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  1. 1st owner! 2000 LS400. TOTAL NOOB BUT STARTING OUT

    The wiring harness for the Nakamichi is VERY different than the one for the Pioneer - not even the same number of connectors on either the head unit or amp - I forget which. Nobody repairs Nakamichi anymore. The right channel in the Nak in my 2000 LS400 failed for the second time in 2012 and no one could repair it due to lack of parts. The original Nakamichi went bankrupt in the early 2000's. The current Nakamichi is a different company. Both the fixed and portable versions of the Lexus phones used in the 2000 LS400 were analog only - not even TDMA. Analog service was discontinued in the U.S. about 10 years ago. When my Nakamichi failed in 2012, I had Best Buy install a Kenwood double-din head unit that didn't have nav since I preferred to use the Garmin I had mounted - see photo attached. The Kenwood also had hands-free phone feature that worked very well but I preferred the Garmin's. I sold my 2000 LS400 in 2014. Because I had the Nakamichi, the Best Buy installer had to fabricate an installation harness that allowed using the Nak amp and all the Nak speakers. If you want to install an aftermarket head unit, it will be much easier for you since interface harnesses are commercially available for the 2000 LS400 Pioneer system which should allow using the Pioneer amp and all the Pioneer speakers including the subwoofer.
  2. Sure, I'll mail it to "Somebody in Southern Illinois, just off I-57". You should get it by .... NEVER!
  3. What do you mean by "they were left in the door pockets on my 96 LS400"? Who left them? The tooth fairy? Those are not Toyota/Lexus part numbers, i.e. not in the parts database for model years 1969 to 2017.
  4. Cup Holder Adapter '98 LS400

    Either buy a different coffee container or a newer vehicle that has provision for the larger coffee containers that have become popular. I drove a similar 2000 LS400 for 11 years and found that the "OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Double-Wall Travel Mug" fit best in its cup holders.
  5. Headlight leveling and VSC problems- 2000 LS400

    As I said, the VSC warning is displayed for a variety of problems with most having nothing to do with VSC. For example, the VSC warning displayed on the 2000 LS400 I drove for 11 years when the throttle position sensor started to fail. The VSC warning also displayed almost every time a battery started to fail. See if there are any stored trouble codes.
  6. Headlight leveling and VSC problems- 2000 LS400

    What model year? Your profile says you have a 1992 and automatic headlight leveling was not available then. OK, I see your second question that probably means that you have a 98-00. The VSC warning can come on for a variety of reasons. You need to figure out what the problem is and fix it. Are there any error codes? What is going on with your headlight leveling system? If it's broken, you should fix it.
  7. Lexus Reputation Doesn't Seem to Hold

    I'll add more information in case the OP ever returns to this thread. When the horn pad / air bag assembly on my 2000 LS400 required replacement in 2012, it took the independent repair shop I use only one day to get a used replacement Fed-Ex'ed from a salvage supplier. Getting whatever used parts you need from a salvage supplier should be easier since your ES350 was a much higher volume car than my 2000 LS400 and there should be far more salvage parts available. But then ... maybe your elderly mother really should get a newer vehicle if she can afford it. 2018 vehicles made by Toyota sold in the U.S. have the Toyota Safety System (TSS-P) as standard equipment. Among its several features, TSS-P utilizes radar and cameras to automatically brake the vehicle to prevent or reduce the impact with other vehicles, fixed objects and pedestrians. Another feature nudges the vehicle back into its lane should it drift out of it. Here is a web page about TSS-P for Toyota brand vehicles. https://www.toyota.com/safety-sense/?addisclaimer=tss,lda,drcc,auto_highbeam,pre_collision_tss&srchid=sem|GOOGLE|TSS|Brand_TSS|Toyota+Safety+Sense|TSS_Update_8.18.17|TSS_LP&gclid=CLCA7tLL69cCFV6VxQId7XIPJQ&gclsrc=ds 2018 Lexus vehicles have a similar system as standard equipment - Lexus Safety System: http://drivers.lexus.com/lexusdrivers/technology/safety Many new vehicles made by Toyota also have Blind Side Monitor and Rear Cross Traffic Alert which warn the driver of other vehicles when changing lanes and backing up.
  8. Lexus Reputation Doesn't Seem to Hold

    Are these front seat cushions? If so it shouldn't be too difficult to get used seats from a salvage company and to either install yourself or have an independent repair shop do it.
  9. Lexus Reputation Doesn't Seem to Hold

    Provide the part numbers and perhaps people on this forum can help. I can search a worldwide database to see if any other vehicles made by Toyota use the same parts.
  10. Text Messages

    One way is to turn off Message Access on your phone in the Bluetooth settings for the specific vehicle.
  11. Common Issues And A Ls400 Buying Guide

