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  1. Hi I see you know about Lexus navigation I have a 2008 without nav can I add the OEM nav

    will it also have rear camera 





  2. Hi I see you know about Lexus navigation I have a 2008 without nav can I add the OEM nav

    will it also have rear camera 



  3. Hi Dcfish,

    I would also like to install Lexus OEM navigation + backup camera on my rx 350 2013 base package model.

    Can you please me the details?



  4. Sorry. Just notice your other email thread. Is there an instruction available that can help me with to do the upgrade? Thank you.


  5. Hi. I would like to add nav and backup camera to my 2007 Lexus RX 350 as well. Can you please help with the details? My email address is ddasher8@live.com. Thanks much in advance.


  6. hiya. was reading an old thread.  i just got a 98 SC300 w/12 disk changer. do you still have 6 disk plug and play available?  thanks,  byw, my email address is incorrect when i signed up.  it's tslynch3@outlook.com.

  7. dcfish

    Word Association Game

  8. For 15 years I have done a tranny drop and fill (2 quarts Toyota T4) Everytime I change the oil. Less than $20.00 a year is cheap insurance for a Transmission ;) I also have an inline Cooler and Filter for the Trans that I installed. The Fluid always looks new.
  9. dcfish

    I May Be Nuts.....

    Welcome To The Club..If you plan on keeping your current LS Stock, What is the purpose of the "resonator delete" ? Do you plan on any other Mods ? I'll follow this one ;) Merry Christmas
  10. Is it Blue or White ? Is it an electrical connector of the male variety ?
  11. Oh Yeah, You owe me a Beer
  12. Hope this helps ;) Moon Roof Stuck Improper Operation09.pdf
  13. Reset the Computer, Disconnect the battery for a few minutes. Clean the terminals/cables well. Reconnect and give it a go.
  14. If you would have done your homework You would know that I no longer am supplying Nav,Audio Systems and Components http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/topic/82733-it-has-been-a-long-run/ ...Again... Good Bye :)