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  1. No less than 250k miles...Many on here have over 250k miles on the RX's
  2. Yea good fix, I called that one with the crank sensor.
  3. The gasket itself would not cause loss of lubrication unless oil level in the sump gets too low. The arms and camshaft are lubed thru oil passage ways independent of the cover. The covers job is to retain the oil that squirts out and return in the passageways back to the sump.
  4. I would do a re-read for codes...look for pending codes also.
  5. Well there is the Lexus CT200h hybrid, however for smaller the Toyota Rav 4 is an outstanding candidate or the Prius series of cars. There are Toyota electric vehicles available now. Good luck, but remember your car has high resale because of the mileage...don't let it go cheap.
  6. My thought is the battery the only thing bothering you or do you have new car itch. By the way there are venders that provide the battery much cheaper in around the $3000 range. Many Prius owners still have original battery well past the 10 year mark. I too have a 2008 RX400h and figure the cost of the battery is cheaper than car payments. I have 199k miles on my vehicle and I love it. Only wish it had some of the newer collision avoidance systems of the new cars. I would never trade it in, sell it on your own and reap much more than what you would get for a trade in. With your mileage your car is still very desireable with a premium price.
  7. If it is idling rough you may have a code. Is the check engine light on? Or better yet does the check engine light work? Before you start the check engine light should come on when turning the ignition on. If not, than you have issues. Some codes can put the engine into limp mode which would not allow the overdrive to work.
  8. Maybe the overdrive is not kicking in...You might have a transmission that is failing. I don't have a GS but maybe someothers can tell you what the rpm should be. Have you had the transmission serviced recently.
  9. pull the seal off one of those, see how much grease they use....
  10. awesome picture Billy...you sure got yourself a mess there....Thanks for the feedback on those starters....Now we are both in trouble if the solenoid doesn't fix it.....
  11. Depends, If you purchase a brand new starter than yes. But most rebuilds out there aren't that great. The Starter is a hardy beast, and the contacts and solenoid are the high wear items. You could tear the starter down and investigate to see if the brushes are worn...Both starters I worked on had well over 200k miles, and I feel very confident that the solenoid repair is all that was required.
  12. Here is a great tutorial: http://www.nationsautoelectric.com/instructions.html
  13. You probably have a bad starter solenoid contact issue. Cheap fix but unfortunately labor intensive to get to your starter on that engine. I have fixed two denso starters with your symptons in the last year with a kit from Amazon which included the solenoid and contacts for less than $15
  14. I am just an old ex Navy guy that had to make things work with what you had on hand.
  15. You are awesome, I shared that procedure years ago and with a few close friends, and now you posted with fantastic pictures of exactly what I do. Others on this site are going to have heart failure. After resealing I always spin the bearing and check for leakage. I will tell you I have never had a failure of this bearing repair. However if the bearing is shot, than I get rid of it. Watch for grease sling, but generally if you get the lip of the rubber seal in tight you will be fine.
  16. You could put car on jack stands and buy a cheap stethoscope from Harbor Freight and spin the wheels while putting the stethoscope on the end of the drive shaft on each side. You will hear a difference of bearing noise.
  17. Sounds kind of like the left wheel bearings either on front or back are going bad. But I would rotate tires first and see if sound changes. I had a left front wheel bearing go on my RX400h and it made a lot of road noise.
  18. The throttle position sensor would not stop spark as far as I know, the crankshaft position sensor would stop any kind of spark to the plugs.Check the plug to the CPS and make sure it is mounted correctly.
  19. I have a shop press, the one thing important in pressing out a bearing or inserting is to only apply pressure on the outside bearing surface. The inner bearing (shaft) side would put undo stress on the bearing and damage it. your first socket which would apply pressure on the outside is the correct pressure point.
  20. I understand. Note when I do this process, if the bearing is still noisy or has lateral movement, I replace it. At my former Company (since retired) I used this process and implemented it and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in my service industry. I have found that many manufacturers used little or poor quality grease in the bearings causing premature failure. I generally have not experienced this with Japanese made bearings.
  21. I know this is going to be taken as shade tree, but I have popped the rubber seal off those bearings on many pulleys and regreased the bearing with a high temp grease and ran them for fine. Did this years ago on a motorhome, and recently on my neighbors Dodge Ram truck. The key is using a high quality, high temp (synthetic) grease. Then pop seal back on.
  22. Is there a crankshaft position sensor, maybe it got damaged.
  23. Can't trade a good woman that's why they make detail shops tell her to relax if she spills she spills, it's just a car and you can always go to the detail shop
  24. I am running the Michelin LTX Defenders...rated very well with Consumers Report and elsewhere...So far very smooth.