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  3. When the plastic lenses get cloudy it becomes like sticking wax paper over a flashlight. Light still comes out but it is evenly spread out instead of being focused forward by the reflector. The thing about using the 3m kit (or other kind) is taping around the light so you don't scratch paint around the lens. It basically starts out as a fairly course sand paper but don't be alarmed as it looks like you are ruining the lens with all those scratches. You use the course paper, then one a bit finer and another even more fine. By the final course you begin to see what looks like magicaly turn
  4. 07 LEXUS GS 350 AWD. car still run, drive and everything work like a champ I’m Selling whole car as parts. Email me what you need and your offer. Local pickup or shipped at your cost. If pay with paypal add 3% additional to it.
  5. Yes, discovered the 4 year old battery had a bad cell. Thought that may have been the problem. Replaced with new battery and the symptoms continue unresolved.
  6. here ya go Click on parts catalog at the top left and take it from there.
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  8. Wanna buy a bridge Mac? Cause if you believe that either side of those DC crowd has your back I have a bridge for sale……cheap.
  9. Hi, I have a 2003 LS430 with the same problem. If I drive it every day or so it's fine, but If I leave it sitting for five days the battery is dead. I replaced the battery and the problem persisted. It's not the battery. I never did discover what the slow drain is, but I figured out a solution. I found a knife blade switch to put on a car battery. It looks like the power switch for machinery. I placed this in between the battery and the grounding cable. It's built to install on vehicles. When I know the car will be sitting for a week or so, I open the hood and disconnect the battery
  10. When you're 22 the 20 years from then seems like it'll never arrive. When it does arrive you wonder at what point did you skip 15 of them.
  11. Thanks! It's pretty handy to use for my business.
  12. Replace the cabin filter first, Have a look at the opening after filter removal...Possibly some debris ...
  13. Ya mean I don't have to keep a 2x4 in the back anymore? Right on!! Welcome aboard scchen.
  14. You may also check into replacing spark plug wires and distributor cap. I changed plugs on a vehicle and it did fine for a while, then it ran rough again, which led to changing distribtor cap and rotor button. White soot buildup caused intermitent conductivity. When it ran like crap again I took it to a shop who replaced the wires and all was good again.
  15. Sorry about that. Maybe further searching with more relevant descriptions would help?
  16. Are you still in need of third row seats?
  17. I have been a RX owner for years. Coming in and out the forum for repair tips only. It was about a year ago saw posts about purposing the RX for rugged use. I really enjoy all of the modified/customized RXs in this thread. I learned quite a lot from the members on their each unique customization. Also, I am glad there are members lifted their RX with strut spacers without any reliability issues as I am looking to perform that as a future enhancement for the RX. I own a RX400h and initially was used by the wife for commuting. It was past on to me years ago and it became a mul
  18. Multi information toggle on steering wheel not scrolling. Any ideas. Just bought it. Thanks!
  19. Just bought used 2010 rx350 and discovered that the dash radio controls are not working. Steering wheel ones do work. Read about pressing on left side of radio which might make it work. Last ditch effort and it seems to work. I had to press very hard on left side of radio but doing so made the controls to light up. Had to press extremely hard, but they don't stay on. Any suggestions? Thanks!!
  20. I have a 2 months old regular 12 V battery, but the same thing happened with my Lexus400h (TCGrace) Check system, check hybrid system, check vsc system, check system etc. so I'm !Removed! off and regret to buy this POS. I had a wonderful Nissan Altima 2003 brand new when we've purchased it. Just gave it to a friend with 288,000 miles still running well and never ever had to do anything with that great car, only change the oil, oil and air filter... Lexus my A....
  21. Hi from UK can anyone tell me the procedure for replacing the telescopic motor cheers Dave
  22. I have had this problem. In my case it seems to have been a fuel issue. I had a check engine, with multiple misfire issues on different cylinders and the VSC off. I had the problem from bad gas, after my car sat for over a year. It took driving 2000 miles with lots of fuel injector cleaner, and it finally cleared up.
  23. This info is from Herbie in the United Kingdom forum: Here is the link to the original posted battery drain issue: RX400h 12V battery drain overnight - RX 300 / RX 350 / RX 400h / RX 200t / RX 450h Club - Lexus Owners Club
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