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  1. I totally agree with that sentiment Mike....does that also include bikes as well?
  2. I like BurgerKing, not a massive fan of McDonalds though
  3. Maybe take down the lower tray that covers the glovebox under side as the offending item may have dropped into that area
  4. Ooh someone mention 'Carbs' ....there is no other food group in my mind (plus Beer of course) 🙂
  5. I totally agree, they are my biggest hate but have found a product that has been around for decades but only just getting know for its mosquito repellant properties. Avon 'Skin So Soft' which is a skin conditioning oil but over time people have found it works as an excellent repellant for the pesky critters. Apparently the British Army have cottoned onto it and it is now becoming more well known
  6. Worth removing the switch and testing by connecting the wires directly to see if this powers the windows.
  7. Wow! expensive lesson learnt although you shouldn't normally need to replace steel lines, especially as oil pressure is not that high (compared to power steering) but always pays to check I guess Also lucky the engine didn't destroy itself and you noticed the burning smell
  8. It may well have detached from the windscreen previously and secured back on using ordinary glue (such as SuperGlue or similar) which expands or contracts (can never remember) when it hardens. This will either shatter the glass (if toughened glass) if laminated glass it will crack which sounds like this is what has happened in your case. The is proper 'Glass Glue' or self-adhesive patches that should be used to reattached rear view mirrors or aerials, etc
  9. A friend of mine in the UK covered some of Route 66 in his American Road Trip a few years ago https://autoevoke.com/index.php?/roadtrips/roadtrips/european_18/road-trip-through-nevada-arizona-r2/ May be some ideas there for you to consider?
  10. I would start by resolving the oil level issue first. This could flag the warning lamps you are experiencing. Check also for exhaust leaks (e.g. hole or leak from the system especially near the cats) also could explain the sound issue Rectify all of these issues before moving onto other faults.
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