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  1. Disappointing isn't it that the final map update for a 2014 model year vehicle is the one for 2018. Toyota seems to be getting out of the business of providing map updates for both Toyota and Lexus brand vehicles. I wonder if map updates would have been continued longer if more people had bought them. Every time I've bought map updates, I've been told that very few people did. If your current maps are much older than the ones from 2018, you value having in-dash navigation and you plan to keep your RX a few years longer, the 2018 map update might be nice to have. Unfortunately, many Lexus dealers charge nosebleed prices for the activation card and the labor to perform the update - I've seen reports of $400. I suspect the reason for the high prices is that dealerships are unfamiliar with the update procedure and are unwilling to offer lower prices for a procedure that might require a lot of tech time to figure out.
  2. If the seals between the lenses and the headlight housings are broken and causing leaking, the lenses can often be removed by heating the headlight units in an oven - lots of YouTube videos on that. Then reattach the lenses with an appropriate adhesive. Moisture in headlights can also be caused by their vents getting clogged up - even spiders can do that. Verify that the vents on the headlight units are clear. My favorite headlight lens restoration kit is one from Sylvania - about $20 at stores and online. I've made some really awful looking headlight lenses look like new with these kits.
  3. I've never had an SC430 but I'm pretty familiar with how TPMS works since I do the programming myself on our vehicles. Based on what I read in the 2002 SC430 owners manual, it looks like the TPMS button in the glove compartment does not function like the ones on most other vehicles manufactured by Toyota. I don't see anything in the manual about holding down the button to reset the TPMS system like is done on most vehicles. The SC430 button is a 2-position switch for the purpose of selecting between two sets of wheels/tire. When the button is in it's outer position, the "main" wheel/tire is selected, e.g. for the summer wheel/tire set. When the button is in it's inner position, the "2nd" wheel/tire set is selected, e.g. for a winter wheel/tire set. Not many TPMS systems can store two sets of four TPMS codes. The "tech with the Toyota software" may have never dealt with a system like your SC430 has and may not have correctly uploaded the new codes to the correct "Main" or "2nd" memory locations in the the vehicle ECU. Can you ask the tech, which ECU memory - Main or 2nd - he uploaded the ID's to? If his response is a blank stare, you might want to find another tech. Is it possible that the switch isn't set to the correct position? If you have only one set of wheels/tires, then the sensor ID's should have been uploaded to the "Main" memory location in the vehicle ECU. I would think that the tech who uploaded them would have asked you which ECU memory location you wanted the ID's uploaded to. Try setting the TPMS switch to the outer "Main" position and drive a while to see if the warning light goes out. How long it takes for the warning light to go out is variable. The warning lights on our vehicles extinguish after driving only a block or two but it can take driving a few miles on some vehicles. Of course, first verify that the tire pressures are set correctly. The TPMS warning light is triggered by tire pressures falling below a minimum pressure setting stored in the vehicle ECU. If that doesn't work, verify that the brand and model of TPMS sensors you bought really are compatible with your SC430. Did you get a list of the four sensor ID's when you bought them? If you have the boxes they came in, the sensor ID's are sometimes written on the boxes. If you don't have the sensor ID's, a technician will have to "ping" the sensors by holding an appropriate electronic tool by each wheel to retrieve them. If all else fails, you may have to visit a Lexus dealership. Also, here is a link to the 2002 SC430 owners manual - the part about the 2-position TPMS button is on page 224: https://drivers.lexus.com/t3Portal/document/om-s/OM24438U/pdf/OM24438U.pdf
  4. You might want to look at the model on your trunk lid. I don't think you have an LS340! I see the Michelin A/S on Tire Rack as of today when I use both my Kansas zip code and Portland OR zip code. I use 18" Michelin A/S on my Toyota van except during winter but don't know if I will buy another set. They are, as advertised, very good on wet roads but they start out with only 8.5/32 inch of tread. They seem quite and have worn very well for the low beginning tread depth. If you sort the Tire Rack results list for your 2004 LS430 by consumer rating, one of the tires that comes out at the top is the Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack assuming you are looking for an all-season tire and not a summer tire. Probably any highly rated tire with low noise ratings will fill the bill. Costco is a great place to buy tires if you catch them during one of their frequent promotions but brands are limited to Michelin, Bridgestone and Goodrich. I used to buy all my tires from Tire Rack but Costco has been far less expensive on the past bunch of sets I've bought. If you want a smoother ride than your 18" wheels provide, you could downsize to 17" or even 16" wheels. The LS430 originally came with 16" wheels when it was introduced for the 2001 model year. Door and window seals wear over the years and increased wind noise is inevitable. If your windshield has been replaced, which would be likely on a 16 year old car, replacement windshields are sometimes not as quiet due to the glass qualities or installation. The original replacement windshield on the LS430 was acoustic noise reducing glass. If your windshield isn't labeled Toyota or Lexus, then you have an aftermarket windshield. If so and if it's acoustic it should have the the word acoustic or a image of an human ear at one of the lower corners of the windshield. If you have the Ultra Luxury or Custom Luxury option package, the side windows will be double pane.
