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  1. My guess would be either the first gen rx300 or the most recent gen rx350 because they have the most ground clearance. Not sure how they all compare with locking diffs, gearing, wheel articulation, low end torque, etc since I only own the first gen. Second question: is the RX a lot worse off road than the LX and GX or are they close?
  2. I recently put in some low beams from XKGlow and love them. I did have to slightly hammer a metal bit of the body to get the driver side to fit.
  3. I decided to change both of them while I'm at it and keep one as a spare
  4. Alright I ordered 2 of those a/f sensors. Thanks all for helping out a newbie! I'll post again with the results after they ship and I install them
  5. K I will do that even though I'm still confused about the code 3.pdf
  6. The sensors on the exhaust manifolds are air fuel sensors and not heated oxygen sensors. And the diagram I posted confirmed this. That is why I'm confused. I might just replace those sensors as well since I just want to be done with this issue
  7. Do you think it could be the circuit back to the ECU? How would I test this?
  8. Alright I'll do that at lunch. I'm attaching a screenshot with the error code
  9. 2003 RX300. Got the trouble code for the Heated O2 Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 2). says I need part number 89465-49075 I believe them so I bought the same exact part from Amazon even though their site says it doesn't fit, thinking the Lexus site will know better. Got it installed fine and cleared the codes but the code keeps coming up every time I clear it. Did I just waste $140? Why would one site list it as fitting and the other doesn't? Could it potentially be another issue?
  10. Just the radio. Nothing changes except the sound cutting out. It works really well but will cut out really quickly every 6 seconds
  11. I just installed the BT45-TOY and removed the cd player in my 2003 RX300 and everything is working great EXCEPT that now when listening to the radio (AM and FM) it will briefly cut out every 5-6 seconds. It is so short that it will only cut out a partial word in a song for instance. It is very consistent. Anybody else have this issue?