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  2. Howdy! Great to be here, but on to my problem. Precursor: Car typically gets 400 mile in total range on full tank of gas Issue: After I got my tires worked on = car was lifted, a loud rumbling/noise starts coming from the car, sounds like the muffler? The car itself drives fine, revs are still in line with what it should be when idling and at speed. The noise of course gets louder as the revs increase but it is also noticeable when idling. The main problem that worries me is that after I filled up the gas tank afterwards, the maximum range displayed on the dash is at ~330 miles which makes me believe something is wrong with the engine itself even though nothing is out of the ordinary other than the loud rumbling noise. I haven't gone to get a diagnostic/inspection yet and wanted to see if anybody else has ever hit this type of issue and what it was and if I can handle this on my own. If it would help, I can go film and add a video of what I'm experiencing to better describe.
  3. Trango, The only way to know for sure if a 235 will fit and clear the shock tower lower spring mount, is to try fitting one on the car and turning the steering lock to lock. I'd be more inclined to think the 225 would clear, but a 235 ... ? As far as the best place and tire to use, go online to Tire, input your car model and year and see what they come up with. Every tire is rated as to wear, noise, grip in rain, etc. They have dozens of makes and models to choose from, and almost every tire has many customer reviews to help you make a choice. They'll ship the tires to a tire shop near you, or you can use the info and find your own tire shop to purchase and mount them. They are as good as any place you'll find.
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  5. Service instructions manual

    Here you go. Hope these are of some help to you. RX300 - Body Electrical Diagrams .pdf RX300_1998-2003_Workshop_Repair_Manual__WhereEverybodyKnowsY.pdf RX300_-_Repair_Manual_.pdf
  6. Sounds like my '08 ES350. It sounded like that when new. Lexus said it was piston slap. Never believed them. It was I believe a problem with a string of engine builds that was eventually fixed. None of the loaners Lexus provided me with made the noise. For whatever it's worth, my ES has 141K on it now and runs well but recently developed a timing cover leak that's a major repair. Might expect that on an old Chrysler but not on a Lexus. Pretty disappointed with them.
  7. Dear GBHRPS, Thank you for your great, detailed reply. I will try it. JC
  8. Tire Ware

    I need help. My 2010 ES 350 eats tires. I am now on my fifth set of Michelin tires now in 64,000 miles. It is perfectly aliened. I rotate every 5000 and sometimes 3000 miles. The professionals cannot find anything wrong with the car and it has never been in an accident. I am now getting 6000 to 7000 miles on a set of tires. The tires are wearing perfectly right across the tread. We are at a loss.
  9. Roaring sound at 30-40 MPH has appeared.

    TddFord, Sounds like a bad wheel bearing. To know for sure, get onto a road free of traffic and at various constant speeds, swerve the car back and forth. If the sound (roar) varies in volume or type of sound when swaying, the bearing is going south. To know for sure, have a good independent mechanic drive the car or put it on a hoist while idling and in gear. He'll be able to hear it with a stethoscope. It is possible that you could also have a bad half axle shaft with a worn CV joint.
  10. This is my custom sub box. It houses 2 JL 10Wv3s with a JL Slash 5001/1 Amp. Very clear clean sound. Not the boomy crapy sound the kids are used to.
  11. Mileage On Your Lx470

    2001 LX 470 with 166000. Everything works perfectly!
  12. BeauR, Congrats! There aren't many wrenchers on this forum like some other sites, so you may have to look else where at times when you don't get a response here. That said, know that the Camry is the sister platform for the ES of every year, except 2018, when the ES jumped ship to share the Avalon platform. That means most parts for engine, tranny, brakes, switches, etc., are the same for the same generation ES and Camry. That makes parts much easier to find in wrecking yards. Trim parts, dash, door panel, fender are different for sure. So check carefully when searching out parts, and be aware that the Lexus part is often the cheaper Camry part with a Lexus part number label put on top of the Toyota label. Been there, done that. Good Luck on your restoration project!
  13. Hi everyone, I'm looking at buying a 2008 IS-F with 208K miles. Is this a crazy idea? I have never owned a car with that many miles on it. The car is in good shape and is priced at $15,500. Thoughts? Advice? Thank you!
  14. Lexus Reputation Doesn't Seem to Hold

    just buy another car selling this one, or repair it in the workshop yourself
  15. New LF 1 Crossover

    I like the side view. but it was cool if the headlights were larger
  16. Power outlet 2 location? 2007 RX350

    Thanks Andy - I use the trunk/luggage outlet regularly but it does not have enough capacity (only 15A) to allow full power transmit of my radio. I'd like to find where the 20A circuit can be found.
  17. Dvd GPS Display

    This is 100% normal and characteristic of the Toyota gps systems. Nothing you can do about it unless you buy a GROM VLINE and use Waze
  18. Check fuses and all seems ok. Any other fuses that I dont know about? TIA
  19. Seat Belt Sticky--Easy To Replace?

    Maybe you can ry cleaning them. This is a common issue as these cars age. Mines are weak as well.
  20. Have you tried removing and re-inserting the disk?
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  22. Hello to all. I'm new to these forums & glad to be here. I've been wanting a 350 for several years and am able to become an owner in the very near future. A guy I work with now has worked 5 years at a dealer near by & is still real tight with the used car manager. He says he can talk to him to get me one at an auction when I'm ready. I've got a little ways to go on the down payment, and get the balance thru my credit union. It'll be nice again to look at a car I'll be driving to work & be excited about the prospect. johnj1020
  23. Need Advice

    Hello! I'm brand new to these forums, but I saw your question, and I've got some input for you. I work with a guy @ O'Reilly Auto Parts here in Arlington Heights, Il, who owns a 2001 LS430. He just bought a set of tires at the Discount Tire near by, (he's a regular customer there), & settled on some B F Goodrich G-Force Comp-2 Hi-Perf all season radials, & has nothing but good things to say about them. Out of curiosity I went to their site, read the reviews & 2 of 3 customers said they'd buy them again. I'm considering them for my ES 350 when the time comes. Hope this helps. johnj1020
  24. Hi, I am new to the community. I just want to congratulate you and wish you the best of luck. God Bless. Gret
  25. Air Mode Servo

    My 2010 RX350 climate control won't change modes (i.e. selecting defrost no longer directs air to windshield). From what I've read online I may need a air mode servo but unable to find info on how to get at it on a 2010. Can anyone help? Thanks
  26. Please help!!!

    JLogo1985, I feel your pain. Please also post at since it has a bigger readership than this and likely has had somebody post something like what you have before.
  27. thank you, you no were i might find one?
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