  5. Your owners or navigation manual lists devices that are compatible with the USB port and describes the folder/file formats allowed. 4TB of music is likely going to far exceed the capacity of the in-dash system to build lists from which you can select albums and tracks. It might take hours if it can be done at all and it would have to be done every time you fire up your RX audio system. If you divide up your music on USB flash memory and use permitted folder/file formats, you will be able to select albums and tracks from the in-dash screen. I have my music on several USB sticks but rarely use them anymore since I have a lot of the same music on my cell phone which has 1 TB of storage. But I don't play music from my phone much anymore unless I'm in a rural area without cell phone service and then I'm likely to listen to satellite radio. I use several Internet music streaming services - mainly YouTube Music where I have a number of playlists.
  6. That's a tough one. Of course you will need a halogen unit if that's what your RX currently has or a Discharge (HID) unit if has than instead. The weird part is that all the part numbers are different between the 2004-2009 RX330/350 and the 2004-2009 RX400h. The HID headlights on the RX400h might have been available with and without AFS (adaptive steerable) headlights. To further complicate matters there were a number of revised part numbers which might have been improvements to resolve issues. The best I can do is give you a bunch of part numbers for the right side headlight units. The following part numbers are for the entire "unit assembly" that contains "everything". There are other part numbers for portions of the unit assemblies. I think the part numbers without a description are for the standard halogen units. For the 2006 RX400h: 1135 UNIT ASSY, HEADLAMP, RH 81130-48200 81145-48210 PREMIUM PACKAGE(USA)&HEADLAMP-DISCHARGE, GREEN EXTENSION (03/2005 - 07/2005) 81145-48211 PREMIUM PACKAGE(USA)&HEADLAMP-DISCHARGE, GREEN EXTENSION (08/2005 - 07/2006) 81145-48260 PREMIUM PACKAGE(USA)&HEADLAMP-DISCHARGE & W(*AFLS), GREEN EXTENSION (03/2005 - 07/2005) 81145-48261 PREMIUM PACKAGE(USA)&HEADLAMP-DISCHARGE & W(*AFLS), GREEN EXTENSION (08/2005 - 07/2007) For the 2006 RX330/350: 81135 UNIT ASSY, HEADLAMP, RH 81130-0E030 HEAD LAMP-DISCHARGE & W(AFS) (09/2004 - 04/2005) 81130-0E031 HEAD LAMP-DISCHARGE & W(AFS) (09/2005 - 01/2006) 81130-0E040 HEAD LAMP-DISCHARGE & W(AFS) (05/2005 - 08/2005) The parts list I'm looking at doesn't show a part number for a unit assembly for the RX300/350 with halogen headlights - only the sub-assembly. Here it is; along with the part numbers for the sub-assemblies for the HID version.: 81110 HEADLAMP ASSY, RH 81110-0E010 81110-0E030 HEAD LAMP-DISCHARGE & W(AFS) (09/2004 - 04/2005) 81110-0E031 HEAD LAMP-DISCHARGE & W(AFS) (09/2005 - 01/2006) 81110-0E040 HEAD LAMP-DISCHARGE & W(AFS) (05/2005 - 08/2005) All this is unreasonably complicated but it is what it is.
