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  2. Aw crap! I need to put the cross bars back on (now 16 years later!) I need to figure out which direction they go, and how to do it - next time I'll take photos and write this stuff down... doh!
  3. I've read numerous forums I've changed alternator twice already first had burnt regulator I changed ecm as I had no dash and or flickering etc new battery seems I'm still having a short circuit or something somewhere albeit I'm new to this really I'm learning as I go my father was a mechanic for a long time but on older cars this car is throwing me for a loop I replaced alt relay checked every fuse nothing is blown changed am2 relay and still after all that battery won't charge it stays at 11.8 and if I try to jump it it will only run if I keep foot on gas seems battery don't charge so I'm gon
  4. Are the sensors the type that slide into the pad held in position with the slide pin spring ?
  5. Last week
  6. The right rear tail light in the lift gate and quarter panel do not work. Both bulbs are good. All other parking and marker lights work. Anyone have experience to resolve the issue? Bill
  7. Guilty of bumping an old and barely coherent question I know, but I've had exactly the same issue with the parking sensor for the last few days on my 2007 IS250 and wasn't having any luck trying to find a solution including online. (Normal operation being putting the transmission into reverse produces a "bleep" and activates the camera screen, the rear sensors then function accordingly, but the bleep and the sensors simply stopped working, with no fault message/code present). So this morning I reversed it onto the drive in order to poke around, check fuses etc. As the drive is quite
  8. I have not seen this posted here so I'm going to try. Like many, my odometer quit around 160k. Taking it apart I found the spindle gear cracked and in pieces, but the drive gear on the motor was fine. I replaced the spindle gear with a 10 tooth nylon gear I bought off ebay for less than ten dollars and it's still working after a 100 miles. It's important to use a 10 tooth gear, as my first attempt was a 12 tooth gear and that did not work. The hardest part was getting the dash out. Those electrical connectors are tough. If you attempt it be sure to disconnect the battery before starting
  9. Just saw this. Does it turn over but does not start? If it does not turn over (crank) at all (just goes click, click) then it is not the fuel pump or timing belt. My guess is still the battery but just a guess. How old is it? 3 years is about all you get here in florida :). I know that my Mazda will not run without the battery connected but I have never tried it on the Lexus. They are both 1990s vintage so it could be the same. PS - I bought a cigarette lighter digital plug in voltmeter for mine (highly recommended) and eventually found my issue to be the switches in the vanity mirror o
  10. 2000 Lexus RX 300- Still going strong.
  11. I lost my key and lock smith cant do it with the vin so I need to get the door lock removed fro. The passenger door but it jammed in what other way to get the code
  12. I would expect the actual speed to be slightly less than the speed shown on the speedometer. The difference is usually between one and three mph. After setting the cruise control speed you can adjust the cruise control speed with the steering wheel controls to get it to exactly where you want it. Do you not like the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control? All vehicles manufactured by Toyota since around 2018 have it. It takes some getting used to and even some skill to use efficiently. I've often driven 200 miles or more while using radar cruise control without ever touching the gas or b
  13. My bet is that it is. Every so often a bad battery rears its ugly head. Thankfully, they are few and far between these days.
  14. Thanks, OnStar does confirm that the main score circled the higher the better, which I assumed it was but there’s no way of knowing for sure. The other scores for cornering and so forth, There is still no way to interpret those. thanks for responding
  15. Sat nav was an extra cost option on the RX300 and RX400h in the U.S. market. Some people bought it. Other people didn't.
  16. So your model is actually UX250H, not UX250? You have the hybrid, right? You see an "H" after the 250 on the model and on the car itself on the side of the car the word "hybrid?" If so, this is a timely topic for me. We have a 5 week old 250H (2021) and the first 3 times I got gas I got 39 MPG. Yesterday it dropped to 35, no change in driving, same type of driving. I did notice the "eco" was off, so I put it on and what I dont know is if it was on when I was getting 39. So I am waiting to see what happens, I am also wondering what "drive pulse" numbers m
  17. OK, glad you posted that as now I feel better it's just a battery issue, ours is old enough to probably need to be replaced anyway.
  18. Was in energy industry for years, and have friends and family still in it. One in particular has more certifications in lubrication products than you can count, and he was there when Mobil first brought Mobil1 to market. The proving of initial product offering was extensive, and billions of miles later in actual customer application shows the long term benefits of full synthetic oil products on engine life for gasoline and diesel engines (Delvac1 for diesel). You can not go wrong with these products, and should follow the OEM suggestions as to 5W30. Our family and business runs vehicles ov
  19. Being a fan of Bausch & Lombe Ray Ban's, American Optical and Maui Jim I just discovered Caribbean Sun shades at my local Wal Mart eye care center. For the money they seem pretty solid. I like Foster Grant shades too. Their wayfarer style iare a favorite. And those Terminator/Dale Earnhardt Gargoyles are an old favorite. Collecting them from the 1960's and 70's for a while was fun but then word got out and prices sky rocketed. So I turned to 80's Maui Jim and Hobie breifly. Anybody else have an assortment of shades or an old favorite?
  20. Here's a set with tires about 30min outside ATL
  21. I know it's been more than 5 years...but is it possible to access those pictures? thank you in advance
  22. Yes, Rubber cement or the likes works on torn speakers 🙂 Always has and likely always will 🙂
  23. I had the same problem on my 2003 430LS. I looked at the possible fixes, but, if you're going to go through all that trouble, why not just replace the speaker? My solution was to apply a bead of silicone caulk to the area where the OEM glue has failed. I removed the cover, applied the bead of silicone with the speaker in place and let it cure. I replaced the cover, the speaker sounds fine and the whole job took thirty minutes as opposed to a week-end.
  24. OK, Lexus owners might be too purist to use this cheap and dirty trick. Replacing the foam is technically time consuming and requires you to remove the speaker from the car. Instead, take the cover off, apply a bead of silicone caulk where the speaker has separated from the speaker frame. Let it dry and replace the cover after it has fully cured. The silicone prevents the speaker cone from vibrating against the speaker frame and it is flexible enough to allow the speaker to function normally. Instead of eating up a whole day meticulously removing the speaker and replacing the speaker foam
  25. Drove a 2002 LS430 for 15 years and recently bought a 2020 LS 500. I use the cruise control a lot and am frustrated that it will not "hold" the speed at the same speed I set. For example, if manual cruise (not radar) is set at 80, the actual speed is only 79. Very seldom will it hold the cruise speed. I've taken it in for service and am being told that is "normal". Does anyone else find this to be was never so with the old version and my husband drives new model GMC's which do not do this either. Will appreciate feedback so I can either get over being annoyed OR get the
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