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  1. I suppose you could have a Lexus dealer evaluate your car's drive train "health". Even if the traction battery is declining prematurely, my understanding is that has to be pretty much dead to get any warranty coverage on it. Did your ES come with low rolling resistance tires and, if so, is that the type of tire you are using now? I didn't mention a reason for our Prius decline in fuel economy is that we have stopped using LRR tires on it due to their punishing ride and poor traction. Having Blizzak winter tires on it currently certainly isn't helping fuel economy. Is the ICE obviously running most of the time? Does the ICE shut off when stopped in traffic and when driving down hills? Does the traction battery charging level gauge stay at a low level? Are you doing much stop and go driving that would cause regenerative braking to happen? Perhaps you could sign up on the fuelly website and track your fuel usage there.
  2. EPA fuel economy estimates for the 2012 CT200h are: 43/40/42 mpg (city/highway/combined) EPA fuel economy estimates for the 2013 ES300h are: 40/39/40 mpg (city/highway/combined) Maybe the traction battery in the ES300h is getting weak as it ages and causing to ICE to run more than it did when the battery was stronger. Maybe the ICE in the ES300h has to run more to heat the interior. The ES300h is a lot heavier (3,660 lb) than a CT200h (3,146 lb) and the EPA testing cycle doesn't necessarily take that into account. It's unusual for a vehicle to get EPA rating fuel economy in real world driving. Not many people on the "fuelly" website are getting 40 mpg combined in a 2013 ES300h - take a look for yourself: http://www.fuelly.com/car/lexus/es300h/2013 One has to remember that many people who use the fuelly website are trying hard to get good fuel mileage and using driving techniques not acceptable to most drivers. Our 2012 Prius v has the same hybrid drive train as the 2012 CT200h and weighs about 125 pounds more. It been getting from 33 to 36 mpg the last few tank fulls in city street only driving. It's EPA rating is 44/40/42 (city/highway/combined). 33 to 36 mpg is a long way from the EPA city rating of 44 mpg. Cars often don't get as good fuel economy on winter blend gasoline. Unless you are desperate to same money on fuel, I suggest you reduce the tire pressure to a reasonable level and at least be comfortable.
  3. There is a photo of the location on page 220 under "Emergency towing" in the 1999 RX300 owners manual which you can view online at https://drivers.lexus.com/t3Portal/document/om-s/OM48401U/pdf/OM48401U_edited.pdf
  4. It's going to take a Lexus dealership or an indie repair shop that specializes in these cars to diagnose the problem. Offhand, it sounds like you have a fuel/air mixture issue - maybe a throttle body problem - but only a knowledgeable technician can tell you for sure. These cars are not cheap to keep running as they age.
  5. The pass through from the trunk into the interior is explained in the owners manual on page 248. The trunk release on the inside of the trunk that allows a trapped person to open the trunk is explained on page 24. The owners manual for the 2007 ES350 can be viewed online at https://drivers.lexus.com/t3Portal/document/om-s/OM33729U/pdf/OM33729U.pdf
  6. It's very doubtful that all four wheel caps would become equally fragile and break at the same time but it's pointless to argue with Costco. Maybe a Costco employee thought he had to wack them hard into place not realizing they snap into place with little effort. Or perhaps they were already weakened to some extent. I've never had an OEM Lexus or Toyota center cap break although I've had a few aftermarket center caps break. I've only recently started to have others - usually Costco - rotate my tires ... I'm getting lazy in my old age. I've bought many items from eBay including from eBay sites for European countries. So far I've never had a problem. If the same product is on eBay and Amazon, I prefer to buy from Amazon. If you buy wheel caps from an online seller, be sure to get the size you need. Measure your current wheel caps and verify the size with the seller.
  7. The dealer installed Lexus phone systems turned down the HVAC fan speed when a call was in progress but I don't think they affected anything else other than mute the audio system until the call was completed.
  8. Take it to a Lexus dealer or an independent Lexus repair shop for a diagnosis. When I had what sounds like a similar problem 10 years ago on the 2000 LS400 I sold in 2014, the cause was an intermittently failing throttle position sensor. That doesn't mean that your car is having the same problem.
