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  1. Had the alternator and battery replaced and now the radio does not work.  I  see from other sites that a reset code may be required.  Does anyone have it for a 2007 GX470?

    1. sinoma


      Update.  The Toyota tech did not check the fuse!  I checked and it had blown.  Wow, what service!  New fuse and radio works again.  That said the windows had to be reset as one would not work from the driver's control.  Disconnecting the battery does seem to have some associated problems.

  2. I can answer this question for you. I have both a GX470 (not the 460) and an LX570. Quality and performance wise, it is slightly different as the LX570 is a much bigger vehicle to begin with. The GX feels more handy for those tight spaces or getting around town in and out. The space is no doubt a winner for the LX because it is bigger in all aspects. The only downside of the LX vs the GX is the braking. I can definitely feel the difference in braking. The GX can definitely give you the confidence that you can brake faster in an emergency situation while the LX feels like it may not stop on time in an emergency situation. Gas mileage has been approximately the same for me on both vehicles so it's a matter of what is important to you.
  3. Good day to all! I know I just recently acquired the LX570 about 7 months ago but I also just joined back in the LS group again. Previously had an 07 LS460 with the Parking Guidance. Just acquired an LS460 F Sport which will be the replacement for our BMW 535i. The F Sport LS still doesnt perform like a German BMW but it can suffice for now.
  4. Looks good Josh! It’s always nice to take a journal photo of the building progress. Something to look back on once you move in.
  5. Once every a dozen blue moons, I’m on here too lol. Weird how when I started lurking this forum 14 years ago, we only had a ONE Gx470 in our garage. Now, including my cars in Manila, we have 1 Rx300 Silversport, 2 GX470s, and 1 LX570. Oh and a BMW... don’t hate on the BMW too much lol.
  6. I believe it is a top spec. Original MSRP of $91,490. Thank you. Will have to learn more about this vehicle even though it shares a lot of similarities with my GX.\
  7. Hey guys. I know I've hardly been around this forum even though I'm the LX moderator. Anyways I'm excited to pick up a new to me, CPO LX this coming weekend. I'll have to familiarize myself with the topics discussed here about this vehicle.
  8. As of 8/17 80k miles on the clock for my Cali GX. 13k miles on my 2007 in Manila
  9. I personally have joined the band wagon of owning a Blizzard Pearl GX myself. I purchased it slightly used. I'll keep you guys posted about my observation of my 07 GX470 that is located in a humid warm country.
  10. Currently my 03 has 79,000 miles. Running like a champ. Just acquired a 2007 GX470 with only 12,000 miles on the ODO. It's my vacation car in the Philippines so this is a new experience for me as I will see how this vehicle can handle the tropical weather of my country.
  11. I agree. The RX300 wasn't made for the heavy duty hauling. I know I overloaded mine one time helping a friend move his stuffs out of his apartment to his new home and the distance was only a short 5 miles but I could feel that the vehicle was having a challenge pulling the trailer with, who knows how many pounds worth of household items on it.
  12. I find this surprising that the Blizzard Pearl has had many paint peeling issues over the years. As I previously had mentioned, they rolled out the Blizzard Pearl to replace the Sand Dollar Pearl that the first few GX470s rolled out with (including mine) due to a paint peel issue. *knock on wood* my Sand Dollar Pearl GX has had no paint peel issues at all. Always garaged, no body work.
  13. I find it odd that I had this issue happen to me twice. The first time around they said that some sensor was dirty so they "cleaned" it. The second time around (2 weeks ago) they said it was a faulty gas cap. I only have 77k miles on my 2003 GX.
  14. Denny,

    Hello! I am hoping that you can help. I'm new and here is my post:

    I have a clean and well-maintained 2003 GX 470 with 171K. All maintenance performed – no leaks, no issues, etc. Recently, it started making a ticking noise when warm. It also had a slight "knock" to the engine as well. I had the lifters adjusted and the PCV was replaced. It's definitely better but not "Lexus-smooth." The mechanic and dealership say it's characteristic of this engine/year. I've read other threads that mention similar issues but nothing specific unless I can't find the thread.  I've noticed that when I press the gas pedal down while idling the knock noise lessens, the engine remains smooth, the ticking seems be less severe as well. Can anyone out there give me some guidance? Thank you!




    Thank you in advance for your time!

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