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    Backup Camera for 2003 LS430

    Adding a backup camera to a 2001-2003 LS430 is rather involved. There is a post on ClubLexus on how to do it on an LS430 with the Mark Lev system but I don't know if would work for the standard nav system: https://www.clublexus.com/forums/ls-3rd-gen-2001-2006/511807-how-to-ls430-mark-levinson-everything-w-pics-and-part-s.html#post5620270 If you can't see the attachments in that post, here is a direct link to the YouTube video about it:
  2. 1990LS400

    Navigation Updates?

    According to the old http://www.lexusnavigation.com/what-to-order/ website which was shut down in 2017 but can still be viewed through the Internet Wayback Machine, the 2013-2015 RX350 navigation system is of the type that must be updated by a Lexus dealer tech using the "Master USB SST LEXD-HDD-07-XX" tool with the XX representing the map update year. You'll need to buy an activation card, part number PT219-HDD07-XX with the XX representing the update year and present it to the Lexus dealer that performs the update for you. According to the following Lexus dealer web page, the 2018 map update (suffix "-18") is Version 17.1 which is odd since, from my experience, the part number suffix and Version number are usually the same: https://parts.keyeslexus.com/oem-parts/lexus-gen7-v17-1-nav-map-u-pt219hdd0718?c=az0x You might have to consult with a local Lexus dealership to verify. Normally, one would buy the activation card from the same dealership that performs the update. My wife's 2012 Prius has a similar nav system and we bought the activation card at one Toyota dealership and presented it to another Toyota dealership which did the update. It took the dealership tech two tries and several hours to do the update - they might have regretted quoting me only $40 to do the update. I bought the activation card for the Prius navigation system through the Costco Auto Program. It had the same $169 retail as the Lexus activation card but I paid $143 for it through Costco.
  3. 1990LS400


    If updates were still being made available, the one for east of the Mississippi for 2018 would be PT219-GEN5E-18 and the one for west of the Mississippi for 2018 would be PT219-GEN5W-18. From what I am reading, only the POI's are different on the "east" and "west" DVD's. The last two digits indicate the update year, e.g. "-18" = 2018. A Lexus dealer can tell you if generation 5 map updates are still being made available. Map updates for generation 4 navigation systems were discontinued after the 2015 (-15) update. Beware of scams of navigation updates on eBay and Amazon. There's no such thing as a current, valid, non-pirated navigation update for less than about $130 which is about dealer cost.
  4. 1990LS400

    Long time no post !!!

    dcfish? Whoa! That's a blast from the past. There have been people looking for you asking about navigation and audio systems. I still drop by this forum once a month or so and sometimes try to help. There's not much in the current Lexus lineup of interest to us. Somebody in Nebraska is driving the 2000 LS400 I sold in 2014 ... wish he would change the name/address associated with the car so Lexus wouldn't contact me about it. My daily driver is still the "Lexus of Minivans" - suits us perfectly for our lifestyle these days. Nice to hear from you!
  5. Dang, the parts list for the 2016 GS is confusing. It looks like you are on track per http://www.toyodiy.com/parts/q_U_2016_LEXUS_GS+SERIES_all.html
  6. 1990LS400

    1998 Ls 400 Parking Lamp Question (dumb Owner)

    There is no separate fuse. Have you checked the bulbs? My first (1990) LS400 had similar running lights outboard of the headlights and I went through quite a few bulbs in the 13 1/2 years I owned it from new to 2003.
  7. 1990LS400

    Lexus dealer required?

    Sure, have an indie mechanic replace it if it really needs it. There's nothing magical about Lexus dealer service departments except for their high prices and wonderful waiting rooms. I rarely used Lexus dealers for service during the 24 years I drove Lexus LS sedans although the indie shops I used were owned and staffed by former Lexus dealer employees.
  8. The trunk lid seals becomes depressed and stiff and allow increasing amounts of water into the trunk as they age. I had similar problems with water coming into the trunk on both the 1990 LS400 I bought new and sold in 2003 and on the 2000 LS400 I bought used in 2003 and sold in 2014. While my 1990 LS400 was under warranty, something like "re-seal trunk" appeared on my bill almost every time I took the car in for service although I was never charged anything for it. I don't remember anyone reporting the problem on the LS430 so maybe it was solved by then. I suppose you could replace the trunk lid gasket but it might still leak some.
  9. 1990LS400

