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  1. I would choose Toyo over Hankook, but more personal choice than anything (not particularly impressed with Hankooks in the past). Toyo, good pricing, durable and excellent grip (feedback from friends who have stuck with Toyo over the years)
  2. That's a tough one....worthy of taking to another mechanic who can check all other eventualities without committing to replace expensive parts: A quick Google search does suggest other issue including engine faults (is the oil level low, is the engine clogged up with carbon) all of which are valid and worth checking first
  3. Last year as part of its new global electrification strategy, Lexus debuted the futuristic LF-30 concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show, which thrilled attendees with its visionary design and imaginative technologies. The new strategy, called ‘Lexus Electrified’, targets a fundamental leap in vehicle performance, handling, control and driver enjoyment. Lexus has revealed a core Lexus Electrified technology supporting this vision: DIRECT4, a new electric drive control system designed for its next generation of battery electric and hybrid electric vehicles. DIRECT4 precisely controls the
  4. Creating an iconic vehicle to set the tone for a luxury automaker is no simple task. The first-generation LS debuted in 1989 with this monumental goal to help shape the brand. It built the foundation of Lexus with the high praise earned by its exceptional quietness and comfort. Chief Branding Officer and Master Driver Akio Toyoda positions the LS―in all its generations―as “a model that gives rise to transformation through the spirit of constant innovation and by providing new technologies and value for the times.” The 2021 Lexus LS looks to build on the success of the all-new LS that la
  5. 2021 Lexus LS 500 Luxury Sedan Get New design to headlight and taillight design, also LS500 12.3-inch touchscreen display adds to the elegance of this car.
  6. Starting MSRP at $76000 for Lexus LS500. New Lexus LS500 and LS500h 2021 video interior and description. #LexusLS500 #LexusLS500h #Lexus 2021 ...
  7. This is the new Lexus LS 500 2021 full review. 2021 LEXUS LS 500, 500h ADD LAYERS OF FLAGSHIP REFINEMENT. - Key enhancements yield heightened ...
  8. New 2021 Lexus LS 500 facelift - Interior, Review and Price #LexusLS The 2021 Lexus LS 500 will begin arriving at dealerships in late November of 2020, with ...
  9. Lexus LC 500 Owner Reviews featuring my personal 2020 LC 500 with 2600 miles on it. I have now owned my Lexus LC Coupe for 6 months and I will be ...
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