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  2. But why did the fuse blow in the first Place? Seems like it might happen again if you don't identify the underlying problem?
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  4. Touching on this old thread for 2 reasons i have a LS460 an Im looking to a 3ur bottom. Does anyone know if the LS460 4.6 1UR-FSE (automatic 8spd trans) AA080 <<<i think.. Will it bolt to a tundra 3UR? Secondly i may be "gifted" sorta.. A SC400 an want to drop in a 1UR-FSE 4.6
  5. We just purchased our ES300H, our first Hybrid. When the car selects EV mode on level ground there is a slight reduction in speed for the same throttle position. Almost impossible to maintain speed because when I very slightly increase throttle it kicks out of EV mode prematurely. Seems to me to be a programing algorithm glitch. Going into dealer to see if we have the latest software. Burk .
  6. We have just reached 2800 miles on our 2019 ES300H and are enjoying 44MPG over 4 fill ups. Rural driving mix of 50 MPH and 35 Mph with avg stop and go. Our Idaho elevation home is 2850ft. We have yet taken a all hwy trip. Burk
  7. Hi guys! I have had the problem of the hesitation, and wanted to sell the car, but I got a check engine light reading that said knock sensors bank 1&2, changed those, and the results were amazing, no more of that, but now I have the after sitting for a while, start, put in gear, and have to stomp pedal to the floor or pump the pedal a few times before car gets going, but once it gets going, it’s great from there, just only after sitting for a while, could this be the TPS?
  8. I can offer only standard recommendations. Try rebooting your iPhone if you haven't already. Try turning Bluetooth on your iPhone off and then back on. Verify that your iPhone has the latest iOS update. (IIRC, there was an iOS update a while back that negatively impacted Bluetooth.) Delete your iPhone from the RX in-dash system. I don't specifically know how the RX in-dash system works but some Toyota/Lexus vehicles of that vintage require separately deleting the phone for hands-free and audio streaming. Re-pair your iPhone with the RX in-dash system. If all else fails, connect your iPhone to the RX aux-in port with a cord - it's a hassle but at least you will be able to listen to audio from your phone. I did that for years on an older car that didn't have Bluetooth. By the way, can other phones stream audio to your RX over Bluetooth without problems? Particularly, something other than an iPhone?
  9. You have 2 cats and a resonator on the mid pipe that does double duty a a resonator/cat.
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  11. Thanks, Jim. I'll check with the dealer. I don't think Carista is for me.... I like to buy my test equipment and own it outright... and not be stuck for annual payments. I appreciate the tip. Regards, Jim T.
  12. I'm having the same issue with my Lexis RX 350. It was not the case in the past 5 years. It started last year. I wonder if there is a fix.
  13. Hi, in the last 6 months I have found water on the floors of both back seats of my Lexus RX 350. I noticed this happens when it rains. There are no signs of top roof leakage. The smell is unbearable after a rainy day. I lived in Florida so rain is almost a daily event. Do you have any idea how to resolve this issue?
  14. I know it's a small audience, but I'd like thread for Off-Road. Most members do not go on dirt, but some do. Some even modify their vehicles. As the Gen I and Gen II vehicles age, they become candidates for younger buyers who want to go to the beach (Sand & Dunes), some do deeper forest drives, etc. I go off the paved way in many forms. I personally don't try hard core stuff, but a few folks have tried parts of MOAB in an RX ... If a bone stock Kia Sorento can go places, a mildly modded RX certainly can. And it can do it in more comfort and style 😄 I think one thread where we could look stuff up (part numbers or after market options), get ideas, see others adventures, would be a good thing 🙂 Example, not mine ...
  15. I'm having the same issue with my RX 350 2010. So what do you suggest I do?
  16. Lexus RX350 2009, Check Engine & VSC Track Off lights and Traction Control (looks like a car swerving) all acme on. I read all the posts and first thing I tried was to open and close the gas cap tightly .... that fixed it! Cancelled my appointment with Lexus and sure I saved hundreds of $. One other thing with my problem was the Tire Sensor light has been on for a few weeks and would not go out even though I checked and refilled air to the correct 30 psi all around a few times. Now since the Gas Cap reset is done and thge the other warning lights are off the Tire Sensor light has also finally turned off too!! Nice surprise.
  17. I had this problem several years ago. My dealer had a guy they worked with who was able to fix it. He "scraped" the gooey parts and did some kind of magic - I'm not sure what. Since then, the dash has looked just like it did the day the car was new, and it has not become sticky again. (if you ask me, Lexus should have been forced to do a recall to fix this, since it's an obvious defect on their part.)
  18. Congrats on the purchase and browse this thread.
  19. I'm in a 2002 GS300 and I've been having the same problem two set of tires in less than 18 months. Wear on the inside each time. Only in the rear. Getting alignments didnt help. I was told my calibers were worn or bent and needed replacing. I didnt fall for that with Firestone. This seems to be a big problem with lexus. If anyone finds the true problem please post.
  20. My car is making that sound in the right rear side. I replaced the R/R upper control arm. Its still making that vibrating sound when I'm in a right angle curve. It sounds like something loose in the trunk. I thought a tool had fallen into the wheel well or something. I'm taking it back to the shop. At least it is staying aligned now. Any other suggestions?
  21. 2001 430. My front windows both want to rub on the rubber seals when I roll them down. The rubber folds over and slows the window down. Any one have this problem?
  22. This is for the shift solenoid C. You can try cleaning your throttle body First but make sure you don't have any vacuum leaks. Make sure to remove the plate on top and clean the holes.
  23. I’ve just had this exact same thing happen. We’ve had really bad weather in the UK last couple of days. My mirrors were folded in. I put them back in the non folded position and the screen etc went off as it normal. Don’t know if this will help anyone or whether I’ve got more electrical gremlins to chase!
  24. I live in Northern Alberta Canada and I own a 2010 RX350 I average between 9.5 to 10 liters per 100km on the highway around the city it varies.. You may need a tune up depending on the Km on your car also check your Air filter.
  25. There was a code 71, which is EGR, and code 41. After cleaning TB Im happy to say I cleared my first CEL code 41. But now idles much higher at operational temp than before when I pulled codes 71, 41. Its not uncommon for code 41 to appear in relation to dirty TB. Now mine wasnt THAT dirty, but still, enough to give code 41. And I'm pretty sure I didn't damage the throttle plate because I was very gentle and used the softest metal toothbrush's to scrub the inside. No scratches or anything. If your saying I damaged the spring loaded part I guess thats possible, but I didn't do anything crazy. Is it possible a cracked hose is letting more air in and causing a higher idle? Is it possible my IAC valve is stuck because of the TB cleaning and I need to clean it as well...again?
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