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  1. yes no torque steer due to the lack of the horsepower....and torque
  2. I am a do it yourselfer, and when I looked under the hood of Corolla and Camry with four cylinder, it was a mechanics dream. That engineer should be given a bonus....
  3. Corolla one of the best economy cars out their....real easy to work on also.
  4. Great input, by the way sell the tires and rims on one of the available sites and recover probably half your cost. I feel the large rimmed wheels really have destroyed ride.
  5. Whoa tough choice, funny picture time was about same time of day judging from shadow on cars...well the winner is Mustang....love that color.
  6. Actually you may have a sludge issue, but start with a new PCV valve, and then you may want to try some AUTO RX engine cleaner. Not sure where to get it, but It may help your engine. I would be very careful, as your engine should not be throwing that much oil...Cleaning your engine at this point is very important. You may want your mechanic to pull front valve cover and see if you have a major sludge issue..good luck.
  7. I suspect bad radiator...by the way the Rock auto Denso radiators are great...at least on my RX400h.... by the way another place the fluid can leak is between the intake manifold and cylinder head. I had this crust by the thermostat housing on the RX300 and it turned out to be a bad intake manifold gasket which also has radiator fluid going thru it.
  8. Great pictures, shops of that type are few and hard to find in this crazy world now. Nice cars.....
  9. Ah Billy, with age comes wisdom....I am not quite as old as you, but what wisdom we pass on helps our future generations...Have a great day.
  10. I await your solution. I googled the OBII not being ready and the state of Nevada says you have to force engine to run by using accessories. Really curious on the O2 sensor test not completing. wondering if its possible that you have a bad O2 sensor? Also maybe the 12volt battery is going bad, or have you replaced it recently. Something is not right, hope you post the solution for the rest of us. My 2008 will be due next year for smog. Seems to me the O2 is not going to work unless the ICE engine is running.
  11. Its possible that maybe just the pump is bad...
  12. I personally hate the taller tires. The sidewalls are to narrow and rim damage is common. The sidewalls have to be stiffened to accommodate the weight, hence crappy ride.
  13. The battery indicator as said above is usually not showing completely charged, unless going down hill. As for the fuel, just as the RX330 and RX300 requires premium, however over the years many have posted that they used regular. The engine is computer controlled and will change timing to account for the regular fuel. On the old RX300 many experienced pre-detonation when putting under heavy load. I would be concerned more about the knock sensors. But quite frankly you will probably be fine.
  14. Did you have lexus replaced the oil line under the recall?
  15. Here is ISC reset....Please note you do not need the scan tool, just make sure the engine is warmed up..... isc reset..pdf
  16. Maybe it needs a ISC reset, not sure if it applies to your Hybrid, but on the RX400h it helps.
  17. Could be the axle shaft seal broke loose. Look under car and see if the fluid is coming from the right side cv axle shaft where the shaft goes into the transmission. Wouldn't suggest driving it that way if it is leaking bad. Other thing it could be is the axle became unclipped in the transmission and is leaking thru that same seal.
  18. ours also has likewise been protected with sunshade and so far no cracks....
  19. I find it interesting, customer loyalty is good when problems happen in the future. I have seen repairs on transmission (RX series) at 1/2 or less price wise for loyal customers. However I have had such bad experience with my local Lexus dealership I wouldn't let them touch my grandkids wagon. Service is given when service is good. I found a ex-Toyota mechanic that is not only honest, but extremely diligent. I have watched his abilities up close and asked him why he left Toyota dealership, and he said he was tired of being forced to make repairs that weren't necessary. In every trade there is good and bad, but to make sure I have had proper service I have performed it myself, however as I get younger, I have found that I don't enjoy it. Hence the local mechanic that I trust. My wife was shocked when I took my truck in for ball joints and control arms.... That being said I have always been on the lookout for lying at the dealerships by service writers etc. I have told many a customer that what the writers just told them is crap. I prefer honest business people and than they deserve my dollar. Lexus is very expensive no matter how you cut it. The local Toyota dealership received my business on my RX400h when it failed and they were honest and much cheaper. Their parts department is superb, giving huge discounts and I shop them for all fluids and parts that I need. $400 for a service is ridiculous expecially when most of the items are fluff. Really!!! checked the bolts on the drive shaft (yea they looked at them with a glance when they dumped the oil). That $400 oil change was about $380 in profit.
  20. No, you have an issue on a older Lexus...first check and see if you have leaks, than possible a bad thermostat. Also check cooling fans to make sure they are working. At that point you may have a clogged radiator. we need more info from you.
  21. may need to lube slide pins on caliper.
  22. Well there is a lot of competition out there, but are all car sales down right now.?
  23. Hard one to troubleshoot without codes. Could be either spark, fuel (eliminated with fuel pump) or possibly the security system disable on the key system.....Maybe observe the security light on dash when it fails to start. Not familiar with SC but maybe somebody else could get in on this.
  24. Have you got the codes for the check engine light.? that would help us with your problem.
  25. while the engine is running watch the compressor, the clutch is the part the fan belt goes around. When the air conditioner cyles the clutch should be turning, when off it sits stationary. If you see a lot of rattling either the clutch is going bad or the bearings are bad that the clutch rides on.