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    salmoncheese, That intermittent statement you left out of your first post suggests another issue that was present in that generation ES. There is a relay in the engine compartment fuse box labelled "magnetic clutch" (I believe) that turns the AC compressor on and off. When it went bad, your interior fan still blew air, but the AC compressor wouldn't turn to move the refrigerant = no cooling. It usually made the dash AC button light flash repeatedly. If your relay (less than $20 to buy) is cutting in and out that could explain your problem. There is an updated part number for that relay meaning the newer one fixes the issue the old part had and shouldn't ever fail in the future. You still could have an issue with a temperature sensor or a faulty mixing door actuator, but I'd start with my first two suggestions ... and have an AC expert (not necessarily a Lexus one) check the system out. Gene
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    Hi Craig Yes i saw your post sometime back, but do you think that if i reach out to Lexus at this point of time they will entertain? considering that the car was imported to UAE, i will try to reach them and will report back, From your post what i can understand you did managed to change it in the year 2014, so i am guessing i still have a chance Looking at the PDF of the SSC, my VIN number falls within that range which is specified as compared below campaign-ssc-wl2-1998-gs400-ls400-sc400-ecm-replacement.pdf
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    Thanks for your response. After looking at the design I decided not to take the chance and just returned the CRC for a refund, pointing out the note on the can about Lexus,
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    I sold my nearly cosmetically and mechanically perfect 2000 LS400 Platinum Series "SF" (heated seats, originally had Nakamichi audio) in Spring, 2014 for $4999. It was at just under 180,000 miles and virtually flawless inside and out - always garaged. The car looked like it just rolled off the showroom floor. The $4999 included flawless chrome OEM Platinum wheels and extra aftermarket wheels with winter tires. All eight tires were in excellent condition. Professionally maintained with full documentation. Synthetic engine oil changes every 5,000 mlles and transmission/differential fluid changes every 30,000 miles. The Nakamichi head unit had been professionally replaced with a modern aftermarket screen based in-dash system with Bluetooth handsfree phone and A2DP wireless audio steaming, iPod control, Pandora interface and many other features including provision for satellite radio and backup camera. The attached photo was taken a few days before I sold the car. What is yours like?
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    Hi, Beth-- Welcome to the group! Looked at your CL ad; your car IS a nice looking example. Not having navigation I see as a bonus on an LS, but lack of heated seats may limit its appeal outside of the south/Sunbelt states. Executive summary: What does Macy's do when they want to get shoes sold? Yes, put 'em on sale/mark it down! This also applies to your car. Why hasn't it sold? Harsh truth: It sounds like the market isn't interested in the car at your asking price, and it sounds like you're getting frustrated. I'm not a dealer (I enjoy cars waaaaaayyyy too much to do the car business for a living), but have some market observations and marketing insights I'll share: Even in the midwest, I haven't seen '98-00 cars selling private party for that kind of money often lately. I've seen two nice ones at dealers in my region in your price range with lower mileage.... and they've been sitting for months. From what I've seen ('01--02 LS430s with comparable miles are currently running anywhere from $2500-5500), you're possibly asking too much if you're wanting to move the car in a reasonable time frame. I've spent too much time lately semi-seriously looking for a '430 or '98-00 LS400 to potentially replace my LS400, so that's why I know far too much about this topic. I'm not sure what you're using as a market pricing guide for your read on the car's value to the market, but cars with money put into getting caught up on maintenance immediately prior to sale rarely get back what you put into them for major maintenance, unless you're turning the wrenches yourself. A good analogy: You've probably heard that when you do a major kitchen or bath remodel in your home, it will only net you a percentage back of what you put into it when it comes time to sell. Depending on region, 50-70% for those things is not an uncommon return on investment... As a long-time Realtor, I tell my clients to do those projects to enjoy the use and utility first and foremost, and for the resale value a distant second... but I digress. Back to your car and private party valuation: When I have sold cars myself, I typically have taken an average of Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds private-party pricing to come up with my asking prices, primarily because it's not easy to lay hands on the dealer's/your banker's NADA Blue Book or whatever industry valuation guide is commonly used there. I've found averaging KBB and Edmunds figures come out surprisingly close to market reality. In my region, KBB calls private party value with your mileage, options, condition, etc., at roughly $4500. Edmunds is usually much harder on used values, calling your car at $3100. Still, that's amazing resale value for a *19* year-old car. Averaging will likely get you closer to a sale at or near your asking price in a reasonably quick length of time. Other marketing ideas? Take *more* and better pictures for your ads, showing all angles of the car, inside and out. Try to use a real camera and not your phone, light things up/use a flash, even in daylight, so shoppers can see the condition of the interior clearly. One other crazy idea? Get the car detailed *very* well and take it to your next area car cruise night, be it for domestic or import metal. Show it off. Seriously. In a major metro area, there's plenty of people who know what your car is, and would recognize the quality and value (well, duh.. it's an LS--they clean up very well... I've taken my '94 to cruise-ins before--it was fun!). That might be a venue to consider if you want to expose it to a potentially more knowledgeable market. Can't hurt, might help. Hope this helps. Good luck! Best, Paul
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    There appears to be a gap in your chronology of events. When you had the vehicle towed, to where was it taken? What was the code that caused the check engine light to illuminate? Did the code indicate a problem with the water pump? A bad water pump would probably not cause the engine to die. Water pumps are often replaced when the timing belt is replaced. Do you have maintenance receipts that would indicate if these services were done? Coolant leakage into the engine is often due to a cylinder head gasket leak. As long as the engine hadn't overheated long enough to damage the cylinder head, the gasket(s) can be replaced at far less cost than an engine rebuild/replacement. Sometimes the size of the coolant leak would determine how prevalent the coolant smell is. A coolant test can be performed to see if combustion gasses are present. First, determine for certain whether you have a head gasket leak. If you don't, what is causing the drop in coolant level. Second, if one or more coils are bad, have them all replaced. If you delay this too long, your catalytic converter may be damaged from unburned fuel.