    lx470 2001 horn button broke

    The horn pad on the 2000 LS400 I drove for many years "froze" about 10 years ago when I struck it hard to alert someone backing out of a parking space. The indie Lexus repair shop I used for 20 years was unable to repair the horn button feature of the pad but quickly found a salvaged horn pad/air bag assembly that solved the problem. Back then, the total cost of the the repair was around $800 if I remember correctly. The horn pad/air bag assembly on the 2000 LS400 is held together by rivets which meant that it could not be disassembled for a repair attempt. It's probably the same for your 2001 LX470.
  10. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC) is not perfect. We have it in all our vehicles and it sometimes gets confused and malfunctions in a variety of ways with the worst being hard braking for no apparent reason - that's when I clean off the radar unit and the grill lens ahead of it with a damp towel. Even with the occasional issues, I absolutely love DRCC. I had a rental car without adaptive cruise control last week and not having it drove me crazy. I suppose you could complain to your car dealer about the malfunction but that never got me anywhere when I did. DRCC does not make a car self driving - the driver still needs to be always ready to intervene.
  11. 1990LS400

    2018 RX350L Low Beam Image

    None of the three headlight systems available on the 2018 RX get the IIHS highest "Good" rating. The adaptive bi-LED system gets the second tier "Acceptable" rating and the other two systems (triple beam and LED projector) get the next lower tier "Marginal" rating. You can read about the 2018 RX headlight ratings at https://www.iihs.org/iihs/ratings/vehicle/v/lexus/rx-4-door-suv Based on the IIHS tests and complaints from RX owners, the triple beam headlights appear to be the least effective of the three systems. Which system do you have? The main purpose of fog lights is to light up the road edges when driving in poor visibility conditions at low speeds, e.g. no more than 30 to 35 mph. Fog lights are not going to supplement the range of low beam headlights.
  12. 1990LS400

    Remove Old Phone Installation From Ls400

    This photo is of a phone system ECU in a 1998-2000 LS400 but I think the one in the 95 LS400 looks about the same. It's under the false floor on the right side of the trunk.
  13. 1990LS400


    If I remember correctly, the cost of a replacement master key for the 2000 LS400 that I drove for 11 years was about $250 in around 2010. The Lexus dealership cut it and then programmed it while I watched using the procedure in the attached document. There are no "dip switches". I hope you have more than that one master key. If you lose it or if it completely fails, you'll be looking at something like $1,000 for a replacement ECU. Lexus used to provide one "free" new ECU per vehicle when all keys were lost but that may no longer be the case since LS400's have become rare. In the past, some locksmiths could replace, cut and program Lexus master keys at lower cost. 1998 LS400 key programming.pdf
  14. 1990LS400

    Navigation Update

    A 2014 RX has a generation 7 navigation system with its maps stored on a hard drive. Updating it requires buying the appropriate update activation card and having a Lexus dealer do the update. The document at the following address shows how the dealer does it for the fall, 2017 map update: http://www.revbase.com/BBBMotor/TSb/DownloadPdf?id=202375 The Lexus dealer tech enters the activation card number from the card you purchased during the update process.
  15. 1990LS400

    Converting the Cigarette Lighter to USB Port

    The only brand I buy these days is Anker ... charging cables, DC chargers, AC chargers, etc. https://www.anker.com/products/108/204/car-chargers Many Anker producters are available on Amazon.com .
  16. 1990LS400

    Rear seat removal

    Slip your fingers under the lower front edge of the seat cushion and pull up - hard! Mine required a goodly amount of force the first time I removed it - easier after that. Simply lift the seat cushion out and slide it out of the car through a door. There are a number of bolts holding the rear seat back in place. If I remember correctly - it's been about 15 years since I did it on a 2000 LS400 - there are one or two bolts hidden behind leather panels held in place by Velcro behind the center armrest and/or maybe behind the head restraints. The fuel tank is between the rear seat back and the trunk so don't go doing any drilling? There are small holes covered with vinyl tape on the upper outboard sides of the interior metal body work - near where the upper outer corners of the seat back contact the metal structure. The holes are big enough to pass some fairly big electrical wires through. It's easier to run wires forward to the front on the driver side since it can be difficult to get them behind the glove box and CD changer - I know that from experience.
  17. 1990LS400

    Hazy headlights on 08 es350

    Or get the headlight lens refinishing kit that has been rated #1 by several auto mags. I've used several kits and agree with the reviews that the Sylvania kit is the best - about $20 on Amazon.
  18. 1990LS400

    Rear Power tailgate door failure

    Two beeps can be an indication that the "PWR DOOR OFF" button on the dashboard has been pressed.
  19. Billy did exactly the right thing by bringing the age of this thread to the poster's attention. The OP hasn't logged on to this forum since May 30, 2009 so there is no point in asking him a question. New members like LSfromOR sometimes don't realize how these forums work.
  20. 1990LS400

