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  1. So I got the battery replaced and it starts up nicely now. $50 at Walmart for some no name brand but it works. Went to the junk yard and found a door handle and got that replaced. Wasn't easy though. I broke the little sensor that connects to the back of the key cylinder so now when I lock my car up and come to un open it from the drivers side it sets the alarm off. I'll have to see if I can find another at the junk yard but it's not really a big deal cause I can just unlock the car from the passenger side. Is there anyway to correctly disable the alarm so that it doesn't get set off by unlocking the drivers side door until I get that sensor fixed? If not no big deal I'll just get around to it when I can. The car was overheating and leaking fluid so I replaced the thermostat which seemed to fix the overheating but it's still leaking fluids from somewhere. I'm just praying it's not a cracked block or something major.I gotta get under the car and find out where it's coming from. For some reason I still believe in this car even though it needs so much work. It's a nice looking car in my opinion and it's got a little bit of balls too from what I can tell. Hopefully I don't find any major problems with it that I haven't found yet. Pray for me. Lol.
  2. I was going to check out the junkyard today and hopefully I find one. If not I'll need the part number.
  3. I guess you guys were right about the battery. Went and had it checked out and they said it was no good. I'm going to buy a new one. Is there any requirements as far as a battery? I'm guessing there's a minimum of cranking amps required. I'm trying to find the cheapest one if possible. Another question. I need a drivers side outside door handle. Does anyone know where I can get one cheap? I'm not sure what the part number is. If anyone knows the part number let me know. Thanks a lot guys. For real.
  4. The shop I took my car to told me the battery was fine. It's a new car so I can't tell you exactly how old it is but it looks fairly newer and I checked the fluid levels and they're good. The battery connections are all good as well. It jump starts just fine but it seems like if I leave it off for more than five miinutes the car won't start. I took the battery out a few weeks ago and charged it on a battery charger and when I put it in the car it seemed to work for a few days but then the car got parked for awhile it and it was dead when I went to start it up about a week or so later. When it does start or I jump start it and I turn it off and immediately try to start it either hesitates to start and barely do so or it fails to start altogether but when it does fail I see the dash light up and a rapid clicking sound happens. I'm not sure if that's just the sound of the starter not getting enough voltage of if it's something I should be more worried about. I thought I could possibly start unplugging fuses that aren't necessary to operate like the Radio or the heater but I ended up just putting them back in cause it didn't make any difference I could tell. I do know the stereo needs to be replaced because it doesn't work. It's got the Nakamichi stereo in it and I was wondering if I just pulled the whole radio out of the space on the dash can I replace the radio with a Double -Din stereo or will I need a dash kit. I was hoping to avoid having to purchase a dash kit and if I can replace the broken stock stereo with a Double-Din size stereo but I doubt that will be possible I'll probably end up buying a single DIN dash kit for it otherwise. Also there's a strange switch down under the steering wheel that I was wondering if it was something that came standard. I'm not sure what the switch does but it sort of pops in and then pops out if that makes sense. I'm not sure if it was for something that was installed in the and
  5. Hey guys. So My 1997 LS 400 isn't starting very well. When I go to start the car the dash lights up and then instead of starting when I turn the key a rapid clicking sound happens. click click click click click click really fast. If that makes any sense. What could that be? When I hook up jumper cables from a car with a good battery it starts right up. Also not sure if this is related but the other day I got in the car and I must've unlocked the door the wrong way but my alarm went off but my horn for it was unplugged. I could hear it going Honk...... Honk....... Honk....... but minus the honk sound. Like I could hear it would've went off if the horn for the alarm wasn't unplugged.
  6. Any idea how much trans fluid it needs assuming I drain the remaining trans fluid out?
  7. Hey guys. Just purchased a 1997 LS 400 and it's seen better days. It's leaking coolant pretty badly and I need to know what all the hoses are so I can start replacing the ones that I know are bad. It's also got a Heater Control Valve that's been broken off so I'll probably have to replace that first. Basically I need a manual like a Haynes or a Chiltons but I'm a cheapskate and was hoping someone might know where to get the PDF version of the manual. If not links to the manual could anyone give me pictures of the pages I need just to show me what exactly the parts are called I need to replace. This might be a stupid question also but it's low on Automatic Transmission Fluid and I wasn't sure if I can add it by pouring it directly into the place the dipstick is held. I can't find an opening to add it besides that and I know sometimes adding transmission fluid isn't as easy as topping off your oil or coolant. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks guys.