  9. Has the CD changer ever worked? What kind of problem are you having? Are there any CD's currently in the changer? If so, can you play them?
  10. I didn't find any conversion kits but there are currently a number of SC430 compact spare tires for sale on eBay. Finding a full kit for a car that was discontinued 10 years ago is a stretch. Here's an old Club Lexus forum thread about someone fabricating their own kit: https://www.clublexus.com/forums/sc430-2nd-gen-2001-2010/367394-sc430-spare-tire-kit-substitute.html Edit: I was surprised that I found that the OEM spare wheel is still available as a new part - especially since it was originally not available in the U.S.: https://www.lexuspartsnow.com/parts/lexus-wheel-disc~42611-24430.html?Make=Lexus&Model=SC430&Year=2010&Submodel=&Filter=() Edit #2: LOL, the spare wheel cover for the "trunk" is still available: https://www.lexuspartsnow.com/parts/lexus-cover-spare-wheel~64771-24042-b0.html?Make=Lexus&Model=SC430&Year=2010&Submodel=&Filter=()
  11. The problem might be in the overhead console since that is where your "dead" components are located. Maybe a connector for the overhead console is corroded. I forgot which function it was but something in the overhead console in the LS400 I bought new in 1990 failed at around the 12 year mark. The indie Lexus repair shop that maintained the car for me quickly determined that the overhead console was defective, couldn't be repaired and replaced it with a new one. That was a long time ago but I remember that the new replacement overhead console was surprisingly inexpensive. I also remember that the technician moved the Homelink unit from the old console to the new one and I didn't have to do any reprogramming for my garage doors. So maybe drop the overhead console and look at the connector(s). I can't tell you how to remove it. I removed the overhead console on my first LS400 and remember (I think) that I had to carefully pry out the light lens to expose hidden screws that held the console in place. I found a used replacement overhead console on eBay for around $60 but I don't know if it's the color or version you need. I finally found a diagram ... didn't think to look in the interior lamp section.
  12. That's odd. When I did a "build" of a 2020 RX350 on Lexus.com, I didn't see any mention of the optional 360 degree panoramic monitor. It wasn't shown as being included in a package or as a standalone option. Maybe it is not yet available. I've see a "stop sale" on features before when problems were discovered. That happened on the Sienna I special ordered in 2014 - there was a stop sale on the trailer hitch which I had to approve before the factory would accept my order. There was also a stop sale on a feature we wanted on a 2014 Acura MDX we had special ordered - we cancelled the MDX order because of that and then immediately ordered the Sienna. A Lexus dealership should be able to tell you what is going on.
  13. The Panoramic View Monitor is listed in the 2020 RX sales brochure as an available option: http://www.auto-brochures.com/makes/lexus/RX/Lexus_US RX_2020.pdf Dealers don't always order and stock unsold vehicles with particular options. If you want the optional Panoramic View Monitor, you could do a special order and get exactly what you want. The RX350 is assembled in Ontario and shouldn't take all that long to get. The last Toyota brand vehicle we bought was assembled in Indiana and took exactly 28 days to get on a special order.
  14. You said in your first post that you are "Usually listening to music from my phone before I’m out of the garage." If you are using Apple Airpod earbuds to listen to music from your phone, they connect to your phone via Bluetooth - same as your Lexus does. If using Airpods, verify that they are not connected to your iPhone when you start your Lexus. To make sure or just as a test, toggle Bluetooth on your phone off and then back on before starting your car and see if that helps.
  15. There were reports of a flaky iPhone update in the past couple of months that caused connectivity issues but I haven't seen anyone complain lately and assumed that it's been fixed. Is your phone connected to other devices before you go to your car? For example, if my Android phone is connected to our household Bluetooth phone system, it will usually not connect to any of our car systems until I drive away from the house and then I usually have to manually initiate the connection. I've got so used to pressing the off-hook button on the steering wheel and then selecting "connect phone" on the in-dash screen that I don't have to think about it. Does your phone have difficulty connecting to your car Bluetooth system when you are away from your house? If not, then that's a sign that something at your house is interfering with your phone connecting to your car's Bluetooth. My Android phone never hesitates to connect to one of our car Bluetooth systems when I'm away from the house.