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  2. Paint Pealing On 2004 Gx 470

    I have a 2008 Lexus GX470 Blizzard Pearl and has been garage kept since my purchase in April 2008. I recently started having to park outside the garage for the past 2 years and now my paint is peeling everywhere. Is there nothing that can be done about this. My car is in excellent shape and has never been wrecked. It looks awful with the paint peeling off all over.
  3. Does anyone have the login to toyota tis system for repair pictures. I am trying to remove the trunk switch from a 2015+ es 350 and it is difficult to do without pictures showing disassembly process
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  5. Navigation Upgrade from GEN 1 to GEN3

    Dear Donna, I am located in Portugal, so the maps source are definitely not the same as its in USA where i supposed you are, however at Lexus website you can get them, unfortunately very expensive.I bought mine in UK through ebay
  6. I am still interested in swaping out my 2004 radio with a 2006, 2007 or 2008 radio; however, I am having trouble finding a part number for that radio which will allow for the Vais Tech SAT radio option. Does anyone have a p/n? When I look it up, there are a few 86120 part numbers with different ID no's and Types.... and then it will say "this radio will work with your 2004 - 2010 SC430" I can't seem to find anything that says it was installed in 2007 models. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  8. Random misfire codes for cyl. 2, 4, & 6

    Hi Marty: I appreciate the response and yes it does sound like coil packs but.....since one of them I had to replace about 2 months ago is new, the misfire codes are all in the front bank (cyls. 2, 4, & 6) what's the reason for your conclusion? Coil packs are about $70 each, normal preventive maintenance for electronics is that if you have alike components in a group that perform the same functions you can expect additional failures to occur after the first incident. Yup, 19 years and one finally fails and I know the possibility of others to follow exists. but at the same time I'm trying to avoid "breaking the bank" while not being a cheapskate due to recent finances that we won't discuss here. I'm still looking for a more scientific explanation using the laws of cause and effect! what started with a vehicle that needed a good tune up and ran ok and all 6 cyl without any issues that suggested serious problems. Yes the plugs were quite worn and the air filter was dirty. The only codes I had was the one that gives owners a fit and cost large $ to eliminate is the "catalyst is below spec limits" Meaning your converter doesn't quite get as hot as it is supposed to and because of ECU parameters that can't be bypassed or changed you get a anti lock and trac off signal that has absolutely nothing to do with the emissions end of anything! But it will get (especially moms!) your attention when you feel unsafe in winter driving conditions. Your anti lock brakes of course still function but your traction control does not. But the Lexus dealer service dept will fix it even if they have to replace the entire anti lock brake control system and every other sensor related to emissions except the cat converter. Having bought this car in 2004 as a pre-certified car with a 3 yr bumper to bumper (20.000 miles at delivery) I saw every failure incident get parts thrown at it till you wondered how can they afford to operate that way? Ha, 14 yrs later, I know. So If you or any other members can come up with any other possibilities I'd be all ears an eternally grateful! Thanks, Dave
  9. Just purchased a used 2008 Lexus IS 250, RWD, with 59K miles. I don't have all the maintenance history but only had one owner and seems to be in really good shape. The oil maintence change required came up today and I assume it comes on automatically comes on when it detects oil is at a certain percentage. Since it's so close to the 60k service mark, I was going to take it to a Toyota dealer for service. Does anyone know a ballpark price for the 60k service? Would it be okay to take it to a Goodyear or other non Toyota or Lexus dealer for a tune-up or is it better to go to the dealer?
  10. Regular Member 0 18 posts First Name:Jim Lexus Model: ES300 Year: 1998 Location: Flori Lexus Owners Club 080218 malfunctioning seat forward-back adjustment Dear fellow Lexus owners, my 2001 ES300 drivers seat forward-back adjustment stopped working. Now I can't move the seat forward so my short wife can drive the car. I can tell it is not the motor, as the seat tilt, and up-down works, and there is a click when I try to move the seat forward or back. There is no obstruction I could see under the seat to prevent movement. Has anyone had this problem? How do I fix it? JC
  11. Hi yes, in the uk. used to reset it 1 or 2 times a month. Lexus wanted to replace complete unit as only the japanese are clever eniugh to mend it!! resolved it completely by trading in on a newer rx400h. i know thats not much help andrew
  12. I should add, I have less than 10K miles on the tires. Also re-checked alignment after the tire wear was noticed
  13. Been on for over a year now. Even wear across the tread. When it was aligned at fitment I opted for '0' toe. Michelin's and toe seems to of done the trick
  14. Sure, I'll mail it to "Somebody in Southern Illinois, just off I-57". You should get it by .... NEVER!
  15. It was recommended that I put a wire mesh into engine compartment to stop rodents getting inside vehicle. Is this an up sale and has there been problems like this before. Also, has this been a problem with the RX-350 vehicle in the past. Mine is a 2016?
