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  1. I sold my 2006 RX400H to my best friend and she asked me to check the fuses for the power rear windows. They do not go down or up with the driver's door switches. I checked both fuses, and they were fine. Checked the lock button on the driver's door next to the switches and it was "off". Then I tried all four windows with the driver's door switches and both front windows go down and up; and neither rear window went down or up. Then, I climbed into the rear seat, had my friend sit in the driver's seat, start the car; and I activated each rear seat window in turn - and both work just fine w
  2. Absolutely. I'll be helping my lady friend out as much as I can, at least until I retire next August and move out of state. She's been making noises like, "I don't know what I'm going to do without you". She even cried the other day. Trying to convince her to come along, and she might eventually. She's past retirement age, but is very involved in her work, (middle school English teacher). If she comes, she'll be bringing the RX with her. Her main car is a '06 Prius and it has never had battery issues either. I think in the beginning, we were all just scared, especially when we got a qu
  3. Thanks guys. I did love that car. All is not lost however. My lady friend really wanted to buy it, so I let her have it for a quite attractive price. I went back and forth on letting her have it, but decided that she's a 'big girl' and she knows the car, and all it faults. She's not getting an unknown. We'll keep an eye on the coolant level until she can get a good price on a used inverter. The Toyota dealer in Coeur d'Alene wanted just shy of $4,000 to install an inverter out of a doner car that had 70,000 miles on it. lenore, with mine at 200,000 miles and only needing the inverter a
  4. Subject vehicle: 2006 RX400h AWD with a smidge under 200,000 miles. Last month, the incorrect service was performed on my RX. Instead of doing the 90,000 miles service, (which includes the replacement of the timing chain), the dealer performed the 120,000 miles service. So, the timing chain was replaces at around the 90,000 mile mark and not since. I've heard conflicting information. On one hand, it is part of the normal 90,000 mile service. On the other hand, I've been told that it is a preventative measure and the chains really don't ware out. Thinking that, you can replace all types
  5. Just had to replace the radiator on my '60 RX last month. Also leaking on the right side, (passenger side). 200,000 miles on the car.
  6. I purchased my 2006 AWD RX400h about six years ago from the dealership. It was a lease return with 60,000 miles and came with the 100,000 mile certified warranty. I did have to use that warranty for several items, most expensive was the replacement of the Mark Levinson audio system. That car has served me well. Up until recently, not a lick of problems. I took it 'everywhere'. Multiple trips to the northern Rocky Mountains. Got stuck on a steep snow-covered slope, (was able to drive out with a 'head start'). Went 'off road' while doing field work with my students in my mapping class.
  7. What is the length of the CA warranty? Looks like my '06 AWD RX hybrid has the leak. It has a whisker under 200K miles. The cost of repair and amount of miles pretty much makes the car worthless.
  8. Long post. Summary - coolent leak at transmission - was told the only way to fix was to replace transmission. - - - - - I've had my 2006 RX400H for a few years. Purchased it as a Certified Pre-owned car from the local Lexus dealer at just shy of 60,000 miles on the clock. I understand that it was a lease return. Now, several years later, the car has just under 155,000 miles and has been relatively trouble free. Other than routine mainainence, just recall stuff has been done on the car. Up to several months ago, I had my Mercedes mechanic perform that routine maintenance, but he has sin
  9. Can't answer your specific question, B5Bill. My '06 AWD hybrid now has about 155,000 miles on the odometer and is running just fine. No problems at all. Well, I'm going to have to tighten the driver's side sun visor for the second time. That's anoying. Otherwise, nothing. I've been getting, (usually), between 24 and 25 miles per gallon with regular grade fuel. Most of my driving is over the mountain from the desert where I live into the Los Angeles basin for work. I'd be happy if a set of tires lasted me 40,000 miles, but I guess that's the price I have to pay for driving a heavy vehic
  10. A search didn't show a thread about my problem. This past Saturday, I descended a nine-mile road on my bicycle in 55-60 degree temperature. No suprise that I was quite chilled afterward and after loading up the bike onto my 2006 RX400H, I headed home and cranked the heat to "MAX HOT". Good! Nice and toasty to warm me up. So much so that after a few minutes, I reduced the temperature "one click", and the heat went way, way down. Not incremental as it used to do. Then I remembered earlier in the day that the "MAX COOL" really wasn't all that cold. It was only in the low 90s outside, and
  11. To the OP. Wow! To each his own. I'm glad you enjoy your new 450. On my last warranty service, just before it expired, the dealership gave me a '13 RX450H to use for the day, and I thought it was absolutely horrible and couldn't wait to get my '06 RX400H back. I just didn't like it at all and decided that day to drive mine into the ground. By then, I'll probably be too old to drive and they will take my license away.
  12. Realizing that this is an older thread, I want to give my thoughts as other people will probably stumble upon it. I purchased my '06 RX400H as a certified used car from the dealership. It was a lease return with about 55,000 miles on it. I've had it for about three years now, maybe four. It is at somewhere around 125,000 miles on the clock. Most discrepancies were handled under warranty. The audio system was replaced because it would not eject a disc. Other little things here and there - nothing major. A bunch of recalls. I don't know what the '06 inverter problem is, or if it is fixe
  13. Just wanted to give an update on switching from Costco premium to Costco regular grade gasoline. (In California, there are only two grades of gas available at Costco). For the past month, I've been running regular exclusively, (about five or six tanks full). Fuel consumption appears to be the same, or slightly higher. Available power if fine, but again, I don't "hot foot" it at all. About the only difference I can sense is that there seems to be a slight bit more compression. My commute goes over the mountains and I use "B" on the downhills so that I don't need to use the brakes as often
  14. UPDATE. We don't seem to be able to edit tread titles. Anyway ... I took the car into my Mercedes mechanic for a routine oil/filter change this morning and asked him to install the new light bulbs that I purchased while on the trip to Montana at the beginning of this month. I gave his helper the background info, that I checked the fuses, but wished him to double check. Told him about the relays and gave him the printouts that maseace linked to in reply #15 and also ordered/received the owner's manual that was linked to by maseace in reply #12. More on the manual in a moment. The lights
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