    Satellite Tuner

    I found the following thread on ClubLexus forum. It shows what the tuner looks like and describes where it is located in the trunk. It sure sounds like you have the tuner from your description of the screens. https://www.clublexus.com/forums/gs-3rd-gen-2006-2011/829588-07-gs350-factory-xm-sat-radio-receiver-install-location.html
  21. I've seen a number of posts from owners of Lexus LS sedans about this - probably because the LS was the first Lexus on which one could open the sunroof and windows by holding down the unlock button on the key or fob. I've read about it happening to owners of owner Lexus models too including the RX. A few people have had their interiors soaked by rain. The most common cause of the problem appears to be what I jokingly call "Tight Pants Syndrome", i.e. an object in a pocket (or purse) pushing and holding the unlock button causing the windows and sunroof to open. I've wondered if this problem has become so common that it is the reason the feature is turned off on the 4th generation (2016-up) RX. A Lexus dealer now has to activate the feature on request. Have you had your RX for a long time but this problem only recently arose? How far is your workplace from the parking lot? The remote can have a remarkable range. On my last LS, I could open the sunroof and windows from about 150 yards away by pressing and holding the unlock button. On my current daily driver (Toyota Sienna Limited - "The Adult Size RX" 😁 ), I can open the sliding doors and hatch door with the fob from about the same distance - I do it every weekday in hot weather as I leave my office to let heat escape from the interior as I walk to the vehicle. That's my best guess. I've learned to be more careful with the remote fobs. I've also managed to set off the alarms on our vehicles when doing things like kneeling to pet the herd of cats that meet me at the door when I get home. And I've managing to open one of the sliding doors on the Sienna while it was parked in my garage. I try to remember to remove the fobs from my pocket as soon as I get home. If you've had your RX a long time and this problem just started happening then may it is some sort of electrical problem. Regardless, if you do not routinely use the fob to open the sunroof and windows, you might want to have the Lexus dealer deactivate the feature - done with a scan tool through the diagnostic port.
  22. 1990LS400

    Satellite Tuner

    Did satellite radio ever work in your GS? A satellite radio tuner was optional on the GS in 2007. If you don't have a tuner, pressing the SAT button won't do much if anything. I don't remember how it works in older cars work but those who have newer cars with satellite tuners can listen to a demonstration channel - mainly ads to get you to sign up - even when there is no active subscription.
  23. Back in the 2000's there were one or two members that supplied navigation system components from salvaged vehicles for retrofitting navigation into vehicles that didn't come with nav. It's been a long time since I've seen them active on this forum. Your GS is 11 years old. Is it cost effective to retrofit OEM navigation into a car that old? If you need nav, maybe you could use a phone based nav app or a portable GPS such as one from Garmin. An OEM nav system from 2007 would likely be considered obsolete. If you have to have in-dash nav, maybe consider an aftermarket nav product.
  24. My take is different. Pandora Media has made multiple changes over the years that didn't comply with agreed-on specifications and without notifying companies that were affected. These non-compliant changes affected more than just the Entune and Enform app systems used in Toyota and Lexus brand vehicles. Sometimes, companies scrambled to update their software to cope with Pandora's screw-ups and sometimes Pandora Media fixed the problems on their end. In some cases, other software companies found it impossible or at least impractical to change their software to cope with Pandora Media's mistakes. I wouldn't know as much as I do about Pandora's issues if I had not ended up being a voluntary beta tester for a software company after I reported that Pandora no longer worked properly with their software. Having been involved in software development for nearly 45 years, I can appreciate Pandora's dilemma ... attempting to introduce new features and do bug fixes while keeping compatibility with a wide range of hardware and software platforms. I know first hand the perils of rolling out releases of new software that have to be compatible with multiple platforms and have the bruises to show for it. I've had a pay Pandora account for many years and have been as frustrated with Pandora's problems as anyone which is probably why I don't listen to Pandora nearly as much as I used to although I have continued to pay for it. These days I tend to listen to SiriusXM and Amazon Prime Music while I drive far more than I listen to Pandora.
  25. Does the car drive OK? If it does, you don't necessarily need suspension work or an alignment. One does not replace suspension and exhaust parts simply because of surface rust. It sounds like your mechanic shop is taking you for a ride. I suppose you could take your car to another shop to have its alignment checked. It is certainly not practical to spend $6K or $7K on a car that's not worth nearly that much. I suggest that you do only basic maintenance (e.g. engine oil change if necessary) and go on your trip.