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  2. My rims have blistered also, door panels are horrible, the glove box and the console are a mess you can't even touch the doors without sticking to it. I am very disappointed in Lexus.I have had the parts on back order as of April it will be a year. They take crap care of their customers.They think if they wait long enough we will just go away. I want my car fixed or my money back then I will go away.J.M. Parker
  3. Greetings My father has been running into some issues with this particular model as of late, he has replaced most of the sensors, as far as i know it's the valve timing, coolant, regulator in and output. But it keeps struggling on the ignition, i will attach a video of it Any clues about what is going on i would highly appreciate, might make a mistake or two since I'm not car savvy and language barrier with name parts, and this might be a common issue talked to death but i'm not even sure how to begin researching for this so i'm sorry if it is a repetitive topic.
  4. You should check to see if the radiator fans are working first. Try this: turn the ignition switch ON and check if the radiator fan stops? If it does not stop, then check the fan relay.
  5. Hi, any news on this topic? I have a '02 LX470 and I'm looking for this too as well as how to fix a now-not working Seats memory after a battery change. Thanks in Advance!
  6. My 99 Lexus rx300 code says misfire on 2 4 and 6. With a 1351 code..from what I've read elsewhere the code says its the crankshaft position sensor not camshaft does anyone know why....thanks
  7. This is the best online tutorial for your car that landar put together. Try to see what you have been missing. 98 1uz-fe Timing Belt And Water Pump Replacement How_to
  8. Thank you for your reply. It sounds like that's on my next thing-to-do list.
  9. If you look closely to the window sticker on the Lexus when you go car shopping, you will see a white sticker mostly on the rear passenger side window behind the driver's sit and it states as follows: "This vehicle's parts are 55% USA/Canadian and 35% Japanese". I dont know where the other 10% is lost, however 55% of the car is equipped with crappy American parts made for Lexus. And only 35% of it is actually Japanese which is, The Engine. The transmission, and probably the ECM, BCM, and TCM. * ECM = Engine Control Module ** BCM = Body Control Module *** TCM = Transmiddion Control module
  10. I own a Lexus LS460 year 2007, and recently come across this problem (fault code BT1861 knee airbag squib circuit). I wonder the replacement of the instrument panel (with the SRS unit) will help to resolve this issue?
  11. Thanks for the quick response! thank you👌🏻
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  13. I also bought a 2007ls460 the interior is a mess the parts have been back ordered April will be a year no word I took it to Park Place Plano Texas they took pictures now waiting to hear from them they said it might take a couple of months before I hear back that is a crock it took me 5minutes to look on Lexus and it is covered they just don't want to fix it Lexus told dealers not to carry these parts I guess they think we will go away.I am a senior on fixed income it took me a long time to save up for this car I won't go away I will be a thorn in your side count on it I have nothing but time.J.M. Parker
  14. I'm new here, but I just purchased a 2015 RX that just had the 60k service done. It included a trans flush and fill. Evidently it's now part of the 60k service. Sounds reasonable to me.
  15. Porsche recommends changing brake fluid every two years. It absorbs moisture from the air, so mileage isn't really a factor. You can purchase brake fluid testers from Amazon and check it yourself. If you are going to keep the car for an extended period I would change it every two years.
  16. You probably won't get many replies to this question here. Look for or google shops in your area that work on Japanese vehicles and any competent tech that has access to the factory service manual or an alldata subscription should be sufficient. I will say that it's hard to find an good mechanic who is also a straight shooter.
