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  1. how to clean throttle body

    Thanks Gene, This really helps! M
  2. My 2002 es300 with 108k miles is shuddering when warm and at idle. When the engine is cold, i don't notice it only when it is warm at signal I get vibrations. don't see any other issues, it runs smooth accelerates nicely. I am suspecting throttle body. Never done this so to clean it, do I have to remove air filter box? or can I just open clamps and pull ducts? Any other word of advice? Thanks M
  3. Greetings, My car is showing CEL, with code P0128. Couple weeks back It had CEL for a day and before I could see the code, my starter went out. I towed to shop they fixed the starter, and CEL went away. After few days CEL came back with code P0128 I searched the forum and all I can see is thermostat and coolant sensor related issue. However car is not exhibiting any of the mentioned symptoms. Not over heating (i think), not loosing coolant (at least in reservoir), temperature gauge slowly (within 3/4 miles) moves to and stays at middle. Heater is working fine, AC works great. In general car is running as it was and great for 105k miles. Fuel mileage is about the same 20 to 21 mix driving. Currently I reseted the CEL, but should I keep driving and see if it comes again? or stop using and try to replace coolant or thermostat or coolant sensor ( or all)??? Appreciated your help! Sha
  4. Hello, My 2002 ES300, 97.5k miles is giving CEL. I went to local store and retrieved codes C0205 C1223 C1241 P0440 Can 'C' code produce CEL, or is it just P0440. I read somewhere that 'C' codes are from past battery removal etc. Which I changed last year. So not sure which codes I should be looking at. Is P0440 related to gas cap only? I have original gas cap, Is there a way to clean it properly, or Should I just get new gas cap and hopefully it will go away in few days? Also, i noticed past few months that my climate control 'auto' setting is acting weird. The Heat and CA both are working fine, but Auto set to 72 keeps car cold whne outside is below 72 (or even 30/40), on the other hand, when outside is warm, 70, Auto set to even 78/80 keeps car extremely cold, as if it was set to 60 :-( I have other toyota vehicle, and I can see vast difference in inside temperature. Is this some servo problem? Where to look? Thanks and appreciate your response. S
  5. Mileage On Es300

    Hello, I have 02 with 80k miles. I get about 19-20 in city and up to 22-23 in mixed. I get as high as 32 on hwy. So within city I get about 310 miles on a full tank (15.5 to 16 gallons) I think, to me the biggest culprit are (in order) tire pressure air filter maf So my question is, what tire pressure we should keep in 02? I know Lexus wants 29, but if I keep 32, I get better mileage :-),any issues with that? S
  6. Hello, My Driver Front strut was replaced about 14 months back from pohanka lexus dealership. However, when I bounce on that driver front hood, I get a squeaky noise. I am not getting that noise from any other side. It is definitely not thumping noise that you get when struts are bad. Is that normal? Ride seems to be normal.. Thanks S
  7. Wheel Braring

    Thanks, Well, I got wheel bearing replaced by local goodyear. I can see that there is NO play on the wheel. However, I am noticing different problems. Whenever I tap brakes lightly (very light), I hear some clicking noise. If I press brakes little harder there is no noise..not sure what is that :-( I also noticed that same strut, if I press hard makes clicking noise. All other struts don't make noise. Bounce feel the same. Also on right turn, (especially on exit/entrance ramp) I can hear some clicking noise :-( Any idea where that noise is coming from? Thanks S
  8. New Hub And Bearing?

    Hello, Did you figure out whats wrong? I am also having the same issue after replacing wheel bearing so just curious. Thanks S
  9. Wheel Braring

    Thanks Lenore I guess 300 is reasonable then, I will get it done. Do you or anyone knows any good mechanic near pohanks Lexus - Chantilly, VA area? Thanks again S
  10. Wheel Braring

    Hello, I have 78k miles on 02 es 300 VA State inspection failed due to play in the front driver wheel. My question, is what makes wheel bearing go bad? Just 2 months back I had alignment done and everything was fine. One guy told me he can tighten it. goodyear told me it needs to be replaced as it is one unit, no adjustment. Not sure who is right.. Also are there any other symptoms? I don't get any noise (low or high speed or on turns). Is that typical? or there is something else wrong? I also heard that there is inner and outer bearing, is that true on 02 es 300? Dealer wants 550 to replace wheel bearing but local shops (good year) wants 350, is that reasonable? Thanks and appreciate your help. S
  11. Hello, Past 10 days I am hearing rattleing noise from driver front under the hood. So I took it local goodyear. He is telling me, it is struts mount and I also have bearing issue on driver front wheel (he showed me that there is play when you shake the wheel). I was also told that with the bad bearings, it will not pass state inspection, due next month. I don't rememebr hitting any curb or anything like that recently..although there are many many pot holes on the road lately... Total costs inluding alignment is going to be 950. Quetion is: Why do the mount and bearing go bad? Is the cost reasonable? Does lexus warranty covers any of this? (yes my vehicle still under lexus warranty - one month left) Thanks Shailesh
  12. 2002 With 55k Vibrate When You Brake

    Steve, I guess American Auto Tech is no longer in business..:-( do you recommned any other mechanic in this (chantilly, VA) area? Shailesh
  13. 2002 Es 300 Chnaging Front Brakes

    Thanks Lenore That is what I was looking for!
  14. Hello, I can change oil/filter, it worth undertaking front (or rear) brake job? what special tools are needed? Does anyone has pictures of how to? Thanks sl
  15. 60000 Service

    Hello, Is tranmission fluid flush must for this? Owner manual doesn't say that, but all the posts I saw talks about just confused. Also local deal is asking for $450 (goodyear is asking actually lot more..570) so is it worth going to the dealer? s