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  1. You can try ebay or you can go to www.lexls.com for a tutorial and where to buy the LCD screen on how to fix it yourself. I did and it works great. there is a company called BBA reman. out of mass. and they have done a great job for 175.00 and a lifetime warranty.http://cgi.ebay.com/Lexus-LS400-LS-400-Instrument-Cluster-Repair-Service_W0QQitemZ230378839039QQcmdZViewItemQQptZMotors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessori es?hash=item35a3a61bff
  2. thank you, and I appreciate that a great deal really. he meant the world to me.you know they say you never appreciate your loved ones till you lose them,the paradox of life.we have conquered outer space,but not inner space.we have split the atom, but not our prejudice.we have learned to rush,but not to wait.more degrees,but less common sense,more knowledge but less judgment.that is the paradox of our life Rfeldes.you know life is a chain of moments of enjoyment.tell your family and friends how much you love them and do not delay anything that adds laughter and joy to your life.remove from your vocabulary phrases like"one of these days" and "someday". every day ,every hour,every minute is special and you do not know if it will be your last.therefore enjoy it . my heart is full of love and I am peacefull at my soul.thx Rfeldes. I hope I did not offend you or anybody on this forum .thank you guys for everything.
  3. yes,my valve covers are leaking alittle according to the dealer.you know I am going to take it to the other dealer we have in town.thx man
  4. thx,no the car was in 3rd gear and I did not pay attention to the rpm at that moment due to my shock when I saw the smoke,and I keep an eye on the oil and it is not missing on the dipstick,it is puzzling.
  5. yes,I do that once every month or two and I am serious, it does wonders .do not be afraid to do and you will notice a big difference in the performance and the responsiveness of the engine.my dad was one of the best mechanics you will ever meet.he used to overhaul his engines on regular basis every year and his cars and trucks are show pieces.he used to show me the condition of the pistons during the overhual and let me tell you I witnessed that my self. I do that on all my cars including my 06' ls430,my 90'chevy caprice and my wife's winstar mini van.it works all the time.another tip for you is the use of kerosene k-1 as a fancy name for charcoal lighter fluid to add to the gas tank to clean you fuel injectors,and if you do not believe me buy one of those STP fuel injector cleaners and smell it .I also use kerosene k-1 to flush my engine oil before an oil change twice a year.nc211, man you live and learn every day.my old man was one of the old time greats.he drove mostly mercedes-benz cars,some with carb.,some fuel injection.I am not telling you this out of my head,but no I have experienced it first hand.I wish he was around....................he knew a thing or two.you may be right about waiting.I will give it a shot.Iam working on this car for the value of it ,because I know it is old ,it is just the love for that car,of course I can always get rid of it and drive my 06' ls430 but why, it is in such prestine shape and I keep it that way. thx for the intelligent response. (check out my post on the thread dead tach) and let me know.
  6. wwest is right on the money and there is no ecu conn. or what not ,read my post on dead tach.let me know.and you succeeded in figuring out the a/c problem.
  7. okay guys, I am going to give you a very constructive advice on how to fix this problem.first remove the cluster and if you do not know how go to lexls.com and follow the instructions.then remove the face cover .first grap the tach needle gently and pull untill you hear a pop,again be gentle and do not ge scared.once you hear the pop move the needle clockwise untill it pops again then gently release it.now move the needle slowly counterclock till you sit it over the zero an on the dot and make sure that it sits right on the zero.to check your work move it gently say to the mark 3 then let go it should snap right back to zero,once you have accomplished this ,you are rock & roll baby.the same thing goes for speedometer.back light is not working change cap 212,after making sure your cathodes are okay meaning the bulbs.if not you can get them at a very good price from plano lexus,they are awsome as far as price goes.gas guage slow change cap 142.while you are at it change any bad or weak bulbs ,be the warning ones or the indicator ones such as shifter position.by the way guys the cluster lexus has on the first gen is the 1992,because the psb are so robust,where the 1993 and 1994 are made a little bit on the cheapy side.this job should take about an hour if you how to handle things.good luck and let me know. please make a donation to lexls.com,this guy is great.may god bless his soul.
  8. I feel your pain.hey,got pics and what have you done to the 93'.
  9. okay,well I am going to do a report on the issue ignoring the phrase (sass). I went to the dealer and explained the problem and I am going to use the phrase as one member on this forum used they the dealer thought I was talking in a foreign language.they looked at me and replied that they never heard this one before,then they suggested a valve seal job which they said it would be at (28) hrs. of labor at 129/hr.did I mention the fact that I hate talking to them guys about complicated issues like that,because they strike me usually as incompetant and sadlly amature.reason for that ,I one time took the car for an a/c leak, the guy screwed up my compressor by forgetting to add some oil first ,after the evac. job.I do not know what to say and I am not saying that all of them guys are idiots not at all.then they told me that they would ship the heads for some machine shop to finish them.I do not know if I should trust them or trust that some machine shop or what not. I am willing to agree on the valve seals job ,it sounds logical ,because under high rpm that tends to create high suction thus resulting in some oil passing by the seal and getting sucked into the combustion chamber and then burnt.did not do the compression test yet ,for one reason only that the car takes off so incriddibly fast and performs so well on the highway it just does not make any sense to me that it is a compression issue due to some sticky rings at all.dog gone it.WTF
  10. I agree ,personally all I wanted is some ideas from some good people who are willing to give one.some attacked me for typing with my caps on calling me names,some other kitty cats decided to join in the frensy,why you would say? I do not know,instead of coming with constructive ideas the kitties decided to attack me.I want to know who did I offend in this forum by asking for help and I even asked them to qoute the exact offensive lingo if you will that I used so I can go back and apologize.guess what none of them could.I do not get it ,all I want is some good well balanced answers without any nasty attitude.that is all.thx
  11. my ls is 92' and I have 2006 ls430 17 inch six spoke wheels,with aset of bridgestones235/45hr17. man it rides and handles like a million dollar.in addition to that ,I did not have to resort to much bigger brake system either,it stops just fine and no excessive wear .
  12. nc211,hey man ,you know what they say,you can not teach an old dog a new trick.lol
  13. I agree. I used Lucas in fuel (not oil) and it did nothing and I have read some neg comments on it. Thanks and use what your wish as I will not be using Lucas stuff anymore. if you were trying to get some results out of using lucas fuel additive to get rid of some carbon buildup ,I agree with you on that one in particular. I used it my self and did not see any results.The best stuff to use on this issue of carbon buildup is to dump one qt. of tranny fluid dextron with a full tank of gas,my dad used to do this and I swear by it. man it cleans the crap out of the combution chamber.I can hear nc211 going( good loving god man), but hey believe it or not.
  14. You're catching on. We expect you to be polite and to respect our standards for behaviour and posting, otherwise you'll find little help. From your first post it's evident that you "expect" answers to your questions, and you'll get them, as long as your attitude stays appropriate. As to the oil burning, it sounds very much like an oil leak being blown back onto the exhaust at highway speed, whereas in town the oil drips directly to the road and doesn't get on the exhaust. A quick look under the car on a hoist may show carbon on the outside of the exhaust pipes, indicating the leak has contacted it. srk,first thanks for the response.as for the conduct course 101 that you are trying to give me,where do see that I was off base with any body on this forum .please note the phrases that I have used that were improper to your delicate taste. come down buba--------come down,thank you. do not jump on the ban wagon as they say and try to find out what is going on first.
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