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  2. Lexus Owners Club

    2008 GX470 transmission slip

    Hi Dan....welcome to the Forum Would suggest replacement of the trans fluid and filter (if not already recently replaced) and see how it goes from there
  3. Hello, I recently bought a Lexus RX330 with AWD and want to know if there is a community around taking these on trails? So far I haven’t come across any and I am interested in finding others who are pioneers in building an off-roading Lexus! I have plans for bigger at least all terrain tires soon and want to know if anyone has done it yet? So far I cannot find any that will fit my current tire size P235 55R18. And when I say off road I don’t mean like a Jeep who climbs mountains I mean simple trails where you can stop, pull off and camp. With some rocky terrain where beefer tires would help immensely. The trail I have pictured is Crab Flat Rd, North of running springs if any of you are familiar with the So Cal area.
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  5. chc0318

    96 LS400 misfiring issues

    If your father didn't repair ECU before, check your ECU first.
  6. Found this for the airbag: Looks like this project is going to be a go! Just need to wait for the weather to not be -20*C to start pulling parts! Thats going to be a long day out in the cold to do so.
  7. Lexus Owners Club

    High pitch noise

    Can only think it may be something like the front brakes dragging (sticking caliper?)
  8. Lexus Owners Club

    motor mounts, bushings

    It really depends on many factors....usage, road surfaces, weather/environmental conditions, contamination, etc The best bet is to test them for compliance....too much movement and if there are signs of perishing on the rubber then replace them
  9. Lexus Owners Club

    Center console button lights sometimes work at night

    it could well be....maybe worth removing it to see if you could bridge across the connectors to get the dash lights permanently illuminated on full power. If so, then measuring across the terminals of the resistor would confirm whether the switch is at fault
  10. Lexus Owners Club

    Service in the Baltimore, Maryland Area?

    Sorry, don't know the area so cannot recommend a dealership. However, it may be worth going back to the dealer and stating your displeasure with them and see if that raises the bar slightly and even gets you a discount? Worth a try I suppose
  11. DavidGeorge

    96 ls400 with water in the trunk please help

    I had this problem with my '93 LS 400. After some time parked under a tree it had water in the spare wheel well, and dampness in the carpet & trim at the front RHS of the trunk. Note this is in Australia so the car is a RHD version. I cleaned all debris away from the channels & seals, and dried out the carpet, trim & wheel well. After the next rainstorm water had returned in the same places. I then discovered a drain just below the fuel filler inlet. It was blocked, at both ends as it turned out (it drains out just behind the rear wheel). After cleaning the drain tube and drying everything again, the problem has not returned. I suspect that during the storms, the rain had entered around the fuel filler flap and, unable to drain fast enough because of the blocked drain and the close fit of the filler flap to the body, it built up in the filler compartment until it rose above the black rubber membrane around the filler tube. It thus overflowed into the trunk and trickled down into the wheel well. If you have this problem it's a quick job that's worth a try.
  12. eugene.s

    Battery specs

    Hi All, Anyone knows the specs of the original LX570 battery (capacity and CCA)? For my 2011 model, in all the catalogs, I can only see the reference to the battery model "105D31L" and the part number "28800-66021". Searching the web did not help. The part number seems to be discontinued and when I search for the model ("105D31L") I can see batteries with various specs (capacity and CCA). I am interested no know, for the original LX570 battery, its capacity (85 Ah or more?) and CCA (Cold Cranking Performance) - CCA 710 A or more? Thanks in advance
  13. rjt65

