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  2. Does this apply to 2011 Lexus ES 350 also? Thanks
  3. I have a trac light on as well on my Lexus SC 400 1992 I checked the O2 sensors not the problem but it only comes on as soon as I start driving ABS light is off do anyone know the answer to it please reply
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  5. Okay awesome, that's what I thought. It was owned by an older gentleman before. I couldn't imagine him putting aftermarket wheels on it. Anyway, one of the wheels has a small air leak so I'm just going to buy the matching wheels off Craigslist. I wanted to keep the car mostly original which is the reason I was wondering about the hubcap but I'm not worried about it if these aren't the original wheels. Thank you for your help!
  6. Dear Trevor, Sorry it took so long to reply. I missed the notification that you had responded. There definitely is some difference in the two radiator systems. In fact, I have to add water every 6 months, to the 01 Lexus ES300, but I have never had to add any water to the 98 Lexus ES300. JC
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  8. My rear main oil seal and transmission/transfer case input seal went out on the way back from my last trip. The oil leak was really bad but some blue devil rear main oil sealer did the trick in about 50 miles. The tranny fluid is getting worse and need to try some blue devil there. It is killing me that this might be the job that replaces my RX300, two stupid seals that would probably take me a few days to do. I have another trip coming up in a month and have started looking at a lower price GX470 as a replacement. The extra tow capacity and a V8 will is a must upgrade if we get a bigger boat in the next year or two, besides it is a true 4x4. It is essentially a land cruiser on a 4runner foundation and you can get them used for much less than a 4 runner which is amazing. If I decide to fix my RX I will be back, if I sell it I will probably head over the GX side.
  9. If you've rotated the tires (both from the rear to the front), the balancing and tire bulges is probably not an issue. I'd start from checking the undercarriage (is everything OK with your rear chassis) and re-aligning the wheels. may also want to check on or with a dealer if you car (identifiable by the VIN number) has any open TSB (technical service bulletins)...
  10. New Head fixed the CD player but rear speakers still muffled. It turns out my daughters car and the loaner I was given while mine was fixed have the same issue so it is not a LX issue or Head unit issue. I am waiting to hear from the Lexus tech rep on what is the issue. More to come hopefully.
  11. At each window switch lower to 1/2 then immediately raise all the way up and hold up on the window switch for at least 1-second. Repeat on all 4 doors. This should resolve the issue.
  12. I noticed water in the spare tire area, after pulling everything out I thought it was the plugs on the bottom. When I went to replace the plugs I still had everything out from before. This time I could see more water, but this time up the back side under the trunk latch. I didn't even have to pull the seal back to see the rust. Too late for me, because almost both pieces of metal were rusted thru above the latch. Water that came down from above inside the seal leaked through where it was rusted. Definitely think its more of a common problem than we know.
  13. So I read in another forum that I would have get 90% of my products from ebay, and so I found this product: Nav system but i'm having a difficult time finding a backup camera kit. Does anyone have any update or recommendations for 2011 250?
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  15. Thanks -I will give mobile 10/30 a try , it should save me $$$$ as Lexus dealer charges 110.00.
  16. Located Central NJ, but I can ship. Works fine, just want to see if anyone needs one instead of trashing it. $25 + shipping.
  17. I've done both front doors, as they both eventually died. I used a $170 replacement on eBay, but it looks like you can just replace the electric motor for a lot less according to another poster above. It only takes a couple hours. Hardest part is wiggling the assembly out of the door. What I can recall from memory: Remove the door panel (I've seen other how-tos on doing this) and weather shield Remove 2-3 bolts holding the actuator assembly to the door frame Remove the 3 bolts holding the jamb on Reach up in the door and disconnect the outer door handle Disconnect the electrical harness Wiggle the entire assembly out
  18. All modern non-electric cars have a differential. It allows the driving wheels to be powered, but rotate at different speeds. Operative word: DIFFERENT(ial). Rear wheel cars have the diff in the real axle area. Front wheel cars usually have them integrated with the transmission. Four wheel drive and hybrid cars can have several differentials.
  19. There's a great product you all can apply to dashboards and even leather for PERMANENT PROTECTION is not oily, permanently protects against uv and dirt will never stick to surfaces. The only thing is, is too shiny, but it's PERMANENT and all you have to do is wipe it off. It's called Trydon.
  20. in my Lexus S c300 1999 inline 6 2JZ GE There is a noise kind of a clicking maybe an exhaust or vacuum leak noise . it gets faster when I rev the engine there is white smoke coming out of the driver's side exhaust the noise is below intake manifold around the oil filter area it has 150k sounded fine about a month ago It was just under a quart shy of oil but still between the lines barely I know for sure it's not the fan or power steering
  21. rockauto parts has good cheep relays,1998,es300,3.0l+v6,1316093,electrical-switch+&+relay,a/c+system+relay,13364
  22. just unplug the plugin part there, no need to clip wires
  23. I am looking to buy a lexus sc430 with low miles. I prefer a red one but would consider other colors. I live in the Kansas City area. If anyone ever wants to sell one give me a call at 816-600-5451
  24. I have to think this subject has drawn comments here, perhaps someone can point me to them. My wife acquired a 250h 2010 and in recent years it developed an issue with the back right tire which always loses pressure, for example, going from 35 down to 25 within a week or so. We have had it into the Lexus dealer numerous times and they increasingly seem to have no solution. That tire has been re-beaded several times, but always starts to have the same problem again. They claim that completely replacing the tire would solve the problem, and say that replacing the pressure sensor would not necessarily solve the issue. We're about to replace the tire itself -- but I am skeptical that this will actually resolve the problem. Any help anyone could provide appreciated. I know that replacement tire sensors are widely available, and not through the dealer, but wonder if this is something we should do.
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