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  2. David Lee20

    Radio Upgrade

    Hi! I'm looking for new android car stereo and want to install Seicane car stereo in my 2007 lx470. How to install it? Is it difficult to install this by myself or to ask the professional to help?
  3. Gene, Thanks for the quick response. Thankfully, it didn't get as complicated as the issues you described with the grounding wires. But it did prompt me to re-check all the connecting plugs, and I found an sever instance of AMO - amateur mechanic oversight. Re-seated one of the plugs, and away we go. Thanks again.
  4. Bryn

    Dual air conditioner problem

    Thanks gbhrps, I noticed the problem on my way home and returned to the dealership. My service rep said she didn’t see how it could have been the technician, as there is a firewall behind the dash. I had her make a note on my work order of my return and the problem, and said I would do some research and get back to her. I’m taking the car back tomorrow and hoping for the best.
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  6. Really Billy, you really should pay more attention at your bible study on how to be kind.
  7. I will spare you the whines relating to the difficulty I experienced while changing out a burned-out headlight (did both): but henceforth, I will pay more attention to the words molded into the plastic stating (approx.) that a competent technician should be retained to do the job... Oh well, the 2001 LS430 is in my driveway, "immobilized" I suspect, as the fuel pump tests fine. All the electrical appears to work fine, but given that no fuel is getting to the engine, that appearance is deceiving. Fuses are good. I do not have a tester: and would prefer to not have to have the car towed to the mechanic to see if there is a fault code (I'm sure there is.) I wrongly thought that I could save some money by changing a simple headlight, but discovered that my 50-year-old wrenching skills are somewhat obsolete. So, is there a likely issue which has arisen which commonly occurs when nimrods get cocky and brazenly think they can change a GD headlight??? Or do I bite the bullet and call a tow company?? ☹️ So far, my projection is that it's unlikely that I will have saved money, looking back on it. I'm still getting older, but the "wiser" part is coming slower, it does appear... David
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  9. gbhrps

    Low Idle

    difuria, Factory maintenance suggests new (iridium I believe) spark plugs at 100 000 miles. New plugs can make a whale of a difference. Have you cleaned the IAC valve (idle control valve), tested it. If its carboned up you'll have the symptoms you describe. Maybe someone else will jump in with some other points to consider. Good Luck!
  10. Leprechaun

    Tires Locking When Turning Steering Wheel.

    Amen fellas. I just bought my 2003 model and had the same problem starting yesterday. I just knew I had a $3k fix coming. My dash lights don't all work so I could see that the differencial was locked. Now she's back to normal!
  11. Wondering if anyone has had problems with their wheels after running with the RF tires? I bought the spare and tire trunk kit ... very nice but wrecked the car prior to use. Buying another SC430 soon if I can find the one I want.
  12. snoack321

    Discount Lexus Extended Warranty

    I contacted FD-warranty and received a prompt reply that due to 'recent changes' they are not allowed to issue extended warrentee contracts to folks out of state. So, unless you live in Boston, MA or know someone who lives in MA they can't sell to you. Yes, their prices are very competitive. PS Let me know someone finds out otherwise cuz ext contracts in CA are very expensive - like 2x, 3x cost.
  13. My friend with a similar problem in his camero suggested I pull the electrical connector on the ISC (Idle speed control) valve and guess what, it started running fine. But since I couldn't be certain it was closed when I disconnected it, I plugged the air line to it. Call it the broomstick solution 🙂 Then I manually set idle hot with AC on to 1000rpm. Have not had an issue since. So I don't see any reason to fix it even though there is lots of info on cleaning it. If anyone has a good reason, I'm willing to listen.
  14. Your response is a absolutely fantastic example of how poor a program Enform actually is. It's not "odd" that bad things happen, it's poor software engineering combined with insufficient testing. These "issues" simply should not happen, but are caused by creeping requirements change, shortened development schedules, and a lack of good software design skills, a lack of validation and verification of the requirements, and poor management. Lastly, when issues do arise, the consumer should have resources immediately available to assist, not depend on the response of folks on forums like this, who may or may not know how to fix the issue(s). Enform is poor quality software, and THAT is why it fails.
  15. Chill61


    Hi guys! I would like to purchase a set of performance tires for my 2010 Lexus RX 350. Is anyone familiar with Toyo Tires' Proxes ST II? A friend recommended it to me. Any other recommendations?
  16. Hi Craig Yes i saw your post sometime back, but do you think that if i reach out to Lexus at this point of time they will entertain? considering that the car was imported to UAE, i will try to reach them and will report back, From your post what i can understand you did managed to change it in the year 2014, so i am guessing i still have a chance Looking at the PDF of the SSC, my VIN number falls within that range which is specified as compared below campaign-ssc-wl2-1998-gs400-ls400-sc400-ecm-replacement.pdf
  17. vlad353

    LX or GX?

