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  1. Hi New to the forum and apologies if I'm posting in the wrong area. I was having some "shimmying" with my '08 IS 250 3 years ago. Took it to Lexus and they did the piston rebuild that was a recall at the time. All was fine for the next 2 3/4 years. Then took it in for a battery replacement and oil change. My service guy called and told me I had oil leaking for my oil pan top & bottom, and the ad news is it's also leaking from my head gasket. It would be a 30 hour replair and cost $4.5K with a 1 year warranty. I drive this car 16 miles round trip to work each day- no major road trips in the time since my recall. The car has 96K miles on it- 22k since the piston recall. At this time I've got it at a shop, that employees an ex Lexus mechanic, for a second opinion. I am furious over the quality of the repair work I got on the recall and feel that this is all intentional by Lexus to recoup money lost on the piston rebuild. Do I have any recourse? Is there anyone else out there with this issue? All responses would be greatly appreciated. Thank you