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  1. This is such BAD practice and should never be done. The battery shorts AC spikes and transients to ground. Removing the battery while the engine is running allows spikes and transients to run throughout the car's electrical system potentially causing damage to every semiconductor circuit in the car. At best, this practice can also damage the alternator diodes and voltage regulator. Electrical damage doesn't happen in every instance this is done. But now that you're having issues who knows where the fault it.
  2. The fuel pump runs so we assume the circuit components for that are OK. No mention of whether or not the injectors are working. After killing three batteries from all that cranking, have you pulled a spark plug to see if it's drowned in fuel? If they're dry, I would find the relay box and replace the fuel injector relay.
  3. Try looking at the parts diagram for both model years on a Lexus parts website like this one: Using your VIN is the best route to determine what you have. It might take some digging to find the correct parts diagrams. Look for "seat adjuster" (I think that's what Toyota calls them). There should be a "vehicle fitment" tab or you can cross-reference/compare the part numbers from both model years.
  4. You're replying to a post by someone who was last here 10 years ago. I doubt that you'll get a response. One of the things with car die painful deaths and their owners disappear with them. You might try to find a more generic car audio forum?
  5. Good deal and you're welcome. If you have the space, keep the pump. You can use the pump as a rebuildable core down the road. Parts are getting to be an issue with our older cars. I need 2nd gear synchro rings for my old Legend but they've been discontinued from Honda and no one has them. This morning, I lucked out found a NOS 2nd gear gear set on ebay that had the synchros.
  6. 😬 They say it doesn't fit '93 MY. Probably not available etiher. Question: How the heck did the pulley get bent? In correct removal proceedure? At this point, I'd just buy the entire used pump with the pulley (time sensitive link), remove the pulley and pitch the pump.:|Make%3ALexus
  7. I don't think so. Toyota changed the key programming on 1998 and up model years.
  8. Has any of the shops actually looked at the inputs that the ECU uses to control shift points? Best I can determine, these two solenoids do the shifting. These are the ones that you're probably interested in: 85420-50020 35270-50010 This one locks up the torque converter: 35280-50010 So far, the repair shops either seem to be scratching their heads, guessing or throwing parts at it. It's not the preferred way to go about this, but at this point why not just replace all three solenoids? It takes the same amount of labor to replace one as it does all of them.
  9. It's inside/attached to the outside of the fuel tank,
  10. I don't know the reason why there's two different units but I would think that there's a good reason for it.
  11. Read through this thread:
  12. Given: The car starts. 2/3-rds of the keyless entry function works. 2/3-rds function is the same for both keys I would say that what ever controls the keyless entry that's inside the vehicle - body control module or door lock module is most likely at fault. Make sure that you're using the correct transponder/keyless entry instructions. 1998 - x model years use a different set if programming instructions. However, I don't know if this change affects the ES models. According to the 1998 LS400 FSM, to check the remote operation, stand 1-meter away from the
  13. I'm not a transmission expert nor do I have experience in diagnosing your particular problem. I'm posting the following in general terms as to what you can check and what may be happening. 1. Have you checked the fluid level? What color is the fluid? Does it smell burnt? Has the fluid ever been changed? 2. Who told you that the transmission needs to be replaced? Other than the trouble codes, has any other diagnostics been performed? You have two separate trouble codes: ( 63 - Open or s
  14. There's a lot of garbage being sold on Amazon and ebay. In my experience, any unbranded, cheap, made in or being sent from China item is to be avoided like Wuhan city. I've tried more than a few sets of those LED headlight retrofit bulbs in a few of my cars and the failure rate out of the box and a few months down the road is horrendous. I've even had cell phone charger cords and counterfeit phone and camera batteries that were DOA.
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