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  1. 08 Rx350 Ride quality

    I guess that if the roads are less than smooth, they could cause the shocks to fail early.
  2. IMPOSSIBLE overheating fix

    A coolant check should reveal whether a head gasket is leaking and subsequently superheating the coolant.
  3. You're welcome. Typically, rubber strip is held in place by one of two means - adhesive or built-in push pins. You can ask the Lexus parts person how the strip is held in place. He or she should have access to an exploded view drawing that should reveal this information.
  4. 08 Rx350 Ride quality

    The previous owner of your RX must've lived near multiple sets of train tracks. Our 2006 RX400h now has 115,000 miles on it and the shocks and suspension components are fine.
  5. I think that's referred to as a Rear Bumper Guard. Most likely it is similar to the one on the newer RXs. That one has adhesive tape under it. On this page is a link to installation instructions for a 2016 RX: https://www.lexuspartsnow.com/accessories/lexus~rear-bumper-protector.html
  6. Ambient temperature differences can change fuel mileage. When we hung around Mt Laguna, our mileage dipped. There could be a 30-40 degree temperature drop at that elevation compared to sea level, so the change in mileage doesn't surprise me.
  7. I did have my car inspected (which took all of 5 minutes) before we were "qualified" to be on the list of those waiting for a replacement. We did wait a bit over a year and were notified when the dash was in. I believe the replacement took many hours to do but I am very happy with the results. Keep in mind that very few car companies would replace a dash after 10+ years of use. I see many Honda Civics on the road with sun-damaged paint after only 5 years. As far as I know the dealerships are not repainting the damage areas. However, if they tell you that you are eligible, they should follow through.
  8. Well, it is currently 70 degrees F, here in San Diego. Our gas mileage is A-Okay during this time of season.
  9. If you would rather not troubleshoot, yourself, take your car to an AUTO-Electric shop. They are typically more experienced with electrical issues than your average mechanic.
  10. You can get Brembo (Manufacturer Part #: 25861) rotors at tirerack.com for $40 each. These will NOT rust like the rotors in the photo you posted.
  11. The parts person at your dealership can show you (and maybe print out) an exploded view of that assembly. Some online dealership websites contain the same thing, but with lower resolution images.
  12. The first thing I would suspect is installation. Are you sure that no other parts related to the installation are worn? I have had KYBs installed in my old Mazda MX6 GT for many years and never had a problem. However, that was a $2000 car at the time the struts were installed. If I were given a choice among KYB, Monroe, or OEM struts for our RX400h, I'd be tempted to go with OEM but not necessarily from our local dealership. As far as aftermarket shocks for other vehicles, my favorite is Koni. I have them on two of our cars and they have proven to be very reliable and high-performing.
  13. While this is also true of the Toyota Prius, its 53 MPG highway is quite a bit better than almost all non-hybrid vehicles. Of course, its aerodynamic profile is much better than that of a big SUV.
  14. 2GR-FE Valve Taping While Warm

    One concern I'd have if buying from a retired, elderly person is oil sludge. Many older folks do not drive their cars long enough to fully vaporize moisture that can accumulate in air spaces and oil. This may be less of a problem with synthetic oil but I know that it is a common problem, given a combination of short trips and oil change intervals that are based on miles driven. Dropping the oil pan should reveal whether this is the case or not.
  15. Have you checked around the exhaust manifold in the engine bay? If anything like a rubber hose or plastic part makes contact with either manifold (left or right), a burning smell can enter the driver's area.