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  1. Maybe put a floor jack under strut and raise it up and down see if it changes.
  2. Appears your upper strut mount is not right. Are the struts on right side of car.? I seem to remember that AWD and FWD have different strut numbers.
  3. Just Feedback, the cooling fans are working great since replacement, no issues
  4. We have 263k miles, Everything working fine. Had to replace front Control Arms for broken bushings. Other than that everything routine maintenance. I do now have a oil leak from rear valve cover (sucks) I have to remove intake manifold to get to it.. Best auto I have ever owned in over 50 years. On original hybrid batteries. I have provided all maintenance since purchase.
  5. I have replaced the bearings on the front hubs, I just ordered from Rockauto for the rear hubs with bearings.
  6. I am not sure about that starter, but the Denso starter in other Lexus models have a rotating contact in the relay mounted on starter. They get burned. when it starts sometime, and not other times the contact is moving to a better spot. This relay (which is mounted on the starter) can be repaired with a Denso starter relay contact kit. The only issue on your car is that it is buried under the intake on back of engine. The kit cost less than $20.
  7. Yes I know, but family, downsizing house, and not looking forward to job interfered till I could get plugs changed. Runs fantastic now. Control Arms next, this will be second set.
  8. update, now at 249k miles. Just changed the rear three spark plugs, yup they were original. also replaced coil on those cylinders as you have to remove intake manifold to replace the plugs. two days ago replaced the radiator cooling fans with a TYC fan assembly saving big bucks. Other than car needing new lower control arms it runs great.
  9. I am now at 249k miles on my fantastic RX400h. One of the issues that shows at that mileage are the cooling fans on the radiator failing mechanically. The motor shafts were actually wobbling. Those motors are quite expensive at $200 apiece, total of over $400 for motors. On the other Lexus site a gentleman came up with TYC radiator cooling fan assembly that had motors that could be take off a Toyota Highlander Hybrid 2008 that fit our different shroud assembly. I did this last night and it was a direct fit, including the plugs and harness. Just remove assembly and take fan blades off and remove motors. Here is the final good news, the whole Highlander assembly cost $139 at your favorite site ie Amazon or Rockauto. The shroud from the highlander will not work in our cars as it does not have the expansion tank. You use only the motors and our old fan blades. Top of the morning to everyone.
  10. Well, records are important. I bought my RX400h hybrid in 2010 with 80k miles. It has been the best automobile I have ever owned. We now have 248k miles and other than normal maintenance and one hybrid cooling pump failure early on it has been spectacular. Cant help you on 450H, but I hated the joy stick on early models....
  11. First welcome aboard, who did the timing belt.? Maybe it was not done properly.
  12. Could be defective tire. Have you rotated tires to see if there is a change?
  13. You may have a bad wheel bearing, can you hear a rumble or whining noise when driving.?
  14. Funny all of the folks here are going to Idaho, and you are heading south. I have lots of old co workers that moved to Arizona, it has worked for them....
  15. Man just plain bad luck. I would have jumped on a RX330 or even a highlander. But quite frankly for a college student any Camry or even a Prius would have been my choice. The Four cylinder Camry is one of the best designs I have ever seen. Everything, is easy to work on and parts are cheap.
  16. At 30k miles I don't feel this is necessary. Look at your maintenance book and see what is required. I am sure those are probably not required.
  17. So far no issues, but at this mileage the vehicle is pretty much not work much even though it is in excellent condition. I figure drive it till it dies, if the battery goes I would consider replacing with aftermarket repairer with warranty. No car payment is king. Thank you for your service, I am a 8 year Navy Veteran.
  18. Yes 237k miles is crazy, and I am not happy about it. Iridium plugs are the best I have ever seen in my life. I started this journey on cars back in 1965 and remember plugs only lasting 10k miles. With unleaded gas and alloys like iridium there is no end.
  19. The plugs were due at 120k miles, But if you want to know, I have 237k miles on my original plugs, I have planned to replace them for about a year, but family things have stopped me. I have the plugs and the procedure sucks as you have to remove the intake manifold to get the rear plugs. I would like the newer features of collision avoidance, etc. As for smart key, I could take it or leave it. funny I had to make a 300 mile emergency trip yesterday, and man I still love this car, I find it the best car I have ever owned and I have had British cars, german cars, Hondas, Fords, Chevrolets, Toyotas, and an RX300. The Rx400h is a beautiful, powerful, and long distance favorite. Good luck in your quest. Also in my state, keeping the old one going is cheaper registration, wise and not having a car payment is king.
  20. First welcome aboard, do you have any codes or check engine light? If so the knock sensors will cause the engine to run in limp mode. They have to be repaired. Tech cleaner will not fix your problem.
  21. Oh man, you are going to miss that car, everyone that had one likes it better than the newer ones....
  22. Usually the mileage difference is about 1 mpg. AWD will give the car much more stability in wet roads. Welcome aboard, so are you thinking of getting rid of your RX400h?
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