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  2. I think your issue is not likely bulbs. Start car, when light comes on, set the handbrake and release it. Does the light go out. If not put handbrake back on. Shutoff car and restart it. Handbrake light should be on, does it go out when you release the hand brake. I am thinking it is the handbrake position sensor giving you issues. Let us know what you find out once you try this.
  3. Nothing stupid in asking questions. Lexus cars have great audio systems and the better the source quality the more enjoyment listening to music. DBPoweramp (available for both IOS and Windows) can convert lossless audio files (from audio CD’s or download) to M4A (MP4) files in 512kbps 48kHz, which is the highest audio quality possible from the DVD player in our CT. When using USB pin only up to 16Gb we have constant fall-out of music and when the DVD player give us around 18 hours of music in sound quality not sound wise below WAV (CD audio discs) but better than 320kbps from MP3 the DVD player is what we use when driving visiting family. Line-in from a lossless player can transfer even highest level of audio, but few can hear that quality difference when passed 40 years of age (I cannot any-more) and while driving noise from tyres, wind etc. will not allow you to have the concert hall experience anyway.
  4. I have a 05 gs430 that has the exact same issue. Comes from the master cylinder, pressing the brake a few times usually stops it. Other than that I think when someone did the brakes they just didn’t bleed them correct. Going to get a new cylinder, and bleed the brakes again. Hopefully that works…?
  5. Well, I finally touched up my used 03 17" LS430 wheels with American Touch-up Paint, a little clearcoat, some Menzerna 2500 compound and Meguires ultra-finish polish. They came out shiny but a little blotchy because I over sprayed a little. I bought some Hankook 235/50-17 Ventus V2 Concept2 AS tires because their overall diameter was 26.1, rather than the usual 26.3 for that size. They give me another .7-inch sidewall height and all the specs are all very close to the OEM wheel and tire. The ride is much smoother with no sharp raps over RR tracks, concrete seams and those overpass patches. I'm really happy with them. I attached a before and after shot.
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  7. If we had a local service center, we would probably already have the NX450+ in our driveway. The nearest Lexus dealer is 100 miles away but I travel that way about 2x/month. Then I started reading here. Parasitic draining of the 12v. Keep your fob in the house far away from your car. Get a trickle charger. Never use ACC. Replace the battery immediately. Then the run-flat tires are supposed to be terrible and also need replacing earlier than stated. Loved the this car esp the ride. But this seems a bit ridiculous to pay $6x,000 for a car that needs this kind of babying. Called local Toyota dealership and they will happily change oil, basic maintenance under warranty but will not honor free Lexus dealership service. (Not even sure we would want Toyota working on new Lexus?) Would you buy this car with the nearest service center 100 miles away one-way? Thx for all of your thoughts.
  8. Hi all, my driver's side rear door is acting like it's locked from the outside, even though it's not. The plastic piece holding the exterior handle in fell off on the freeway. I guess the screw worked itself loose over time or something. I replaced it easily enough, but now the door opens from the inside but not the outside. Any ideas or advice? Thanks in advance!
  9. 2024 NX 350 AWD. Recently, I noticed that when I shutoff the car, the 'PARK' sign in red letter comes on on the dashboard. It disappears when I start the car, and put it in D or R. My wife says it didn't do like that a week ago. Any advice?
  10. Hi all, I saw this thread here & don't know how old it is but I had a similar problem on my 2010 Lexus RX350. I believe this is similar to the RX450 in some regards.... Got it used in Dec.'23....After going thru the functions of it, I noticed my low beams didn't come on. I Checked bulbs (they were OK), wiring ( was ok, power there) & the next thing I considered was the relay. But instead, I contacted the used car dealer I got it from & they had me take it to a place that specializes in Diagnosis of electrical problems. They were stomped also at first but we both than found the cause. If you go in on the Nav screen, go to vehicle settings& vehicle customization, after you go down into the menus to the 'Light Settings' , there's a setting to turn on/off low beams. On mine, it was turned off, when I set it to 'ON', they worked fine. Previous owner may have shut them off, I don't know. Hope this is of some help for you Newdadx2....
  11. I was replacing O2 sensor by firewall and accidentally pulled wore out of rubber boot,one blue wire came out of connector labeled apcm I got plug separated but can't tell how wore goes into connector,car started barely running and will kick in all of sudden,drinking hell a gas!!!
  12. I was replacing O2 sensor by firewall and accidentally pulled wore out of rubber boot,one blue wire came out of connector labeled apcm I got plug separated but can't tell how wore goes into connector,car started barely running and will kick in all of sudden,drinking hell a gas!!!
  13. Its been almost 6 months the "voltage issue" was resolved and with 22K miles now everything has been going just fine. No problems of any kind. I love this car folks. I have noticed because i m averaging 1K miles weekly that i am now way ahead with my services. I always do the oil changes at 5K but i saw the invoice the other day and @$206/hr for labor it really dramatically adds up. I am wondering are these NYC prices or is this normal? I see they have things down there like "check placement of floor mats on drivers side" and top off fluids that are truly ridiculous with me bringing the car in every 5-6 weeks because of all the miles i put on it. An oil change is about $150 and i mostly deny the other services. I dont even take the free car wash bc it only delays the visit by at least an hour or so. Overall love this car so much and no regrets at all after having a few Dodges,Yukons, Chevys this is glorious. BY 25K miles with my 2019 Yukon i was having a new Transmission put in already.
