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  1. Unless he put it on a dynamometer, how would he know that the engine, while under load, and the transmission going thru the gears were operating as intended? Insist the Dealer go out on a test drive. Selling your vehicle when the warrantee runs out makes it worth less to the Dealer because he has to spend money to re-certify. I didn't pick up on any problems with my 2018 RX 350 except poor seat ventilation and they insisted it was working "to their liking"...
  2. The 23 RX 350h (by one account) will be AWD and e-CVT standard, and get 36 MPG on “Premium” gas, according to a posting by Kirk Kreifels. There is no way a Lexus dealer is going to give up a next-Gen RX 350h AWD next year for under 64K$ IMHO. Lets face it, Gavan, the RX 350 is a rolling Box Car( compared to low-drag Lexus sedans like the ES). My last 100 mile interstate trip, I got a surprising 31 MPG with the RX 350, but I got 50 MPG with the ES 300h (same route / same traffic). But I don’t drive 75 MPH like some guys. That’s for those who like to wear their tires out quicker and spend more time at the gas pump. I hate hanging out at tire stores and gas stations.
  3. Then the NX 350h would be perfect, If you can find one. If I remember correctly, and you download the manual and look at the fuel requirements, it does not require premium fuel. It allows Regular 87/RON 91 min. But, Premium 91/RON 96 Recommended. See Page 718 in their OM. But with a 14.0:1 compression ratio, I would still go with mid test gas. Mid-test gas goes down south for about 40 cents USD more per gallon, Top Tier rated gas.
  4. More specifically, if you try to back out between two SUVs, and a vehicle is passing in either direction, the brakes lock up and you get a big jolt, followed by "What the hell was that?". Now daze, I try to find a set of empty space so that I can head in and proceed to the empty space in front of that so that when I come out of the store, I don't have to back out, just put it in D and leave.
  5. You're right Gavan - the low roof line of the ES series is the reason the RX and now NX lines are so popular. You would really like the RX 350 as it will definitely meet your needs. You can get a 2020 RX for under 50K and it still has years left on the full warrantee. I just saw one at Lexus of Birmingham, with 6K miles on it but its sold in two days. If a Lexus dealer has a Pre-owned RX for sale, you will find it using their search engines. You just have to get on and look at a bunch of dealers, once a day. Dave / RX400h gave me that hint months ago and that's how I was able to snag another hybrid coming off the assembly line in Georgetown, KY. I love the RX but my wife got a leg injury and needed a stool to get up into the RX.
  6. The ES 300h is more aerodynamic than an RX so that helps MPG. Because the ES is lighter than an RX, it still gallops slightly on bridges, but significantly less than the RX. Compared to the RX, the ES is super quiet at Interstate speeds. The ES has a 5 star frontal Driver and 4 star front passenger rating per the window sticker. The NX 350 window sticker claims that it has not yet been rated, although you can find sites on the internet that claim the NX has a top rating for crash safety. No clue on that one.
  7. The OM manual for the RX 350 is OMOE119U and can be downloaded from drivers.lexus.com. Your manual covers U.S and Canadian models and points out the differences where necessary By downloading the soft copy and doing computer searches in the soft copy pdf file you can go directly to all references concerning RSA. It's a lot easier to do than paging thru a thick manual and you don't miss section that can help you find your answer. You can go to the top search window of the pdf and pull down the arrow and select "Exact Phrase" and then type in "Except Canada". It will show all pages that contain that phrase. Now you become an expert on all differences between the two versions. On the ES 300, I see 5 pages with exceptions so it's easy to read them all and become an expert. Thanks to Lexus for getting those downloads available so quick. My ES 300h HUD does not show stop signs. But shows the speed limit and exact speed side by side. The download was the answer to all my questions.
  8. I'll probably go with the Michelin ENERGY SAVER A/S Green X / Low rolling resistance tire to make life a little easier on the electric motors. Saving a few more pennies on gas is not important. I do believe that there are better all around perfect tires out there that are not Green X, so it's a trade off, as usual.
  9. What was surprising, Dave, was that the 10X inside a wallet case still fits into that slot. It's a snug fit but it fits. In a roll-over, the phone would probably still be there at arms reach instead of in the back seat somewhere, or off in the ditch.
