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    Mine went out at around 250k miles. It didn't throw the code yet but I heard clanking noise in one of them so I replace both with Bosal converters. Both still work fine after 50k miles. I could have lived with it but the noise bothered me.
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    I am now at 249k miles on my fantastic RX400h. One of the issues that shows at that mileage are the cooling fans on the radiator failing mechanically. The motor shafts were actually wobbling. Those motors are quite expensive at $200 apiece, total of over $400 for motors. On the other Lexus site a gentleman came up with TYC radiator cooling fan assembly that had motors that could be take off a Toyota Highlander Hybrid 2008 that fit our different shroud assembly. I did this last night and it was a direct fit, including the plugs and harness. Just remove assembly and take fan blades off and remove motors. Here is the final good news, the whole Highlander assembly cost $139 at your favorite site ie Amazon or Rockauto. The shroud from the highlander will not work in our cars as it does not have the expansion tank. You use only the motors and our old fan blades. Top of the morning to everyone.
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    It is Feb.2020 I have been on list a year in April did you get yours fixed??
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    No, it's available to whoever owns the car.
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    Sorry you didn't figure the issue out but I still believe all instances of this (in any car) can be traced to the driver. "No production car's engines can overcome their braking system." This is an absolute (and the basis of dragster starts for fastest 1/4 mile times)!
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    I’m going to definitely look into that! Thanks for the insight.
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    Replace the solenoid is pretty easy and straight forward, difficult part is to identify which one to replace.
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    Check this thread out. https://www.clublexus.com/forums/ls-1st-and-2nd-gen-1990-2000/910181-ls-400-how-to-replace-transmission-solenoid.html
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    I couldn’t agree with you more that ordering a car the way you want it is always the best way to go. I’ve ordered close to 40 new cars over the years and was always very pleased with the results with the exception of one time they delivered my car with a V6 instead of the V8 that I had ordered. How they screwed that up I couldn’t tell you. I told them I didn’t want the car. That’s when they knew they had a major issue and decided to discount the car dramatically to sell it to me. The horsepower rating between the V6 and the V8 was not much but to me it was the principle of it. Since our current ES350 was on the dealer inventory getting the POE to do the PPF install is no longer possible. So, we will have to find a local installer, unfortunately. I’ll be doing my homework in advance to ensure I get someone with a good reputation. I haven’t driven a C8 Vette yet, but have read and heard a lot of good things about them. The mid-engine design is actually a long time coming in my mind. I’ve had several Corvettes over the years with the last being a 2002 Z06. I scared the heck out of the salesman on the test drive when I hit 130mph as we accelerated onto I-95. He was happy once we returned to the dealership and I told him I would buy it though. I sold it the following year when I ordered a 2003 Mustang Cobra. That was the first year Ford installed a supercharger on the engine from the factory. It was rated at 390/390, but were way underrated. I had mine dyno’d after 500 miles on it and it put down 387 at the rear tires. The sound of that S/C was mesmerizing. It is still one of the only Mustangs that is holding its resale value, especially low mileage unmodified cars, when you can find one. I have no doubt you will love that C8. The performance numbers are incredible for a car with just under 500hp. What you get for the cost of that car is also amazing. I don’t know of any other vehicle that can perform like that for the dollar. GM did their homework and I suspect they will be getting customers from a lot of other brands. Getting in and out of it may prove to be a bit of a challenge, but worth it once you start driving. I tried to register on the ClubLexus site but apparently I am already a member as it would not register me and said the email I provided was already registered. Since I can’t remember the username or password I sent an email to the administrator to see what he could do for me. Thank you again for all your assistance. You have a great weekend !!
