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  1. Brett, it looks like HID lights are listed on that page. Do you wish to replace your HIDs because you want brighter lights? Or have your lights failed?
  2. Nice! That looks a bit like a 1957 Chevrolet. There are many here in the US with big engines in them. There is a mechanic on youtube who is installing a Jaguar V12 engine in a 1966 Chevelle Malibu. Engine Reveal! See what crazy engine the CAR WIZARD has selected to put in this '66 Chevelle Malibu - YouTube I watch some of his videos. He is a very good mechanic.
  3. Have you checked here? 2008 LEXUS RX400H 3.3L V6 ELECTRIC/GAS Headlamp Bulb | RockAuto It looks like they're not very expensive.
  4. Did you get someone to jump-start your car? If so, you can take it to an auto parts store so they can charge and test your battery and possible the alternator.
  5. As far as a stereo, you may want to check with Crutchfield: All Car Stereos at Crutchfield They have plenty of choices and excellent installation instructions for many vehicles. The owners/maintenance manual should have all the maintenance schedules. Maybe you can find one on Amazon's site.
  6. Yes, 0-60 MPH is about 4.5 seconds for the Vanderhall, which is close to the BMW i8 at about 4.2 seconds. The best sound from the Vanderhall is what is probably the turbocharger's waste gate. It's like hearing a big rig's air brake at almost the same sound level. You really can't wear a baseball cap; it would fly away at highway speeds, so I bought a World War I open cockpit plane cap that includes a chin strap. Bystanders must've thought I was some former military pilot who longed for the old days. 🙂
  7. I think the main reason why Lexus doesn't offer any vehicles with exotic car power is their reputation for longevity. German manufacturers seem to be in a never-ending competition for highest horsepower but I doubt any can last as long as the typical Lexus vehicle.
  8. Hey, Trevor, I guess living in a big city has its advantages. I just recently rented a Vanderhall Venice and added 2 photos to the mix, above. The fastest so far was the 2019 McLaren 570S, followed by the 2020 Porsche 911 4S Cabriolet, the 2014 Corvette. The others were all quick but the Vanderhall was the most "raw" - lots of noises, kindof like a cross between a motocycle and a kit car - lots of fun!
  9. Some of the cars I've driven within the past few years: Of course, all but one are Turo rentals.🙂
  10. I hope that fixes the problem. Please let us know how it turns out.
  11. There have been some complaints over the years but this site's severity rating is a 2. 14 Complaints: 2006 Lexus RX 400h Power Train Problems ( I have not seen many similar complaints in this forum. Did you scan for codes?
  12. Thanks, Mark. We have taken ours in for the few recall notices we received in the mail, so I am confident that there are no outstanding ones we need to take care of. However, those who did not buy their vehicles new should check, just as you mentioned.
  13. ...not quite the same here in San Diego at 65 - 70F during the day with low humidity. Rain is still a rare occurrence. Restaurants are open, definitely outdoors but I'm not sure about indoors. Some 65+ year old healthy folks are getting Covid shots but we're not there yet. We don't have blue tooth in two of our vehicles but I have Sirius XM music in my 2014 car. I can also hear it via blue tooth to stereo receivers at home (garage, family room, and gym).
  14. It looks like the lamp assemblies are different but the bulb and socket are the same for North America and Japan. You might want to compare the bulb numbers between the left and right sides. If it's just the wrong bulb, you can get the right one at any auto parts store, I would think.
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