  10. The width is 3.5 inches so your phone would fit. The iPhone 10x slides in to depth of 2.5 inches, leaving 3.5 inches of screen exposed to the viewer.
  11. To get to it, you open the trunk, roll back the carpet, open the trap door on the right side, and flip off the protective cover on the + terminal. I have the type maintainer you mentioned but you still have the alligator clips exposed while it is clipped on the battery. You don't want to defeat the use of the protective cover so forget that setup. The clips would need to be replaced with crimp lugs and bolted to the post on the battery. Then you still have to run the DC cord out of the trunk when you use the plug in adapter. I don't know if the trunk would close if you did run the cord out to the charger. So it's just enough of a hassle that I'm glad to see that I'll never need to use the maintainer. The maintainer is still a good test tool. I used it on the RXs to see if the charger could go from red to green within 24 hours. It does go green and that indicates that we have a truck battery that is near fully charged from the get go. It's always good to know your test equipment and the capabilities of your electrical system. The owner's manual for the ES 300 gives no specifications for their 12 volt battery. I had to get that information directly from the battery.
  12. I'm happy with the current draw from the 2022. Lexus, I heard, had a few problems with their DCM communication module staying on after the vehicle was turned off. That was causing the battery to drain down quicker. I am assured that that problem has been fixed. I have a battery maintainer, Dave, but it's a PITA to install in the trunk and then remove - Great thing to have if that's what is needed.
  13. Vehicle Battery: 20 hr / 60Ah / 563 Cold Cranking Amp, size measured = 9.5”L 6.25”W 7.5”H. With power on ACC only (Hybrid drive still off) the ES draws the max 16.4 amps from the charger, even fully charged. Actual current draw from the battery is undetermined. The 2020 RX 350 has a similar battery, 582 CCA. Acquired data used: 12.3v battery voltage is indicative of a battery at half charge, and 12v is considered dead. 12.6V volts or above is generally considered to be a fully charged battery, AKA Resting Voltage. However- The car battery will still require 6 amps average for 30 minutes (3Ah) to get to the next level (AKA trickle charge level). Result: the Lexus only charged up to 95% of its rated capacity of 60Ah (one amp for 60 hours), i.e. 57 Ah. That is typical practice. 13.3 volts when charged to a trickle charge level of 2.5 amps. 14.3 volts when actually charging and the trickle charge level is down to 2.5 amps. Discontinue charging immediately at that point. 14.7 volts is the voltage the vehicle uses to charge the battery. The battery will not stay at this voltage after power down, due to internal leakage, and the power being drawn by the vehicle while turned off and at rest. ES300h Battery capacity / Drain test: Step 1: Fully charge the trunk battery to 12.6 volts till it slows to a trickle charge of 2.5 amps. Step 2: After a day and a half, repeat step 1 and integrate the current drawn vs. time required to reach trickle charge. That comes out to 1.2Ah per day or 50 milli-amps per hour. That is not bad. Based on the 60 Ah 12 volt battery, The ES could sit in the garage for 25 days before it drained the battery down to a half-charge of 30 Ah. Since the 12 volt does not crank the engine (The Hybrid battery does that), the % capacity expected of the battery to allow the vehicle systems to function properly is uncertain, but certainly, is considerably lower than 50% battery capacity. The above tests were performed with a late model Stanley, 15 Amp. charger with a built in volt meter. Caveat: With limited previous testing, there is some indication that short trips to local stores results in less than the typical full resting charge placed on the battery. I’ll leave that testing to a later date. A 10 mile trip thru the suburbs resulted in a full charge on the battery as expected. MPG was 46 MPG vs. 20 MPG in the RX 350 (same route). Please reply(anyone) if your resulting data is significantly different.
  14. I lost those. The RX has them. The ES does not. The door is half as long and does not pop open on hinges for easy access. See what I gave up when I traded an RX, for an ES, Dave?
  15. Yes, Dave, that's an exact pic of the console in my 300. you can see the hole for the trap door in the bottom of the one closest to the driver. That is a water bottle or can holder. The one between the USB port and the track pad is a coffee cup holder - only 3 inches deep.
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