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  1. Extended warranties for most Japanese vehicles are a bad gamble. See below: Consumer Reports: Extended Auto Warranties are a High-Priced Gamble According to CR, the three most reliable auto companies are: Lexus Mazda Toyota Of the top 10 companies, Japanese companies make up 8 of the places.
  2. Does it look like removing the inside pillar cover would allow access?
  3. If the dealership cannot figure it out, take it to an Auto Electric Shop. They specialize in solving electrical issues that lead to battery drain. Here's an example of one that is in my area: Welcome to Pacific Auto Electric | Best Car Repair Shop | Poway When dealerships are stumped, these guys always come through.
  4. You should be able to remove the inside door panel: Front 2001 Lexus LS430 Driver Door Panel Removal - Bing video Rear: Removing Lexus LS430 Rear Door Panel - Bing video
  5. Did the product manual have any information about this? I would think that there has to be an antenna connector of some sort. Some stereo vendors, like crutchfield, have antenna adaptors.
  6. Did you already show it to a couple of auto body repair/paint shops?
  7. Here is a good general guideline for low cylinder compression: 8 Causes Of Low Compression In A Car Engine (& How To Fix) (mechanicbase.com)
  8. Have you checked for codes? That's the first thing you should do. Here's a good site for doing this in a pre-1996 vehicle that has an OB1 connector. OBD1 Codes - Trouble Code List & Reading (GM) (mechanicbase.com) I know it specifies GM but it also states that most codes should be the same for other vehicles.
  9. Often the mechanic uses and borescope to look into one or more spark plug holes to look for coolant leaks from the head gasket. The valve cover gaskets, on the other hand, will start seeping oil, externally, which will make its way down to the exhaust manifold and create a burning oil smell.
  10. Does the volume drop-down menu appear at the top of the screen? If so, it may be a failed amplifier.
  11. That makes sense. As you know, blood tests and X-rays can be very expensive.
  12. Ours was a bit over $1100 in 2014with 90,000 miles. There were other due maintenance items that were in addition to this.
  13. Often, having plenty of experience putting things together and testing them requires procedures that were created by engineers. You inevitably know what content (if you were given any) is most helpful and what is not so much helpful. So when you create instructions for yourself and/or others, you are more likely to include most, if not all details. I admit that I am not mechanically inclined, so I tend to create procedures that are "geared" for someone who is in the same boat. 😏
  14. You're very welcome. Good instructions should also include enough images to be perfectly clear. I used to create assembly and test procedures, and I often used exploded and assembly images, as well as zoomed out photos to show the area of final assembly if part of an overall assembly. When I watch videos, I have to stop them, frequently to perform each subassembly or disassembly. But hey, each of us has his or her preferences.
  15. In my area, cats that escape to or are allowed outside often get eaten by coyotes, so I never count on them to take care of mice. However, there is a bobcat that enters our yards, occasionally.
  16. I change my engine and cabin filters about every 10,000 miles. You should go by engine running distance instead of time.
  17. How old is your battery? You may want to check the water level in each cell. A dry cell can cause weird things to happen.
  18. Wow! You act suspiciously like a manufacturing engineer. 😏 I am one, myself so I can tell a nice procedure when I see one. 👍
  19. If that's the case, you may want to follow the manual. Emission components can be very pricey to have replaced.
  20. A couple of years ago, our dog's left leg would sometimes tremble. A year and some months later he stopped eating or vomited after doing so. His blood tests turned out good but an xray revealed massive stomach cancer. He was 11 years old - part lab/part some other breed with upright ears. The day I had to bring him in to be euthanized was one of the saddest days of my life. I still don't know if any of the foods he ate caused the cancer.
  21. Did you check with a Toyota dealership or trusted independent shop for pricing? If you know that the only component that needs replacing is the AC filter condenser and perhaps refrigerant, then you should be able to get a service quote over the phone
  22. 60K miles? I'm fairly certain that our 2006 RX400h spark plug replacement recommendation is 120,000 miles.
  23. This looks like it could cause idle issues.
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