  7. If the radar unit is shattered and the grill isn't damaged, the previous owner might not have disclosed the damage when he parted with the vehicle. He might have only replaced the damaged grill and/or the emblem in front of the radar unit. Don't even think about trying to repair it. It's a part of the automatic emergency braking system (PCS) and adaptive cruise control (DRCC). Malfunction of these systems could cause a crash. My opinion is that the dealership should fix this for you if you just bought the vehicle from them. If this magnitude of damage to the radar unit occurred after you bought the vehicle there would be obvious damage to the grill and/or the emblem in front of the radar unit. If the dealership where you bought the vehicle won't take care of this for you at no cost, then pay to have it done yourself or submit a claim on your insurance. When my wife "tapped" the rear mounted spare tire on a Jeep while driving her Prius, the cost of the radar unit, new emblem and alignment was well over $2,000 not counting the cost of a new hood and having the bumper cover repainted. I think the total repair cost was around $4,000 although our insurance paid for it less our deductible. By the way, the front grill emblems that go in front of radar units are made from a different material than the ones that don't and cost far more. It's been shown that these two emblems are not interchangeable.
  8. Google "Lexus navigation repair" and you should find businesses that repair them.
  9. I'll be fortunate to get it by the end of 2021 the way it's going. Production was shut down for months at the Louisville KY plant and production of the C8 hard top convertible started only recently. The wait is actually OK since we're doing very little driving during the pandemic - less than 300 miles in the past 26 weeks. This will be the first convertible I've had since I sold the last one in 1973. I think my wife is getting a little excited about it although she won't admit it. She thinks I'm crazy to want something like it when we're in our 70's. It will look like this ...
  10. Yeah, I'm very disappointed that Toyota would do this to buyers of some 2018 and 2019 models. Most Toyota and Lexus models got a newer telematics transceiver for the 2018 model year that is not affected by the 3G discontinuation. The 2018 Lexus GX still got the old 3G transceiver as did the 2018 Toyota Avalon, Highlander and 4Runner and the 2019 4Runner. But really, not many owners seem to appreciate these telematics services. It hasn't helped that some of the individual services such as remote start from the phone app have not been reasonably priced for the occasional user. I can see an LS500 owner more likely to swallow those monthly fees but not so much owners of less expensive models. My opinion is that it would be better if all these services were included in the purchase price of the vehicle with no additional monthly subscription fees for the life of the vehicle or as long as the telematics systems in the vehicles are viable with current cellular technology. It will be interesting to see how well the OnStar telematics system works in the Corvette C8 convertible that I hope to finally get next year. The Telematics system in the new Corvette is somewhat Tesla-like in that it can receive over-the-air software updates that make significant changes to vehicle features. A recent over-the-air update limits top speed to 26 mph if the "frunk" lid (i.e. the front trunk) is not latched - implemented to reduce membership in the "Flying Frunk Club"!
  11. I'm talking about the Enform App Suite. I'm not familiar with the particular version of Enform that's in the 2014 RX but I assume it includes Destination Search, Saved Destinations, iHeart Radio, LiveXlive, Yelp and maybe other features such as Sports and fuel prices. I would expect hell to freeze over before there is a retrofit that would upgrade these older telematics systems to work on 4G or whatever. Toyota didn't have a retrofit when they pulled the plug on the original analog Lexus Link when cell phone companies discontinued analog phone service in February 2008. It is disappointing that Toyota continued to install the 3G telematics in some Toyota and Lexus models all the way into the 2019 model year. One would have thought that somewhere along the way that they could have upgraded the telematics to also support 4G/LTE which was introduced in 2010. LOL, don't make me do a Mercedes rant! I bought my first Mercedes in 1969. My last one, purchased new, was a pathetic P.O.S. - horrible build quality and on its third engine when I sold it. Its 2nd and 3rd engines were factory rebuilds shipped from Germany to my local Mercedes dealer in steel cages. The 2nd engine lasted only about 10,000 miles. Technology changes and is changing at an increasing rate. It kind of sucks. I've been driven off one smartphone after another when processor speed and storage capacity was no longer enough for current applications. Before that, I was driven off analog, TDMA, Edge cell phones. Customer expectations also change. Our vehicles have some pretty nice safety gadgets - automatic emergency braking (PCS) and adaptive cruise control (DRCC) - and aren't that old but there is much better safety technology in current models. We were going to replace our vehicles anyway mainly to get better safety technology and this discontinuance of 3G telematics service is just one more reason to do so.
