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  1. Thank you again. That was my impression, but I think the owners manual has service at 90,000 for a belt???
  2. Thank you...that's what I was hoping. My friend has a Mercedes and before you remove the calipers you need to discount a fuse to an electric actuator so the calipers won't close on your fingers as you are taking them off. As far as you know nothing like that on this car??
  3. I'm getting conflicting answers on this. Does an '08 GS 350 AWD have a timing belt or a timing chain?
  4. Hi- I wanted to check back, has anyone done a brake job on an '08 GS 350 AWD?? Thxs
  5. Has anyone done a brake job on a '08 GS 350 AWD?? Any guidance would be appreciated
  6. When I start to unscrew the door switch to remove it the light turns on. But when I close the door and re-open it after all the interior lights go out, the light doesn't come back on when I open the drivers passenger door. Is it the switch or something else any??
  7. I recently replacement my battery in my RX 400H. I was able to re-set the windows switches from the driver side. The only problem I see at the moment is that when I open the driver-side passenger door the interior light does not come on. All other doors work. Has anyone run into this problem and been able to fix it? Any suggestions would be great. Are there any other things I should be looking out since the battery change that I might be missing??
  8. Jim-- I took a look another look where you are saying...not sure I see any of that...I would love to help you out...if you can send a far as I see there are no empty brackets
  9. Jim-- I took a look...I don't see the hose you are talking it under the decorative covers??? Also if you can take a picture of it that might help me
  10. Jim-- You're welcome, I'll take a look for you...give me a few days...
  11. Hi- Sorry been busy haven't had the time to write do you have a GS or an LS...if you have a GS I'll look for you...don't think I can help out with the LS...not sure if the engine config. is the same in both??
  12. About 2 weeks ago I received a letter from Lexus stating there was a recall of the V V T System bolts coming lose on the housing and sprocket of the intake side V V T gear assembly. I was going to wait about a month or so to bring it in so I would hope my local dealer would get a couple of these fixes under their belt before I brought my car in. Then this past Sunday my car after about 10 minutes of driving started to hesitate and the idle at stop got ruff. Shortly after that the Check VSC warning appeared in the middle info. screen and the check engine light started to flash a the yellow explanation point light lite up and also the slip control light. So on Monday, am I brought the car to my dealer and he witnessed my concern first hand. He wrote in his report the customer stated that the cars idle was ruff witch he concurred when he sat in the car to take the mileage of the vehicle and that the check engine light was on. I said to him what about the check VSC warning light that went on…he said that was all related but never put that in the paper work. In the early afternoon he said that they had the parts for the recall so they would be able to take care of that and that my other problem was due to a fowled spark plug that would have to be replaced. He said the car would be ready for pick-up any time after 3:30p. I currently have the platinum extended warranty on the car, which extends the warranty for an additional 2 years and 25k miles past the 4 year 50K manufacture warranty. When I purchased the warranty the person who sold it to me said that in a nut shell that this warranty would extend the original bumper to bumper warranty by 2 years and 25K. That being said when he called to tell me the problem I assumed that everything was covered. Also he didn’t say it would cost anything, would you like to proceed?? When I go to pick the car up that night I’m hit with close to a $300 bill for 1 spark plug. $18 for the part and over $200 in labor for diagnostics and labor plus tax. So I was infuriated at this point. When I got to the service dept. all the advisors had left for the day so the lady there couldn’t really help me and said she won’t take any payment and that someone would call me in the morning. I know what everyone is thinking…spark plugs are a maintenance item and won’t be covered. I totally agree along with breaks, etc. But my though is every part has a specified or non-specified life span. Coolant should last a certain period of time, Tires, brakes, plugs, etc. So if I only get 10% life out of a part, then I feel it is no longer is a maintenance item there is a defect with the part. I get all of that, but here’s the rub…I purchased my car brand new in mid 2009 with 60 miles on it and currently it has only 10k on it. (It’s my weekend car…as you can tell I don’t have that much leisure time on the weekends) My point here is has anyone ever experienced a problem like this at such low mileage?? Are the re-call and this related in anyway…also what about the VSC warning light is there something more to that, that the dealer did not really want to acknowledge?? Any thoughts on any of this would be great.
  13. Anyone know what the transmission maintenance schedule is for a '08 RX 400H??? I looked in the manual and didn't see anything mentioned...did I miss it??? Thanks for your help...