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  1. Is the fluid Blood Red ? Brown ? Thanks
  2. Replace the cabin filter, Run the Heat/Air through all of it's paces, Take your time....What has been the average Humidity outside ? Garage Humidity ? How often do you run the air conditioner ? Thanks
  3. Update: I contacted Bergstrom Lexus where my car was purchased originally, I am the second owner. The service dept. has no idea where the connector is or how to get to it ??? That's right, Bergstrom has nothing in there system verifying where the connector is. They sent me these screenshots from there service software.
  4. For what it is worth, I change oil every year, Regardless of milage...Usually around 4-5k
  5. What I am looking for is where the connector is and how to get to it? Please advise. Thanks 02 sensor I am speaking of...
  6. We Try !!! If it is any help, Better than none...
  7. Repaired...Follow the prompts 🙂
  8. New pads on old rotors create a conflict. Personally I replace the rotors when I do pads....Piece of mind and they are inexpensive.
  10. Hello and Welcome to The Greatest Lexus Forum on the Web, Sharp rides there, I love the GS myself. Hang around, Tell a joke, Ask a question, Heck, Give an answer. We look forward to your participation 🙂
  11. Can't this be changes in LPS settings ? Look it up for your model and let us know what you find. Thanks
  12. Pictures Please, Is it an aftermarket wheel ? OEM ? Thanks
  13. Well, When it comes to aftermarket one can find themselves on there own, As it is a personal choice to deviate away from Lexus. Search the web...
  14. I sold my 98 GS, Had the car for 21 years...I still see it on the road occasionally....And LEXUS doesn't produce the GS anymore 😞
  15. Welcome to the Greatest Lexus Forum, I think it is OK for you to sell this. Post some pictures and any other details. Thank You
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