    Door Handle Trim Fell Off

    See the lik block on piece? Irt should slide into the slot next to keyhole than it will be tight
  14. If you want to save $350 or more, you can also carefully remove the sensor, drill out a 1/16 through hole at the center of the rotary arm & stationary portion...then screw the rotary arm back in place with a tiny screw. I just finished this on mine & it works great. **Just make sure you have a low profile screw head so it doesn't bind into the silver sway arm. Also, you want to wallow out the rotary arm hole a little bigger than the screw - that way the screw only holds into the stationary sensor portion. You don't want the rotary arm engaged w/ the screw trying to turn it. I kept bumping the "trunk close" button when trying to pull away the trunk lid trim. If you remove the 2 top right fuses 10A & 5A in the left trunk fuse block, the trunk lights & trunk operation will stop while you work on the sensor.
  15. Is there only one cabin air filter in the 2015 Lexus RX 350? I have found the one located in the glove box. Is there another?
  16. HallanAlan

    Looking for a Car Seat for pets

    Just came across this thread. The thing is, there is no need for a dog car seat if you can just put your chihuahua in a dog crate. That'll keep it from damaging your Lexus' seat and avoid any distractions while driving.
  17. Check the condition of the driver's side wiring harness in the LH fender, the connections to the harnesses at the distribution/fuse/relay blocks under the hood, and where the harnesses from the engine compartment meet at the fuse/junction block under the dash (driver's side). The harnesses that go into the under-dash distribution block plug then screw in (10mm or phillips head, like most everything on the car). I wonder if that connector's loose. If you're digging that far into things, it would be worth your while to buy the electrical section shop manual (if you can find a used one for a reasonable price) or buy a one-day pass to Toyota/Lexus' TIS (tech info system) online, to download the pages appropriate to your situation (wiring diagrams/schematics, etc). Good luck and please keep us updated as to what you find. Paul
  18. The fluid is not used for defrost. It is part of the auto dimming feature of your mirrors.
  19. Lexus Owners Club

    Consumer Reports - 2016 GX460 Worst Used Car

    That's unusual for any Lexus to be less than 'top of the tree'....maybe they had build issues that year
  20. Usually when the resistor pack fails it defaults to running at full speed (due to no resistance) It sounds like a blockage somewhere....maybe remove the cabin filter to see if the air flows more freely and then refit or replace
  21. Lexus Owners Club

    oil leak after oil change

    I always apply some PTFE tape (plumbers use it for pipe joints) to the sump plug thread....never had a leak on anything ever since. This originally came about when I owned a Land Cruiser and the Toyota dealer asked whether I wanted the soft or hard compound seal for the plug. I foolishly chose the hard compound and leaked like a sieve. Someone suggested removing it and wrapping a couple of turns with PTFE and it worked a treat...nowadays I use it all the time on the 'belt & braces' principle.
  22. Hi Ron_S, I had a really hard time accessing that drain but made some progress using a bent wire hanger and scraping around down there. Then I built a very thin shop Vac extension using rolled up paper and was able to pull out a lot of debris. The other thing I did was bang, rock and wash the body molding below that drain...the black plastic running below the doors. A TON of dirt came out when I did that. I think that was affecting the draining as well. It's been two years and I've had no more issues. It's still a crap design but it's hanging in for now. Hope that helps a bit.
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  24. I am looking for a F Sport factory exhaust for my 2015 IS350 F sport. The part number is PTR03-53140. If anybody knows where I could find one for a good price or if someone is looking to sell I would love to know!
  25. Jogger

    Front Camera

    A Lexus Field Tech Specialist made me aware of an aftermarket harness for LC500. Car Tunes in Largo, FL located the harness via a simple internet search and attached a standard front or rear camera. They did the installation for $600 total. The harness allows the camera to integrate with the stock display. When parking just push button on dash and front camera is on for 20 seconds. If you need more time, just push button again. Attached are pictures of camera in grill-(no cutting needed), picture of button and front camera view. Works like a charm-no longer stress parking. Also note carbon fiber wrap to door sills-looks great.
  26. sha4000

    2009 ls460

    Before looking into another transmission I would do a drain and fill of the transmission pan while making sure there are no leaks. Also make sure the fluid level is correct.
  27. sha4000

    460 SEL Hesitation

    I know I'm late but I'm glad you got everything worked out.
  28. Going to pickup a 1995 sc300 5 speed in teal mist metallic this weekend.
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