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  1. Personally I would be very cautious about a hybrid for towing....The components for the CVT and Hybrid system are very expensive. I know some on the boards have towed. I would certainly make sure to change CVT transmission fluids often if you do tow. Also make sure the 400h you pick has the tow package.
  2. The hybrid is a great vehicle, at around 100k on the 400h the timing belt needs to be changed. Spark plugs at 125k miles. and I highly suggest having the cvt transmission fluid change which is a drain and fill. I bought mine at 89k miles and now have 203k miles. The car consistently gets 24.7 with my wife's heavy foot. Highway mileage the same. Best mileage was 25.7 in California. Brakes last forever. I am on my second set replaced at 90k miles and they still have a lot of pad left. Good luck with your search, I prefer mine (2008) as it was the last year of the 400h.
  3. Welcome aboard, and great set of wheels.
  4. You know I loved the look of the old Honda Accord wagon...They are probably quite rare. four windows down at 60mph....not very aerodynamic, but what the heck.
  5. Did they give you the codes? We cant help you without them.
  6. Sounds like the strut, or struts are weak.
  7. Lord, why do car manufacturer try to make a simple fluid level so difficult?
  8. You may have a dirty Idle Air Control Valve. Search cleaning the IACV valve and try that. The throttle body may be sticking in unwanted positions.
  9. By the way if the compressor clutch is bad, it can be replaced independently of the compressor.
  10. I had a compressor clutch freeze up on another vehicle and it burned the belt so bad that the belt broke and wrapped around the crankshaft pulley.
  11. Frankly flushes on high mileage transmission is kiss of death. If a fluid exchange is done (transmission pump is used for the exchange) than it is ok, but a flush machine drives the metal debris thru tranny and probably into the valve body assembly which is death to the transmission. With Loss of overdrive you should be experiencing a check engine light with pending codes. Either that or your check engine light is burned out. Another note sometimes the shift linkage comes loose and the gears are not selected properly. Couple of people over the years have found that. I feel the biggest problem is that the original 1999 tranny had a aluminum planetary gear carrier which eventually wears and than causes the failure of the gears because they drift in the aluminum carrier causing failure. All on this site and the other lexus site agree a flush is not good. I know I tried it once on my RX300 when I loss overdrive and it only got worst.
  12. Check the air conditioning belt, Maybe the air conditioning pump is freezing up and causing the belt to stall.
  13. You are relying on some mechanic, There is always some drain on most newer cars today. Did the shop actually do a hydrometer check on each cell of the battery? While the engine is running you should be measuring 13.5 to 14.5 volts across the battery terminal with head lamps on. If not the Alternator is bad. If you are measuring this than replace the battery and be done with the problem.
  14. by the way I find it useful to work on thngs like that on top of a large towel, small parts will hit and stay.
  15. One other thing, As my wonderful state of California keeps chipping away at any kind of sanity, Texas may be in my future.
  16. God Bless Josh, I am so happy for you, and yes the three car garage so you can pursue your passion with cars...
  17. Oh man just noted the original post was three years ago...Probably a waste of time now.
  18. I would file a complaint with the Attorney General of your state. That is fraud. Then I would contact the local media (TV and otherwise and see if they are interested in the story)
  19. That is ridiculous, obviously the job was done poorly. Only reason you would have a failure is if you had an overheating condition. I would contact Lexus of America and see what they say.