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    Several Toyota models (e.g. Highlander, Sienna) used the same brake system that the 2010-2015 Lexus RX used - rotors, pads, everything. I don't remember about the RX but I do remember there being a service campaign that addressed brake disc warping and vibration on the generation 3 Sienna. I have a 2014 Sienna but mine never developed the problems. I did modify components under the vehicle that directed brake cooling airflow per the service bulletin "just in case". I've wondered why I've never had the problems reported by many others especially since my Sienna Limited is heavier than any Highlander or RX and likely stresses the brakes more. One reason might be because I've paid extremely close attention to lug nut torque. Uneven and/or over torquing lug nuts is a known common cause of brake rotor warping. The correct lug nut torque on the RX, Highlander, Sienna and most other vehicles manufactured by Toyota is only 76 ft. lbs. An air wrench should never be used to tighten these lug nuts and they should always be tightened with a manual torque wrench. I've had both Lexus and Toyota dealers tighten lug nuts to over 200 ft. lbs. on too many occasions. One service manager swore that his mechanics never used air wrenches on lug nuts but I then watched as one of his mechanics had to use an air wrench to remove the lug nuts that one of his mechanics had just over-tightened. I've learned to always check lug nut torque with my own torque wrench after someone else messes with my wheels. If I hadn't done that, I wouldn't have been able to change a flat tire on one trip. So ... my 2014 Sienna that has the same brake system as the 2012 RX and is on the original brake rotors and pads front and back at 94,xxx miles. Based on the wear rate, I'll have the original front and rear pads replaced at the same time and the original rotors turned at a little over 110,000 miles when the pads will by then be worn down to the 1 mm minimum specification. Yes, only 1 millimeter of pad thickness is the minimum specification for most Lexus and Toyota vehicles. 1 mm looks scary to the uninformed which is why so many people get scammed into premature brake work. On Lexus vehicles that have electronic brake pad were sensors, the low pad warning in the instrument cluster starts when a brake pad is worn down to about 1.5 mm. My recommendation is to buy a torque wrench if you don't already have one and check and re-torque lug nuts after each time someone removes and re-installs your wheels.
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    IIRC, the warranty extension on this problem was to 10 years from the car's in-service date but I suggest you take your car to a Lexus dealership and confirm. It doesn't, or at least didn't, matter if you aren't the original owner. 10 years past the in-service date is a common period for a warranty extension like this. A similar 10-year extension was recently announced on several expensive components on one of our Toyotas after a class action lawsuit settlement.
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    I suppose you could open the trunk pass through door behind the rear seat armrest. If your LS430 had the Ultra Luxury package with the separate rear HVAC system, that might have been why its trunk temperature was closer to that of the interior.
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    undefined :cries: Help, have 2002 ES300 purchased 1/02 with 27,000 miles. Car is washed weekly & is garaged. The alloy rims are starting to blister. Any one else have same problems?
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    This is the best online tutorial for your car that landar put together. Try to see what you have been missing. 98 1uz-fe Timing Belt And Water Pump Replacement How_to
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    Thank you for your reply. It sounds like that's on my next thing-to-do list.
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    Be very careful since you can potentially trash the engine. It seems like the pistons are contacting the valves. I would make sure that everything is in the correct position before proceeding and I can't be sure without knowing what you did before you removed the belt. Are you using a factory service manual or one of the online tutorials?
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    This job is not difficult theres 4 bolts to remove the seat just be careful with the connectors underneath especially if there is an airbag. Pull the carpet back to gain access to the connector. The most difficult part is getting enough leverage underneath the car to break the sensor loose.
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    Changed the battery and now my dashboard and all electronic out car will not shift into gear but is running. Now it won' even start and run today? Help please single mom of 5 need my car running great. Any ideas?
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    A video clip of what is going on may help. A video is worth a thousand words.
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    New to foruM I’ve been off-roading my 99 Rx300 for some time. I have some mods and some other stuff
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    It is rather simple and not much to worry about . To remove the wheel disconnect the battery for atleast 10 minutes.You will lose all memory radio and time settings. This will discharge the SRS system, it only needs about 1 minute but i would rather wait longer. You will need to remove the side flaps to get to the torx screws at each side. This will loosen the airbag ,after that you have to attach a steering wheel puller to pop off the wheel which is flanged incase the nut falls off. Just disconnect when you are done ,that is it.

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