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  2. Here's how.
  3. Weather Tech makes good covers. Now if you want it to look all custom-like check out cover craft.
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  5. Amsoil lists 75W-90 for all temps for your car. That's what I'd use as a preferred viscosity. That should cover the manual's specified viscosity without any issues.
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  7. Also, if your dead battery is less than 3 years old you may be able to get credit for any remaining months left on the warranty. Check the date sticker on the battery. Costco and Walmart are my favorite battery vendors, in that order. When I pick the battery, myself I get the newest battery based upon the date code. If you are planning to change it, yourself, you will need to relearn window operation. See your owner's manual for details. If a dealership changes the battery, they should do this for you.
  8. I recently bought a 2019 RX 350 and it occurred to me that at some point I will need to replace the battery or will need to disconnect it and will need the code to get the radio working again. I started looking through my manuals and other paperwork and have looked throughout the interior, but haven't found the anti-theft code. Does anyone know whether it's hidden somewhere like a menu? I've probably got plenty of time to find it, but I'll need it sooner or later. Thanks
  9. Hi- I bought my UX250H in April this year. I am averaging 41.8 miles per gallon. I drive 90% on highways and I would estimate 30 % of my time in highway is stop and go traffic (Chicago peak hours😔). I can’t speak to your driving style, type of traffic u drive in etc, but keep these two things in mind: 1) the range indicator that u see is based of how u drive. I have seen many times the range will go up as u drive. This is simply a mat the car does base n fuel consumption in the last few miles u drove. 2) That said, gas mileage on this car and any hybrid car for that matter varies based on how u drive. Chicago doesn’t have curvy roads, but the highways do have ups and downs. So, what I do is accelerate on the down hill and let my foot off the gas pedal when I am on uphill as much as possible and accelerate just to keep the car moving at the speed I want. I hear this is called momentum driving, and what it basically means is u use the car’s momentum as much as possible and minimize engine acceleration. if after doing all this, ur car gives poor mileage, then I agree that’s is an issue with the vehicle. hope this helps
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  11. Hello guys, I need your help and advice one more time. My 2017 Lexus RX350 is due for its 5k maintenance service. I bought the car when it was 31k, now the mileage is 36k and I see the message on the dashboard that required maintenance soon. I live in a town where there is no Lexus dealership, the closest one is 90 miles from me. But there is a Toyota dealership in my town. Just wondering if I can take my RX350 to the Toyota dealership for this maintenance service. If yes, what would be the advantage and disadvantages? Thank you!
  12. Thanks. As it ultimately turned out the only mirror that would fit on the car could only be found as a genuine Lexus part, already painted. Still got a better deal than the local stealer, but well over the cost of the cheaper mirrors without mirror memory that came unpainted.
  13. Add 1 pint to 1 quart of Dexron III/IV to engine oil to replace the same volume of engine oil at oil change. The ATF is a lubricant, but a very high detergent lubricant and it will disolve the varnish on the components of the hydraulic lifters allowing proper pump-up of the lifters and eliminate most if not all ticking of the lifters. It also improves oil flow to the top of the cylinder heads to improve lubrication of the valve stems and seals. This has worked for me in EVERY car I have owned, foreign and domestic, for the past 50 years. It will not harm the engine. It has not harmed any of mine. Also, after the lifter noise has been fixed, exchange 1 quart of oil for 1 quart of Rislone Oil Additive (another high detergent engine additive to prevent varnishing of engine parts) with EVERY routine oil change. Also, try to not run too far past oil change recommended mileage. There is NO reason you cannot attain 250K+ miles on your automobile if properly maintained.
  14. What other items besides an oil change does a 60k service include? My truck for example reccomends tire rotation at 60, but not 50 since it reccomends that at 15k intervals. It also reccomends tranny fluid change at 60k based on every 30k. Neither one I'd opt for based on the truck sitting around but……yeah get rid of that motor oil since it may be loaded with condensation from warming and cooling. And I'd have them check my battery out. But some places include a battery check with an oil change/service.
  15. Would be best to reverse the installation process to check all the wiring as quite possible something has not been connected correctly
  16. Plenty of suppliers out there selling quality parts. Prices should be about similar but look for brands like Ferodo, Bendix, ATE and many other good brands. These usually cost more but are more reliable and durable for city driving
  17. best to use dealer only to ensure hybrid system is also checked and calibrated with new battery
  18. Fitment should be the same like for like but obviously change as a pair due to increased output
  19. Hi and welcome to the Club! Fine looking machine....enjoy the forums!
  20. Maybe consider that the driveshaft is slightly bent which would give a vibration from the imbalance.
  21. Good info, thanks. Way to hang in there. 👍
  22. I am not sure, maybe you should try checking Facebook groups.
  23. can't figure why the lift gate motor only works about half of the time
  24. Love the look! I've been trying to add some auxiliary lighting to mine but having issues finding places to stick lights. Could you post up what make/model lighting you have in under the grill and in the bumper slots? Any info on installation? Thanks in advance!
  25. oh BTW, the 164k wouldnt necessarily scare me if the price was right and evidence of maintenance exists (plugs, WP, VVT oil lines, etc)
  26. UPDATE: Installed said spacers, no rub on full lock on front and no rub rear under full droop. Bad news? Found oil leak coming from what appears to be an area behind the PS pump. Not good. Praying to the God of Banjo Bolts that its a bad washer at the rear VVT oil line but I am not hopeful my prayers are being heard. Probably timing cover given my luck (if it wasnt for bad luck, I wouldnt have no luck at all........ )
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