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  1. You don't have to remove the inner fender, Loosen the bottom, Then you can get your hand behind the light.
  2. I would buy a new one, Worth the $ and then you know it's good.
  3. Good deal, How does the sensor look ? Can you measure resistance of the sensor ?
  4. Yes, Definitely replace the belt, Have you pulled a valve cover to check for oil sludge ? I think it was a known issue with the v6.
  5. Oh Yeah, Why do you need to run the test ? What are the issues ?
  6. The serpentine is easy to remove/replace, Isn't it easier to get at from under the RX ? Unplug and I think it is a 22 mm nut. Easy enough one would think.
  7. Why do you want to take it off ? Faulty or another problem ?
  8. Replace your Master Cylinder assembly, No fix outside of this. When the MC fails you will have brakes, But pedal to the floor and extremely hard stops. Safety first Bud 😉
  9. Definitely no Bosch, Like Lenore says, NGK or Denso only
  10. Hey Lenore, Good to see someone is still around from the old days (beginning of this forum) Anyone else around ?
  11. Well, I don't know what happened to this place STEVE (ADMIN) I have been away a while and this place turns into a ghost town....Oh well
  12. Does giving it gas get it back running, I ask because it can take a while for the ECU to read all signals again, Usually around 100 miles or so.
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