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  1. You may have a bad AC pump clutch. The clutch can fail.
  2. I would go elsewhere and get a good used engine installed for cheaper and continue the ride.
  3. Seized? doubt it unless the valve broke off and fell in. keep us posted, however another source of engine would probably be a lot cheaper.
  4. completely disagree with use of silicone, it becomes sticky and gummy. Graphite is what I have been using for years, not a lot just a little. It by itself will not gum up unless mixed with other lubricants. Locksmiths that I have talked with use Graphite.
  5. One other tip on the key thing, is buy some graphite powder and spray it on the key and insert in the cylinder. This will lubricate the lock cylinder and keep the tumbers working well.
  6. Paul, was it flagged as Spam, I saw some interesting questions, I too have Android, and it seems Lexus caters to Apple. Just wondering?
  7. Just went to car event in Chino Hills a couple of weeks ago...was a blast seeing the new and old racers....It was a Bullit function for a charity that Steve McQeen supported. His many cars were there and lots of others.
  8. The part is around $109 total, and installation I am not sure but typically easy. I found this on Carson Toyota site that also sells Lexus parts. Called a VVti timing solenoid. There is generally also a little screen that needs cleaning also.
  9. Too bad the original poster doesn't respond. I hate when they post for 1st time and drop out of existence.
  10. I would dump the vehicle unless it is under warranty. $7k for inverter is way too big a repair.
  11. However if you read their maintenance book carefully there are clauses that state severe duty over rides the lifetime maintenance schedules. And one of those is extreme climate (we have very hot summers here) and stop and go commutes which we also experience. You have to remember that the oil industry like military standards require more stringent standards for parts. They are expected to go at least 150% of normal, whereas a car manufacturer wants their products to decline for sales, and they also engineer quite well, but the bean counters get in there and try to cut cost by using cheaper parts which generally equate to higher failures.
  12. Yup pretty much sums it up, That highlander is a great vehicle....
  13. The RX400h all wheel drive has a rear motor/generator/gearbox as well as the front drive assembly.... If you have a Front wheel drive only RX400h there is only one gearbox/transmission. See the pictures at the beginning of this thread, it shows both front and rear gear/transmission. The correct hybrid name is that the front has a CVT drive gearbox. The rear is a motor/generator/gearbox. Yes those are the correct fluid amounts with a All Wheel Drive RX400h.
  14. One final note: if none of this resolves use Call Kurtis on Channel 13. I am sure they would be interested in possibly helping.
  15. I hope you had in writing the wheel promise. If so I would call Lexus Corporate and start a case. I personally am on my second Lexus, first being bought at Lexus of Sacramento in November of 1998. The customer service then was excellent, as this was the first dealership in the Sacramento area. I would contact the General Manager and owner again and with cooler heads and being polite try to work out the original promise. If that doesn't work then contact Lexus Corporate. If all else fails, then file a small claims decision in Sacramento for the wheels. I want to warn you that Roseville Lexus is not any better. Their service department was terrible, and I found the service department in Sacramento Lexus better, however I have had excellent service at Roseville Toyota. I currently own an RX400h which I did not buy from Lexus of Sacramento, because unlike my first experience years ago, they gave me the run a around with negotiations. So CarMax became my dealership of choice. Funny how business forgets how a bad experience can really hurt future sales and service. But getting angry is useless, and I would suggest not doing so. Talk calmly and with respect, but be firm. I too do not expect poor customer service, but have found that getting angry in front of the opposition is worthless.
  16. I personally consider that lifetime on a Toyota product is around 500k miles. As for your theory would probably be great if the car ran 30mph constantly, but the stop and go creates gear lash etc. It also depends on the specs on the equipment, as some is specked to fail earlier (cheaper) and other products can run for a very long time do to the specs on the metals, tolerances, etc. Cars do not live in an ideal environment, and consequently will have failure do to outside environments. Pot holes, rough roads, dirty conditions, slow and stop and go situations (commutes) all contribute to wear and tear. I can guarantee cars are generally not made to last forever, yes they are better than yesteryear, but still have issues with these conditions. I know of some old Mercedes engines that have gone 500k to 1 million miles with very few failures, but those generally were diesels.
  17. As far as I know they do not have filter, but have never seen a breakdown in the hybrid system. Many Honda cars also do not have a filter. So that is why I find changing the fluid beneficial. The power steering is electric, no fluid involved.
  18. Have you looked under the trunk floor. I wonder if it is full of water....
  19. ah you may be on to something, maybe the heater water control valve is leaking or a hose connection....
  20. The drain itself comes out on the firewall between the engine and firewall on the passenger side of vehicle. you would have to look from under the car. It is usually a little black rubber hose.
  21. try pure 100% silicone....when dried it will hold it.
  22. I love the RX, but a newer vehicle is a plus. Check insurance rates difference on the two vehicles...That might make the difference on whether the $1000 repair is a good investment.
  23. Thank you to the families that suffered the sacrifices of their loved ones thru the various combat wars. They are the true patriots of our nation. God Bless America.
  24. There is also one other product that can be found online, some on this site and other lexus site have found Auto-RX helpful in cleaning engine.