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  1. I can go back even earlier than that Mike where the heater in the car was an optional extra and all the interior was metal so it was absolutely freezing in winter 😞
  2. I would not say it is the actuators as the lights go out when the door is closed so these are working okay. Check the trunk and hood switches also as these can also trigger the alarm
  3. The TR7 was a very unreliable car as poor design but they did shoehorn a 215ci Buick V8 into them and renamed them TR8 which was fun in those days
  4. Hi AvilleLex No problem, will arrange this for you and your account should be deactivate by the end of today. Sorry to lose you and if you ever wish to return to the Club you would be more than welcome
  5. MX5 Eunos mk1 - close enough to the Miata . what a superb little car it was, regret selling it as it was such good fun on the road and track 🙂
  6. That's a great idea Mike! I still don't think I could afford a sports car even in 10 years time 🙂
  7. Nice one Dave.....completely and utterly jealous now 🙂 Looks superb with the wrap and shame that Lexus don't actually produced that colour scheme. I too drove an LC500 for a day and totally agree with your review really is a superb car and would absolutely go for one over other high-performance cars as it seemed totally useable as a daily driver as well as being able to 'produce the goods' when needed.
  8. Have you checked the wiring and connections from the A Post to the door. As the wiring articulates when the door is opened and closed it doesn't take a lot for the wires to fracture and you lose power.
  9. I personally would go for the 2005 LX Did you get one yet?
  10. It sounds like it could be an issue with the fans, next time this happens then open the hood and see if the fans are spinning, if not then possibly a wiring or sensor issue
  11. Hi Tim.....welcome to the Club It may well be handle but not entirely sure what it would fail so wouldn't write it off yet as a replacement one could be quite expensive if replaced unnecessarily
  12. It could probably benefit from being stripped down to clean the internal contacts and go from there.
  13. Hi.....welcome to the Club I would start by checking the battery voltage and condition. If suspect then replace it with a quality battery. After that it would be beneficial to get the car scanned and see what faults show on the scanner
  14. SOunds like it could be an issue with the head unit. Possibly replace it for an aftermarket unit which would be the cheapest option or find somewhere to get it repaired?
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