  12. The basic Enform will still work but anything requiring over the air services will stop working which are these: Lexus Enform Safety Connect including Automatic Collision Notification, Enhanced Roadside Assistance, Emergency Assistance Button and Stolen Vehicle Locator Lexus Enform Remote including Remote Engine Start/Stop, Door Lock/Unlock, Vehicle Finder, Guest Driver Monitor, Vehicle Status and Alerts, Key Fob Remote Start, and Integration with Alexa® and The Google Assistant Lexus Enform Destination Assist including 24-hour live response center agent Lexus Enform Service Connect including Vehicle Health Report, Vehicle Alerts, and Maintenance Alerts Many people won't miss these services since they dropped their subscriptions to them after the trial period ended. We bought our current vehicles because they have Safety Connect. We drive in rural areas in which we have no cell phone service but where Safety Connect works perfectly. I'm unhappy about it but not surprised. I've visually checked the old and newer telematics transceivers and they are quite different in size and the connectors they have. It's not just a matter of getting a new unit and sliding into the rack slot inside the dashboard. We were planning to replace our vehicles soon anyway and this is just another reason to do so.
  13. The OP hasn't logged on to this forum since July 19, 2018. There are too many components involved to guess the cause of the problem. I suggest that you have a competent technician diagnose it. The repair manual for the SC430 should have a detailed step-by-step diagnosis procedure.
  14. It's whatever you feel comfortable doing. Here are some alternatives. I've carried a zero deductible on comprehensive coverage since the early 1980's when I lost a bunch of Mercedes hood ornaments to kids stealing them. The zero deductible means I haven't paid anything for the many broken windshields I've had replaced. The difference in premium between a zero and a $500 deductible with my insurer is small and paying a little more to get it has been very cost effective. Since your "new" RX is 7 years old, an insurer will probably require you to get a much less expensive aftermarket windshield. Acoustic windshields are usually available in the aftermarket. I've had the acoustic windshield on my Sienna replaced twice - first time with a $1,700 OEM windshield since aftermarket acoustic windshields were not yet available for it and the second time with a $500 aftermarket name brand acoustic windshield. I can't tell any difference in noise level or quality. Also, many insurance companies pay for rock ding repair even if you have a deductible on comprehensive. My insurer has sent out a mobile windshield repairer several times to repair rock chips. There's a neat repair business near me called "Dr. Ding". My wife trashed a car door by hitting it against an iron planter and created a huge ding. Dr. Ding removed that ding and a couple of others I hadn't noticed for only $50. I don't know how they did it but I can't tell where the dings were. While I was waiting for the repair, I talked to a guy in the waiting room who told me that he brought all the family vehicles to Dr. Ding once each year to have the dings removed.
  15. What kind of extended warranty could you get on a seven year old vehicle? My opinion is that they usually aren't cost effective for a Toyota product. Watch out for exclusions and large deductibles if you buy a service warranty. I could have bought extended warranties at the wholesale price from the large financial services company I retired from but never did. Few employees did unless it was for a Chrysler product. We've owned a 2014 Toyota Sienna Limited since new. It's mechanically very similar to the gen 3 RX350 - I call it the "Adult Size RX". It's at 95,xxx miles and hasn't needed any non-maintenance repairs other than a few fixes that were done under recalls at no cost. It's got every option and electronic gadget that was available ... HID headlights, radar adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, navigation, rain sensing wipers, rear video system, etc. None of these gadgets have failed. Verify that the RX you are buying has been maintained per the maintenance schedule. Buy an extended warranty if it helps you sleep better.