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  1. Well ended up figuing it out...replaced crank shaft position sensor fired right up...then the throttle position sensor was showing up on scan so i put a junk yard throttle body on runs good as new....crazy those things went out like that but who knows
  2. I can not find this part anywhere...not sure what to look up at all i know it ties into the pvc any help?
  3. Well i ohm oit the sensor its open so figure thats bad and i have no voltage at the connector either....??? What would be the next reasonable thing to check? Like i said fuses are good
  4. Yes i took that off on the removal..i actually just seen i didnt put it back...i did read put a code reader on it and it threw CPS and TPS...i dont think TPS would keep the car from starting just wouldnt have a response to gas pedel...anyway i read how to check TPS should have 5.6v going to it and ohming it on the sensor end should ohm to 1000 couple...so when checking the sensor end it was open circuit and didnt read any voltage but not sure just having the key in the ON position makes voltage to it...im positive the gear is in good shape and the timing is on i have a TPS coming in mail just 100% sure im reading it right
  5. Hi im new here but ive had my is since it was 6 months old...have alway done my own work to it and services...its a 2001 with 118k miles figured id change the timing belt and water pump...so i started back in November when it was still noce out here and didnt finish till now since working 7 days a week and the bitter cold ive red a million post on how to do this and i think i have it right...to add to the mix i have a unorthodox light weight/ underdriven pulley set that i put on the car years ago...with that said there is one notch on the pulley which represents TDC (0° on plastic cover) and i have the dots on cams lined up with the metel cover behind it...i checked and checked it a million times and with everything back together just turns over no gas smell at the exhaust no nothing...so i red about making sure teeth on crank gear are true and not broken to the crank sensor that looks fine so with the car in pieces as of now the accessorie belt is off radiator is out i have the air box on and map pluged in and im getting no spark to spark plugs i pulled on out and checked so what can be the problem what should i look to check next? This is turning in to a headache