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  1. Might. 10” is about a 255.
  2. Blowouts are not all that common as new tires are far superior to ancient tires. I have never had a blowout with any of my low profile tires but I do frequently check the pressures. Over or under inflating a tire is where the trouble begins. I did have a blowout on a brand new tire on a brand new Suburban which surely isn’t a low profile. ZP tires have stiff sidewalls.
  3. Found a nice 2003 SC430 vert locally. I have a friend who wants a convertible for his wife. Looked at the car once and seems pretty clean. Minor front left CarFax with no airbag deployment. Car is silver with black gut. Going back and would like to know what specifically to check. Miles 116k in Norfolk. thanks
  4. Yeah, there are still of us around.
  5. My guess is a bad cell in the battery itself.
  6. you can order the replacement on Amazon and get just the nylon part that breaks. Antennas get a little gummed up and it breaks the nylon teeth especially when old or cold,
  7. With your Lexus there are TWO steps you need to do to program the Homelink. I know because I had the same issues. Look in your owners manual and carefully review the two step procedure and it will work just fine. Gave me a bunch of frustration until I was able to figure the process out.
  8. Thanks. Everyone I know what surprised by the black on black as I have been known for always having mainly white vehicles. That said, my right foot has been overly happy so far.
  9. VBdenny

    Lost key

    The keys have a computer chip in them that activates the cars computer. No chip = no go. Computer and key must match. Not good news I know.
  10. Well folks, it had to happen. After 2 years with the IS250AWD, I realised it was out of power. All I can say is that the difference between 207hp and 460hp is immense. Not minding the loss of over 400lbs. either. Not to worry, I still have my 2004 ES330 (and a bunch of others). Becky, I know you'll approve. Denny
  11. You don't even need a battery charger. Hook up jumper cables from another car Without any manuals or documentation I certainly would not disconnect the battery as you'll often need codes to set up the radio and things which you don't have. My neighbor whom I sold my 90 LS400 to, disconnected and the radio went into SEC mode. LUCKILY (for him) I knew the code still. After coming off your Porsche, the main adjustment you'll need to make is to your driving attitude. Gone is the performance handling and high performance braking ability. When the timing belt is changed there is a sticker they attach to the valve cover area that tells the miles and date. Generally only dealers and higher end shops bother so there is no way of knowing.if the tech missed this important step. There is no way to check a timing belt as they usually look brand new after 100,000 miles. I have never heard of one breaking on a Lexus in my 14 years on this website so for what it's worth. Denny
  12. I guess HOW comes to mind.?
  13. Dealers buy that car at auction for about $23,000 depending on options, carfax and color
  14. Ahh Biily you say you can live with it but can you really? That would bother me. Forget the insurance just have it repaired. Then, I'd take the keys from your wife. Many people who "got hit" add the "got" part. My mom did and I've done it myself.
  15. It really is beautiful and I like the grill however I'll bet this costs way more than a new Corvette which looks as, if not more, awesome.
  16. Hi Michael and welcome to the LOC, nice to hear you got a Lexus. Tires will certainly make a car shake so if you're planning to replace them, a good place to start. It might be a good idea to go all through the brakes as these typically have fairly good brakes. My truck was doing the same thing and new rotors, calipers and carbon fibre pads along with a good cleaning did the trick. Trucks brakes almost as good as my IS does now. Enjoy that Lex. Denny
  17. Probably left over from an alarm system?
  18. I have had 3 Lexus cars and currently have 2. My 1990 LS400 - AC went out after 15 years, one upper control arm replaced. My 2004 ES330 - No problems ever, has about 120,000 on it now My 2014 IS250 - Other than not enough horsepower, perfect. I've found that vehicles than have had quality service tend to last longer without problems. You can easily spend good money for nothing but in the end it might pay you back.
  19. ALT (and ) PRINT SCREEN prints anything
  20. I have changed the headlight assemblies on several cars and trucks and have never once had to touch the bumper. The change mainly involves unscrewing things and then reassembling. All pretty straight forward and some cars are easier than others but if you have any mechanical abilities at all, this is not an impossible job. Yes, it does require some studying of the parts and how it is installed but that is what car stuff is all about. Somebody put it together so you can take it apart. (famous quote) denny
  21. Wanting to race? Not likely since that LS is faster than most cars. Not happy to see the hit but at least the paint wasn't damaged. Yeah, I think a good PDR person could square that right up..
  22. The gear oil in the differential should last as long as the car. I'd say that is one of the least things to worry about breaking.
  23. I have found the GPS to be extremely accurate, more so than most speedometers. Now way could the car go 87 when the cruise is on 72, plus you would probably notice you were running faster than 72. Of course you should be using the WAZE app. there really is no need to be bagged so easily anymore. Good luck with the ticket. Wayyy too bad you got this in Virginia where (for whatever reason) over 80 is reckless (which nit isn't of course) so you better lawyer up and get it reduced. Best of luck with you on this.
  24. I would replace the headlight assemblies. They are fairly inexpensive and not overly difficult to install. Your look really bad and you'll love the crisp new look.
  25. Is the Homelink button the one that controls the garage door openers?
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