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  2. Easy fix , turn the schwoogle toggle off to the right then battery disconnect then get up on the roof and close it by force with your hands then the schoogle should noogle the poogle and you should have functioning sunroof again
  3. Some of the cars I've driven within the past few years: Of course, all but one are Turo rentals.🙂
  4. My 95 ES300 after replace all air vacuum hose ID 3mm new break the plastic tube of VSV 90910-12080, order one replace it but found seriously leak from the breathing port of VSV 90910-12080 wet the engine top full then drain to the floor, Anyone know what made this happened? Raymond
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  6. Thanks! firming up the car is fine but I don't want a firm ride. Do these adjust down to a nice smooth ride? Not a pillow but not a brick.
  7. Hello, I have an 1998 Lexus ES 300, my problem is that on a sunny or hot day, my doors do not unlock, is there a temperature sensor on the door locks? Any other time, the doors work fine. Thank you in advance,bob
  8. Have a 2013 RX350 that came with the factory tow package. I understand these are rated for a Max of 3500lbs tow capacity. This is probably a stupid question but wanted to know what it would take to get it to safely tow 6500 to 7000lbs (boat weights 5300 but adding trailer, fuel etc)? Upgraded brakes? I think the engine can handle it not sure if transmission can. Just curious if something like this could be done? If it costs $5-10k in upgrades no biggie sure beats buying another tow vehicle.. Anyone ever hear of such a thing?
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  10. Thank you for your reply. I've read in other posts that it is o.k. to drive in 4WD High all the time. My mechanic says what you are saying, not a good idea. Bill
  11. It's not obvious to see from the photos and it will take a trained mechanic to examine each component to see if there is any deformation from original specs. With that sort of damage it will need looking at as soon as possible to avoid any further damage occurring or causing an accident.
  12. I have done that. I usually use the Auto function - much easier in my mind. When the temperature was below 0 is when the issue happens the most. I drove today and it heated but not like it uses to. I am making an appointment with my local mechanic for a full service on it. Are there specific things I should ask them to look at? Something a bit specific would be better for a female to ask a mechanic. I get the brush off a bit with cars and women around here.
  13. Michaelwigon well it could be a close shave in the event of a near miss 🙂
  14. This does make you wonder how many fake parts enter the automotive aftermarket. Although this is not a new problem and I personally was involved in resolving an issue with fake GM parts being sold as authentic parts way back in the early 1990's. But it does make you aware of what can happen in the event of a part failing and causing damage to the car or occupants 😞
  15. Usually a dead battery can be at the end of its life, noticeable if it doesn't recover but itself after discharging. Fitting a new battery is very noticeable improvement. Bit of advise PattyPan .... get the best quality battery you can for your money, you can usually tell by the weight one is a lot lighter than a quality one!
  16. Toyo makes Nitto tires and they use the same rubber to make Toyo tires.
  17. Hi, Thank you very much for sharing this problem. My neighbor had this same problem today, yes after 9 years 😅 Did you find a solution to this problem?
  18. My 1998 LS 400 has the check engine light on, for years now, and keeps throwing codes for the Mass Air Flow Sensor and the Knock sensors . I think the dealer called them the Limp- Mode sensors / anti knock sensors . Years ago I had Chipped the car with a performance chip , but disconnected it when I started having these problems . Anyway, every time we clean or replace the sensors, the check engine light comes on again a few days later . I thought it could be the on-board computer. Dealer said the older computers don't have a self-diagnose feature like the newer Lexus's do . And ideas ?
  19. Lexus323 what do you mean by double nut the top bolt. Do I put the regular nut finger tight then put another nut behind it and crank the bolt off using the first nut. The second nut will stop the first nut from turning off wont it.
  20. In response to the increase in cat theft, we’ve engineered a 304 STAINLESS-STEEL Cat Shield™ secured using tamperproof screws for the 2011-2017 Lexus CT200h vehicles. The Cat Shield™ has also been thermal tested to ensure proper heat dissipation for the prevention of overheating issues. To top it all off - we'd like to offer this 10% discount code "LexusOwnersClub" to all the members in this forum which can be used at checkout ( or use this link for automatic discount application:
  21. Hi Jerry.....welcome to the Club I wonder if when the alternator was replaced that they removed a Suppressor from the old unit and it never got fitted to the new one. A Suppressor works by cutting out any interference from the alternator and it could well be that the audio system cuts out when it encounters excessive white noise coming through? Alternatively, it could be the Radio Frequency Lock is switched off (the one which auto-tunes the frequency as it changes when you drive out of range, etc)
  22. Hi Kevin.....welcome to the Club I would say that is just surface corrosion and it hasn't taken hold to much. However, I would factor into the price the cost of having the underside completely Waxoyl treated which will neutralize the corrosion and also protect it for the future. The Waxoyl should also be injected into the chassis rails and legs and also into the body panels as well Let us know how it all goes
  23. Hi Cheryl.....welcome to the Club These are the economy figures below and yours is definitely running low on mpg figures. I would recommend servicing the engine to ensure that everything is running efficiently....engine oil and filter, speak plugs, check leads/coils, fuel and air filter. If these components have been replaced recently or you can replace them shortly then this may bring the mpg back to where it should be. Also, check you tire pressures are correct as this will drag the economy down 2007 Lexus RX 400h 4WD Personalize Find a ca
  24. Is there anything jamming the mechanism....examine underneath to see there is nothing dropped in there. Also if the motor clicks every time you operate the switch then chances are it is jammed by something in the mechanism
  25. can I use the front seats out of a 97 ls in a 99?
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