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    Hi there guys, My 1994 SC400 is having fuse problems. Here is the problem. When i start my car and it is hot out and i decide to turn on the a/c the climate control unit turnsw on then seconds later the fuse blows and the whole unti turns off. so i replaced the fuse and turned it on again the following night ( by this time is was cooler out ) and the a/c unit / climate control was left on. (because the fuse blew before) but surprisingly it didnt blow. the unit works perfectly fine and it blew cold air and hot air also every function works. what is causing the units fuse to blow when it is warm out? what can i do to fix this? thanks guys i appreciate any ideas or solutions
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    Check to see if something has fell down in the cig. lighter holder like a coin or something. This will cause the climate control to not work and the fuse to blow. Check that first...
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    Hi and welcome to the Lexus Owners Club I am wondering if the AC unit is faulty. How many times has the fuse blown and do you have the correct amp fuse plugged in?
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    Actually lexus082 solved the problem for me. My gf is the primary driver of the car and she took out the cigarette lighter since she didn’t want anybody smoking in the car and she never covered it. There was a penny in the lighter that blew the fuse. We didn’t know about it because we didn’t use the cigarette lighter and I was unaware until lexus082 told me that the fuse also was for the environmental control unit. Removing the penny and changing the fuse solved the problem. Once again thank you for your help and hopefully some day I will be able to help someone else the way you have helped me.
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    There is an under the hood fuse that is 100 amp and also has control over that area of the car.
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