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  1. Sounds like deterioration of the condenser coil. There was a recall on the RX models, not sure about the ES found this http://www.aboutautomobile.com/TSB/2007/Lexus/ES+350/Air+Conditioner
  2. The general strut of choice are KYB's however they are too stiff for some.? They are supposed to be like the Original equipment ones, I have used them on the RX300 and found they ride great. Others have used Monroe and been happy. The Monroe's are cheaper cost wise.
  3. Could be many things, but worn engine mounts, front and back and dogbone torque mount on top of engine. However the engine may be struggling to start. Try a fresh oil change.
  4. Like really? Every car has maintenance nightmares. Except a four cylinder Camry (best design for a mechanic that I have every seen in 50 years.)...The LS 400 as said in one of the most reliable, best engineered cars out there. Hey there are cars that to get the rear three plugs out you have to drop the engine. For $500 you were blessed with one of the finest rides created in its era...and a decade later.
  5. Way over priced, I would get the brake job, brake fluid flush should be part of the brake job. Transmission fluid changed, coolant, differential, power steering fluid, Oil & filter, Spark plugs at 120k miles. And then look for an independent garage specializing in Toyota products for cheaper.
  6. If you go to mylexus.com and join and put your vin number in there are maintenance manuals listed. Also you can create your own service history on this site.
  7. USMC Girl, Sorry to hear of your plight, God Bless you for your service, and I will pray for you. Unfortunately owning the first year of model year vehicles comes with lots of unknowns. We on the Lexus sites have shown the problems over the years. I too was very discourage about my Transmission failure. As for repairing it, I would suggest taking it to a independent garage (transmission shop) after doing your best search with the internet and BBS in your locality. The price would probably be much cheaper and possibly provide you with the repair necessary. I too am a veteran and only wish you the best of luck....Keep us posted though many that only post one time never return. I hope family or friends come to your aid. One thing don't consider that reward for your disability a thank you from this nation, you were promised that support in your effort to support our nation and constitution. It was supposed to be a benefit that unfortunately you needed. Many in our society think the government is giving us a kiss, but you gave part of you, and accept my salute to you. You deserve much more than the silly $5100.
  8. trade it in for an RX450/RX400h....they are hot rods.....
  9. Sad, my wife wants the extra seats for our Grandchildren....Lots of use I am sure have grandbabies....She has always complained about this, and looked at Accura because of this lack of the third seat. Also when she goes out with the girls they end up in the Accura.
  10. I too like dressing up or down, but mostly down as when I retired I just don't care about the image I portray to folks, My up bringing is you don't judge and treat everyone well. Also if you dress down you aren't a target for rif raf in our society, I mean who wants to rob somebody that looks like they have less then them. You just have to sneak up on your car when going to the parking lot. Love the RX400h, it is a true road car and a real sleeper....Funny how electric motors give such on demand torque. Hey wore suit and tie for 32 years, been there, done with it. Would love to have one of my old British cars to play with, but I know that is probably not going to happen....so for now its a Ford F150 with camper shell, and as red neck as I can look. Who would ever know the holes in my jeans are a fashion statement and I didn't have to buy them that way. just my 2 cents.
  11. Please remember that the 2006 has a belt, not chain. The belt is absolutely well made and many have stretched to 200k on them. But like any rubber component, age and fatigue will eventually cause the potential for failure. I personally would not want that to happen. So changing it is just part of the routine maintenance. Hey 150k change, that would be my max. There are alternatives to the dealer for this service, and most of these cars are paid for by that time. so look at it like it was a car payment or two....just my two cents. For us that do most of our own maintenance we save thousands, but I will tell you I changed the belt on my car, but told my wife, next time it goes to dealership, I just don't have the patience like I once had.
  12. Hey best of luck, I too own an RX400h and love the car, (169k miles). I am hoping to stretch it to 250k miles. Good luck in your search, you might look at a Highlander hybrid with low mileage.
  13. Enjoy the car, but absolutely do not do a Transmission flush, drain and fill only. Great vehicle, miss my old one. Also use only Synthetic oil, this engine had sludge issues. Other than that enjoy your ride.
  14. generally will have 50ma of draw all of the time.
  15. Watch it Paul, your computer will get flooded with !Removed!....
  16. I used Mobil 1 full synthetic in my RX300 and it performed very well. I totally am against flush, however a fluid exchange is OK (this procedure allows the tranny pump to move the fluid thru the drain and fill process.) Other method is as above make a drain and fill with a cleaning of magnets and filter, repeat three times with the last two times just a drain and fill.
  17. The plugs are good for 120k miles minimum, as for the Transmission the lifetime thing is garbage, lifetime till it fails. By the way do not suggest the Fram filters. You can get either WIX or Toyota filters which are generally good filters.
  18. Ok, I will give a few days for verification, but I checked the battery last night and found two cells at below 75% charge rate. Voltage was at 11.8 Volts, and under examination one cell was not holding a charge at all. Went to Costco and bought new battery, took it home and installed. Voltage was at 12.5volts. Even after running to Costco the old battery had actually measured worse at 10.9 volts. I am crossing my fingers that was the problem. The car came to Ready immediately without a requiring a second try on the ignition switch this morning.
  19. Ok just recently when the key is turned to the start position the Ready lamp does not come on, just all of the warning lamps. When you hit the start position one more time then the Ready lamp comes on. Could this be a ignition switch issue? Has anybody else had this issue? And can just the switch be replaced, not the whole lock assembly.? Note this is a Hybrid 2008 400h with 166k miles. My thoughts are either the ignition switch is intermittent or the ignition start relay....
  20. The alignment was totally uncalled for. Typical stealership paying for their boat payment.
  21. I would contact Corporate Lexus and show that you had all service at the dealership and ask why your transmission was serviced or not serviced properly. This should be on their dime. You trusted the dealer to do the right thing and they failed.
  22. Have you checked the output voltage on alternator? There is also probably a 12volt regulator on the instrument panel, but not sure. Sounds like a voltage problem or ground issue. Check all ground connections in engine compartment.
  23. Probably needs a Idle air control valve cleaning on the intake....others will chime in I am sure.
  24. Maybe you should file a claim about failure to pass smog because of software issues with your local state Air Resources board.