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    The reservoir seems to be part of the fan shroud.
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    The 03 has the 5 speed, the 04 got the 6 speed. The steering wheel and armrest are in bad shape but if the rest of the car checks out you can always find those in a junk yard or ebay. The price is good IMO. Is that an aftermarket rear view camera?
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    I bought a 2002 and that was my first question for the dealer. He said it was not an option but there had been many requests. I asked him why there was a rounded indention in the trunk. His answer at the time was that in some countries a spare tire was required, but in the U.S. the decision was made not to offer a spare and fit the car with the new "run flat" tires. I bought a nice battery rechargeable air pump and it has been in the car ever since.
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    Hi David, I'm guessing that your trouble is setting your seat, steering wheel height, and steering wheel column angle. There are 10 settings for the seat alone, In your manual you'll see the forward and backward setting, lumbar support, seat back position, seat cushion up and down. The adjustment for the steering wheel height is the most in need of upward movement. There are a crazy number of adjustments you can set to 'on' or 'off'. Take out your owners manual and sit in the car and have some fun. We love our RX. Paul
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    Been on for over a year now. Even wear across the tread. When it was aligned at fitment I opted for '0' toe. Michelin's and toe seems to of done the trick
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    Just bought a beautiful 2015 LX 350. What’s the best option for mats—Lexus, weathertec, other? Want aesthetic and protection.
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    Probably better off finding one in a pick and pull and cutting it.
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    One of your driven devices is freezing up. ie the alternator, power steering pump, air conditioning compressor, or one of the idlers. Before putting belt on spin each to make sure they are free. I would suspect the air conditioning compressor when energized is the culprit.
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    Hopefully you can get some benefit from the attached files. Good luck. RX300_1998-2003_Workshop_Repair_Manual__WhereEverybodyKnowsY.pdf RX300 - Body Electrical Diagrams .pdf RX300_-_Repair_Manual_.pdf
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    For anyone looking at this thread Metra finally made a dash kit. They have wiring harnesses as well. I will Post a link to the site so you can get the product numbers. I would recommend just typing in the numbers and find the parts on Amazon or Sonicelectronics. They are much cheaper there than at a best buy or retail store. If the link doesn't work just go to Metraonline.com Good Luck! Hope this helps http://metraonline.com/vfg
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    My GX 470 2004 has the same Paint problem like yours !Suspecting this issue is manufactured company's faults ? The paints on rear bumper's coner was unexpecting peeled out like snake's skin ...!?! What's a shame for this kind of luxury cars maker !They don't even care to learn how to paint the right way huh ? Very disappointed and will think twice when we have to buy this kind of cars next time !!!(from Baltimore,Maryland) :cries:
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    her are some helpful wire colors for head unit (thanks DEI) 02 lexus es300 12+ constant blue/yellow 12+ acc gray ground brown illumination + green factory amp on pink/blue all wires above found at factory head unit plug left front spkr +pink -purple right front spkr +light green -blue left rear spkr +black -yellow right rear spkr +red -white all wires above found at factory amp (behind glovebox next to ECM) VSS (speed sense) purple/white found at ECM (behind glovebox next to factory amp)
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    No problem, That's one of the reasons were here, Happy to hear that all is well in your garage
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    .I had the same problem turned out to be clogged drain holes in the sunroof. here is how to fix get a plastic straw as it fits perfectly into the holes located front right and left corners. incert straw just a little now get weed wacker cord which is thick and feed it through the straw (the straw acts to strighten weed wacker cord) so it can feed through the drain tube althe way to the bottom of the car and it will clean it out. Here is what not to do, do not use compressed air to blow tube clear as it may dislodge the drain tube which then requires taking out the roof liner etc.
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    Strangely, the door speakers in the Nak get fewer watts of power than the door speakers of the std Pioneer but the Nak speaker in the back window gets about 90 watts more than the one with the Pioneer. Personally I wish my car didn't have the Nak. I bought a telephone interface harness from Dashmount in the UK but found out it only works on the std Pioneer and Nav audio systems. If I had the Pioneer or Nav, I could completely interface my Nokia car kit - mute the radio on a phone call, play the call through the door speakers, even power the phone kit from the amplifier under the front passenger seat - its "plug and play". I should sell the interface cable on "Buy and Sell" - somebody might like to use it.
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    Grandpa is correct. i have a 94 just like Wucantstop and the button does not click or stay in and is not supposed to. the "trac off" button works list like the stereo system: push the volume knob in and it will come out back to where it was originally and the stereo will turn on. to add to what grandpa also said, when you first turn the key to "on", the "trac" light should come on in the middle of the speedometer and turn off after a few seconds. this is the system doing a self check. the "trac off" light should also turn on and off at the bottom of the dash when the key is turned to on. if neither of these lights illuminate, you have internal traction control problems just like jakeroux.
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    When you first start your car (after it's been running for about 10 seconds... is the TRAC OFF light still on, inside the dash board? Or does the light just turn off and on when ur driving? And when you press the TRAC button, it's not suppose to click or anything, it's very light, requires little pressure. It's probably lighter than the cruise control button and it isn't meant to stay depressed in the 1992 Lexus or of any that i am familiar with.

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