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  1. Have you called tirerack.com? They may be able to give you some advice regarding this topic.
  2. Hello, Hugo. Have you checked for codes? How many miles are on your RX? We have almost 140,000 miles on ours and have never experienced what you describe.
  3. Hello, Joshua. It would be difficult for me to believe that this is NOT a great deal. Perhaps there were more than a few of this model cars on the lot?
  4. My best guess is that if they are the exact same height, width, offset and tire size, the calipers would clear. Would the seller return your money if there is an issue? I try to avoid spacers, but many sportscar owners use them with success.
  5. Hello, Robin. Did your dealership check for a Technical Service Bulletin that is described below?
  6. Many years ago, I noticed scratches on my car's hood. It turns out that the neighbor's cat would climb and it, and when startled by one us, opening the door, the cat would scramble off the hood, trying to get traction with its nails. There are at least a couple of ways washing a vehicle can cause scratches. 1. If your bucket does not have a dirt strainer, granules of sand can become trapped in a microfiber towel, and subsequently result in scratched in the paint's clear coat. Car Wash Grit Sandstone Isolation Net Insert Water Bucket Scratch Dirt Filter Cleaning Car Filter Accessories,temu 2. Insufficient car wash suds:
  7. Sorry to see you go, Ed. Take care and good luck.
  8. Side note: My 2014 Mazda 3S GT's iEloop-required battery cost over $500 for the dealership to replace it. Many new batteries need to be reset at the dealership or with the right OBD II reader device. A GR Supra battery must also be reset by the dealership, since the car's computer gradually increases the charge as the battery ages. When a new one is installed, the computer needs to know that. That battery is an AGM type. Since I am retired (sort-of), I make sure we drive each of our vehicles at least once per week. I love driving sportscars, so that is certainly not a burden. 😉
  9. It looks like in-dash navigation is not readily available, but have you considered something like this? Garmin DriveSmart™ 76 Portable navigator with 7" display at Crutchfield
  10. I've been buying ours at Costco for years. Their Interstate batteries are very good. By the way, if you are not going to drive your car for a month, I recommend keeping the battery charged with a battery tender.
  11. Hello, Robert. It's sad to say, but you may consider thinking your NX to a different dealership.
  12. Hello, Kathryn. Almost all or all Lexus hybrids have very good reliability ratings. The key when looking at used ones is knowing the maintenance schedule and verifying that all maintenance had been completed by the previous owner(s). Our RX400h is going on 19 years of age without any drivability issues during all those years. You should be able to find the maintenance schedules by doing a search. I would make an Excel spreadsheet with these (or similar) column or row headings: Maintenance item Mileage or time required Actual date of completion Shop or owner completing the service You should also have the vehicle checked by a dealership or trusted independent shop. Good luck with your search.
  13. There are some companies that sully used and rebuilt engines, such as this company: EngineNexus | Find your engines
  14. If you know the size of the threads, you can get an oversize oil drain plug self-tapping kit at an auto parts store or amazon.com.
  15. Are you certain that this vehicle was never in an accident? Did you call the dealership to question the results of the alignment? If so, what was their explanation?
  16. The key is in the owner's manual wording. Is 91 octane fuel recommended or required? If it is required, you should not use anything else. If a safeguard like a knock sensor malfunctions, the result could be engine damage. Costco has good fuel prices for premium. That's what I use in two of my cars that require that grade.
  17. The cat(s) may have been wiped out by the bad O2 sensor(s), since an engine running rich can easily shorten the life of the cat(s). I've sold three cars using craigslist.com.
  18. What have you checked, thus far? Battery? You may want to have it load-tested at your local auto parts store.
  19. This is a video of a slightly older RX350, but at 1:09 the instructor shows where the BSM button is.
  20. Great writeup, Dean! Thanks for taking the time to do this. I'm sure it will be very helpful to our members.👍
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