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  1. The fuel tank vent tube is clogged. It allows displaced air to escape as the tank is filled. Google something like "gas tank vent tube clogged". Here is a link to one video about the problem but I don't know what type of vehicle it is or what the vent tube on an RX looks like:
  2. The cause might be aging engine/transmission mounts but do you really want to bother if the vibration is only faint?
  3. If the pressure sensors are the originals, it's likely that one of their batteries has failed. If that's the case, you might as well replace all the sensors. The batteries usually aren't replaceable. Replacing the sensors will require uploading the ID codes for the new sensors to the vehicle ECU through the diagnostic port. Any tire shop can do that. I bought an inexpensive ($125) electronic tool to do it since we have multiple vehicles with both summer and winter wheels/tires.
  4. Well, it's a hoot that you went back and edited your original post adding "NOTE: I ordered the “F Sport” version." trying to cover up your bozo mistake. Congrats.
  5. Why on earth did you not mention in your original post that you have an F-Sport if your were trying to make some kind of point? Your original post is of no help to those who purchase the standard 2020 RX450h. Get real, guy.
  6. I don't know what kind of B.S. your supposed "Lexus Master Mechanic" laid on you or why you can't find the tow prep package online but I just now did a "build" of a 2-row 2020 RX450h and see the tow prep package as an option. Here is a screen shot I just took.
  7. The towing prep package for the 2020 RX450h included the following at a retail price of $270: HEAVY DUTY RADIATOR AND COOLING FAN ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION OIL COOLERS It would cost thousands of dollars to retrofit these components if you could find someone willing to do it which is doubtful. The biggest problem is probably the engine oil cooler since the engine you have probably can't accept one without replacing major components. On one particular Toyota model with a V6 engine, the estimated cost of adding just the engine oil cooler to a vehicle that didn't come with the tow prep package was over $2,500. Normally a Lexus dealer would have to prove that towing a camper caused the failure of a warranted vehicle component but this is a case where the car maker offers a towing prep package and specifically states that vehicles that don't have the package are not designed for trailer towing. My suggestion is to use a vehicle rated for towing. Or buy a nice tent and don't keep any food in it if you're camping in bear country! My wife and I used to do a lot of camping when we were (much) younger - a lot of wilderness backpacking and some campground tent camping from a car. My wife's idea of camping these days is staying in a Holiday Inn Express.
  8. Fuse #2 (20 amp) in the engine compartment fuse box is for the wipers. Is it blown?
  9. How often are you having to buy HID bulbs? Are you buying new high quality OEM 4100K HID bulbs? Stay away from high kevin off-brand bulbs. I've never had an OEM HID bulb burn out. My 2000 LS400 was still on its original factory installed HID bulbs when I sold it in 2014. The HID bulbs in my 2014 Toyota Sienna Limited van are still the original ones. You would have to replace your current HID headlight units with the standard units in order to use low beam halogen bulbs and also do a considerable amount of inventive re-wiring. You would also lose the automatic beam leveling feature. LED headlight conversion kits are mostly crap.
  10. WD40 is one of the worst substances you could have used. It's a solvent and not a lubricant and can really gum up the works when it dries. WD40 stains badly too. I doubt that it is acceptable to squirt any substance into the shift lever assembly. I suggest that you pull the wood trim panel off the center console and try to determine what's going on. I should remember how to remove the large console wood panel from a gen 1 LS400 since I did it many times on the 1990 LS400 I drove from new to 2003. I can't remember if it's necessary to remove the drink holder assembly or the ashtray before jerking out the wood panel. I don't think it is - not certain. Grab the wood panel ahead of the gear shift lever with your finger tips and pull upward. There are two clips at the front on the underside of the panel that will pop out of slots in the console structure. Then slide the wood panel forward and upward so that the clips on the underside of the panel at the back slide out of their slots. I actually have a gen 1 LS400 console wood panel in my garage that was damaged when my 90 LS400 was rear ended hard enough to crack the clear coat on the panel. I don't know if removing the wood panel will allow you to see anything. The only shifter I've disassembled was on a Toyota Camry and that was not at all fun.
  11. Warranties are not affected by the installation of tow hitches unless it can be proved that the hitch caused the failure of a vehicle component. If a hitch is super important to you then it's best to verify that a hitch is available before purchasing a vehicle. The cost of custom fabricated hitches can vary wildly. I suggest getting several bids. I'm going to have a class II trailer hitch fabricated for a new mid-engine Corvette C8 convertible so I can plug a bike rack into it and I won't be surprised if the total cost is well over $1,000 but that's a nit considering it's an $80,000+ car. I will provide a detailed design to the fabricator.
  12. Here one in Austin that advertises custom hitches: https://www.spillarhitchestx.com/ There might be others - try searching Google, Yelp, etc.
  13. The belts should not flex much when you push a finger against them - WHILE THE ENGINE IS OFF! Sorry, but forgot I was in an ES forum which has a transverse V6. The electric fan(s) behind the radiator are super important - verify it or they are working. I'm more familiar with V8 Lexus vehicles in which the electrical fans are supplemental and run when it is very hot and then mainly when the vehicle is not moving.
  14. The first thing I would check are the drive belts. Maybe the belt(s) driving the AC compressor and water pump are slipping.