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  1. There is a Mobil 1 oil that is for engines having more than 75,000 miles on them. Mobil 1 High Mileage Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-30, 5 Quart - - Our 2006 Lexus RX400h has over 130,000 miles on it and since it doesn't use any (noticeable) oil between synthetic oil changes, I don't feel that this particular Mobil 1 formula is absolutely necessary. This year, since the pandemic has reduced our driving, I have changed the interval to once per year, which was about 5000 miles over the past year. Walmart always has great prices on jugs (as shown in the link) but Cos
  2. We've had our 2006 RX400h since 4/2005 and it has been the most reliable vehicle we have ever had. Its brakes lasted 14 years of daily use. The only money we put into it has been for maintenance. It has averaged 25-26 MPG vs non-hybrid's average of about 18-20 MPG. I know that we have saved quite a bit on fuel costs, as we live in a large city with plenty of traffic and stop & go driving. The icing on the cake is that it is faster than the non-hybrid version. I certainly appreciated that.
  3. I believe has a great selection of wheels. Many are "trucky" but these aren't bad.
  4. Certainly, bleeding procedures have gotten far more involved over the years. In may cases, a special tool is required to cycle an ABS model. This is why I stopped bleeding my own brakes, many years ago. They didn't need to be done often enough to warrant my buying the special tool.
  5. Okay, you may want to review this web page:
  6. A brief squeal coming from the engine compartment typically indicates that a drive belt needs to be changed or if recently changed, needs to be tightened. Our RX400h has a small bit less mileage than yours and we have never had an actuator problem but since you are pressing on the brake pedal, I am baffled.
  7. After our 2006 RX400h had passed its factory warranty period (during which time I changed oil when the maintenance light illuminated), I switched to Mobil 1 synthetic oil. At first, I was changing the oil every 6-7 months at 5000-mile intervals but eventually started changing the oil every year, since it has been taking that long to reach 5000 miles or less due to COVID-19 and resulting much reduced driving. I am very confident that you can change the oil every year, as long as your mileage doesn't exceed the life of the oil filter and/or oil. Ideally, you'd have the used oil tested and
  8. I had KYBs as replacement shocks for electronically controlled factory shocks on my 89 Mazda MX6 GT. The OEM shocks were $1200 + installation. The KYBs were far less. The ride with the KYBs was good - more on the plush side. I really like Koni shocks but they may not be available for your car. It may be worth a look though. Bistein has been around for a long time. Expect a bit firmer ride than OEM with better handling. Of course each shock manufacturer makes more than one variety. You may consider calling a factory representative to discuss what you are looking for vs what they have.
  9. Thank you very much, jcelestine for your very detailed explanation of how you fixed the issue. Our RX400h has a CVT transmission, so it is quite a bit different, but I have changed other cars' auto transmission fluid, many times. None of these cars had ever had any transmission problems. Back some years ago, I replaced my Miata's manual transmission fluid with Redline synthetic of the correct viscosity. Shortly after I did, a 4th to 6th shift would result in a crunch. Because I don't run the car more than 3000 miles per year, I let it go for a few years. Just recently, because I needed t
  10. It is a bit odd that this dealership states:
  11. Okay, then the neutral safety switch would be my guess, also.
  12. I would use a well-known aftermarket battery as a starting point: This one appears to list the OE specs, also. DieHard Gold Battery, Group Size 24F, 750 CCA POE Spec: OE Group 27F; OE CCA 710; Battery Spec: 750 CCA; 935 CA; 130 Minute Reserve Capacity Part # 24F-6
  13. The oil pressure reading on most oil pressure gauges will vary according to the oil's temperature. When you start the vehicle after it had been sitting overnight, for example, the gauge will read higher than after you have been driving (oil temperature is much higher) awhile. Engine RPM will also change the gauge reading - higher RPM = higher gauge reading. So compare cold and hot conditions when the engine is at idle speed and then again as a steady engine speed.
  14. Did you try to start the car and then turn the key to the off position?
  15. lists the Denso coils as "DENSO coil interchanges with OE Diamond coil; OE Quality Replacement Part" ($53.79 each),2008,rx350,3.5l+v6,1438207,ignition,ignition+coil,7060 I would certainly trust Denso.
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