    Thanks! I guess I need to drive GX some day. The thing is they look pretty much the same, right? When on the street it's hard to tell which is which... I was hoping that maybe the difference is mostly something I don't need at all - like 3rd row and bigger size, or some electronic thingies I don't use anyways, and that's it. So I can pay less, have a slightly smaller truck but still enjoy driving a nice Lexus 🙂
  18. I hate rodents. Is there an infestation in your house? I never experienced the problem.
  19. RX400h

    Chinese coil packs?

    Check out my reply to your other post about the coil packs. I'd stay away from Chinese packs. I learned this the hard way with oxygen sensors.
  20. RX400h

    RX 330 2004

    MIL stands for Malfunction Indicator Lamp. The tech may be saying that the OBD II connection is not being established. This can sometimes happen because the connector itself is very infrequently plugged into a scan gauge connector. Sometimes plugging and unplugging a few times will re-establish a good connection. I've seen this happen on a 2004 Honda Civic. I had replaced the upstream oxygen sensor and had to plug and unplug my scanner a few times before making a connection that would allow me to reset the check engine light.
  21. RX400h

    coil pack question

    $52.79 at If coilpacks/sparkplugs are easily accessible, changing them is very easy. I helped a coworker change his Avalon plugs and coil packs and the rears were a bit more time-consuming than the fronts. If you don't want to do this, yourself, any mechanic at a repair shop should be able to do it. Sometimes dealerships have service specials. Check your local Toyota dealerships for current specials.
  22. How old is your 12 volt battery? If it is near or beyond 5 years old, it's time to replace it.
  23. I joined this forum to find out some information on my dead speedometer for the 1993 SC300. There are lots of appends about the speed sensor (VSS) and appends about the leaky capacitors in the ECU. My speedometer first started acting erratically, reporting 90 MPH as I idled down my driveway, often swinging wildly. It seemed to calm down after driving it for a while. It then went into a mode where it would register about 20 MPH when I was going 60 MPH. It finally quit working at all. All of the other gauges worked fine including the tach and the odometer. I tried a new VSS but that did not fix it. There are lots of appends about the caps in the ECU but the VSS signal goes directly to the instrument panel. It eventually goes to the ECU for other purposes and if the ECU is bad it will probably cause a check engine light. I did not have a check engine light on. I saw another append about the speedometer needle sticking so I decided to take mine apart. I did not have the sticky needle but I found more leaky capacitors on the circuit board attached to the speedometer 'motor' (or whatever you call that thing). See the attached photo. The two on the left were bad. You can see by the discoloration on the edge of the board that they had spilled their guts. The little one is a 6.8uF 25V and the one next to it is a 22uF 25V. The third one on the right and back was not bad and I didn't mess with it (because I did not have a replacement). I replaced these two capacitors, put it back together, and my speedometer came back to life. Perhaps someone has already posted about these particular caps but I did a lot of searching and did not find any reference to them. I hope this helps someone.
  24. Chill61

    WOW! The new 2019 ES 350

    It looks promising!
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  26. Hot off the Press.....! Here is the new Consumer Reports video review on the new 7 seat 2018 RX 350. All things considered when it comes to"CR" it's a good report. Paul
  27. killer200999002

    Coin Storage In Lieu Of Ashtray?

    Hey do you still have the ashtray laying around?
  28. If you can keep the mice out of your garage, they won't get in the car. When we first moved into our current house, there were lots of mice around. Several years of trapping & poisoning them finally eliminated the problem, but I must have caught/killed a couple hundred of them. Not fun, but I felt my efforts were necessary so we didn't have problems like yours. Mice love cars, they're warm, and if the mice are hungry they eat the wiring. You need to eliminate the source.
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