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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, I have a long commute and some leg issues that require a fairly upright seating position. I think the RX400h will work great for me because it’s super comfortable and decent on gas. Oh, and I’m on a tight budget. i’m trying to buy a used RX400h. I’d like to get a 2007, 2008 or 2009 model with a clean history and 100k-150k miles. I could buy from dealerships, but I’d rather make a win-win deal with an owner. For example if a person where to take their RX400h to CARMAX or a dealership they might get $2k-5k. I’d be willing to pay a lot more for the same vehicle. If anyone has a vehicle or knows any forums where I could find sellers I would greatly appreciate it. I live in the Washington DC area. -Thanks, Steve.
  2. Hi All, Tought I would show the reliability of these great cars. My RX400h SE-L is still in great shape and still on the same Hybrid battery from new! It's been serviced by Lexus Dealer twice a year for it's entire life so far. Current mileage just about to go up to 250.000 Can any one else add to the list of 200.000 mile RX models?
  3. Hi: New to the forum and hoping to buy an RX400h. To be honest, I wasn't even considering a Lexus because I figured it was beyond our budget and didn't get the mpg that we need. But then I came across some things the other night and was quite surprised by what I found. The units that I've looked at are in the 2006-2008 range and normally at 100k. From what I've been able to read here, it seems that the battery system is probably of greatest concern. Is there a way to test the battery before purchasing -- or is this a crapshoot? Also, what other things would be important to look at? Per our needs: I live in a small rural community. Much of my driving includes trips of 20 miles or less one way, though there are plenty of long rides, as well.. I drive about 35k/year. I need to get at least 25 mpg on hwy. Am I wrong to think that the RX400h would be a good fit? Many thanks, Jim
  4. Hello, I am a relatively new member (signed up a few years ago, but havent been on the board much). I have to replace the radiator in my wifes 07, rx400h. I have replaced radiators in other cars,and wondered if there was anything special or unique about this project in the lexus. If anyone has a link to a procedure which identify and precautions i should take to prevent any damage please provide it. Also a picture of the location of the vent on the engine for ensureing all the air is out is much appreciated...thanks. tito
  5. Okay so... I own a Lexus RX400h and I have noticed that when my A/C is on my car is not as quiet as it used to be. For some reason It was vibrating ONLY when the A/C is on and also made a rattling sound but kind of low. When I turn off the A/C the car goes to normal. My father checked under the hood and he thinks that it is the fan for the air conditioner. I am taking it to the dealer anyway to get it looked at but I would like to know if somebody here already did this service and how much it was. I already did a super complete service a year ago and they replaced a LOT of things. This service was almost $3,000. If I have to spend much more I swear I'll sell this car. -_-
  6. I recently replaced my rear brake pads on my 2006 Lexus RX400h, and when I started the car after the replacement, there was a "Check VSC System" that appeared, with a red "BRAKE" logo, an orange "ABS" logo, and other logos came on too. I'm confused because I did a neat job on the brake pad change, and I'm wondering what's wrong with it. The owners manual says to contact your Lexus dealer, and I'm trying to find out if I can fix this problem myself before I take it to the dealer. The car is alright to drive right now, but I want to also know if it's okay to keep driving with the VCS and logo errors on.
  7. This just randomly started showing up on our Lexus RX 400h. The book says it's something related to the "traction battery status". Is this something I should be concerned about? Thank you in advance for any help you may provide.
  8. Hello Folks, I have a master key in working condition for my 06 Rx400h but I lost a valet key. I have cut a valet key from the dealer & surprised by the hefty charge just for programming the valet. The valet key lights the panel, air conditioner and radio etc fine but it wont start the engine. I see the security light blinking once every sec so it tells me that immobilizer needs to be programmed to accept this key. I have read and exercised some posts about reprogramming with a valid master key. But none have worked. Just wondering if anyone has programmed valet successfully on this vehicle and any help / standard steps how to proceed? Thanks in advance
  9. This is the first year that hybrid vehicles are required to have emission testing done in CA and my RX400h is saying that the I/M is not ready because the o2 sensor monitor self test is incomplete. It has been 5k miles since our 60k mile service and that was the last time that the ECU/OBD system was reset. How can this be possible? The smog check guy was certain we unplugged the batter but that was not the case. I have now driven the car 70 miles since he the test came up incomplete and still the o2 sensor test has not completed. Any suggestions? The only thing I can think of that might have caused this is that the "Maintenance Required Soon" message was showing up every time the car was started because it was time for an oil change. Does resetting this reset the OBD2 system?
  10. new to me 2008 rx400h bought it dirt cheap, got the inverter recall done the other day. gettin a pa006 inf 526 (Hybrid battery volate system isolation fault) looked it up and found tsb's apperently water leaks from the rear tailgate, has anyone open up the battery compartment? ive rebuilt a few prius hybrid batteries at work so im not afraid to stick my hands in there, just wanted to know what to expect before i dig in on the weekend, and also if anyone knows where i can find/buy battery cells and other parts would greatly appreciate the tips,
  11. Hello, i need some help to figure out the following: i recently got a 2005 RX400h and i am beyond happy with it. BUT, i do have a question. approx 30 seconds after startup, 4 beeps go off in 5 second intervalls. what can this mean? the car is smooth, no warninglights or nothing to suspect anything being wrong. thanks thomas
  12. My RX400h (2006) engine sometimes give an extra "push" when slowing down. It feels like the gearbox gears down and gets more "powerful" around 25-20mph. It is not dramatic and I am now used to it, but my wife how drives only 1-2 times per month does not like it, as it feels like the car accelerates on own initiative for a second or two. Anyone got similar experiences? Tips on what to do?
  13. Wendy1519

    Wet Front Carpets

    I have a 2008 RX400h interior, including the carpets was cleaned 3 weeks ago. The front floor carpets are still not dry and there seems to be a never ending pool of water both on the driver and passenger side. I've taken it back several times to the detailer who sucks it out, only to have it reappear when pressure is put on the carpet. Mold appears to be growing and they smell. All other carpeting in the car is fine. Has anyone had this experience and how did you resolve it? Thanks - Wendy
  14. Hi, I have a strange issue with the combustion engine on my RX400H. At approx 50mph (80km/hr) the combustion engine suddenly stops running for 1 second and then fires up immediately. If I check the power gauge I see the needle drop and then immediately jumps back to 'normal'. If I lower or raise the throttle (so away from the 50mph) the issue disappears. Any ideas? Regards, Paul.
  15. Hey everyone. So today I left my car to grab something and when I was back, the system was shutdown and I couldn't start the engine at all. Then I boosted the battery using another car's battery with wires. I had left my car's FM tuner on and it was playing and the lights were on too. Now I wonder if its normal in RX400hs or not? If not, how long can battery keep FM tuner and lights on so I don't have to worry about it?? If its a battery issue, which battery do you suggest me to get and from where? Thanks!
  16. Hey everyone! I left one of my windows down today. I went out and put the key in and turned it to "on", reached over and picked something up, and got out of the car. I went out there 3 hours later, and I nearly had a stroke. I tried turning it on and tried locking it. Nothing happened. My battery is dead (obviously not the hybrid battery). I just need to know exactly what to do from here. Do I just go and buy a new battery? What kind do I get? How do I put it in? Do I have to reset anything? Thank you so much for your help!