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Need Advice...rx330 Or Avalon


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  1. 1. Which vehicle would you choose?

    • 2005 Lexus RX330- 95k miles
    • 2013 Toyota Avalon- 83k miles

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So a few years ago, my mom gave me her 2005 RX330. It's always been garage kept and still looks new. It's got 95k miles on it and until now has never had a problem. I recently noticed the steering wheel was making a funny noise and turns out I've got a power steering leak...it needs a new rack and pinion, a $1,000 fix.

I told my parents about it and my dad made me an unexpected offer. My parents are retiring and going from 4 vehicles to 2. He said if I didn't want to shell out the money for the repair, he would trade his car for mine: a 2013 Toyota Avalon, and he would sell my RX. So the Avalon is 8 years newer than the RX. However, it has 83k miles already from weekly out-of-state business commutes. But aside from the high mileage, it's in great shape and never had any problems.

I'm really torn. Both are very sharp looking cars, both black on black. I've always loved my Lexus and at first couldn't imagine parting with it. But last weekend I drove the Avalon quite a bit and have to admit it definitely is more fun to drive. It also obviously has updated technology. But it's not quite as comfortable as the RX. Does the added status of the Lexus being a luxury car compared to the Toyota kind of become moot given it's 10 years old?

The fact they're both roughly the same mileage is what's really throwing me for a loop.

I'm trying to figure out 7-10 years from now which car would have been the smartest choice. And i'm really stumped.

I would appreciate any advice. Which car would you choose and why?

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I love the RX, but a newer vehicle is a plus. Check insurance rates difference on the two vehicles...That might make the difference on whether the $1000 repair is a good investment.

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Hmmm, a 10 year old RX330 (sold as a Toyota Harrier in Japan) with a $1,000 power steering leak (and who knows what other problems are looming) and with dated technology or a 2 year old Avalon with no issues and modern technology.

Hmmm, the 2013 Avalon has a maintenance free timing chain and the 2005 RX330 has a timing belt that is to be replaced (including a number of other parts) every six years or 90,000 miles whichever comes first.

Hmmm ... Avalon more fun to drive. Hmmm ... Avalon probably has Entune with built-in Pandora and Slacker music streaming over Bluetooth but who needs that?

Hmmm ... status. I don't think I've seen a Toyota or Lexus with status .... maybe a Mercedes S600 V12 Maybach Pullman might have some.

I'll think about this a few weeks and get back to you with my decision on which vehicle is best.

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Does the Avalon still have warranty left? If it does that would push me to the Avalon and ditch the $1,000 repair. Also, once a car hits 100,000 miles or close to it, your cars worth takes a big hit in resale value and it doesn't really mater whether it's a Lexus or an Edsel.(Ask your dad about the Edsel...)

Let us know what you decide.

I've been thinking of trading one of my Lexus. Would you have your dad call me? I would make a good adopted son!!?? LOL


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I think you should ask yourself a few questions:

1. How much room do you really need on a daily basis? Do you transport kids around?

2. How long is your daily commute to school, work, or both?

3. How much insurance can you afford?

4. How much emphasis do you place on fun and how often is the weather nice where you live?

5. According to Consumer Reports, which are the three top car companies, based upon performance and reliability?

The answer to #5 is

1. Lexus

2. Mazda

3. Toyota

As a general rule of thumb, the lighter the vehicle, the more fun it is to drive, regardless of power. We have an RX400h, a Mazda 3 (2014), and a Mazda MX5 (2008). Which one do you think is most fun to drive? They are all very reliable but no one should die before experiencing the amount of fun generated by an MX5. Certainly, it cannot be the only car for everyone but for those who don't need lots of storage and who don't drive on the highway for many miles, daily, it is like stepping into another world.

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