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  1. The Lexus dealer (collision center) said I need to replace the skin of the door (left front and back door) at a cost of $3800CAD. Just repair of rust is $2800CAD. The black book value is about $10k - 13kCAD. I don't mind trading it in, but this is bad timing. If I do nothing, it will rust more after this coming winter (it is bearely visble now on the front door, the back door is just starting to rust inside bottom of the door). By the way, a second body shop say casually about $3000CAD. After much thought, I think I should not spend the money for just one or two years. What do you think?
  2. Just found out to my horror that I my passenger side door is rusting on the bottom and also under the inside door panel. I admit that I have been neglecting it without much car wash in past winter. So, is it worth the price of repairing it or is it time to trade in? I only have 70k kilometer on it. Serviced by dealer every 6 months according to their schedule.
  3. Thanks for the detailed explanation. Only the B1S2 is replaced back in June. It is working ok. Mileage is like normal. So do I have to replace B1S1 now or wait till the light comes on again?
  4. Thanks for your detailed explanation. I am not doing the work myself. Just want to understand it. It has been 4 months since the dealer replaced B1S2 only. I'll leave it at that until the light comes on again. The dealer first recommended to replace B1S2 and B1S1 together, but after I hesitated, they say I can just replace B1S2. What happens if I did not replace the defective sensor at all. The dealer said doing so will eventually increase my mileage. This thing id very expensive to replace, increase mileage is cheaper option. What do you think?
  5. Thanks for the info. What is B1 S1? So my engine light came on again after 2 months of driving since its first occurrence. I had it replaced last June. The dealer tried to make me replace B1 S1 as well and I refused.
  6. No, not the actual code, and I did not know enough to ask for it. What is said on the invoice is: "Checked for codes B1 S2 not working, Rec to replace both B1 S2 and B1 S1" I guess I'll have to ask them if I still need to replace it.
  7. 3 weeks ago, the engine light comes on (2008 RX400h). I took it to the dealer for diagnosis. The service advisor said one of the 2 senors are defective and needs to be replaced. They do not have the parts, so I said to delay it until June when my normal checkup is due. After a couple of weeks, the engine light goes off by itself, and everything seems fine now. I am thinking of not replacing the senor because it is quite an expensive repair/replace. What do you owners think?
  8. Thanks for all your help. Dave, it is reassuring to know there is a lot more life to my battery. I looked at the new Lexus SUV (on-line), and my goodness, are they ever expensive. Besides I do not like the front grill of the new Lexus. It looks to me like an angry animal with mouth wide open and head lights like ferocious eyes. I'll keep mine for now, and make better use of my money somewhere else.
  9. Thanks for your advice. I do have a bit of new car itch, but I really want an all electric car which may be here in 2-3 years (hopefully). My wife wants a smaller suv (she always want small cars), so which of the Lexus model is there? I have been out of touch with new cars since my 400H is so realiable.
  10. I own 2008 RX400H, with about 65000km. Yes, no mistake here, 2008 model bought new in summer of 2008. I only use it to drive around town, and I live in town, so mileage is very low indeed. Here is my question. It is pushing 10 years, and the lithium battery is warranted for 10 years. I service it in my dealer, who has been very good. I asked how much to replace the lithium battery should it go bad, and he answered about $5000. How long will the battery last? Should I consider trading it in while the battery still has a year of warranty?
  11. Hi lemon, I am your fellow canuck from the great white north. Yes, I have been to the parking lot in MEC, and what a treat.
  12. You can go to toyota.ca and get an estimate of your trade-in value which is based on the black book.
  13. I have to say that I have never experienced this feeling when traveling at 60km.h or under. I suggest you have it checked out by your dealer since it is still under warranty. The only surging forward feel I have is at very slow speed (under 10 km.h) going over a slight bump.
  14. Well, it is in the news again, and quite confusng and conflicting news: Quoted from this article: http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/capress/100204/...s_toyota_recall But, it did not mention RX400h or Rx450h, only HS250h.
  15. Yes, these are the perfect explanations. But, it does not solve the problem. No other cars behave like that. If I do not want this kind of behavior, do I have to abandon buying hybrids? I think it is a design fault. Hopefully, with more complaints from Prius owners, Toyota will come up with a fix.