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  1. Per the 2014 RX350 maintenance manual at the following link, brake fluid is to be replaced every 30,000 miles or 36 months whichever comes first: https://drivers.lexus.com/t3Portal/document/omms-s/L-MMS-14RX350/pdf/MY14_Lexus RX 350_WSG_lr.pdf That seems odd since the braking system on our 2014 Toyota Sienna is virtually identical as is the braking system on the Toyota Highlander. Changing the brake fluid on the Sienna is not in its maintenance schedule and is considered "lifetime".
  2. The final update for the gen 2/3 nav system like you have was in 2013 - the part numbers, which I think are for either west or east of the Mississippi are: West Dealers: PT219-GN23W-13 East Dealers: PT219-GN23E-13
  3. The part number appears to be PT211-33001 but it was listed as a discontinued part on the Lexus parts websites I searched. If you can't find one online, maybe ask a body shop specializing in repairing Lexus cars. If you still can't find one, I supposed you could remove them from your car. They should come right off if you heat them up with a hair dryer and carefully pry them up. When I had a 2000 LS400 Platinum Series fender replaced in around 2013, the body shop had difficulty getting the replacement Platinum badge lined up correctly. When I took the car back for them to try again, they pried off the Platinum badge they got on crooked with a heat gun and a plastic trim tool. They got the 2nd replacement Platinum badge on lined up correctly. I thought it was odd that the replacement Platinum badges were not exactly the same as the original badges in that they were missing the plastic coating of the original one.
  4. Why bother? Just leave the lost fuse where it landed and buy a replacement fuse to use.
  5. The parts listing shows only one part number for each color. I suggest calling Lexus customer service or discussing this with a Lexus dealer parts department employee. It seems odd that the 2007 ES350 is excluded from covered vehicles listed in the following document since the 2007 was the first year of the generation 5 ES: https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2018/MC-10145764-9999.pdf If it was a 2008 ES350 built from "Early April 2008", dashboard replacement would appear to be covered until "March 31, 2021".
  6. There are plenty of videos on YouTube showing how to remove and reinstall front and rear bumper covers on a variety of vehicles manufactured by Toyota. They are all about the same and it's pretty easy to do.
  7. Normally the windows roll down and the sunroof opens only if the key is turned in the door lock and held. Are you saying that if you unlock the door with the key and immediately remove the key from the door that the windows still roll down? If that is the case, maybe the window ECU or the door lock switch has a problem. Do you have a remote that you can use to lock and unlock the vehicle? If so does it also roll down the windows and open the sunroof when you press the unlock button on the remote.
  8. Paul, Walter didn't say you were ugly. He didn't insult you or anybody else. He said that he thinks that the generation 4 RX is ugly. Lots of people including me are put off by the exterior styling of the gen 4 RX. I wouldn't necessarily call the gen 4 RX the ugliest SUV on the road but it's in the running IMO. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the gen 4 RX hurts my eyes. I especially liked the exterior styling of the gen 3 RX. Based on Walter's previous thread, he appears to be shopping for a replacement for his 2007 RX. If he doesn't like the gen 4 RX, perhaps the more conventional styling of the Toyota Highlander would be more to his liking. The upcoming 2020 Highlander is significantly revised and has what we used to think of as a normal looking front grill. Mechanically, the Highlander is very similar to the RX and it has a 3rd row seat that is much roomier than the 3rd row in the gen 4 RX-L.
  9. There are too many possibilities to speculate which is why you need a trained tech with appropriate equipment to diagnose. If I had to guess, the problem might be a defective spark plug coil. But a defective engine or transmission mount could cause a similar vibration.
  10. All prices are local. See what similar cars are selling for in your area. KBB private party sale value where I live in the Midwest for a 2001 LS UL in that color with that mileage in Good condition is between $4,916 and $7,245 which I think is unrealistically high. A 2006 LS UL with similar miles in a more desirable color with the optional PCS/DRCC package could bring $10K to $13K here if it is in KBB Good condition. It's a shame these cars aren't worth more but there isn't much demand for old Lexus sedans - even originally expensive ones.
  11. That's a common aftermarket on/off switch that could be used to control anything. All you can do is to trace the wires from it and see where they lead. Do you see any non-standard equipment on your vehicle that the switch might control? For example, I've used very similar on/off switches to activate aftermarket rear fog lights.
  12. The Sylvania bulb guide shows a very different looking bulb for the 2002 SC430 map lights: https://www.sylvania-automotive.com/index.jsp The bulbs that Sylvania shows for the SC430 map lights are the same double ended bulbs used in map lights and overhead lights in a variety of Lexus and Toyota vehicles we've had.
  13. Walmart speakers in an LS460? 🤣 Audio systems can be very particular when it comes to impedance. Yes, it is possible to trash an amplifier if speakers with incompatible Ohm ratings are used. I used speakers with incompatible Ohm ratings on a home audio system many years ago but I had to wire in crude adapters and the results weren't ideal. The following website is about the importance of impedance matching: https://www.techwalla.com/articles/2-ohm-vs-4-ohm-speakers
  14. The Toyota technical information site is https://techinfo.toyota.com Complete audio system diagrams should be available for all model years on the techinfo site if you want to get down to the details and compare every connector pin and wire color on the audio system components for the various system versions. That might tell you if the different versions have the same functional pins in their connectors that would imply compatibility. I've got probably a hundred audio system diagrams for Lexus vehicles but not a single one for the SC430. I've always regarded the SC430 as sort of special case in that there were extremely few noticeable changes over it's ten model year run.
