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  1. Isn't that beautiful? Accidents :-(
  2. I'll have to say quality. Of course my car is beautiful and a hoot to drive, but it is nice to know I can always depend on it. She's never let me down.
  3. Oh look at that road!!!! I could sit on that wall and watch forever. There is a place here called Tail of the Dragon. A lot of clubs have runs there but I've never been there. There is also the Blue Ridge parkway but that is more scenic than a fun drive. My favorite is some of the side roads around here in the fall when the leaves are changing and swirling on the road. Just beautiful.
  4. I bought a little sticky mounting pad that holds my radar dectector. Maybe you would like something like this. Holds it like glue. If you look on Amazon, there is one that is specifically for phones.
  5. I always replace floor mats with factory ones. Nothing will fit as well.
  6. Wow...that is strange. I would try some abrasive like Scratch Doctor. That should get it out, but I would wonder what is coming out of there. Is it coming out of the mirror or from around the rubber between the mirror and the body? Try slamming your door a bit after drying it. Maybe that would get most of the water out and you could dry it. I always open both doors when I wash my car because I always wipe down the door jambs. I close the doors a little hard to make sure all the water comes out of the mirrors.
  7. Mine stays in my purse. I don't use my phone while I drive. I stream my music and talk via Bluetooth. Neither one requires me touching my phone. I love my car too much to wreck it.
  8. My guess would be the catalytic converter. I would have it checked out immediately. If it is clogged, it would rob you of HP and gas mileage.
  9. I think IS should stand for Insanely Sexy.
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