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  1. Our 2015 NX had developed haze in the outer edges of the GPS screen. Please see images attached. No idea how it happened but we’re hoping someone has figured out a way to clear it.
  2. Thank you for the advice. I went through the exercise of removing the servos, cleaning and lubricating. I could have saved myself time and effort if I had first checked if they were performing as designed (which they were). Took the car to a shop. They diagnosed and advised me it was low on Freon (0.5 lb), vacuum tested, replaced 2 valves and refilled gas to 1.3 lb with PAG Oil w/Fluorescent Dye. They could not find the leak. It is cooling very well.
  3. On my 1999 RX300 AC, the 2 passenger side vents are delivering warmer air compared to the 2 vents on the driver side and 2 vents in the middle for the rear seats which provide cold air. Something is wrong with the airflow duct and control systems. Performed AC diagnostics but there is no error code. Can someone please point me to any documentation where I can find and trace the duct work?
  4. Thank you for your sane advice. I'll let the dealer handle the repairs if I trade it in. If I sell directly to another consumer then I'll at least fix the brakes and replace the front tires understanding that I'll not recover the costs. I don't want to sell it to another person without fixing known safety issues.
  5. Thank you. I listed 90K mile maintenance since I understand it is a major maintenance (which had not been performed). The car, now with 105K miles, will be sold and replaced with a newer model however we'd like to take care of maintenance necessary for safety and transfer the car in a reasonable shape. The Lexus dealership and a Toyota dealership have provided the following estimates: Front brakes including rotors - $625 (Brakes are worn out) /Toyota:$525 Replace Front tires: $375 (Tires are worn out) Front wheel alignment - $159.88 /Toyota:$89.95 Brake fluid flush/refill: $159.88 /Toyota:$139.95 Transmission fluid replacement: $293.88 (They said we should have it done if it was not done at 60K miles) /Toyota:$189.95 Engine coolant flush & replacement: $109.88 /Toyota:$159.95 Differential oil replacement: $99.88 /Toyota:$99.95 Power Steering fluid replacement: $129.88 /Toyota:$139.95 Spark Plugs replacement: $480.88 (They said we should have it done if it was not done at 60K miles) /Toyota:$510 Of course, we'll have oil and filter replaced. We'll also replace air filter and the cabin AC filter. We are told this car has a timing chain and not a belt so no replacement is required. How often should these fluids and spark plugs be replaced? Any words of advice are appreciated.
  6. My understanding of breaking-in a new car used to be keeping the engine below 3K RPM during the first couple of thousand miles. Am I to take this response as humor for a newbie?
  7. I've searched for recommended maintenance on a 2007 IS250 with 90K miles. Lexus shows only the following replacements: Replace engine oil and oil filter Rotate tires (Applies to models with the same size front and rear tires and wheels.) Replace air conditioner filter Replace brake fluid Replace engine air filter Some posts additionally suggest Replace Timing Belt Rotate Water Pump Replace Power Steering Fluid Replace Transmission fluid Replace Radiator Fluid Replace Differential Fluid I'm wondering which of the services I should plan for. Any links to better information is appreciated.
  8. I foolishly damaged one of my wheel locks by turning it in the opposite direction (tightening rather than loosening). Is there an alternate source for full set of lock nuts other than Lexus?
  9. Thank you both. It took a couple of hours and it was worth it.
  10. Need to do brakes and replace tires on 07 IS250 with 103K miles. There is great information available on these forums with pictures and videos on how to do it. I'm interested in recommendations for buying rotors and pads i.e. preferred brands and sources to buy from. Also are there any tires that are as good but less expensive than the OEM tires on this car? Thank you.
  11. My 99 RX300 has been giving trouble starting even with full battery (and jump start). It just makes clicking sounds which leads me to suspect it is the solenoid contacts. This may be unusual in a one owner car that has only 70,000 miles on it so far but it has been happening occasionally for the past 5 years. I thought it was weak battery and had it replaced under warranty. The new one worked for 4-1/2 years with rare instances of starting difficulty but it has gotten much worse during this past week so I'm ready to take the next step. (My second car, a 2006 IS250 was rear ended and then totalled by insurance this past week so I need a reliable car until I buy a replacement.) The nearest Lexus dealer is about 40 miles away so I'm thinking I may be able to get the parts to rebuild the starter solenoid form the local Toyota dealership. Please point me to a source to find the Denso (or Toyota) part numbers. Thank you.
  12. Sorry. I should have mentioned that I tried the 6mm screws mentioned above but they did not seem to even catch the threads which means I either need a longer screw or size larger than 6mm.
  13. We just moved to California and need to install the front plate on our 1999 RX300. We have the mounting bracket and there are two holes in the front bumber where it was previously installed. What size screws should we buy for installing this mount and plate?
  14. The Check Engine Light is on for my 2007 IS-250 with 73,000 miles. The dealership says "bank 2 sensor 1, air fuel ratio sensor has an open circuit which is causing the computer to run it rich". Are the sensors are mostly the same between various models of Toyota and Lexus? I posted this on IS250 forum but haven't had any response so I thought I would try the general forum. My aplogies for cross posting.
  15. The Check Engine Light is on for my 2007 IS-250 with 73,000 miles. The dealership says "the bank 2 sensor 1 air fuel ratio sensor has an open circuit which is causing the computer to run it rich". I have been helped before by the many experienced and knowledgeable people on these forums and hope I will again receive the needed guidance. I need the OEM part number for this sensor and any pictures showing its location so I can replace it or have it replaced at a reasonably priced shop in the San Francisco Bay area. Thank you in advance.
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