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  1. I have always had good luck with Lexus and my dealer. However. this problem has been a nightmare going back into the 2006 models. If you look for the search feature located at the top right of the page. There have been repeated occurrences of this nonsense in other manufacturers as well. I wonder if Lexus gave in and pays for one of these they fear they'll be swamped with more complaints. Will your insurance company take on Lexus to protect their exposure to further claims? Someday, someone in the car will be hurt by flying glass. Maybe Japan will wake up. Paul
  2. I really don.t know anything about it. But like the other on-line outfits I would never buy a car I can't drive free for a couple of days, and talk to the previous owner if possible. See the Lexus service records stored by any Lexus dealer. Try a local dealer and consider a Pre Certified pre owned Lexus. You can usually get a good warranty without cost. Paul
  3. Steady mates!!! LOL Sometimes when I try to be cute I end up being not as cute as my mother thought I was. Jim I can't believe we are both still able to sit up and take nourishment. Glad to know your still there in the big city. The introduction of the Baleen Whale mouth look for the front of several Lexus models was a major shock for almost the entire car world. When we chose the 2016 RX, enough time had past for me to compare it to other new car makes. Over the last Christmas season advertisement video campaign Lexus showed a much better perspective that the pictures used for internet. I especially picked up on the aggressive appearance, and a more contemporary styling and in my brain, the sharp angles on the side and rear are a good improvement. I think this new front finally gets us out of the ditch where we have always been called the old man look, Buick "excitement" looks, and a very difficult time making any kind of a real break into 30 & 40's age driver. I'm anxious to see the first and second quarter sales for 2019. Walter, if you want expert help on Lexus and electronics you won't find anyone better than Jim. He and I have been here a long time and have made many friends. My health has slowed me down but I try to check-in regularly. Paul
  4. Hi Roy, I'm not sure but if I understand your question the HomeLink feature which works with the button on the rear view mirror, will not work with your handheld device. On my 2016 there are to things that you can miss. Check for the "Learn" button on the garage door drive. Also, check to see if your particular drive is new enough to work with HomeLink. Paul
  5. Wow Walter! Youv've posted two post so far and you've already insulted other members. One of which is me....2016 RX 350. Paul
  6. Looks like it's designed just for you and Mongolia!! Paul
  7. Is there a separate fuse for the crossover network? Paul
  8. pj8708

    Hi all...

    Welcome! You have my envy for the LC. Paul
  9. The alarm light should go off when the door is closed and the key goes in. That is kinda of like your password. Sorry and I feel your pain but I don't know what else to suggest. Paul
  10. Hi Kay33, Sorry about your problem. In the past I've had problems with key and column locking up. Messing with the brake pedal while trying hard to rock the sterring wheel back and forth Us ualy worked. Here are some "might help" thoughts. The ignition switch may be broken or unaligned. Have you checked all the fuses... also,.the one for the theft deter-ant system should be checked. As you know, the brake pedal must be depressed when turning the key. Also the connection between the brake pedal and the lock out feature maybe bad or have a bad connection. Good luck, Paul
  11. Thanks Lenore!! I hope Santa is good to you and yours. Will you see a new Lexus in your garage? Merry Christmas to all! Paul
  12. Hi Trevor, I read a comment on another site the other day.The writer remarked that the Lexus is not a real luxury car sense it doesn't have the heritage the Mercedes has. I guess that means your car would have had to have been driven by Adolph Hitler!! LOL Paul
  13. https://lexusenthusiast.com/2018/10/25/lexus-named-most-reliable-brand-in-annual-co Consumer Reports says no to MB and BMW!!! Paul
  14. Hi Mark, I'm sorry no one has given you a reply. The navigation system back then was a lot less user friendly than now and there may not be anyone out there with a lot of tech info. In the 2007 era nav. was a reasonably new product and Lexus never intended it to be reparable by the owner. Like the Mark Levinson stereo system, it to is a plug-in fix and not intended to be owner repaired. Given all this, your best option might be to buy a nav. software disc and try to reload the base brains. Lexus dealers had and may still have the disc for updating the guidance information. They may have the program software but I don't know for sure. You may find help on e-bay. There is frequently Lexus products available. I know this isn't much help but it is the only info. I have. You may find some information on our data library. Do a search using several different search strings. Best of luck, Paul