    The right channel failure in your Nakamichi system is likely a problem in the head unit as was mine and many others who have reported a similar problem. I don't remember anyone reporting that the left channel failed - only the right channel. After the right channel of the Nak failed, I had a double DIN Kenwood head unit installed at Best Buy using the Nak amp under the passenger seat and all the Nak speakers including the Nak subwoofer. The Kenwood didn't have quite the "presence" of the Nak head unit but it was wonderful to have a modern system in my old 2000 LS400. The Kenwood had a wonderful Bluetooth phone feature, 18 FM presets, equalizer, DVD video/CD player, sat radio ready, backup camera ready, A2DP Bluetooth audio streaming with specific Pandora support, hard wire aux-in, iPod control capability. Total cost of the Kenwood head unit including installation was a hair under $500. Don't let anyone tell you that the Nak amp can't be used with an aftermarket head unit and that you have to give up on your Nak subwoofer - absolutely not true. PGW supplies OEM glass for Toyota/Lexus but I suppose it is possible that you didn't get OEM grade. Your wind noise might be due to installation issues. The last windshield I had installed in my 2000 LS400 was a $1,600 OEM windshield - same markings and color as the factory installed one. The trim around the new windshield didn't fit all that well and I think that was the cause of most of the wind noise. There was a TSB about exterior mirror noise for the 1998-2000 LS400 which involved stuffing adhesive backed foam into the mirror housings. By about the 5th year, most of the foam was coming out of the mirrors and I never had it replaced. Yep, I closed the driver door on the seat belt buckle within the first few months I had my 00 LS400. I was more careful after that. I had the driver door hinges replaced at some point but I didn't think doing that reduced the wind noise. I should have replaced all the door gaskets. I liked my 00 LS400 a lot up to the day I sold it in 2014 to the same friend who had bought my 1990 LS400 11 years earlier. It looked new inside and out and was in excellent mechanical condition when I sold it at just under 180,000 miles. The main reason I moved on was that I wanted modern safety equipment like automatic emergency braking and and radar adaptive cruise control.
  12. Common Issues And A Ls400 Buying Guide

    These cars sure got a lot noisier as they aged. The 1990 LS400 I bought new and the 2000 LS400 I bought at 3 years / 38,000 miles seemed incredibly quiet when I first got them - but not when I sold them at around 14 years old. The original tires on both were designed for quiet - all replacements were louder. Door and window seal deterioration over the years seemed to add wind noise. And both cars had multiple windshield replacements which probably contributed to the additional noise. I thought the Nakamichi in my 2000 LS400 was wonderful and had an aux-in professionally added to it that made music streaming from the Internet sound great. The right channel of the Nak head unit eventually failed and couldn't be repaired due to lack of replacement parts. Looking back, it would have been better to have bought a new LS430 in 2003 instead of the off-lease 2000 LS400. I didn't like the LS430 at the time but later came to appreciate its technology and comfort improvements. Good luck with those BMW and Mercedes cars! I'm a "three time loser" with Mercedes cars. I thought the W140 was wonderful in its day but it is low-tech today ... same for that old BMW. The cost of keeping those things running today would be ridiculously high. It's been years since I saw a W140 on the road - most have been crushed by now.
  13. The optional LED headlamps of the 2013 GS450h aren't necessarily better than the HID headlamps you have now. As the IIHS has found in their tests, there is no correlation between light source type (halogen, HID, LED) and performance: http://www.iihs.org/iihs/ratings The IIHS found that optional headlight systems were often worse that the standard systems. IMO, your best move is simply to verify that your headlamps are working correctly and aimed properly. Modern headlamps have become too complex to muck with - not like the old days of standard headlamp unit sizes in North America when one could slap a set of E-code Cibie or Hella units into a car and get a vast improvement. I did that on countless vehicles. I wish the IIHS would test the headlights of all vehicles. I'm getting tired of blindly (pun intended) buying vehicles with HID and LED headlights and just hoping they will be good.
  14. Winter tires/wheels

    According to www.wheelsandcaps.com where I buy winter wheels, the offset is 45mm. A number of Toyota vehicles have used this offset including Camry and Avalon. I distinctly remember that Tire Rack sold Avalon take-off wheels in their winter wheel/tire packages for the gen 1 LS400 in the early 1990's.
  15. Nathan, I knew the prognosis was not good but I was hoping your father would somehow make it through this. We PM'ed about it on the last day he was active on this forum. I would have liked to have met Randy in person but didn't know how to contact him after he dropped off the forum. Randy was incredibly helpful to others on this forum and it was always great fun to "talk" with him by PM. I assume you are talking about the red SC430: Perhaps a local Lexus dealer could provide suggestions on selling it or even sell it for you. Or maybe there is a business where you live that specializes in selling older pristine special interest cars on consignment. I'll bet this SC would sell in an instant if it was on a showroom floor.