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  2. Need some help.I changed out throttlebody for an aftermarket one and keep getting this code P0505. My 2008 Lexus is250 idles at 2000 rpm cold start in the morning, then comes down around1000 RPMs in about five minutes after warmed up. I was having previous idol problems and that’s why I changed out my OEM throttle body to an aftermarket one. Anybody have any suggestions? Thank You
  3. I need the rear driver (left) door black caviar color (color code: 223) for 2017 Lexus IS300 as soon as possible. If anyone has that for sale please email me at Thank you
  4. Side note: We are only now replacing the remote battery after 14.5 years! Those Lexus engineers really know how to design efficient battery circuits.
  5. Get a CPO ES350 in year 2016 or 2017. It will come with a two year full warranty and can be had for $25k. Any Lexus or Toyota dealer can service it.
  6. I moved and due to HDD crash lost all of my forum info. But now have a 2016 ES350 and really like it.
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  8. 15 minutes after driving it, 2012 RX 350 out of the blue won't start. Multiple warning icons or messages: check engine, check AWD, check SRS, check ABS and probably more.
  9. My 2019 owners manual calls for 91 octane gas that is TOP TIER rated. Neither of these (2) requirements are available in gasoline stations conveniently close to where I live. What do most owners use to keep the GX running as it should without gas containing the proper additives to keep the engine/valves deposits in check and eliminate engine knock?
  10. I have an 06 gs300. Lots of research reveals pcm problems very common causing shift problems. There are many companies that rebuild , see Ebay listings. Mine starts blowing through shifts quickly when warmed up. Ive soldered on the pcm. I may send it out. It is shifting better after resoldering the trans circuits , resistors in the pcm. Still not right though.
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  12. My mechanic, I’ve known and used for several years and multiple cars, informed me that the ‘98 LS400 does clog and once replaced my check engine light goes off and I found my fuel consumption decreased and MPG improved too. (The only time my “check engine” light comes on is when it was time to replace the fuel filter.) It seems more than reasonable that filters are meant to capture detritus. Oil filters perform the same way yet I wager no one disputes the importance of changing that filter every X thousand miles. Since then I have been more interested in doing many maintenance acts on my own. With time, patience, following the steps and with the right tools anyone can do most of the simple jobs, to include replacing the fuel line filter. I always spray the bolts with degreaser/WD40 too.
  13. No throttle when 2000 GS300 heats up. Changed TPS and still having issues.
  14. Hi, Thanks for sharing info. Where did you buy those A.R.T. cryogenically frozen slotted rotors from? how much were they?
  15. I have an '01 Lexus ES with 179,000 miles. I'm the 2nd owner and it was well maintained exclusively at the Lexus dealership by the previous owner. I'm looking for a pair of high-performance rear struts for road handling,safety and performance at moderate high speeds on exit ramps and curvy backroads. I bought a pair of Monroe struts and after 3 months, they are worthless. Never again ! I know this is not a performance car nor a sports car, but I just want to feel safe and know how my car will handle during my typical driving in corners or over bumpy roads. OEM struts are poorly damped and nowhere near the performance I'm looking for. The rest of both the front and rear suspensions have been gone through and fully replaced with new parts, so I know 100% that this is strictly a strut issue. Does anyone know of a high performance rear strut...(and fronts too if possible) for my car ? Bilstein doesnt make anything,nor does KYB. I did have a pair of Tokicos that were very nice and it handled very well and tracked flat with them, but they were so noisey (making loud banging noises) during cold weather (under 50° f ) that I had to remove them. I hope someone can help. Thanks for reading,and for your help ! Dave
  16. I also want to purchase it from the dealer, but cost is more than enough so i took help from locksmith in bellaire and they've provided me at reasonable cost.
  17. Anyone have any idea where I can find a replacement wiring harness for my tilt motor? My motor is good, just don't have the harness. Thanks much.
  18. My wife took her GX 460 in for the 30,000 mile service. We have about seven months left on the lease, and they told her that she needs all new tires, new brake pads, and new rotors. Total price tag comes in at about $2700. I don’t know what kind of “butter” tires they put on these vehicles, but 30,000 miles is ridiculously low for needing a complete new set (in my opinion). I’ve owned a lot of vehicles, and 50,000 to 60,000 miles is more in line with my expectations for new tires. And that’s about what I replace mine at, and my wife and I drive in pretty much the same locations and conditions. As far as the brakes go, well OK, I can understand that. Maybe she’s a little heavy on the brake. What I don’t get is the rotors. She always gets her service done at the dealership, and why they couldn’t tell her that her brakes were low before they started digging into the rotors is beyond me. Sounds like they could’ve caught it at the 25,000 mile service and saved me several hundred dollars on that front. I mean isn’t the whole point of a lease to turn it in before you have to start shelling out for maintenance expenses like this? We’ve had the vehicle for about 29 months, so it’s basically like you need to set aside an extra $100 a month to pay for the extra maintenance expenses before you even turn the vehicle in. Needless to say, I will get the tires and brake work done for about half the price at a local shop. They won’t be the premium tires that they are wanting to put on at the dealership, but frankly I don’t care because in a few months it’ll be somebody else’s vehicle. Disappointed. Rant over.
  19. Hello all, I purchased a 2006 SC430 and I am looking for a OEM SC430 car cover in good to excellent condition, I am also looking for the spare tire conversion kit for the trunk in good to excellent condition. Let me know if you have any of these items please. Thank you,
  20. @Kassie I just saw your post about your trunk slamming down after opening it. Did you ever fix that issue 'cause I'm having the exact same problem. I hope you can help me out. Thanks.
  21. We have a 2010 and is peeling on door panel and trim above glove box. Dealer said the piece on dash alone is $854 without labor. That’s crazy!! But yes, definitely the heat...
  22. As others have said...fix the ECU first. All your symptoms are usually present in most unrepaired ECU's in '93 and '94 LS400s.
  23. Anyone know where I might find instructions/guide for replacing the left rear brake shield on an 2007 ES350? It seems everything must come off to replace it, including the parking brakes. I could wing it, but it would be nice to have some info going in.
  24. I agree with ppine. Also, front brakes rotors/pads. Matched, drilled, slotted racing available online. Total installed parts & labor by a mobile mechanic $300. Do not have done at Lexus dealerships. Same for TB & water pump.
  25. Just a wild guess. Two years ago I fixed the ECU (new caps) and did a general timing belt, water pump replacement, plugs, etc on my '94 LS400. My wife limped home one day in our '94 recently.. It was running very rough (sounded like only four cylinders) and smell of gas let me know that this probably wasn't ECU or plugs. Did some diagnostics and found I could fire plugs on one bank of 4 cylinders but not the other bank. I tested primary and secondary resistances on the ignition coil on the bad side. The coil was open. I was able to get a new one (in stock) from Advance Auto or AutoZone...can't remember which. Replacing it was not fun but it has been running for 2 months problems. Check your coils.
  26. The factory two tone silver and bronze wheels are starting to grow on me. Good for now. New rims update the car. Old rims are classic. Take your pick.
  27. Hey Bro! I found a similar car. I want to buy a car via but I´m a bit worried about that, just if they are reliable. What is your opinion?
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  29. There is no one solution for this problem. It could be a lot of things. For example, if the brake is dragging, MPG is also bad.
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