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  2. Hello All, Two brand new, never installed camshaft seals. My LS is long gone and found these in the cabinet. These will fit many Toyota/Lexis engines. $22 shipped to lower 48 of USA. $20 if local to Phoenix. Fitment is buyer's responsibility. Thanks, Eddie
  3. Hello All, Brand new, never installed set of eight (8) NGK IFR6T11 spark plugs for a LS 400 or LS 430. Car is long gone and found these in the cabinet. These are for LS 400 and 430, plus other cars. Fitment is buyer's responsibility. Will ship to lower 48 of USA for $45. Pickup for $40 if you are in Phoenix. Thanks, Eddie
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  5. I have a 2013 Lx570, I would like to confirm of it is possible to open the glass only on the rear liftgate. I come from a 2010 4runner which can be openen from the dash and also from the rear liftgate itself. I dont see any button So I might think there is no way to open the window, but... When I open and lift the the door I see two pneumatic door system. So I guess one of those is for the glass. Is it? Or definitely there is no way to open the glass only? On other hand I have been looking on posts if there is a way to automatically open the liftgate by pressing the button in the liftgate. Because it open automatically by pressing in the dashboard button and also by pressing the button in the keyfob. But when I press the button in the liftgate it juat unlock it so I can manually lift it. There is only powered close by the button in the door. Sorry I just trew two new questions :p Thanks in advance for your help. Regards, Francisco
  6. I have a 1998 ls 400 the trunk won’t open at all, I have the secondary key, when I pull the lever nothing but the gas tank work. I really need access to my trunk, when insert the key it just spins in a full circle no pop trunk.
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  8. I would be surprised if a hitch ever becomes available from Lexus USA. They usually supply hitches at the time a vehicle is introduced as they did with the UX in the U.K. and the NX and RX in the U.S. Maybe an aftermarket hitch will eventually become available but the UX is selling in pretty low numbers ... only a little over 16,000 in 2019 - might not be cost effective for an aftermarket hitch company for such a low volume vehicle. I don't like carrying bikes on a roof either but I've sometimes done it. I carried bikes on the room of a Mercedes for 11 years since a receiver hitch wasn't available and I wasn't about to trash the trunk lid with a trunk lid mount bike rack. I now check on hitch availability before I buy a vehicle. I even installed a 1 1/4 inch receiver hitch on my wife's Prius so she could plug in a 2-bike rack. I'm planning to buy a 2-seat sports car next summer for which neither a roof rack or receiver hitch is available. Although I'll buy the car even if I can't carry bikes on it, I'm already investigating having a class I 1 1/4 inch receiver hitch fabricated for it.
  9. Does anyone know who the manufacturers are for the body kit and wheels? I've looked through many pages on google and there are no answers.
  10. Ouch that was often. My lower controll arms are original after ca 120k miles on my two LS400 1995 and a 1998 . Cooler climate. Sweden. That helps I guess.
  11. I tested the 18 RX when I got it to see how much time it took to charge the battery after 2 days in the garage and a short trip, and came to the conclusion that the charging system is a bit on the stingy side. Like it ain’t fully charged when I get it back in the hanger. But that’s with short trips, so to be fair: I would not go more three days without driving it or put in at least 5 miles city or 10 miles highway each time you drive. The airport thing sounds silly, but I’ve actually heard more laughable explanations that turned out to be true, like I can’t have 2 different security system near each other because it causes one of them to crash, and when I take their advise, the problem went away, hahaha... Minders are a real pain and I have one but geeez... Gas is cheap, so get out there and enjoy your transport and go with the flow.
  12. I’ll try to be brief but will give some background as well as that may help. I just got the car. It was at car lot for a month or so and during that time car battery did die and was replaced. The night I got it and day before this was not noticed or acting sluggish to indicate it was failing. One day later issue started. Came out next morning to battery dead and driver door unlocked only. So it never locked prior night. Jumped it and key fob said couldn’t deduct key. Changed key fob battery and all good. During this process I did have to reset windows as the driver control would not roll down passenger rear window but that was an easy fix. Major problem is key fob will unlock/lock all doors and all doors work with door lock buttons drivers and passenger door lock buttons. However the driver door does not lock or unlock and I have to manually flip it each time. I also put the key in and can’t turn the driver side door lock to manually unlock so I have to manually unlock by getting in thru passenger side door. I know the guy who I got it from and he would have said the driver door lock was acting up. So I don’t know if it is correlated with the batter dying or what. But seems weird cause when I picked up the car that worked fine. I can’t figure out what the issue is and trying to prevent going to a dealership to have actuator looked at. So unsure of any help available in the event it’s minor or could be a fuse or related to the battery dying. Please help.
