Little or no power while in drive

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I have a 2000 lexus es300 at 136000miles in park or neutral I can rev the car up just fine but when I put it into gear the rpm barely creeps along even with my food to the floor, it gets a little bit better after the car is warmed up but not by much It still takes a minute for it to wind up enough rpm to start accelerating, I know it needs a couple knock sensors. I'm running some Chevron Techron Fuel System Cleaner through it now. any advice could it be the evap canister or pcv?

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First welcome aboard, do you have any codes or check engine light?  If so the knock sensors will cause the engine to run in limp mode.  They have to be repaired.  Tech cleaner will not fix your problem.

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    • By BeachBumForever
      Need help locating PCV valve on my 2003 ES300. Photos will be helpful since I want to install a new PCV valve on the car. Any suggestions on parts and removal/install will be appreciated.
    • By itsdancarl
      I have a 1994 Ls400 with an odd suspension squeak. The squeak only happens when braking. Definitely not a brake squeak. The squeak sounds more like a chatter and gets louder depending on how fast I'm braking. But this squeak does not happen when in reverse. I've replaced the UCA on the driver's side because the ball joint boot was torn. Both front struts are brand new, and just today I took the sway bar bushings off and greased them. Sway bar endlinks don't have play, and the rest of the ball joints don't have play. Still the same noise. Any suggestions on what it could be?
    • By bloodF0XX
      Ok, so i pulled a dumb and challenged myself to build a car in 1 week, putting a Lexus 1uz onto a w58 into a Mk3 Supra,
      but I hit a major roadblock... My engine won't run, it'll crank but nothing more.  I've been trying to get my engine to run for the past three days, literally have been working on it for 10 hours each day at least, and have somehow gotten nowhere.

      What I have -
      -I have the 1UZFE VVTi engine (I believe it came out of a 99-00 Lexus SC400) just the motor, no transmission
      -I have the ECU (that I believe is the original stock ECU)
      -I have the stock wiring engine wiring loom which came pre-plugged in and all that

      My engine

      My engine again

      Wiring loom and ECU


      What I've done - 
      -Connected the EB2 (2) wire which is black with red stripe (I believe is ignition 1) directly to the positive to the battery
      -Connected the EB2 (3) wire which is also black with red stripe but physically larger(I believe the starter power wire) directly to the  positive on the battery
      -Connected the IJ2 (11) wire which is black with orange stripe with silver dots directly to the positive on the battery
      -Connected the IJ2 (11) wire which is yellow with black stripe directly to the positive on the battery
      -Put in new SAE 5W-30 oil, there is an oil leak but it has enough oil to run


      top left EB2(3), middle bottom EB2(2), top right EB1(4)

      What I've tried -
      -Used starter fluid spray directly in the air intake, did NOT work
      -I plugged in a blade fuse in the power and ground wire(i think) of the transmission plug to try to trick it into thinking it was in park because maybe the ECU wouldn't let it run, did NOT work
      -Bought and connected a MAF sensor (from a junkyard Toyota) and plugged it right in without an air intake, i was told it would run without one but got one anyways because i also heard it the ECU won't let it run without MAF input, did NOT work
      -Looped (plug a wire in power running to ground) O2 sensors near transmission plug, tested with and without, did NOT work
      -Cleaned spark plugs for healthy ground
      -Tested power to ECU, it was receiving power (12.6 Volts approx)
      -Probably a lot more but writing this from my crappy memory now

      MAF sensor plugged into MY engine

      Transmission plug with blade fuse

      Final words -
      - I believe the ECU is not sending signals to the spark plugs, therefore there's no combustion, I don't know why
      - I have spent hours and hours and hours on lots of forums trying to figure this out myself, obviously couldn't solve the problem
      - I may just be missing something important, honestly I don't know now
      - I tried to be as descriptive as can be because I know that helps others diagnose the problem
      - If you have a question just ask, and I'll answer it to the best of my capabilities or I will honestly tell you I don't know

      More engine photos -

    • By Bwest
      I have 94 ES300 with 127k miles on it. I drove this car from Los Angeles to Oregon with no problem at all. A day after I arrived the transmission started acting up. It would shut off on drive every time I pressed the gas. But it will drive in 2nd gear fine I've been driving in 2nd to start then I switch to drive and it runs fine. I don't know what the problem is any suggestions would help. I thought it was the throttle body at first cause it's done this before and my mechanic in ca cleaned the gunk out and it solved the problem till I arrived here. But I've been told it's the transmission. Please help. 

    • By kenzotic
      Hello there, I'm new to this site but figured it would be a good place to get some advice. Okay, so I found a 1992 Lexus SC400 with 156k original miles on craigslist for $3500, clean title. I've been doing my research on these cars for awhile and this is the first I've actually found close to where I live. So I went to the guy's house earlier today to check it out and it seems really nice. It seems to have been decently taken care of, has originally red paint that has no clear coat peeling and only a couple tiny dings in the body. Also has moisture in the driver's side headlight but not a big deal at all. Overall I'd give the exterior about an 8/10. Interior is also really nice, only a few small tears in the driver's side seat, broken door handle, and a few of the gauge cluster needles are blacked out, I've heard this is common on these cars. Car also has a new exhaust system on it that is quiet at low rpms, but comes alive at higher rpms, which is perfect in my opinion. So besides what I've already listed, the only other flaws are that it could use new tires soon, the left-hand turn signal bulb needs to be replaced, and the brakes felt a little spongy, probably just from the brakes needing to be bled. Luckily, the dude said he would give it to me for $3k. So, is $3000 for this car a good deal? Any problems I should watch out for with this mileage? Any insight is much appreciated, and feel free to ask questions, I'll answer what I know! I'll upload what pictures I have of it c: