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  1. Amsoil lists 75W-90 for all temps for your car. That's what I'd use as a preferred viscosity. That should cover the manual's specified viscosity without any issues.
  2. Also, if your dead battery is less than 3 years old you may be able to get credit for any remaining months left on the warranty. Check the date sticker on the battery. Costco and Walmart are my favorite battery vendors, in that order. When I pick the battery, myself I get the newest battery based upon the date code. If you are planning to change it, yourself, you will need to relearn window operation. See your owner's manual for details. If a dealership changes the battery, they should do this for you.
  3. I recommend 3M VHB tape. It has affixed many things to many types of surfaces and has never failed me. It is foam with adhesive on both sides and comes in various thicknesses and widths. Make sure the surface to which the tape is to adhere is clean. Alcohol usually cleans non-metallic surfaces well. 3m vhb tape | McMaster-Carr
  4. Have you checked out ? They are amazingly helpful when it comes to aftermarket audio and audio/visual equipment. And their installation instructions are excellent.
  5. Very true. I wonder if your dealership has had any similar complaints? Sometimes an auto upholstery shop can add padding. We have a couple of those shops in this area.
  6. I would first check the battery cable connectors on the battery posts. Are they both tight? You should not be able to rotate either by hand. Did you have the battery load-tested? Simply measuring the battery voltage will not identify if the battery is load-capable.
  7. Seats are designed for the "majority" of people. Unfortunately, not everyone will be comfortable in every seat. When I rented a $230,000 McLaren 570S Spider, it took only 20 minutes on the highway for the driver's seat to cause a very aggravating lower back pain. I guess I didn't fit the design very well.
  8. The cold starting issue could possibly be caused by a failing fuel pump, fuel injector, or temperature sensor. Heat increases resistance in electrical circuits, and it is possible that once the fuel pump has been running for a while, high resistance causes it to slow or stop. The same high resistance can affect ignition components. Make sure all of your electrical connections are clean and secured.
  9. I interpret this as meaning you can use 87 or higher octane but I've also seen car manuals that add " Higher octane fuel will provide higher performance." or something similar.
  10. This is regarding a different Lexus but the response to the poster's question may be relevant to your situation. Ground Wire attachment Location - ClubLexus - Lexus Forum Discussion If not, hopefully someone with the same generation of RX300 can pop the hood and see where the ground wire is attached.
  11. Such a situation happens because one or more speaker terminals are surely grounded to the metallic door. Has any work been done to the dash or a door?
  12. It does describe a failing alternator when a high enough load causes the engine to die. Did you inspect the alternator connections? When the car dies, does it start right back up? When you step on the brakes do the brake lights illuminate?
  13. I guess that after 190,000 miles something had to be worn out. I'm surprised they lasted that long. Ours have 134,000 miles on them and appear to be just fine.
  14. Has anyone checked each wheel nut's torque? You should not drive your vehicle with this issue. I once had a wheel come off on the highway (back in the 1980s) because one lug nut was not adequately torqued. The one that loosened first had a slightly different sized nut hex. Did the shop that replaced the axle take a look? Was the shaking sensation present before the axle was replaced? A bad wheel bearing can create a howling or rumbling noise but that is typically while the vehicle is cornering. For situations like this I have used a highly trusted alignment shop that also specializes in suspension-related issues. They ALWAYS quickly identify the culprit. It'd be great if such a shop were in your area.
  15. I would disconnect the negative, then positive terminals for a minute or two. Make sure the positive cable does not touch any grounded component. While disconnected, clean the posts and cable connectors with a wire brush tool you can get at any auto parts store or maybe Walmart. There is also an anti-corrosion spray that can be applied after reconnecting the cable clamps. How old is your battery? Sometimes a weak battery will cause weird issues to surface. The battery should have a date sticker on it. If the battery is more than 3 years old, you can have it load-tested at most auto parts stores. They will fully charge it before the test.
  16. If you take your time and research correct techniques for doing this, it may work, but keep in mind that unless the paint shop applies a clear coat over the paint, it won't be long before the paint oxidizes again.
  17. Maybe you should disconnect the battery and reconnect it. You would have to reset the windows but that doesn't take long.
  18. That is oxidation and destruction of the paint's clear coat from the sun's UV rays. There really is no quick and inexpensive way to fix that.
  19. Exactly; always use your maintenance schedule as a guide. In addition, whenever I am draining the engine oil, I take the time to clean the engine bay and seals: 1. Use a spray bottle with water to spritz engine components and then wipe with a paper towel. 2. Use a rubber hose and seal protectant like Armor All on easily reachable hoses and hood seals. 3. Apply the same protectant on door and hatch seals. 4. Top off windshield wiper fluid and radiator coolant tanks if necessary. 5. Remove the battery caps and add distilled water if necessary. 6. Look around the engine bay for any leaks, split or cracked hoses/tubing.
  20. Our 06 RX400h has them on all the time. Did yours come from the factory with them off by default?
  21. Most polishing kits include a liquid/gel that can be the equivalent of 10,000 grit. This is what really recreates a glossy polish. Novus makes some excellent polishing liquid if you would prefer to buy wet-sanding paper separately instead of a complete kit. See: NOVUS Plastic Polish (
  22. I would run a search in,, and some other websites such as these. Pricing of used vehicles has been very high, lately but at least you can get an idea as to what other sellers are asking. Also: 1. Conduct a phone interview with the owner. 2. Ask for maintenance records and if there are any non-functioning features. 3. Find out how many owners there were and where the vehicle was serviced. 4. If you are happy with the answers given to you, you may want to have the vehicle inspected. The money spent may save you from headaches in the future. Good luck.
  23. Blondance, I typed in "auto junk yards in California" and "auto salvage yards in California" and saw quite a few listed.
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