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    Concerning something (like a pen) falling into the well for the console drink holder door of a Lexus RX 350 which prevents it from opening all the way. First take out the removable cup divider. Then take about a 8” length of some very sticky tape, and cut it so only the very end about 1/4 “ is revealed. Then slide the sticky end down the inside of the door (holding it close to the door in a half-way open position) till it was hitting the bottom of the door well. Then open the door all way until it touches the pen, or ? and the pressure of the door against the tape will cause the pen to stick to the tape. Slowly close the door as you pull up the tape and slowly pull it to the drink holder area. You can also assist the process by putting some very sticky tape on the end of a chopstick (or pencil), and when you see the object, try to make it stick to the tape on the chopstick and begin pulling it into the drink well. It took a bit of patience, but I saved myself a trip to the dealer for an expensive console removal doing this. Good Luck!
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    The general rule is that if a repair or repairs within a short period of time are equal to or greater than 50% of the value of the car, then it may be time to buy a replacement vehicle.
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    guy4rmsky, There are 4 sunroof drain tubes, two up front that exit down the A pillars, and two that run from the rear side channels of the sunroof, and exit down through the C pillar and out between the rear bumper cover and the sheet metal, just back of the rear wheel. If those rear drains are plugged, or the drain hose has come off the tube at the sunroof channel, you'll get water into the back seat area. If the tube has come off, its usually because the plastic tubing has aged and split. Sometimes you can put a long copper tube on the end of a compressor hose, and with the sunroof partially opened, get it back to the rear of the sunroof side channel and blow out the drain tube. The only other way is to pull the weatherstrip from around the rear door, remove the rear seat bottom and back, pop the C pillar moulding off, remove the overhead assist strap, and gently pull down the headliner to get at the end of the drain tube and reattach it or replace it. The only other way for water to get into the back seat area, is through the trunk seal, the tail lights or the rear windshield. Sometimes the shape of the trunk floor will allow water from these areas to flow forward and into the back seat area. You have some detective work on your hands. Good Luck!

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