  16. Howdy and thanks for taking the time to respond. What I am actually replacing is the rubber strip that goes around the entire rear door 360 degrees. I have tried to pry it up and it is really snug but I will guess that it just takes more force to get started. I have asked a body man about it (but not shown it to him yet) and he has not replaced this on a Lexus.
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  18. Odd front end noises when driving often lead to the need to replace wheel bearings. This can be a humming noise at speed, and more often upon turning the steering wheel a bit; the usual road noise changes. Hopefully it hasn't gone on long enough to have a grinding effect. I noticed a humming noise in my car at 98k miles. This seemed a little early - my Toyota pickup has never had any attention to its bearings at 285K and still rolls neatly down the road. I actually had an experienced Lexus repair evaluate it, too, and they agreed in fact that both sides were worn. Lexus here wanted $850 to do both bearings [together]. The DIY cost was $140. It takes medium mechanical ability. I decided to do the job myself, and eventually found that both sides still had lube in them. My guess is that the bearings would still soldier on for another thousand miles at least. But in order to really inspect the bearings, you have to open them up and destroy them. So I opened the Lexus shop manual and got started. Note that these instructions are pretty similar for other Lexus models which don't have front wheel drive, and other manufacturers' as well. The manual's listing of SST [special tools] is daunting but unnecessary; I accomplished the task with two 3-legged pullers, although I did use a machine shop's hydraulic press services since my wimpy 6-ton job would not do it. Also, the manual omitted some vital advice. After the car is up on jackstands and the front wheels removed and marked as to left and right [from the driver's perspective], remove the front brake caliper as usual by taking out the two bolts and using a rope or wire to hang the caliper up out of the way. Important: Use a 6-point 17mm socket for this, and all subsequent nuts and bolts [not a 12-point]. You are overcoming 83 ft. lbs. of torque in some cases, and twelve-pointers will slip and round bolt corners. Remove the rotor. Next pull the top steering knuckle after removing the clip and unscrewing the castle nut until the bottom is even with the bolt end. I used a small puller and it popped right off. You also need to remove the little speed sensor wire from the hub. All that's left are the two bolts that secure the unit to the lower ball joint. Use a long socket handle - these are tight. The book gives instructions to mount the hub assembly in a vice using 3 of the lug nuts and not tightening too much. Good idea, but of course it's not possible to then use a really long socket handle [36mm or 1-7/16" socket] to remove the big nut in back [visible after removing the dust cap]. You are undoing more than150 ft. lbs. torque. So the other main tool you need is a GOOD air impact wrench. I use an Ingersall Rand 1/2" one with 90 pounds of air. Set it on high and the nut comes off. You did use a punch and tap out the staked part first, didn't you? Lexus says this nut is to be renewed, but I re-used mine easily - re-staking is not hard. Now remove the skid control rotor [it looks like a gear] and remove the four 6mm bolts that hold on the dust cover. My larger 3-jawed puller then fitted over the spindle and was able to pull the unit apart WITH the air wrench. It comes apart very slowly, even with that tool. The inner bearing race is left, and my small puller again did the job with the air wrench. Note that I had to heat one of the races with a propane torch first. Pop out the grease seal, then remove the large snap ring. I used the Harbor Freight snap ring set #60593, but first reversed the tips, left to right etc. so that they pointed inward. Now the bearing is ready to be extracted. I took it to a machine shop and their 80 ton press! Now do an important thing; the manual suggests this AFTER assembly, but if you have a problem, the spindle can be replaced before this. Check the run-out of the hub face where the wheel studs are mounted. You'll might just get the machine shop to do it, but if you have a gauge you can do it yourself. The hardest part is mounting the spindle in something so it can rotate without wobbling. I found it best to make a hole and stick the thing in it upside down, then rotate it carefully. The gauge shouldn't deviate more than .002 inches according to the manual. Now replace the snap ring and put in a new seal, then grease it. The machine shop can now put the spindle back in snugly. Back in your shop you can install the big nut and stake it. I found that mounting the unit in a vice by the caliper holes worked well, while anchoring the hub spindle in back. This nut takes 143 ft. lbs., and most of our torque wrenches only go to 100, so..... go borrow or rent a bigger one. The rest of the re-assembly is fairly routine. Make sure the top steering knuckle taper and hole have zero grease on them. And it's advisable to check the car's toe-in after you are done. You can go for a complete alignment, or do as I do and use two long straight sticks and two bricks. The only setting that kills tires is toe-in, and it's easy to check yourself. Adjusting the rods that move the wheel assemblies on this car is easy, too, except the part in which you realize the car front is VERY close to the ground. But you can reach the adjusters from behind the front wheels. Or up on a lift, but that entails many more steps. Parts needed for the job: two bearings and two seals. If you wish to renew the big nuts, you'll probably have to go to Lexus for them.
  19. 1992 Starter Replacement