  14. Dave, Thanks for the response. If you still have your RX400 after all these years that says something about quality and reliability of the Lexus brand which I've read about being rather high. It looks like $50-$55K is about the norm for this vehicle and we got the only red one available in the area so the hybrid wasn't an option although those stats are certainly better. I figure I'm getting about (24-27MPG) depending on driving mode. I'm always in sport mode to compensate for the low HP so mileage is probably taking a hit there. There's only a 10-day return policy and we're a few days past that now so we'll work on getting used to it unless my wife decides she just can't deal with the shifter mechanism and then we'll have to figure something out. In the mean time maybe some free car washes and snacks once a week at the dealer will help lessen the discomfort. 😁
  15. 1. That depends upon the rotor thickness and whether material needs to be taken off. 2. That would depend upon your part of the country. $450 seems very reasonable if quality parts are used. 3. Take a look here for suggestions. Brakes for 2005 Lexus LS430 (tirerack.com) 4. See above. 5. Yes, that's what I do unless I have the work done by the dealership. Unfortunately, if you select the hardware and they squeal, it's typically on you to rectify. 6. The front brakes always wear out long before the rears do. I'd be surprised if you need all four done.
  16. So I have a 1997 ls 400. I blew my head gasket so I ended up getting a swap with another 1uz engine with less miles. When the swap was done I drove the car out from the mechanic shop and it was running for an hour and it just turned off on me. I towed it back to the shop and the mechanic put a new relay. The car was running for 15 mins and it turned off. Then he changed out the fuel pump because it was coming up. I got a new ecu and the old ecu wasn’t reading that I needed an ignitor for ignition OEM. I bought that part and installed it but my car just turns on and turns off. Can anyone help me out?
  17. You did not have brake actuator issues on your 08 RX 400H? Mine only has 150k miles and I have not gotten to drive it in 2 years because Lexus wants 3k to fix the actuator I can't find it in any junk yards, it is also around $900-1000 anywhere else that I have looked I don't have that type of money laying around to pay on a car I just bought in 2019 and it had 143k miles so that tells you how much I have gotten to drive it. I am just so sick over this. If I could find the person that sold me this vehicle knowing this was an issue, Im unsure what I would do. I can only hope Karma bites her in the butt. She wouldn't budge on the price of it i should have not gotten it. We took the seats out and cleaned and she had kids obviously she just let her kids eat and gum it up, i got it so clean and looking brand new and then the first big rain it was leaking and the actuator was messing up and its been a mess. I know that she knew there was an issue. She lied and blocked me when I asked her about it, refused to give me the extra keys. So much crap. But hell who can afford an attorney even. IDK ill never own another lexus. I though about parting it out just to be able to have a down payment for another car. But with the low miles and i know how long they can last, I am just not ready I ooaid cash for it, and it is just hard to eat that cost idk what to do.
  18. Looks awfully neglected....Can't help as to where the wires belong...
  19. My 2021 RX350 wouldn't fully start and displayed warning message stating "low braking power", so I thought that the programming was preventing the car from starting due to a braking issue. But, the car wouldn't turn off, either. It stayed in "ignition ON" mode. I was parked inside a parking garage of an airport on the 3rd floor and it was almost 8pm. I called Lexus roadside assistance and spoke to 4 different persons who could not identify what was wrong nor why the ignition wouldn't turn off AND they couldn't get a tow truck into a 7 ft max clearance airport parking garage. At this point, all of the various alarms are flashing on the dashboard in a continuous cycle. I'm on the East Coast, so I started calling Lexus service dealers on the West Coast since it would only be about 5:30pm. I spoke to 2-3 in CA (no one new how to get the car to turn off) and 1 in OR who said to disconnect the battery, but I had no tools to do it. I considered getting the car pushed out of the parking garage but with two down ramps and messaging stating that the car essentially had no braking power, it would be unsafe. Two hours later, sitting in my car at the airport, a warning message stated that the vehicle was going to shut itself down due to low battery. The next morning, I called one of our two local Lexus dealer service departments. The first one took a message and never called back (still haven’t heard from them). The second service dealer, Lexus of Jacksonville FL, took my call, found an advisor who knew from experience that a Lexus with battery issues will freak out with all sorts of error messages. But he has never heard of a vehicle that couldn't be turned off. I was stuck in the airport for 3 hours, and I live one hour away, so this was quite an ordeal getting transport back & forth twice. I called AAA (not Lexus roadside) to come to the parking garage the next day and they were able to jump the car, and I drove it to the dealer. They identified a bad battery (3 year old car with 26k miles) and replaced it under warranty. But this was a horrible ordeal. Why doesn't the Lexus programming with all of its bells and whistles, display a message that the battery power is low or the battery needs replacement, rather than telling me the car has faulty brakes or other system errors!! This is POOR programming and messaging. And, why wouldn't the vehicle turn off??? Lexus - - this is a big issue, based on the numerous battery issues reported and the faulty programming that needs to be addressed.
  20. Hello. The links don't seem to be active. Is it possible to reactivate please?
  21. I have been driving around for a whole year with this same problem....and with mine, the door open light on my Lexus RX350 continually says the hatchback is open, even though it is closed and latched. I will try this fix and let you know if it works. If it does....I greatly appreciate this post and I thank YOU in advance.
  22. None of that worked. Is it possible to program the window regulators with a couple?
  23. Thank you guys good options i will check into them Thanks again , John A
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