  17. EPA fuel economy estimates for the 2012 CT200h are: 43/40/42 mpg (city/highway/combined) EPA fuel economy estimates for the 2013 ES300h are: 40/39/40 mpg (city/highway/combined) Maybe the traction battery in the ES300h is getting weak as it ages and causing to ICE to run more than it did when the battery was stronger. Maybe the ICE in the ES300h has to run more to heat the interior. The ES300h is a lot heavier (3,660 lb) than a CT200h (3,146 lb) and the EPA testing cycle doesn't necessarily take that into account. It's unusual for a vehicle to get EPA rating fuel economy in real world driving. Not many people on the "fuelly" website are getting 40 mpg combined in a 2013 ES300h - take a look for yourself: One has to remember that many people who use the fuelly website are trying hard to get good fuel mileage and using driving techniques not acceptable to most drivers. Our 2012 Prius v has the same hybrid drive train as the 2012 CT200h and weighs about 125 pounds more. It been getting from 33 to 36 mpg the last few tank fulls in city street only driving. It's EPA rating is 44/40/42 (city/highway/combined). 33 to 36 mpg is a long way from the EPA city rating of 44 mpg. Cars often don't get as good fuel economy on winter blend gasoline. Unless you are desperate to same money on fuel, I suggest you reduce the tire pressure to a reasonable level and at least be comfortable.
  18. micadevcon did u ever fix ur problem cuz u and i are having same issues and desperately was hoping u got a solution as i have only this car and tired of dropping $$$ on a solution
  19. Well, records are important. I bought my RX400h hybrid in 2010 with 80k miles. It has been the best automobile I have ever owned. We now have 248k miles and other than normal maintenance and one hybrid cooling pump failure early on it has been spectacular. Cant help you on 450H, but I hated the joy stick on early models....
  20. Wow that's really nice. I searched for a good 2 months and saw all kinds of things, but never this one. I see they only support up to the 2007 RX models. Event though I have a 2008, they're the same generation and only a year away, so I sent their support a message to see if it might work in my car. Ultimately, I might get this and report back here with my experience.
  21. I recently bought barely used 2014 ES350. I'm very happy with it. Just small "improvement" from Lexus - they removed sunglasses console and place SOS button in its place. I'm not going to use that SOS thing, I'd rather have my sunglasses pocket back. Have you tried to swap overhead console from earlier models? To something like this: Do they have the same dimensions? Wiring is not a problem as they have the same functionality, so I expect it to have the same wires (probably some extra for SOS). They also may try to make it a bit harder with different connector. Anyway, it is easy can be done using info from TIS. So, anybody tried it? Do they have the same dimensions?
  22. Please send me this pdf for the linear control module thank you
  23. Hi, I actually took my car to the dealer for the same exact issue. Turns out there is a little motor in the steering wheel that turns to 1/4 rotation away from steering lock. And if you lock the steering wheel after turning your car off and start it again you will hear the motor release upon start up.
  24. Hello All, Been a while since I posted. We sold the RX450h and moved to Florida. We bought a 2016 RX350 with 35000 miles and didn't notice any wind noise from the sunroof on the test drive because we didn't drive it with the sunroof shade open. We have owned all the previous generations with sunroofs and have never had this kind of noise? Anyone else have this issue? I plan on taking it to the dealership to investigate, but thought I better do some research to make sure this isn't a known issue with the new body style? Thanks for all the help........Dave
  25. I so much agree. Funny spare is just a joke. I commute 35 miles one way daily to my office. This happened second time when my regular tyre got bad and I had to put spare on. 1. First you’ve to order a new tyre as soon as possible. Means taking time off from work to go to good store and order. This can take few hours easily. 2. second, even after i order, It takes at least few days to get a new full size tyre at Costco. I pick Costco because of great pricing. So until I get new tyre I’ve to continue drive on spare. 3. driving on interstate at below 50 is painful and sometimes dangerous with other cars and big trucks honking at you. 4. if I had full size spare, I can just put it on and keep going. I can get a new tyre at my own convenience. i waste more time, money and energy with this not so funny spare.
  26. Pls I am a Nigerian and in Nigeria. I have Lexus RX330 at 105k. I’m experiencing the same problem. Once I gear it to drive it stops. I have spent so much working on it from one local mechanic to the other to no avail. Can Lexus sell new gearbus to me pls? How do I get it here in Nigeria. I cannot buy fairly used gearbus in this country cuz I don’t trust any of it. I really need an assistance here. The whole experience is heart wrenching considering I bought that car with my entire savings just to commute to work. Yes I bought it from a friend that travelled oversees. It had no problem few months ago when they bought it until I went to work on the shaft and that’s it. Pls help...
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