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  2. Hello. I've picked up two (presumably used) keys from eBay both working at a low price from the same seller. The keys apparently were 2001, and look the same. My car is 2001 LS430, UCF30R-AEAGKW; Europe, Right hand drive, 3UZFE, 5 speed automatic, and apparently Ultraluxury edition (but without parking sensors). Is there a way to program these to start the car and function identical or similar to the only master key I have? Picture attached. Left to right; Purchased key 1, Purchased key 2, Functioning master key.
  3. jeffwingo

    IS250c hitch

    Do you still have the IS250C hitch?
  4. Lexus Owners Club

    Diminished Forum Activity ?

    Both absolutely superb cars and definitely worth holding onto the XK8 as going up in value at an alarming rate in the UK
  5. gbhrps

    2008 Lexus es 350

    dionj34, You are still too vague. Get the hood open, have someone rev the car up several times while you stand in front of the car and determine where the sound appears to originate. Better yet, record a sound clip or video on your phone and post it here.
  6. 2010 Lexus Rx 350 Passenger side brake/Stop light not working. The Dealer( stealer ) is asking to replace the whole assembly for 668 + tax, -- ouch! An y ideas Thanks Mk
  7. Brickwall

    Lifted Rx300 With Big Tires

    Nice! Thought maybe I should share some more recent pics of my RX, the bumper and skid plates are still a work in progress.
  8. Hopefully you're healing well from your fall. Yikes! In the case of my LS, I had electrical issues when I bought the car--First, no start (I first ran a jumper lead under dash to the ECU main power lead). I was able to start the car... But there was also no power to the HVAC blower, no charging light, radio, etc. In my case, I checked wiring all the way from the under-hood power distribution point, through the wiring and into the car, thinking I had rodent issues to deal with. Instead, it was a bad connection inside the car, at the fuse and breaker panel--the connector that screws into the panel apparently had enough corrosion on it to cause issues. I removed the connector, treated both ends with DeoxIt, worked it in, then re-installed the connector. It's worked ever since, four years on. Check it out when you can--can't hurt, might help. Paul
  9. Hi - I have an RX330 2006. The sunroof would not close. I can hear the motor when I use the slide button. But the sunroof does not move. I did hear a wired sound when I opened the sunroof and since then it is stuck. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot
  10. Ilse

    2006 Trim levels

    Hey Lexus SC lovers! I'm trying out a 2006 Smoky Granite/Saddle combo with 71k this weekend. I've tried out a few and researched many, but this is the first one with the non-traditional color-coded wheels. The previous owner tells me he thinks its an upgrade offer. The logo lettering is not quite silver but rather a smoky silver and he thought the two were together in this upgrade Can anyone give more details? I haven't found much in my initial online searching.
  11. Earlier
  12. Can't recommend any one unit, but you will need another transponder key. The engine won't start without a recognized key near the antenna, which is next to the ignition switch. I would buy another key online, use Techstream to program it to the car, and then tape it under the dash near the switch WITHOUT getting it cut. That way a thief would not be able to steal the car after it is remotely started since the steering and shifter would still be locked.
  13. I recently back in April changed my Daughter's Radio Unit in her 2008 RX350. I purchased the unit from and bought their steering wheel conversion unit which was plug & play. It worked great! including the Microphone on the Unit for answering the cell phone hands-Free! The steering wheel Control Interface: Item #120ASWC1 was $41.00 but I felt was worth it! Easily installed and worked great!
  14. Thanks on the info...... yes I'll change out the 25 amp #59 location fuse.
  15. Lexus Owners Club

    Lexus no1 AGAIN by Consumer Reports

    Good point about the heritage though....a lot of other manufacturers have racing pedigrees to fall back on and one of the most prestigious in my mind is Alfa Romeo but they don't seem to be a big player in the arena nowadays. So heritage is somewhat fickle I believe, and maybe Lexus are carving out their niche but it just takes time I guess.
  16. tipler

    How Many Miles On Your Gx? Any Problems?

    2004 one owner 48,000 miles no issues had the timing belt replaced ,spark plugs etc , they did find some oil on one of the the spark plugs., so replaced the casket . Deciding to sell or not !!
  17. bbtucker

    Radio Upgrade

    What did you end up doing? I am interested in doing the same thing.
  18. Hi all, The manual says 87 or higher for the fuel type but I have only filled the premium grade (93) so far. But the last time I filled, I filled the regular gasoline. Maybe my imagination, but it feels like the acceleration is a bit slow and rough. Which type of fuels do you use and notice any difference with regular vs premium? Any advice on whether to stick with 87 or go back to the 93? TIA
  19. 2001 Lexus RX 300 Driver side door won't open, not with handle(inside or out), key(manual or electronically). I can open all the other doors manually and electronically. Can i use a slim jim to open it?
  20. wineluver

    Vibration issue caused by bad differential?

    So Diceman49, you had major vibration and after replacing the CV axles it was gone? What made you decide on replacing the CV axels? Sounds a lot less $$$ than replacing the differential! Thanks for the advice.
  21. I agree with you Anton, although the claims on Heavy Vehicle tyres seem to be backed by good stats but in the whole I believe also that it is over-rated for everyday mainstream cars. Tyre sealant, however, can save a replacement tyre if the pressure ever drops substantially and overheats the tyre, resulting in the casing being destroyed.
  22. Meisterschaft MUSA exhaust is a $3500 exhaust. I would suggest AIMGAIN, Lexon, Skipper, Artisan Spirits for body parts. TIEN, GReddy, RSR for coilovers. Wheels: AIMGAIN, or Work
  23. F sport is better and you will find most aftermarket parts are for f sport only
  24. You should replace Lower Control Arm Bushing with stiffer GSF units. Tires you will only get 1/2 of the tire milage warranty at best with staggered tire sizes (can not rotate). Try to find tires with 50,000 or more mile warranty (25,000 for staggered)
  25. Look into: - F Sport intake - F Sport Exhaust - Tanabe Medalion Exhaust - TEIN Flex Z Coilovers
  26. Best Lips are: AIMGAIN, Lexon, Skipper, NIA
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