  13. 3/25/2020 - I just bought a used 2006 RX 330 and I have paired my phone with the bluetooth. When I make a call, I can barely understand who I called because the speaker has a terrible echo/static sound to the recipient's voice which makes conversation barely understandable. Changing the volume helps very little. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
  14. I've never heard of a Toyota/Lexus navigation system using two map DVD's at the same time. The final map DVD's for the 2002-2004 SC430 were the ones that were made available in 2013. The part numbers for the ones from 2013 are: PT219-GN23W-13 (for West of the Mississippi River) PT219-GN23E-13 (for East of the Mississippi River) The -13 in the part number refers to the publication year (2013). The 23 in the part number refers to the DVD being for navigation generations 2 and 3. Maybe the trunk mounted map DVD reader isn't the problem. The problem could be in the in-dash navigation head unit or in an electrical connection between the two units. I've found that Lexus dealers have little interest in repairing older cars. Their technicians seems to be familiar only with current models and no one wants to crack a manual to see how to repair the older ones. It's almost seemed like a strategy to get customers to buy newer cars. If you want to further investigate the problem yourself, you could subscribe to the Toyota technical information website which should have information on how to diagnose the problem:
  15. I appreciated the suggestions in this post when replacing my upstream sensors. I have no idea why the O2 heater low current test (runs only at engine start) also trips a VSC fault. But, like others my check engine light cleared immediately with new sensors and it seemed like a couple of starts and a short drive cleared the VSC issue as well. After having issues with getting test monitors to pass in several other vehicles, I simply drove the car for a month to let the stored fault code clear before getting a SMOG test. If anyone is following the Lexus LS 430 repair manuals, the inspection procedure on page 05-61 has a heater resistance specification at 5 to 10 ohms. The fault in my sensor was obvious, the heater circuit open. Both the opposite OEM side sensor and the new sensors all had heaters with resistance of 15 ohms, and I replaced both upstream sensors. I could not find / make a tool the separate the connectors and cut the drivers side sensor side connector in pieces, I would NOT recommend doing that as too much possibility to damage the body harness and spicing in a generic connector would be a better option. I also cut the small plastic tab off the new sensor connectors so they would not lock (used tie warps on the harness to ensure they stay mated). Therefore, the connectors would just pull apart in case I ever have to do this again. My guess is the more common fault is bank 1 (drivers side) due to the more extensive use of heat shields on that side.
  16. Update, it turns out that the VSC warning was triggered by a failed O2 heater. Haven't found anyone that knows about a connection from the simple, only at engine start, test for low O2 heater current and the VSC. However, the VSC issue was noted on some of the discussions on the O2 sensor. Mine was the very common bank 1 (driver's side), sensor 1 fault, possibly common as the sensor is surrounded by some heat shields and probably runs hotter than the sensor on the other side. A bit painful to change the sensors, somewhat complicated by which orientation the connector is in. Mine connector was in an impossible position to push the tab, so I cut the connector on the sensor in pieces very carefully and pulled it apart. I would NOT recommend doing that, if you can't get the connectors apart the splice in a generic sensor. The O2 sensor fault was cleared immediately and a couple of engine starts plus a short drive later the VSC warning went away. Therefore, my old battery charger did not cause the VSC issue.
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  18. Anyone notice how long the car stays hot when you quit driving with all the undercarriage padding/insulation and the plastic covers over the engine. I can feel the heat coming off the front of the car easily 2 hours after wife parks it in the garage. It seems like all the plastic traps heat in the engine compartment- I'm sure they researched this but I am not a big fan of all that plastic covering the engine? Tags: ringtones, nhac chuong, games
  19. Hi Guys, I have been wanting to tackle the starter replacement on my 1993 LS400 with 110,000 miles for some time now, so I dove into it yesterday. After getting to the starter I decided to replace the valve cover gaskets as they were getting a little leaky-27 years is a LONG time for those rubber parts to be subject to that cycle of heating/cooling. So I pulled the first cover off and it had a nice baked on carmel colored oil patina, which is exactly what I had expected. The other side surprised me a bit because this patina was significantly less. What could be causing this? I have to believe that one side is getting hotter than the other, but why would this be? Or is there another explanation? Thanks for your help! Stay healthy out there! Regards, Kevin
  20. I Have a 1993 Gs300 and would like to know up to what years can parts fit
  21. Hi. It is March 23, Raleigh, N.C. The power windows on my 2005 ES 330 quit working--except the driver window works normally. Three others do not respond to either the master switch, or door switch. Fuses are good. I've read everything I can find on line, but nothing is specific to this. I think the left rear went out first. Thanks for any help! Paul
  22. Hey! I’m a young car enthusiast who currently owns a ‘99 GS400 with tan interior. I plan on converting it to black interior. Does anybody know any good products to use or have any tips or advice for me?
  23. Hello !! Dont have a repair manual for my 2001 LX 470 and need the settings for setting the crank before timing belt removal. Thanks...Hope everyone is staying sane...blessings!!!!
  24. Hitch still available 3/22/20. doesn't anyone have an iS250c and want to attach a bike rack? 🙂
  25. If you will go the Lexus Owner's website(and register), you can order a free replacement.
  26. yes it is.............interested?
  27. Hey everyone I’m planning to buy 2002 Lexus LS430 base model with 320k km for $3200 CAD. Owner says that when braking, brakes vibrate and two rear fenders have rust on them. What type of repairs and catches do I have to look out for if not ? Thanks a lot in advance
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