience but they can fail much earlier and can be damaged during a flat tire repair. After tire pressures have been corrected or after a flat tire has been fixed and reinstalled, it can be necessary to initialize the TLMS system by pressing the reset button under the dashboard until the TLMS warning light blinks three times. It's described in the Do-it-yourself Maintenance section of your owners manual.
  20. The 1999 LS400 side windows fit only the 1995-2000 LS400 per the cross reference at https://www.toyodiy.com Besides, I owned a 1990 and 2000 LS400 at the same time and know first hand that the window dimensions are different. Here's a photo of them from around 2003.
  21. A previous post in this thread said that the final update for the generation 5 navigation system was in 2015. I suppose you could verify this by calling a Lexus dealership parts department. There might be a product that allows displaying a phone navigation app in your RX screen via Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. The only one I know about is kind of expensive: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32812429786.html?spm=2114.12010612.8148356.21.4b0a5c19MDxS8o Or you could put your smart phone in a phone holder on the dashboard and use a navigation app on it. If you can't hear the navigation instructions from your phone, you could pair it with a portable Bluetooth speaker.
  22. Well I hope the German brand you have now isn't Mercedes, BMW or VW/Audi! If so, then your troubles are just beginning. The vehicles I've owned that were manufactured by Toyota have been infinitely more reliable and of higher quality than the German vehicles I've owned. My last Mercedes, purchased new, was on its 3rd engine when I finally dumped it and bought a new Lexus LS.
  23. Unfortunately, the exploding glass sunroof problem is occurring in vehicles from most car companies. That there are only a handful of auto glass suppliers might have something to do with it. Moving from Lexus to other brands doesn't mean it's not going to happen again. Here is an interesting Consumer Reports article with a podcast about it: https://www.consumerreports.org/car-safety/exploding-sunroof-cases-head-to-court/ Why did your replacement sunroof cost $7K? Mine was a long time ago but it was less than $1K with an OEM glass panel at a collision repair facility owned by the Lexus dealership. The current retail price of an OEM sunroof panel for a 2013 ES is only $830.46 and the going price is around $630. The replacement of mine was completed within an hour so the labor cost couldn't have been much. Based on your photos, your glass sunroof looks like the one I had replaced on my LS. Replacing the sunroof did not affect the value of my Lexus. Why yours?
  24. It is standard procedure for radios replaced under warranty to be replaced with repaired ones although you might end up getting a new one. At least you didn't try the CarPlay/Alexa update yourself and trash the head unit as many owners have. Both dealer techs and individuals have "bricked" head units while doing the update. Some Lexus dealers suspended doing the updates until Toyota/Lexus came up with a reliable update solution. I suppose you could ask the Lexus dealership to buy back your car and then move on to something else. I have some experience with this kind of wait. The A/C compressor on my first Lexus LS400 failed during the first summer I had it in 1990. My LS was at the Lexus dealership for many days before I got it back but at least they gave me a nice loaner to drive in the interim. I would hope that your Lexus dealership has provided you with a decent loaner vehicle to drive.