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  1. Thank you so much for the tips. I'll try to get my stuff together and see what all I can find. I think I finally deleted emails but I'm not sure. I'll email you with any questions after I figure out what all I can find. I guess I'm going to go on and get a quote to fully paint the car. I haven't taken it anywhere in a good while. It's getting pretty embarrassing driving it as it is. Looks really bad!!!! Thanks so much!!
  2. I've tried twitter. That's how I got a second look at the problem but it ended up being a waste of my time. 😩
  3. I would like to know. Not sure how I can get you my email without publicly posting. Also not sure if these places I've taken my car to would put it in writing that the primer or paint was flawed. They have verbally told me but nothing in writing. They are only in it to get me to buy a paint job. We only have 1 Lexus dealership anywhere near me also. The people from Lexus that contacted me said they are more willing to help people that buy multiple cars and have all of their maintenance done at the dealership. We have bought multiple cars but we keep our cars a long time and I don't continue my maintenance there after warranty as it's not near me and I had some issues where they told me things I needed done that didn't need done.
  4. Lexus is holding out until all of these cars die. I was also told it was a primer defect from a local body shop.
  5. Was it super expensive to have it repainted? I love the car and would love to have it painted but I do think Lexus deserves the free advertising of me driving the car around everyday. Mine has always been babied and taken very good care of. I don't have 1 ding. I plan to keep it as long as it will go. It is definitely my last Lexus though.
  6. Exactly and I've gone through all of the appropriate steps to get assistance from Lexus and they will not help. This is my last Lexus for this reason. I'm going to drive it until there's no paint. It's not very good advertising for them. It's pitiful when I see so many with the same problem. One paint place told me it was bad primer. Good Luck to you.
  7. I also own an 08 GX470. My paint started peeling during warranty but I thought it was from rocks on the interstate or something like that. Got a new windshield and when the tape was removed, large amounts of paint came off stuck to the tape. Took car to reputable paint shop and was told this was a defect. Have tried to get help from Lexus but they refuse to do the right thing. Just like the dashboard deal so I'm waiting and hoping for a class action law suit because that's what it will take. Time is on their side however because cars don't last but I have babied this car because it cost a fortune and I plan to keep it as long as it will roll. The paint is peeling all over and looks horrible but it runs good. This is my last Lexus however due to the peeling paint issue.
  8. I love Lexus and this may be the wrong place to write this but my snooty dealership told me they don't discount GX's at all. They did me a favor because I have been trying to buy a new GX.I called all over the place and the majority of the people I talked to acted the same way. I think people will have changed views about Lexus and maybe it will bring the people that run the dealerships back to reality.