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  1. It's not CarPlay! That came out in 2019. There is a hint here - The fact that it's getting worse. You have two computer's talking to each other over blue tooth. Both the vehicle and iPhone are doing multi-tasking at the same time. So when they start getting slower, maybe running too many apps, or for a variety of reasons, one of them comes in too late to catch the other ones message. You might look at the apps you are running on both systems. Has your iPhone shown any signs of running slower than it used to? Once again, they are computers and they start getting old like people. And lik
  2. In the dark, I stuck an LED torch into the hole where the Ac cord was previously inserted. The inside of the air intake lit up bright indicating the opening is kind of wide. I did the same thing on the driver side and there was no light entering the intake, indicating that there is no entry point there. So, while the design is to obstruct or resist rodents from entering there while the hood is closed. when the hood is open, the rodents have a clear entry point into the vehicle air intake tray that you show in the picture. With the hood closed, they have to do a little more work to get
  3. You can see here where the two piece rubber seals come together.
  4. I read the terrific report that you put out and popped the hood on the 2020 RX350. Yes, you are right. I placed an AC cord thru the passenger side opening shown in the picture and sure enough, it easily slid into the air duct going to the fresh air filter. To protect this opening from critters, there is a seal that goes all the way accross the that blocks any break-in from mice when the hood is closed. BUT the catch is that there another short piece used to complete the seal. And the gap between the two seals is such tht you can push your finger thru the gap real easy so mice w
  5. Great find about the mice breaching the filter container. And the ducts under the seat being used for heat rather than return. I'm guessing that on the 2020, the system detects a passenger in the back seat before sending air to the back seat feet. That might explain the difference as to why I got no air from that duct with heat on to the feet. Since purchased in April, no one has sat back there, come to think about it. When you go into the outside air duct from the filter area with that special camera on a flexible cable, I'll bet you find something wrong. Still wondering about the drain
  6. The only visible air-intake ducts in my RX-350 are under each of the front seats. When I put heat only to the feet area, heat comes out of the two ducts blowing on the feet of the front passenger, but no heat blowing out of the ducts under the seats. There are outlet vents on the back of the console that do that. If you wanted to get cool air off the floor to recirculate back into the heater, that is where you would put the ducts. Also, the air filter is separate from the condenser/heat exchanger. Exchanger is located between the center console and the fire wall. Reason you know th
  7. Yes, the RX is just the right size at ~4400 lb. The heated steering wheel in the 2020 is not in the bamboo wood top section of the wheel but rather in the leather wrap on either side. That is weird. I don't use heated wheel or seats because the RX is in an attached fully insulated garage so bottom winter temp is about 60 degrees in there. The RX can be started now via the iPhone. It also allows you to open close all windows and doors and buzzes the iWatch if anything changes, like a brake in. I don't really use many of those options but it is something to play with. Lexus pays
  8. I recommend you get a lo-capacity Ozone generator on a timer and run that to get rid of the smell. Fumigation, I don't know. Mice also will not stay in the vehicle, or will parish due to the lack of Oxygen. Just opening the vehicle and selecting outside air should get rid of the Ozone, provided the filter is cleared. Things, Gary, I could no longer do without in an RX: Blind Spot Mirror, Radar tracking Cruise, radar perimeter auto braking/cross-track braking, Auto-hold brakes at stop lights, Speed Limit sign reading/posting/ over the limit warning, Cooled Seats
  9. There is a two position door between the clean side of the filter and the condenser box. Under the dash air is blocked from entering the box from under the dash in Outside air mode. In Recirc, the door opens up to air from under the dash while closing off the path from the clean side of the air filter. Same as the way it's done in a window air conditioner. If your 350 has mice in the vehicle but they have not chewed thru the air filter, then the only way I know of is that they forced their way thru the rear exhaust vent. IF they are on the top of the air filter, but they can't get i
  10. There is only one location for air "intended' to enter the vehicle and that is below the windshield as you show. Air exits the vehicle via the vent I showed you in the rear. After air enters the dirty side of the filter, it then goes to the condenser coil and then out all the vents provided. 1. IF they are nesting on the dirty side of the filter, they are coming in thru the windshield intake or some other opening that is not intended to be there in that path. All air from the windshield intake is suppose to go to the cabin air filter. Lexus does not want dust in your condenser or you
  11. Sounds like you live close to Mother Nature, where there is an overpopulation of rodents. I hate cats but my kid found one. We made it a nice cozy box in the garage and it was happy running around the area catching mice. I don't recall that we had any rodent problems after that. Didn't need to buy cat food after that. Nothing like the balance of nature. But getting back to your problem, the exit vents are way in the back of most all vehicles. Once again, the vent opening is 1/4 in on the 2020 RX here.
  12. Well, your Computer selects the speeds and RPMs it needs to make your car either economical or just plain Fast, based on you desired setting. If you are going to pass a lot of cars on two lane going 60 MPH and need to get up to 80 real quick, you would want the sport setting.. IF you are just interest in puttering around town with the rest of the crowd, Econ mode is just fine. In Sport mode, the computer will want to get you up into your max HP range before shifting, whereas for econ mode, the computer will shift up early at a lower power output and RPM. I'm sure I over simplif
  13. Thanks, Jack! The vent holes on my 2020 are 1/4 inch wide, not 1/8th and even bigger for length. I keep seeing on internet searches that small rats can fit thru a 1/4 inch hole but mice can't. I don't know what a small rat is as far as what species... Based on that, you are right. Mice should not be able to get thru the vent to the dirty side of the filter. Les Lex 2018 / 2020
  14. Sounds like you picked a 4 Year old commuter car that was parked in a parking lot every day. Traded Fair condition vs. Excellent... I would expect that the paint is covered under WYSIWYG... With the new generation 16s, you have a lot more functionality than the previous gen. My advice would be to test as much of that new functionality as you can during warranty to make sure it all works correctly, vs. what the paint looks like. Those plastic inserts snap in really tight so can’t imagine what is going on there, and the seals coming loose almost sounds like it’s been handled in a body s
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