    I did not have an issue billy, I was responding to the previous poster.
  20. Brake Job '08

    Hi- I wanted to check back, has anyone done a brake job on an '08 GS 350 AWD?? Thxs
  21. My 2015 NX 200t was also showing the license plate in the backup camera. With my current 2018 NX300 F3, it doesn’t.
  22. Speedometer Display

    The HUD displays the speed.
  23. IMPOSSIBLE overheating fix

    sounds like the heater core is plugged with the temp differences between the 2 hoses.
  24. I like the way you think but I honestly would of just let them total it. You will never recoupe the money in upgrades and I think it was more of an emotional decision than a practical one on your part. We live and learn. I don't know about the other cars but the 01-03 LS 430 has a 5 speed and the 04-06 has a 6 speed which is sealed.
  25. Hi all. I just bought a lexus rx400h but it did not come with the user manual. Can anyone tell me how I adjust the interior rear view mirror ? Cheers
  26. Hi all. I just bought a lexus rx400h but it did not come with the user manual. Can anyone tell me how I adjust the interior rear view mirror ? Cheers
  27. Good Day Everyone from frigid Peace River, Alberta, Canada! This is my very first post to this great forum and I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone in advance for any and all input to our dire situation. My wife's Lexus 2007 GS 350 AWD with only ~89,000 original kms on it gave her problems last night and I am really hoping that someone in this forum has had this problem and knows the cure or knows where I can find the answer to our problem and the GS 350 now is disabled in the garage at home and I am away working in camp and cannot be home for another 10 days to address the situation and the Lexus dealership is far away in Edmonton (500 kms away) so a tow job to the dealership is not feasible....... The GS 350 car alarm started going off by itself during middle of night and would not stop with the FOB key. My wife called me and she had to unlock the car manually before the alarm would stop and we definitely know that nobody tried to break into the car and now the car will not start, it will not even turn over..... she gets the green light as normal on the start button after pushing on the brake pedal but no response from the start button, she also got a "MOON ROOF OPEN' fault message in the dash display. She also mentioned that yesterday right before she got home from the grocery store (only 2 minutes from home) that the door locks were locking and unlocking by themselves intermittently which she thought was really strange. I am not home right now and my wife has limited mechanical abilities but while we were on the phone I coached her enough for her to be able to disconnect and reconnect the battery cables in the hope that this would reset something in the electrical system but it didn't make any difference, the car still won't start.......She is not able to lock or unlock the car with the FOB keys and she cannot open the trunk, she also tried my FOB key in case the battery was weak in hers but no difference. Also when the battery was reconnected and after her second failed attempt at starting the car the dash display was still lit up so I got her to disconnect the battery again so that it wouldn't totally drain the battery before I come home. Has anybody ever experienced this same issue? and if so what was the cure? Thank you kindly to everyone in advance for all your help! Sincerely with Respect Dan and Tashi Loubier Peace River, Alberta, Canada 2007 GS 350 AWD
  28. 2015 ES350 Seat Odor

    I have a 2015 ES350 with 8,500 miles, but a strong, chemical odor in the cabin. The Lexus dealer said to have it detailed and change the cabin air filter, which did not help. I had the carpet and sound insulation replaced (~$2500) and put an ozone machine in the car for a week. The odor is clearly coming from the seats. I left it in the garage for two weeks without cranking, and now the garage smells like that chemical, so it doesn't appear to be related to the A/C or engine. The Lexus dealer looked at it three times and said to contact corporate to get a field engineer inspection. Lexus Corporate said it was not covered under warranty (I have the 6-year extended), and that they could not help me. They suggested I try a different dealer. I can't be the first person with this problem. Any ideas? Thanks!
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