  15. OK, I reviewed both the 2002 SC430 Navigation and Owners manual and can find nothing about anti-theft security codes for navigation or radio components. Owners manuals for older Lexus vehicles that had security codes had extensive information on how the owner could optionally set security codes. Even in these older systems, very few owners set security codes. Even if an owner did set a security code and for some reason "bricked" his radio, Lexus dealers had instructions on how to unlock radios although they supposedly required proof of ownership before they would to it. I strongly doubt that your Lexus dealer is giving you valid information and I guarantee you that there is information on the subscription Toyota techinfo website the explains everything. The Lexus dealer would not have to call "Mark Levinson" for assistance. Lexus dealerships often (always?) get extremely lazy and lose interest when dealing with older Lexus cars. They'd rather invent a line of bull$#!+ than put forth a little bit of effort to research questions.. That said, it is interesting that there are two different manual sets for the 2002 SC430. One set is for before January 2002 and the other is for January 2002 and later.which suggests that there was a mid-model year change that "might" include changes to the radio/navigation system.
  16. If your owners manual doesn't reference a security code then your head unit does not have one. The first Lexus (1990 LS400) I purchased 29 years ago had a radio security code. My second Lexus (2000 LS400) didn't have a security code. At least for the LS, 1994 was the last year that radio security codes were used in North America. If you don't have an owners manual, you can view it at https://drivers.lexus.com/lexusdrivers
  17. It's a "feature" that's been mentioned before but I don't remember if it was only on the ES or if anyone ever determined and posted the cause. My guess is residue from corrosion of the fasteners holding the mirror to the door. It's relatively easy to remove a mirror from a door to take a look but that might not be worthwhile if the stain can be removed with car wax.
  18. Were you provided with a written estimate that describes the part? I'm only guessing that the part is the "COMPUTER ASSY, OUTER MIRROR CONTROL" for the driver door which appears to be part number 89430-33230 which retails for $351.64 and is available online for $264.26. I suggest that you ask exactly what part is needed including the part number. If it is the part number I've giving you ... well ... to put it gently there may be a trust issue if their part charge is $500. If you have the part number that is needed, you can google it yourself or ask in this thread. I didn't realize that the mirror control ECU was inside the door but I haven't dealt with them since they've not been a problem on the Lexus and Toyota vehicles I've owned. I pulled a driver door panel on a Toyota Sienna Limited with memory exterior mirrors a few weeks ago and the total time I spent pulling and reinstalling the door panel was no more than 15 minutes. I did a Prius driver door panel the same day in about the same amount of time. There's little difference in pulling Lexus and Toyota brand vehicle door panels - it's a little more complicated on some models but not much. $200 for labor seems like a lot for pulling/reinstalling a door panel and replacing an ECU. Labor prices vary and can be high in large cities. Indie repair shops usually have a significantly lower labor rate than dealers but not always. They may be guessing and padding the labor time if they are not familiar with the ES350.
  19. An automotive ECU (electronic control unit) isn't much like a Windows PC or Apple MacBook which don't have to operate at temperature extremes. Did a Lexus dealership diagnose the problem? It is unusual for a problem like this to happen after only six years but apparent it does. I don't know how we can second guess the diagnosis. I suppose you could take it to someone else for an evaluation. How much is the estimated repair cost?
  20. That's quite a vague question. You might be more specific about your phone type and which settings button you are referring to.
  21. I've used a variety of these kits. I think the best and "safest" one to use is the Sylvania Headlight Restoration Kit which does not require using power tools. If you use this kit I would caution you to go beyond the instructions. Mask all areas around and below the headlights so that you don't get the chemicals on anything except the headlight lenses. Do the work inside in a dust free environment preferably between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Don't drive the vehicle or remove it from the inside environment for at 24 hours. The final clear coat takes longer to dry if the humidity is dry. Resist the urge to touch the lens to see if it has dried! None of these restoration kits provide permanent results. Although the results of the Sylvania kit has lasted longer than the others, plan on repeating the process after around two years or sooner if you drive in harsh conditions where there is blowing fine road debris. Lenses can be restored over and over. Here is a link to an ad for the kit: https://www.sylvania-automotive.com/products/other-lighting/other-accessories/index.jsp It's available on Amazon for around $20 and at some auto parts stores.
  22. We've had a variety of Toyota and Lexus brand vehicles over the past 30 years and none of them have had a fuel filler door that "locked" in the open position. None of the fuel doors on the Mercedes, Honda and Volvo vehicles we've owned locked in the open position either.
  23. Maybe Shawn will reply but he last visited this forum since September 2018. If Shawn installed a 2007 SC430 radio in his 2002 SC430, it would not have had built-in satellite radio capability but, unlike earlier SC430 radios, an aftermarket sat radio tuner could be added to it ... such as those that VAIS has for a 2007 SC430 audio system: https://www.vaistech.com/product-category/satellite-radio/?fwp_year=all-packages-sc-430-lexus-2007
  24. Maybe an e-clip should be called an immature c-clip! Here is a website about it - has a photo showing both: http://www.townsendbearings.co.uk/index.php/circlips-and-e-clips/ If your automotive electrician does not specialize in Lexus cars, he/she may be overestimating the scope of the problem. Does any sound come from the steering wheel motors when you attempt to adjust the tilt and telescope? If there is a noise, there may be a binding issue that can be patched. If there is no noise then there may be an electrical problem. I would be surprised if both tilt and telescope motors failed at the same time. For example, check to see if the electrical cables connected to the motors are damaged.
  25. Here's a link to a video that shows going through the wheel well to replace the low beam bulb. I assume the high beam bulb can also be accessed.