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  1. I went from a Camry XLE w/sunroom to the RX 350 w/sunroof, and I can’t tell the difference. Both seem a bit too noisy for being high-end models. Your sound system should have automatic volume increase set for speed increments some place in your settings menu.
  2. That is a bummer to find out that your Lexus was driven for a couple of years in the rust belt and you weren’t told. All cars are now treated to go many years in the salt and rust belt states, but sure, it does look a bit ugly. If you avoid the salt Latitudes, you should have no further problems, as long as you stay in the waiting room when it’s on the rack for service.
  3. You do realize that your 12 volt cig lighter is not connected to power when the the vehicle is turned off so it is impossible for anything plugged into it to draw power. There are other devices connected to the same fuse that draw power 24/7. But none off them are designed to kill a battery in 4 days. My 18 RX is a juice sucker but it’s never left me stranded so far. I had a Camry Hybrid that you really had to drive a lot too or it would suck down the battery pretty low. Toyota had the same line that Lexus used on you. Drive it more.
  4. I did challenge the option, thinking I had it disable somehow, and they proved to themselves that it was working fine, but here is my conclusion: The seats do have a fan and they say it was working, but I understand that the seat covering is porous but NOT openly vented. Therefore, the seat is cooled indirectly by cooling the material, but does not really push air thru the seat. After two summers using this feature, I can’t say that I’ve ever noticed that the seat was warm. when getting out. Most cars are now coming out with the heated/cooled option. You might check out the cooling method Toyota and Honda are using... Bet it’s the same!
  5. I still would caution you that a lease can be abused for all sort of reasons that don’t show up at the lease surrender, like the reasons given and driving at higher speeds over speed bumps. Maybe the lessor checks alignment and charged if its out, but I don’t know. Same for excessive brake wear. Typically you have 5 Lexus dealer within a 200 mile area/radius, as we do in Huntsville, being Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, and Memphis. Hope someone has the RX you like. The 17s should start showing up more and more but your better bet is the 16s if you are particular.
  6. I’ve been fortunate to not have any of those expenses, due to trading every 3 years, But you could just ask Toy and Lex what they charge for a certain repair. As to why I stay way from used leases. One bad experience on a lease Toyota that had front end problems that model never should have had. I feel like: If you don’t own it and you know you will turn it in in 3 years, some would be more likely to buy cheap grocery store gas, drive it harder, and leave it out on the street in all the element - Sun, Ice, heavy due/condensation, etc. The big prize when buying used, is finding the original owner to have garage kept it and used a top rated hi-detergent fuel. In other words, they loved their RX as much as I do. Nice having a discussion with you on my favorite subject, John.
  7. There are many way to look at replacement cost for parts. I usually settle on the “Cost vs. Value” philosophy. I had an 18 Rav4 and have an 18 RX350. Both with basically the same package including Blind Spot mirror and radar cruise. Rav4 was 28K and the RX was 51K, called their Bread and Butter package. Therefore, if it costs me twice as much to replace a part on the RX vs. the Rav4, then, I would have no problem paying twice the price to repair the RX. If you have to replace a windshield in any of the new cars, cheap or expensive, that have the not-so-optional window cameras, you may want to check the deductible on your insurance first. When I tried to do what you want to do, there just wasn’t anything out there that met all my milage, no lease, color, condition, options and owner history. What ever you do, make sure you get radar cruise and set it to lock in at the max of one-football field to avoid them flying rocks from the trucks in front of you. Just kidding about the rocks, John.
  8. It (what ever they use to create tension) isn’t visible from the outside. Probably accessible when they pop off the rear left inside panel. Door is attached to an arm that is connected to something not visible from the outside.
  9. Checked my 16 RX. The door has some form of spring action holding it open. If it will not stay open, the spring (regardless of what it is) is sprung or broken.
  10. Under Settings Display (gear wheel icon). Under Meter Setting - Select Units. Change the units of measure. This is covered in my 18 RX manual. Page 102 of Instrument cluster.
  11. Said to be fuel system pressure relief system. Not a problem.
  12. Anyone know why my 18 RX is whistling at me every 25 seconds? I hear it near the rear, but not when I am in the vehicle. No notifications on the monitor when I get in. All doors, hood and roof were closed when it make the sound...
  13. Break Hold has become one of those features on the 18 RX-350 that I got hooked on because of a lot of town driving. Locks one second after you come to a stop if you keep the foot on the brake. Release with a light touch of the gas pedal. But the switch is located on the console recessed under the dash a bit. Sure would be nice to have that on the steering wheel because it turns off the option everytime the engine is truned off. Have to be wearing the seatbelt before activating or it will not work. I tested the feature on a very steep hill and the break pressure is enough to hold the RX from moving forward. Not tested for holding while facing upward on a very steep hill. Lots of warning in the book. Feature not to be confused with the emergency break - two different mechanisms. They realize that in extreme slope condition, the BH will NOT hold and you would have to use the break pedal or emergency brake.
  14. Great, Bob! Sounds like you are on you way to figuring that one out. What you see on the scope, as you know, is measured as “Ripple” by the electronic designers and they have to be able to filter that out per the specs they are required to meet.
  15. Your battery charger produce either true 14.7 volt DC but most likely it is pulsating DC which is not considered to be an AC component. Your battery loves DC and PDC for charging purposes. The car eletronics is designed to take pulsating DC and filter it out with a filter capacitor (called and RC network) so that the electronics sees only pure DC Direct current. I have an old charger that is nothing more than a transformer voltage reducer and a bridge rectifier which produces unfiltered pulsating DC current. It will not harm your electronic system. Lexus, I’m sure, takes great pride in being able to pass only DC coming from any make of charger, so long as it is not devective. But you do want to make sure your charger has an overvoltage (crowbar) that will trip off the charger on an overvoltage conditon resulting from a malfunction in the charger. Waiting to hear how the VSC trouble could be connected to charging the battery. But you are right to get a new one just to be safe, no doubt at all.