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  1. Lexus Owners Club

    2008 GX470 transmission slip

    Hi Dan....welcome to the Forum Would suggest replacement of the trans fluid and filter (if not already recently replaced) and see how it goes from there
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  3. Lexus Owners Club

    High pitch noise

    Can only think it may be something like the front brakes dragging (sticking caliper?)
  4. Lexus Owners Club

    motor mounts, bushings

    It really depends on many factors....usage, road surfaces, weather/environmental conditions, contamination, etc The best bet is to test them for compliance....too much movement and if there are signs of perishing on the rubber then replace them
  5. Lexus Owners Club

    Center console button lights sometimes work at night

    it could well be....maybe worth removing it to see if you could bridge across the connectors to get the dash lights permanently illuminated on full power. If so, then measuring across the terminals of the resistor would confirm whether the switch is at fault
  6. Lexus Owners Club

    Service in the Baltimore, Maryland Area?

    Sorry, don't know the area so cannot recommend a dealership. However, it may be worth going back to the dealer and stating your displeasure with them and see if that raises the bar slightly and even gets you a discount? Worth a try I suppose
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  9. Lexus Owners Club

    Consumer Reports - 2016 GX460 Worst Used Car

    That's unusual for any Lexus to be less than 'top of the tree'....maybe they had build issues that year
  10. Usually when the resistor pack fails it defaults to running at full speed (due to no resistance) It sounds like a blockage somewhere....maybe remove the cabin filter to see if the air flows more freely and then refit or replace
  11. Lexus Owners Club

    Center console button lights sometimes work at night

    definitely sounds like a loose connection. You could try tapping/lightly banging areas of the dashboard or switchgear until it lights up then at least you'll know the rough area it may have a loose connection
  12. Lexus Owners Club

    oil leak after oil change

    I always apply some PTFE tape (plumbers use it for pipe joints) to the sump plug thread....never had a leak on anything ever since. This originally came about when I owned a Land Cruiser and the Toyota dealer asked whether I wanted the soft or hard compound seal for the plug. I foolishly chose the hard compound and leaked like a sieve. Someone suggested removing it and wrapping a couple of turns with PTFE and it worked a treat...nowadays I use it all the time on the 'belt & braces' principle.
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  14. Lexus Owners Club

    oil leak after oil change

    Have you checked that the plastic casing/cap on the filter housing aren't cracked?