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  2. Great, Bob! Sounds like you are on you way to figuring that one out. What you see on the scope, as you know, is measured as “Ripple” by the electronic designers and they have to be able to filter that out per the specs they are required to meet.
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  4. Here's what I found out about the outside mirrors retracting: First they will only retract if all doors are closed, therefore they will not retract using the lock button on the inside of the door. They will retract using 3 different locking methods - -1. close all doors and use the keyless FOB, 2. close all doors and use the detention in the door handle to lock them, 3. close all doors and with the tailgate door open press the close button twice--the door will close, then lock the doors, then retract the mirrors.
  5. 2007 RX-350 with 166,000 miles. Front passenger side tire shakes on/off. We have a set of Michelin tires on the car with about 15,000 miles on them. So far we have had the brakes checked, tires balanced, and tires rotated. Still a problem. About 5000 miles ago we had a new front suspension put on. Starts when we make a right turn and continues to about 50mph. HELP!
  6. Is apple car play ever going to be in RX350
  7. First, I don't know why you bought this car, you can buy Versa Sedan 2019 with $179 Per Month, 42 Months, $0 Down and the other problem that face on your tyres it may be due to new tyres bedding
  8. I am concerned about the electronics that is running 24/7 in this and newer cars so I did a test on the 18 after I got it. It will take an hour charge after 3 days in the hanger. Thee years ago, I had an insurance device put on a Camry with a new battery. This to get lower rates for not using the vehicle that much. It killed the battery after a week. Reason being that some of the cell phone equipped devices use just enough power to drain the battery in a week. So knowing that Lexus has the same concept for managing lost or stolen vehicle tracking, I needed to know what that does to vehicle battery discharge. Based on my tests, I would not leave the vehicle for more than 4 days in the hangar if I do not drive very far for local trips. All lead-acid batterys will discharge over time due to internal resistance features, but when it takes an hour to charge it back up after 3 or 4 days, you know you have a system that requires a lot more battery capacity than the older cars. I got a battery minder for the camry / with the tracker, and did not like it. So I make sure I drive the RX more often. It’s fun to drive, and - Technology has it’s pros and cons...
  9. I tried a tank of mid-test but noticed no difference. To most people, it’s more important to use a better hi-detergent gas (maybe 10 cents a gallon more) like Shell or Exxon than to waste money on a higher grade of gas. I keep all my receipts to show the next buyer when I trade, that the vehicle is not going to have injector or performance problems from using cheap grocery store gas, that does not claim to meet the highest standards in gasoline additives. In my Camry H I did experience ruff idle after using cheap gas for a few years, so stay away from it now.
  10. Artificial intelligence - looks for rain drops via the windsheild camera. It knows what the temperature outside is, it may disable the feature based on outside temp by itself. I’d think the progammer would be smart enough to make sure they do not work automatically somewhere below freezing. But, it is a fact that well below freezing, the defrosters are keeping the glass warm enough to melt snow that hits it. So gussing that he relies on what he sees hitting the glass to operate the wipers. Someone in the dealership garage would know.
  11. The RX300 has about a 17 gallon gas tank. My tank will not fill more than 9 gallons, the display shows 3/4 of a tank? Also it smells like gas after filling up.
  12. Last week
  13. I have a 2004 SC430. I put the top down this spring for the first time this year two weeks ago and when I went to close it the top came up and closed but the rear trunk deck stayed up and I haven't been able to close it since. I have disconnected the battery hoping it would reset a switch but no luck. The open/close switch now stays red constantly when the car is running. I have used the manual trunk release to get into the trunk and check what I am able to there, still nothing, What else can I check before I take it to the dealer and pay an arm and a leg? Thanks for any assistance!
  14. The bushings are not super expensive, even for Lexus. Some dealers used to market the sport sway bar as a kit, with the appropriate sport bushings. Installing the sport sway bar kit is really easy, you don't even need a jack. The change to the sport sway bar, especially on slow speed corners, makes a noticeable.difference in push/understeer. I would note that a bit of research indicated that the other components of the "sport suspension" were higher rate springs and struts, marketed in some countries without the sport sway bar as the "rough road" suspension.
  15. Switch and motor are probably fine, but the grease Toyota uses becomes hard over time. The factory setting is to have the steering while tilt up for easy entry / exit, so it is often used. The telescope is less often used, mainly when operating the memory seat settings. Both tilt and telescope became frozen on our car. Almost every owner I've spoken to recently has some form of this problem. Fortunately for you, the tilt motor is easy to get close to. There are a couple of screws on the top trim panel, seen when turning the steering wheel left or right. After those are removed, take out the screw on the bottom. Final step is to press on the sides of the lower trim panel back by the dash and the top and bottom trim panels will separate. The tilt hinge points will be visible and I started with a few drops of light silicon oil on the hinges and on the screw shaft. After slow wiggles, the tilt started to work and I continued to add a few drops of oil while the operating range increased. At that point I also applied a little simple lithium grease and left the lower trim panel off so I can easily remove the top trim panel over the next few months to continue the lubrication process. I also had the default setting to tilt the wheel entry / exit disabled. The manual makes a telescope fix seem easy, but the later cars have the knee airbag that is in the way.
  16. this man can fixit for you
  17. Wife's car (RX400H) has the same issue. I don't understand how blasting the heat has a significant effect on the coolant temperature. Does a head gasket leak itself cause a car to overheat or is it due to loss of coolant? Coolant levels (radiator and overflow) are fine so how would a head gasket cause overheating in this case? By the way, the car's first issues were shaking at 40mph and a check engine light related to cylinder mis-fire. Blue Devil treatments were done but not effective.
  18. I bet your shocks are bad after 90K miles. take it to Toyota and get new struts.
  19. you can get clips for the shroud at any auto parts store, a lot cheaper than at the stealership.
  20. You are right! It’s the solenoid that was the source of the clicking, but we managed to discover that it was the relay. The solenoid would fure, but the starter wouldn’t.
  21. Curious how many Lexus owners have had a brake actuator failure. We have a 2013 RX350; we bought a new RX450, and parked the 350 over the holidays planning to sell. When I started it, numerous warning lights came on: the "Check AWD System" light, the engine light, and the VSC and Traction Control System lights. Upon taking the vehicle to our dealer, were we told that the brake actuator assembly needed to be replaced. The cost to do so was $3,855.12. I found there was a NHTSA recall on 2/12/2014 for this issue, requiring a software upgrade to avoid the failure of the brake actuator. The dealer advises that software was updated in 2015 - which obviously didn't work because the brake actuator still failed. Lexus is refusing to cover this, even though the predicted failure occurred anyway. If anyone else has experienced this, please let me know. I am preparing litigation on this issue.
  22. Do you normally replace distributor rotors while you replace the timing belt?
  23. Anyone know if it’s easy to disconnect the tpms sensors as to shut off the light that appears on my dash? Tired of replacing sensors and trying to see if it’s just easier to disconnect on my 07 Lexus is250
  24. Looking for a place/person to fix/replace my Navi touch screen. Everything works fine except the touchscreen. Preferably somewhere near San Diego.
  25. Mike Walls


    how do you turn off the security system on a 1991 Lexus?
  26. It's flashing because you need to read the AC trouble codes. Check out this thread to show you how to read the codes.
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