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  1. VVT Sensor Range/Performance Problem (Bank 1) This code may not come back if cleared as it is more than likely a result of the fault itself. I would first look at the engine oil quality/quantity and rectify as necessary. After that, it would be worth checking the connections to the sensor for security and corrosion
  2. It sounds as though it is the idle speed control valve that needs cleaning due to carbon build up. Should be an easy enough job to remove, clean and refit. Bit of a harsh statement! The forum is not as populated as used to be but there are still plenty of members on here that are willing to help fellow members with their problems. As for older vehicles....I am a massive fan of older cars and run quite a few cars over 15 years old with no issues and very little cost. However, not a fan of current (post 2015 vehicles) models that have much higher levels of technology and even more expensive replacement parts.....nice to drive but wouldn't want (or afford) to own one 😞
  3. Hi Binks.....welcome to the Club I think I would be tempted to glue it stop it spreading further along once the water gets up into it. If you use some SuperGlue or similar and maybe use the end of a thin knife to introduce it under the trim so as not to get it everywhere, I reckon that should sort it
  4. Hi You should be able to find a Locksmith who can replicate and programme a new key for your car. It helps if you have the original one to clone or otherwise the original Key Code written down somewhere
  5. Not sure where the relay is located but here's a link with some useful information relating to the system
  6. Hi Keith Maybe you could get someone to climb into the rear once the seats are folded and remove the trim panel on the tailgate to access the lock mechanism from inside the vehicle.
  7. Thanks for the updates. I do wonder if there are any fault codes in the Body control system....maybe worth seeing if you can scan further and see if this produces any results.
  8. 🙂 The cheek of some people.....nice to know you have a sought after car though
  9. Lexus today hosted the world premiere of its first ocean-going yacht, the LY 650, adding another dimension to its development as global luxury lifestyle brand and demonstrating its commitment to deliver innovative and amazing experiences Presented in Boca Raton, Florida, the LY 650 bears all the hallmark qualities of design, craftsmanship, advanced technology and performance that distinguish Lexus road vehicles, interpreted in the context of an exclusive and highly luxurious vessel. The LY 650 is a 65ft (19.94m) flybridge cruiser – a boat design that locates cabins below the main deck. It has been two-and-a-half years in development and is being built in collaboration with specialist boat builder Marquis Yachts, which manufactures the craft at its workshops in Pulaski, Wisconsin. The leading nautical design house Nuvolari Lenard also worked with Lexus on the design programme. Marquis Yachts has applied elements of the Toyota Production System to its boat-building processes to achieve high quality and efficient productivity, together with skilled craftsmanship that ensures authentic luxury in every detail. The LY 650 cuts a striking, coupe-like figure on the water, with a design that is very faithful to the Lexus Sport Yacht Concept that was unveiled in 2017. Its sporty and elegant lines are influenced by the same L-finesse design principles Lexus applies to its road cars; styling details echo those found on the LS and LC Lexus flagship saloon and coupe. With a high-volume aft section, the LY 650 has one of the widest beams in its class at 5.76m. For its premiere, the yacht was presented in an optional two-tone finish that amplifies its styling, contrasting with bright stainless steel details including a chafing plate on the bow, window frames and air inlets shaped in the famous Lexus “L” motif. Lexus Chief Branding Officer and President of Toyota Motor Corporation Akio Toyoda said: “The LY 650 symbolises the challenge Lexus has taken up in its aspiration to become a true luxury lifestyle brand, venturing beyond the automobile. “A collaborative team between Toyota and Marquis Yachts introduced the Toyota Production System to the boat manufacturing facility to improve productivity and quality. This allowed Lexus’s ‘Crafted’ philosophy of hospitality that anticipates a person’s wishes and meticulous attention to detail be realised in the form of a luxury yacht. I am truly looking forward to seeing the LY 650 display its beauty on oceans around the globe. As a mobility company, we are pursuing new possibilities for movement, even on the sea.” Accommodation In addition to a large and well-appointed upper salon with captain’s chairs and integrated sofas, the LY 650 has three berths, each with more than two metres of headroom and en suite facilities. It can sleep six and accommodate up to 15 people, according to local/maritime regulations. Luxury appointments include optional Mark Levinson Surround Sound audio systems, air conditioning, bespoke furnishings, real wood trim and a fully equipped aft galley. The interior design eschews sharp angles in favour of curved, flowing lines. These combine with a white colour theme to increase the sense of space and openness. Performance The LY 650 is powered by twin Volvo Penta IPSTM engines, available in a choice of three outputs: 1,050, 1,200 or 1,350hp for each unit. This powertrain can propel the 40-tonne yacht at speeds up to 31.4 knots. Computational fluid dynamics were applied to optimise the unique shape of the underwater hull, obtaining stability and manoeuvrability with high power output, yet low fuel consumption. Piloting support systems include joystick control, auto-flap trim tabs to help maintain position and a fixed point position-holding function at sea. Advanced materials Lexus has proven experience of working with advanced composite materials in road-going vehicles, such as the hand-crafted LFA supercar. Likewise, the construction of the LY 650 makes excellent use of carbon fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) to save weight while gaining impressive strength and rigidity. The yacht rides on a light and highly rigid hull that combines CFRP with glass fibre-reinforced plastic (GFRP), jointly developed with Marquis Yachts. CFRP is used for around 85 per cent of the underwater hull and for parts of the upper hull, including the bridge, helm console and flybridge hard-top. LY-Link LY-Link is an advanced connectivity technology that gives yacht-owners real-time sight of values such as voltage and fuel and water levels. It can also inform users of any abnormalities, as well as maintenance schedules and recommended actions. The app can also be used to control various on-board systems such as lighting, audio and climate control. Public sales The LY 650 will go on public sale in the USA on 30 October, coinciding with its first public appearance at the 2019 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (30 October to 3 November). Sales will be handled by Marquis Yachts and its franchised dealers, with prices in the region of $3.7 million (£3 million), according to customer specification.
  10. Hi Nick....welcome to the Forums It sounds reasonable money for an F Sport, however as you state the mileage is rather high which shouldn't be an issue if you don't want to resell it on too soon. Also, as long as the maintenance has been carried out correctly and when it should have been done then otherwise you could knock them down on price for that. Sometimes, I think its not so much a case of knocking them down on price, rather trying to get more included in the deal for the same price, for example: a set of mats, extended warranty period, full tank of fuel, breakdown cover....etc. All of which most dealers are happy to do as it doesn't come off the sticker price. Let us know how you get on with it
  11. Hi Andrew....welcome to the Forums Sounds like it could be the heater fan speed resistor pack failing. Should be easy enough to locate it near the heater unit and see if the insulation is breaking up on the resistors in the pack> Replacement should resolve the issue
  12. Sounds like a good result Paul. I take it that replacing the alternator resolved the noise? as well as the charging issue which goes without saying
  13. Not sure that the sensors necessarily are coded individually to the car, more so to the TPMS control unit which should be quite standard There are a selection of TMPS sensor reset tools on eBay which may provide an alternative route forward
  14. 14 years! you did incredibly well on those pads! Not sure about the Hybrid fault, as you say it could be a false positive code which may or may not return and as which I wouldn't worry about it until it does. Sometimes I used to inform my customers that it would have to break before I could fix it as you would have no idea of where to start otherwise. Keep us informed on how it all pans out
  15. Probably best method would be to go in through the grill....if you can remove it without damaging anything. If not, then from underneath with a long bar, if accessible